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Does Hydroxycut Work As Claimed? These Ultimate 10 Best Selling Weight Loss Supplements and Review May Help You (MAIN GUIDE)

Are you looking to be sure this popular brand has what it takes to help you boost Energy, Mental focus, Higher performance, Muscle building and Strength?

Does Hydroxycut WorkSo you secretly desire to have answer to your genuine question: Does Hydroxycut Work As Claimed?

Truly, your question is genuine.

The weight loss supplement industry is filled with a ton of products all claiming to do the same thing: burn fats and shed off pounds without causing any problems or side effects.

Of course, most brands are fly-by-night and many don’t produce the results you expect.

But — one big brand has seen it all (ups and down) and UP AGAIN.

That is Hydroxycut!

This company has made a name for itself by making quality thermogenic fat burners like Hydroxycut Black, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Hydroxycut Gummies, Platinum, Max for Women, Hydroxycut SX 7 and few other formulas!

But just how effective are these supplements?

If you’ve never purchased any of their products, it’s easy to get confused.

However this can be avoided by learning as much about the product as possible.

That is why we created this hydroxycut reviews guide so you can examine their top 10 products and learn what they can do.

The Top Hydroxycut Supplements Review

There are a lot of weight loss supplements, but these are the best that Hydroxycut has to offer.

As you can see, we cover each product in detail including the pros, cons, how it works and so on.

1.  Hydroxycut Pro Clinical  (Get it Here)

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut has been formulated for men and women who want to lose extra pounds and fat.

Hydroxycut before and after photos have shown that it works, and in the following section we explain how.

How it Works 

Hydroxycut Black Onyx reviews show it works naturally, and Pro Clinical is the same.

It contains caffeine anhydorous which boosts metabolism.

This boost leads to faster weight loss and calorie burning. The formula has also been updated for greater efficiency.

Many of the product’s main ingredients work as appetite suppressants so that’s a plus.

What really makes Pro Clinical effective is you don’t have to do one hour daily workouts to get the benefits.

Even half hour moderate exercise is enough to help you shed weight. Pro Clinical is especially suited for people who can’t do a lot of workouts but still want to lose weight.


Hydroxycut Pro Clinical reviews have been positive. This is not surprising given that it boosts energy and metabolism at the same time.

The extra energy means you’ll be able to do more workouts that will lead to faster weight loss. 

Read some of the reviews and you’ll see that it works fast for weight loss, and the same is true for the Pro Clinical.

Thanks to the C. Canepobra robusta ingredient, you can lose up to 11 lbs in less than 60 days. Combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle and you   can shed more pounds.


  • Excellent weight loss
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Works faster than diet pill
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Contains a bit of caffeine


Pro Clinical is an excellent weight loss supplement that you attain your weight loss target. With no major side effects and backed up by science, it’s a great choice.

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2.  Hardcore Elite  (Get it Here)

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite reviews have been mostly positive, and after reviewing the product we have to agree.

Primarily a thermogenic weight loss product, the Elite also boosts your sensory experience.

This product was formulated specifically for those who find standard weight loss supplements insufficient.

How it Works 

The product contains L-theanine, coleus forskohlii and other ingredients that burn calories, speed up metabolism and heighten sensory input and alertness.

As Hydroxycut elite reviews show, the Elite generates a lot of energy, improves focus and promotes weight loss at the same time.

The Elite ingredients lead to faster fat burning and increases flexibility too. For many people, one pill a day is enough to produce the desired effect.

If you’re an advanced user you can take two pills. The Elite also produces effects quickly so you don’t have to wait long to experience the following benefits.


This Hydroxycut fat burner is more powerful than the typical thermogenic supplement as it delivers with greater potency.

Before Elite was released it was subjected to scientific studies proving the supplement is effective. Like other Hydroxycut supplements, the Elite works best when combined with exercise and diet.

The thermogenic properties enhances your focus. Concentration is essential when exercising so it’s a major feature.

Aside from coleus forskohlii and L-Theanine, the Elite contains green coffee extract and Yohimbe. Compared to the original, non-Elite version, this one produces more energy.


