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Optimum Nutrition: Producers of the World’s Top Selling Fitness Brands (BRAND REVIEW)

Optimum Nutrition LogoSo you want to look better and become healthier?

If you’re looking to increase your chances of achieving your fitness goals, you’re going to need more than just a proper diet plan and challenging weightlifting workout.

Whether you’re aiming to shed excess fat or gain bigger muscles, you’re going to need supplements to help you overcome the hurdles you’re going to face.

That need leads us to Optimum Nutrition and supplements such as Gold Standard Whey.

What is Optimum Nutrition?

Optimum Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of supplements designed to help people gain bigger muscles.

It holds the distinction of producing the best-selling whey protein supplement in the world, but that’s not the only product it offers for serious workout athletes.

The brand is famous for its long history, as it has been in the industry for the last 3 decades.

Over that time, they’ve build a terrific reputation for producing supplements that work as they’re supposed to.

Their supplements are also famed for their complete safety, and their manufacturing facilities have been inspected by 3rd party observers as world-class.

You always check out the numerous customer reviews for their products and recognize that most people are more than satisfied with the results that their products offer.

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Why Optimum Nutrition Muscle Building Products Are Very Popular

The Optimum Nutrition brand of muscle growth and lean mass exemplifies what the manufacturer is all about.

They are extremely popular, although this can be said for the brand itself and for its numerous muscle-building and fat loss supplements.

Over the years, ON Gold Standard 100% Whey has continued to be hot leader in Whey Protein globally.

Even the Serious Mass product is highly received and sales and users ratings are growing daily.

But why do so many people buy ON Mass Gainers so well and loving them?

There are of course several good reasons for this, but perhaps the most obvious reason is that these supplements just simply works.

It may not work for everyone, but it works for enough people that if you buy it then it will probably work for you too.

Most customers have confirmed that when they use OP muscle building products according to the directions, they will actually put on the larger muscles desired.

Just in case you’ve forgotten what bigger muscles can do for you, take a look at Barry Bond’s homerun record after he got bigger. (1)

Besides, bigger muscles tend to impress potential romantic partners, and you shouldn’t ignore the health of your romantic life.

Another key reason for its popularity is that it is utterly safe.

Again, it’s best if you follow directions, and you should be in reasonably good health if you take the supplement (or any supplement for that matter).

Take this supplement according to the directions for use and you won’t suffer the side effects that some people have when taking other commercially available supplements.

This is also certainly safer than anabolic steroids, and it won’t get you banned in your local sports league or hospitalized for major side effects.

A single serving can offer you all the nutrients you need to gain the muscles you want.

In addition, they can taste much better than other similar supplemental powder mixes. It’s even quite affordable, so in truth there’s every reason why these premium guys are so popular.

NOTE: If you’re taking prescription medication or if you’re suffering from some major illness, you best consult with your primary care provider beforehand before you try any workout supplement at all.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the ON supplement products that can help you achieve your fitness aims:

1.  Gold Standard 100% Whey (Order: AMAZON)

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey
Whey protein powder is perhaps the first supplement you need to get when you’re into developing bigger muscles…

… the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder is the bestseller in whey protein niche!

Even on popular marketplaces like Amazon, GNC, Walmart etc, this badass has remained the champion of all.

There are plenty of obvious reasons for its popularity, although you can sum up most of the reasons in the simple fact that for most people it actually does work.

It’s packed with 24 grams of high quality protein, which your body can then use as raw material to build up your  muscles into bigger, stronger and larger molds.

That much protein is like the protein content an entire meal with meat or fish.

It also provides you with 55 grams of BCAAs along with 4 grams of glutamine.

Many find it ideal because it’s also easy to drink.

You can just mix it with cold water or milk and you’re done. You can even use a glass and a spoon to mix it up thoroughly, though of course your best results will be from the use of a blender.

You can also use the protein powder for various tasty recipes.

It generally taste great, as long as you get the right flavor. That flavor is up to you, but at least you have a wide range of choices with more than 2o flavor options to pick from.

Aside from typical flavors like chocolate and vanilla, you also have banana, strawberry, batter cake, and of course varieties of chocolate flavors.

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2.  100% Organic Plant Based Vegan (Order: AMAZON)

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100%
With the “Vegan” and “Plant-Based” in the name of the product, you can be very sure that your protein does not come from anything connected with animals.

You get the same 24 grams of protein that’s the same amount you get from the 100% Whey.

That means the protein amount is comparable (and often even greater) than the protein you get from a typical serving of meat or fish.

This time, the protein comes from pea, rice, and Sacha Inchi (Inca nut).

They’re all the organic variety.

You also get the complete amino acid profile that can really help you with muscle recovery, so you won’t have any excuses about missing workouts.

It’s gluten-free, USDA-confirmed organic, and also non-GMO.

You also don’t have to worry about artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

The powder is made from organic pomegranate, and it also contains ancient grains such as chia, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth.

