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15 Food Alternatives to Protein Shakes

 Healthy to Bulk Up Fast

Protein shakes happens to be one of the most publicized sport nutrition supplement for bodybuilders.

This is because the supplement companies know just as much as athletes and the rest of the folks in the fitness industry do, that proteins are game changers when it comes to muscle building.

Protein is necessary because it helps your body’s metabolic processes which could help you maintain weight and possibly reduce unnecessary desire for junk foods.

This is because it naturally fills up faster and even longer making you unlikely to get hungry sooner.

Without adequate protein intake, packing on some muscles would be a challenge to contend with.

So, they have a role they play in enhancing anabolic growth.

But the challenge here is the addiction with protein shakes for which bodybuilders and athletes have neglected taking whole foods instead.

Now, this is not to say that these supplements are bad but sometimes substituting at intervals for a more healthy diet regimen which is even capable of delivering more nutrients to your muscles is the best way to go.

Why You Should Consider Swapping Shakes for Food Replacements

As long as it has anything to do with fitness, what you eat and how you eat is critical to your overall improvement.

What does this mean anyway? It simply implies that you’ll find more benefits if you consistently follow a healthy eating pattern.

Your diet provides more nutrients than you will get from a protein shakes.

They would normally consist of carbs, vitamins, minerals and even proteins too.

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Natural Foods that Ranks as Better Protein Shakes Alternatives

Most times, your body requires something more natural and has less adverse health implications in the long run.

We’ll itemize the best foods you can take to boost athletic performance as well as provide you with incredible bodybuilding benefits.

Some real food alternatives that you can choose from are listed below:

  1. Milk

Milk as protein shakes

Milk is a dairy food that boasts that is highly nutritious and also brings along numerous health benefits.

In fact, it is shown that milk contains as much as 9 essential nutrients including calcium and vitamin D benefiting the bones and the teeth respectively.

If you are on a constant exercise regimen, this is obviously good for you.

And if you really want to look good, milk is great at making you possess a glowing skin, boosting immune system, reducing stress and generally providing health benefits.

  1. Beans

Kidney beans

Another fantastic source of protein is beans. It also contains other vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin B6, iron and zinc.

Eating beans regularly would boost the uptake of amino acids such as lysine in addition to the bodybuilding effects it delivers.

It is plant-based yet very effective in regulating cholesterol levels. It also has antioxidant effects and even reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer and other illnesses.

Regardless of the type of beans you eat whether, black, navy, Italian or kidney beans, they are generally nutritious and can be a pretty good alternative to other sources such as meat because they are far less expensive would always be right on your budget.

It doesn’t matter the type of dieter you are- vegetarian or not, it is just the perfect choice if you want get lean and control weight gain.

  1. Chicken Breast

Full Chicken BreastChicken breast is prepared in a variety of ways that may appeal to you.

While it might be enjoyable and tasty, it brings with it some impressive health benefits while incredibly boosting your protein uptake.

You should opt for chicken breast if you’re considering a low fat diet.

In fact, it is necessary most times because it sure would reduce certain medical conditions such as a heart disease.

Are you interested in losing weight as well, eat more chicken breast regularly.

  1. Nutritional Yeast

This is one another highly effective protein source you probably haven’t given much thought about.

It contains at least half of the essential amino acids that your body requires in order to be able to synthesize protein.

Again, vegans and vegetarians alike can find this diet a very healthy means to support their diet requirements.

Nutritional yeast is shown to have immeasurable benefits that bodybuilders would find fascinating.

It is good for those who are finding it difficult in building muscle mass, constantly running low of energy and experiencing concentration problems resulting from depression and anxiety.

It is also good for enhancing recovery from injuries and also boosting immune system function making body effectively defeat illnesses.

  1. Hardboiled Eggs

FOOD - Hardboiled Eggs

Eggs actually have two components- the white and the yolk (containing the most protein).

It requires time wasting routines to prepare.

It is easily prepared and is ideal for those in a hurry yet are the desirous to consume a protein source in order to meet up with their daily nutrient intake.

While that is said, it is good to always eat both together so that you can get the complete nutrient you seek.

  1. Turkey Breast

It is not enough to eat turkey only on special seasons or occasions. It won’t hurt if it complements your regular diet.

The reason for this is because your body needs protein to build up as well as repair your muscles.

Packed with amino acids, minerals such as zinc, niacin, vitamin B12 and potassium, eating turkey breast plays vital roles in boosting cognitive and physiological benefits as well.

  1. Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are plant-based superfoods that have a high level of nutritional benefits.

They are also rich omega 3 fats and all the essential amino acids as well as the complete 20 amino acids that are known.

It is also rich in vitamins and minerals making it a fantastic option to add to your diet.

Many are not aware of the vast potentials of hemp seeds.

Studies show that it contains high amounts of GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid),  a sort of fatty acid that helps to balance hormones, reduce weight gain, improve joint health, enhance skin quality and make you look good generally while keeping your health in check.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa Grains

Quinoa is a healthy source of food that is free of gluten (a combination of several proteins commonly found in wheat and normally associated with digestive issues due to its inability to be broken down easily.)