  • Produces major energy boost
  • Improves mental focus
  • Enhances thermogenesis for more efficient weight loss
  • Boosts physical strength


  • Very powerful stimulants not for everyone


The Elite is a potent weight loss and energy booster. 

If regular weight loss supplements aren’t enough – and you’re looking for superior sensory experience – the Elite is one that you will want to try.

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3.  Hydroxycut Black  (Get it Here)

Hydroxycut Black is one of the top selling weight loss products today, and after reviewing the product we can agree it’s effective.

Black is more than just a weight loss supplement as it provides other benefits that improve your overall health.

How it Works 

The Black supplement works by boosting your metabolism.

Prior of being released to the public, the product was tested thoroughly.

The product contains certain ingredients that enhance your metabolism, speeding up weight loss.

When you take Black you will get a huge boost in energy.

All the ingredients are of premium quality and formulated mainly for losing pounds. At the same you’ll get more energy and greater endurance.

Even as you work out you’ll last longer and not feel tired. The alpha lipoic acid speeds up metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Hydroxycut black side effects are rare, and most people who take this product don’t feel any ill effect.

One of the ingredients is C. Canephora robusta which works especially well for  fat and weight loss, and there are no ill effects.

A before and after examination will show that this product is a potent weight loss supplement. Experiments prove that you can lose 11 lbs in an 8 week period.

This can be achieved with moderate exercise, but you’ll shed even more pounds with a healthy diet and high intensity workout.


  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Increases energy level
  • No serious side effects
  • Has apha lipoic acids that boost metabolism


  • Needs to be taken in the morning to avoid sleep difficulty at night


The Black is a powerful weight loss solution, more effective than the any crash diet program.

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe method to lose weight then this is the product.

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5.  Hydroxycut Platinum  (Get it Here)

Hydroxycut weight loss products are numerous, but the Platinum is among the best in terms of weight loss.

With regular intake this product can make you look and feel good.

Apart from dropping pounds you’ll also get other benefits.

How it Works

There are lots of good reasons why the Hydroxycut Platinum is considered the No 1 fat burner by many.

The ingredients in the Platinum accelerates fat burning in your body so you’ll get in shape faster.

The Platinum is also rich in probiotics and vitamins that boost your health and strength.

Like other Hydroxycut lose weight products, the Platinum has c. Canephora robusta which speeds up shedding of unwanted pounds.

The Platinum ingredients have also been carefully selected so you get the best possible results. The Platinum is no substitute for working out and a healthy diet, but is complementary.


The Hydroxycut Black vs Platinum debate has been going on for some time.

One may prefer one over the other, but what we can say is the Platinum contains 19 essential vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin D, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B.

Together these vitamins metabolize proteins, carbs and fats.

Platinum works on multiple levels. It is primarily for weight loss, but Platinum also enhance your metabolism.

The Platinum also functions as a natural energy source via the minerals and vitamins it contains.

The Platinum also has canephora robust, a key ingredient that’s going to help you lose weight.


  • Boosts metabolism
  • Contains essential vitamins
  • Burns fat
  • Improves concentration


  • Taking more than the recommended amount can cause shaking


Hydroxycut weight loss reviews have given the Platinum positive feedback, and it is one of the best in stimulating weight loss. Bottom line: the Platinum works as well as expected.

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6.  Hydroxycut Hardcore  (Get it Here)

Hydroxycut Hardcore reviews often give this the thumbs up, and we have to agree since it is very effective.

Unlike other products this one has special “hardcore” ingredients that stimulate rapid weight loss.

The Hydroxycut Hardcore formula is for anyone who wants to shed pounds without side effects.

How it Works

Hydroxycut pills underwent a lot of preparation, and the Hardcore is no exception.

The hardcore nature of its ingredients mean you’re going to get better results when combined with exercise and diet.

The Hardcore also functions as an energy enhancer thanks to the unique ingredients it contains.

The Hardcore is a potent fat burner. When taken on a regular basis you’ll burn more fats than you normally would through workout and exercise alone.


The Hardcore formula is especially suited for those who want to lose weight without suffering any side effects.