As a bonus, you even get your full daily requirement of Vitamin C. And… for your workouts you will also appreciate that it offers 4 grams of naturally occurring BCAA.

It even comes in 3 different flavors as well.

You have berry, vanilla, and chocolate to choose from, so you can pick that that best suits your taste buds or mood.

To make full use of this supplement, you need to drink it first thing in the morning to get yourself started with your protein intake.

Then you can take another serving before or right after the exercise.

<> If you take it before, you’re prioritizing its ability to help you perform better in your workout.

<> If you take it afterwards, your muscles can use the protein to rebuild the muscles so that they’ll be bigger.

You must be tired of finding protein sources to fit a vegan diet, as usual sources such as meat and fish are certainly forbidden by your rules.

This plant-based vegan protein powder complies with your rules perfectly, so even if you’re not into working out you can use this to make sure that your vegan diet isn’t depriving you of crucial daily protein.

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3.  Serious Mass Weight Gainer (Order: AMAZON)

OP Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer
The use of the word “Serious” in this name isn’t meant to be a joke.

Optimum Nutrition is really, well, serious about how this can help you gain mass and weight.

If you’re scrawny, you’ll be much more impressively bulky with this supplement.

Gaining mass isn’t always easy when you’re simply unable to eat large meals with humongous levels of protein.

This helps you overcome that hurdle because it offers a massive amount of 1,250 calories for a single serving of 2 scoops.

These aren’t just empty or junk food calories either.

Add it to low-fat milk, and you boost the calorie level to 1640 calories per serving.

You will need huge amounts of protein if you want to get bigger muscles, and the Serious Mass certainly provides for your needs.

This time, you get a massive dose of 50 grams of protein for each serving, which is basically like getting the protein from 2 servings of a meat or fish dish.

You also get 252 grams of carbs, and carbs are crucial for gaining mass because it fuels your intense workouts and it replenishes your glycogen levels.

In addition, you get a bunch (or more specifically, 25) vitamins and minerals in just a single glass.

These nutrients include glutamine and creatine, and experts are especially convinced that creatine is a fantastic supplement for working out to gain bigger muscles.

Creatine promotes the gain of “fat free” mass including muscles, and increases muscle size and strength. You’re able to sprint more effectively, and your recovery improves.

Even your brain function benefits from creatine. If you’re onto high intensity workouts, creatine must be part of your supplement ingredients.

It comes in 5 flavors.

You can experiment by adding fruits into the mix. Just make sure you get a good blender so that these fruits can really mix together properly.

You may have lots of fun times experimenting how it will taste like when you have fruits like mango or banana mixing with a chocolate peanut butter flavor.

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4.  ON Amino Energy – Pre workout (Order: AMAZON)

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit FusionWhen you work out, you may want to get a drink that will provide you with lots of energy as well as other workout benefits.

This preworkout energy drink us just what you need, as it’s a bit like that can of spinach that Popeye pops for a burst of superpower.

For the most part, you also get the amino acids you’ll need for better workout performance and results.

This is especially true for muscle recovery.

It also contains lots of caffeine, and with this you can really work out at a frenetic pace.

Like a nice cup of coffee, it also helps you to focus on your exercises, gives mental energy for maximum results.

The caffeine comes from natural sources like coffee bean and green tea, so no need to worry about synthetic ingredients.

You can really put your restless energy to good use lifting massive amounts of weight.

Dosage / Servings

The strength of the serving depends on how many scoops you use for each glass. You’ll get a mild increase in energy level with 2 scoops, along with 5 grams of amino acids.

You also get 100mg of caffeine, which is somewhat less than the amount of caffeine you get from a cup of coffee.

But then you can go to 4 scoops, and you get a moderate increase in energy level.

This works well as a “pick-me-up” drink in the afternoon, when your energy levels are typically down. You can drink this if you’re thinking of siesta when you still have lots of work to do.

If you’re going for a high-intensity workout, however, you can go to 6 scoops and the energy increase can be truly intense.

You get 15 grams of amino acids for your muscles, and you can make sure that you’re totally energized and focused as you get a shot with 300mg of caffeine.

Drink this a few minutes before you work out, and you can make sure that your efforts in the gym will be anything but lackadaisical. You’ll be a weightlifting demon instead.

This works as a drink for any occasion you want to get a nice jolt of energy.

Just make sure that you don’t exceed 10 scoops for a single day, since that’s a daily intake of 500mg of caffeine. Caffeine is good—but like everything else it’s good only in moderation.

It helps that you get up to 33 different flavors to choose from. Aside from the more typical flavors, you also get more exotic ones like Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Blueberry Mojito, and Iced Caramel Macchiato.

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5.  Micellar Casein Protein Powder (Order: AMAZON)

Gold Standard 100% Micellar CaseinFor workouts, you may want whey protein for faster digestion so that your muscles have the raw material they need to rebuild.

But for other times you also need slower-digesting protein, such as when you’re asleep and you’re body basically goes on a fast every night.