Quinoa is high in fiber and other nutrients such as magnesium, lysine, calcium, potassium and vitamins B2 and E.

If you’re choosy and a picky eater, then it is better to add quinoa to your diet considering the vast nutritional benefits it offers to veggies and vegans alike.

  1. Low-fat Cottage Cheese

This is an animal-based source of protein. But it has the advantage of containing a healthy fat as well as other vitamins.

It is an ideal diet for skinny guys who are looking to put on more muscle mass and also repair their muscle tissues due to it rich amino acid profile.

  1. Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt

Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurts are always awesome anytime plus they are also great-tasting too. It is thick and creamy and is staple in most supermarkets.

A cup of fat-free greek yogurt contains 25grams of protein compared to regular yogurt which contains only 13 grams.

Protein is filling and helps delay hunger, which in turns aid in weight control.

This type of yogurt also contains 140 calories per cup, which makes it a good choice for a calorie controlled snack.

  1. Oily fish

Oily Fish Mackerel

Oily fish are one of the super foods for weight loss.

This is because of their high content of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and mono-and polysaccharides fats.

Omega-3 on its own has a lot of benefits ranging from preventing heart health to enhancing brain function to reducing blood pressure to improving vision to weight loss among other incredible benefits.

There are varieties of fishes from which you can enjoy these limited health privileges but Tuna fish is preferred because it has rich protein content and also aids in building red blood cells leading to elevated energy levels.

Tilapia is another type of fish taken by folks who want desire a great protein alternative.

  1. Spirulina

Spirulina is a natural protein source that is reckoned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

It is rich in iron as well as contains zinc, vitamins A, vitamins B, vitamins E and amino acids.

It helps your workout experience in that it helps reduce or at best eliminate oxidative stress leading to fatigue. This is the chief culprit limiting athletic performance of most fitness trainers.

It is a protein powerhouse that effectively helps to effectively remove blood fat (triglyceride). There are scientific backings that show that it helps in treating virus induced ailments and cancer.

  1. Grassfed Collagen or Gelatin

Collagen is a protein that is found in our bodies and in abundant quantities.

Research shows that as people grow older, the higher collagen level in the body naturally depreciates.

This leads people to source for it through other means. However, if you want to avoid supplements and take something more natural, then using grassfed collagen would help greatly.

This is the surest way to improve your looks, eliminate the wrinkles that make your face saggy and look older.

The presence of collagen will help your body firm up, tone up and bring out a sort of new glow that is probably fading away.

This is the reason why it is found in most supplements and it is even found in beauty and cosmetic products available in numerous stores.

  1. Lentils

Group of lentils and beansWhen you hear of Lentils, one of the things that come to mind is its ability to reduce cholesterol.

But many are unaware of the numerous nutritious impacts it has on your health.

It is a perfect natural substitute to protein shakes because it is naturally high in protein paving the way for maintaining and repairing your muscles.

Lentils are quite high in fiber.

A cup of lentil contains 18 grams of protein bringing home up to 230 calories. Its nutritional constituents include vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, and potassium.

Fitness experts recommend it because it increases energy, aids digestion, maintains weight and also regulates blood sugar.

  1. Nuts

Peanuts nutritional proteinous

Nuts are one of the fastest and reliable natural protein shakes alternatives that you can easily add to your diet.

Apart from their convenience, they are very healthy and filling too.

Eating nuts regularly have been proven to have significant benefits on your health. It is also said to increase longevity and help reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes.

They contain insane amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber making it one of the best choices to consider rather than eating junk “fast foods”

Almonds are just a wonderful choice if you’re having a tough time choosing one of the various nuts you can find.

Reasons for Substituting Protein shakes

Protein shakes are good for the purposes they are intended.

However, with so many supplement brands that you’ll find on many stores or online, you can’t be totally sure of what you’re getting.

Over-dependence on protein shakes as well as addiction is not a good lifestyle to conform to.

Here are some reasons why you should change your dietary lifestyle pattern and adjust to a more natural one where necessary.

  • Poor Ingredient Profile

Most protein sources used in these shakes cannot always be relied on bearing in mind that these sources cannot always be ascertained by users.

Some might contain unnatural flavors, fillers and unwanted proprietary blend causing it to it nutrient value to be watered down.

  • Incomplete Nutrition

Protein rich foods offer more than just proteins. They also contain vitamins and minerals that enhance your overall wellbeing.

Protein shakes does not contain other nutrients and most times these would be reduced and complemented with other stuffs that claim to be very effective for the body.

  • Eliminated Risk Of Protein Shakes Side Effects

Since you’re not always sure of what these shakes contain and the amounts as well, then the chances of experiencing some side effects cannot be overruled.

To avoid these, then you should get something more natural and organic. And this is very possible with whole natural foods.


Juxtaposing these two diet choices, you’ll discover that their nutritional benefits are not one and the same.

They are quite distinct in that while food alternatives can help you achieve multiple benefits without making you susceptible to unpleasant health conditions but for protein shakes, you can hardly know which one to take.

Then again, while not underestimating the usefulness of protein shakes, it is worthy to note that if you must get your nutrients from supplements, ensure that you get the ones made by trusted manufacturers.

And besides, it is always necessary to speak with a licensed medical expert.

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