The higher concentration means you’re going to lose weight at a faster rate than normal. Weight loss aside you will also feel a surge of energy that is superior to those of other weight loss pills.

The energy boost is greater and the effect is more immediate. It also contains caffeine anhydrous so it is no surprise that you’ll get the energy burst you’re looking for.

The ingredients have also been carefully chosen so you do not suffer any unwanted side effects. The ingredients all underwent scientific tests to ensure their safety.


  • Delivers a lot of energy
  • Increases intensity level
  • Safe ingredients
  • No serious side effects


  • Overdosing can cause jitters


There is a reason why this product is called Hardcore, as it is more powerful than the average weight loss pill.

If the regular weight loss pill doesn’t get it done, then you’ll be better off with with the Hardcore.

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7.  Hydroxycut Gummies  (Get it Here)

If you ask which Hydroxycut is best for me, the Gummies is one that usually comes up often.

With its mixed fruit flavor, you get a tasty treat without gaining weight. In fact these Gummies are weight loss products.      

How it Works 

What does Hydroxycut do?

Most of them are for weight loss, and this is no exception.

It contains ingredients that stimulate weight loss.

The Hydroxycut Gummies convert body fat into energy that burns up calories and pounds.

The formula is safe and suitable for men and women.

The Gummies are rich in B vitamins, and it is these vitamins that speed up metabolism and calorie burning.

The great thing about the Gummies is you’ll be able to take this with your breakfast or anytime.


The Gummies biggest benefit is its weight loss capability. By chewing on these you’ll lose weight quickly. There is also the fact that the Gummies are tasty.

Unlike other weight loss products the Gummies is something you can enjoy and take it with you anywhere you go. You can take the Gummies alone or stack it with other Hydroxycut products.

These taste like fruit candy, but its nutritional value is greater.

While Gummies works great for weight loss, you get better results when this is combined with regular exercise an a sensible diet.

When taken on a consistent basis, you will lose weight faster and not suffer any ill effects.


  • Has a delicious taste
  • Does not contain any stimulants
  • Excellent source of vitamin B
  • Metabolizes fat


  • May take some time before the full effects are felt


The Gummies was formulated you’ll have a tasty treat while enjoying the taste. With its delicious taste and weight loss properties, this is one product you will want to try out.

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8.  Instant Drink Mix  (Get it Here)

One of the more popular Hydroxycut products today, this Instant Drink Mix is aimed at those who want to lose weight quickly.

While this is not the only weight loss drink mix in the market, it ranks as one of the most potent based on Hydroxycut drink mix reviews.

How it Works

The Instant Drink Mix works by supplying your body with the essential nutrients.

The product was thoroughly tested to ensure its efficiency.

It’s just like taking a regular drink only this is more nutritious.

The ingredients don’t just make you lose weight though as it also supplies you with lots of energy.

The drink contains canephora robusta, an ingredient that has been proven to work for weight loss. If you drink this consistently, you will lose weight and burn unwanted fats.

An 8 week study shows that you can lose up t 10.95 lbs with minimal workouts. If you do heavier exercises you’ll lose even more weight.


Which Hydroxycut is best? Well if you want to drink your supplement, then the Instant Drink will do just fine. The drink doesn’t need the kind of preparation that others do so it’s more convenient.


  • Speeds up weight loss
  • Zero sugar
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • No hassle preparation


  • The drink takes some time to work


The Instant Drink is not the fastest weight loss supplement, but it does work.

If you’d rather drink you way to weight loss, then the Instant Drink is one that you should check out.

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9.  SX 7 Black Onyx  (Get it Here)

Hydroxycut SX 7 Black Onyx before and after photos and reviews shows that it is a dependable weight loss product.

But more than that the Onyx is for boosting mental focus and heightened senses.

How it Works

The Hydroxycut Black Onyx contains theanine, salvia and coleus which supply your body with energy.

The ingredients also build up your mental focus and senses. If you have trouble focusing in general, this is going to help.

The Onyx also contains other ingredients like coleus and other herbs, giving you a lot of energy.

What makes this an exceptional product is how effective it works and the effect is good for the long term.