For those times, you have ON micellar casein protein that’s even slower to digest than other casein protein products.

Micellar protein is a kind of high-quality protein that helps you gain lean muscle mass.

It is best taken right before you go to sleep, so you’re building muscle as you sleep.

It delivers BCAAs for a span of 8 hours.

You can also take it in between meals so that you have a steady supply of protein throughout the day.

In fact, it can work as some sort of weight loss supplement because the slow-digesting protein helps you to feel full in between meal times.

You’re better able to resist the temptation of between-meal snacks, especially if you’re prone to junk food.

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6.  Amino Energy Ready-To-Drink  (Order: AMAZON)

It can be terribly annoying, (and if we’re honest, somewhat disgusting) when powdered drinks don’t mix well.

Who wants to chug down clumps of protein powder?

But now you have a nice flavored option that’s premixed and ready to drink right before you work out.

This gives you the essential amino acids you need, along with the energy you can really use from the caffeine sourced from the green tea and green coffee extracts.

These drinks contain just 10 to 15 calories each, so they won’t mess with your diet much.

However, each bottle gives you a dose of 160mg of caffeine.

That’s a bit more than the caffeine from a regular cup of coffee as that only provides about 120mg of caffeine.

You of course have plenty of flavors to choose from, so it’s like a nice recreational drink when it comes to its taste.

Your available flavors include Strawberry Cooler, Blueberry lemonade, Fruit Punch, Orange Blast, and Watermelon Wave.

With 7 different sizes to choose from, you can pick the smaller size to try out flavors and then change to the bigger ones for savings when you know what flavor you want.

Drink up and enjoy the energy and the lack of “clumpiness”.

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7.  Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (Order: AMAZON)

Micronized CreatineCreatine has become one of the more popular supplements for those who wish to work out, and that’s because too many studies have confirmed that it just plain works.

So why get the creatine from Optimum Nutrition?

A single teaspoon of the stuff gives you 5 grams of creatine, which is basically all you need for daily maintenance.

It is best when you take it as a post-workout drink, as that makes it truly effective in boosting the size and power of your muscles as they rebuild.

But for best results, you should take a serving with your 3 daily meals plus another one right before you sleep.

This is unflavored, since you’re supposed to add a teaspoon to a glass of fruit juice.

You can also add it to your protein shakes, mass gainers, and meal replacements. You can also use it with just water if you want.

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8.  Protein Cake Bites (Order: AMAZON)

Cake Bites, Whipped Low Sugar Protein BaAre you looking for a protein snack?

Instead of junk food, this may be your better alternative if you’re also trying to build muscle through strenuous workouts.

It has fewer than 250 calories and about 4 or 5 grams of sugar, and yet you also get 20 grams of protein.

That’s like a serving of meat for lunch without excess calories.

You can munch on these before or after you work out, or you can just use it as your standard snack in between meals.

It’s certainly better than a glazed donut!

These cakes also come in different flavors, including Birthday Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Mint Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

If you’re hankering for donuts, there’s even a New Chocolate Frosted Donut flavor as well.

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9.  ON BCAA – Instantized BCAA (Order: AMAZON)

Essential Amino Acids CapsulesLet’s not rehash the benefits of BCAAs, (2), which basically helps with muscle building and recovery.

This gives you the BCAAs you need first thing in the morning and before or after your workout.

It provides the proper ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine and Valine so it’s all good.

It also comes in easy to swallow capsules, which is even better.

You won’t have to bother with powdered stuff.

You can just take them with a nice drink or with your protein shake, and you’re good to go with your BCAAs.

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Optimum Nutrition Coupon

The supplements that Optimum Nutrition offer come with very reasonable prices, which is one of the reasons why the brand is so popular, among the fitness and workout masses.

But the brand also offers various promos from time to time, so it’s a very good idea to check on their website regularly so you don’t miss out.

These promos include price discounts and free items, which should really help with your budget.

It also helps if you find a supplement and a flavor that works for you in the long run, so you can just buy a larger size of the supplement.

These may seem to cost more, but when you consider the price per serving of the larger sizes, they actually offer a lower price per serving.

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Where to Buy?

It’s really unlikely that you can buy Optimum Nutrition supplements in your local health store.

Your best bet is to go online, but you shouldn’t buy off unknown independent websites that may just be fronts from scammers.

You may actually end up buying fakes from these sites.

Instead, you should try one of the more reputable online stores.

These include the Walmart website, GNC, and Costco, although you’re probably better off with Amazon.com.

Amazon has numerous reviews that can assuage your doubts, plus they have an enviable reputation for authenticity and delivery.


If you’re serious about working out, then you need supplements to give you that extra edge to succeed in your mission to become healthier and fitter.

You need a brand you can trust, and Optimum Nutrition is a brand that certainly qualifies.

Try what they have to offer, and in all likelihood you’ll find yourself a fan of their whole supplement lineup.

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