Hydroxycut SX 7 reviews have said a lot of positive stuff about its energy boosting capabilities.

This is to be expected as its formula is top of the line and works great for those who need a boost.

The combination of extra energy and sharper focus are essential not only for workouts but also for your day to day activities.

Do you find yourself lacking energy to exercise and do other kinds of work? The Onyx can give you that lift.


  • Supplies you with lots of energy
  • Burns fat
  • Does not lead to a crash
  • Tastes good


  • Overdosing may cause acne


CLA fat burner products are common, but the Onyx sets itself apart by virtue of its capabilities. Add the heightened sensory experience and this is a winner.

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10.  Hydroxycut Max for Women  (Get it Here)
Hydroxycut Max! Order Amazon
Hydroxycut for women Max is one of the most popular weight loss supplements for women.

Supported by scientific studies, this is a weight loss supplement that also increases your energy to suit the needs of different women.

While there are a lot of women’s weight loss products, Max is more potent. 

How it Works

Like Hydroxycut SX7 Black Onyx, this product contains ingredients that build up your strength even as you lose those unwanted pounds.

Unlike other weight loss supplements, Max is ideal for women since it doesn’t have any serious side effects.

Once the supplement starts working, you’ll see and feel those calories burn.

The Max formula works both as weight loss supplement and energy booster. When combined with a low calorie diet you’ll get better results.


Hydroxycut advanced Max complements your daily workouts for faster weight loss.

In addition, the product contains silicon, argan oil, collagen and other ingredients that nourish your hair, nails and skin.

So not only do you shed off pounds but you also get nourishment for your skin and hair.

The folic acid and iron content are good for your body too. Once you take the supplement, it starts working on your body to lose all those extra pounds.

Max also contains caffeine that boosts your energy and promotes more rigorous workouts. The more workouts you do, the more pounds are lost.


  • Excellent source of folic acid and iron
  • Comes with skin, nail and hair enhancement
  • Backed by scientific studies
  • Boosts metabolism


  • Takes a bit of time to work


As the name makes plain, Hydroxycut made this product for women, and it does work. Add the boost for your hair, nails and skin and it’s easy to see why women love it.

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Is Hydroxycut Safe? And Which One is Best for Me?

Does Hydroxycut really work and safe?

Yes it does, but it is only going to work if you take the right one.

At first glance it might seem like they’re the same fat burners and weight loss supplements.

However there are significant differences here.

Let us look at the categories first

  • The Hardcore NextGen line includes Hardcore Next Gen non-stimulant, CLA Elite Next Gen, Hardcore Elite Next Gen Accelerator and Hardcore Next Gen.
  • The Hardcore Elite series includes Elite Sport and Elite.
  • The Hardcore SX7 Line encompasses the Hardcore SX-7 Non-Stim, the Black Onyx and Hardcore SX7.
  • The Gummies, Pro Clinical, Black and Platinum do not belong to any of those categories.

Now which is right for you?

  • The Black Onyx is more about giving you a mental and energy boost than losing weight or burning fat. If you need help with getting focused then this is for you.
  • The Instant Drink is an energy weight loss beverage, though many of the ingredients are the same. If you need a booster for your workouts, this is a good choice.
  • If you want something tastier then you’ll like Gummies. You can also combine these with other products from Hydroxycut.
  • Are you just starting out and have never tried Hydroxycut before? Try Black, Platinum or Pro Clinical.
  • Do you want to augment the Hydroxycut you are currently taking? The Instant Drink and Gummies will help.
  • If the standard weight loss supplement doesn’t work, you can try any of the Hardcore products.
  • For women who want to lose weight, there is Max. It is also an energy booster and the ingredients are formulated for women.

There is some confusion among buyers, thinking that the Hardcore series is the only effective products in the Hydroxycut line.

However that’s not the case. As we have pointed out, thee Hardcore Series is enhanced and for those who need to lose more weight and gain more energy.

This does not make the other products any less effective. In fact it’s a good idea to try the less stronger variants to see if they’re enough.

There is no need to try the stronger products right away as your body may not be capable of handling its potency. 

The difference between these products can be summed up easily. The Hardcore Elite is the most powerful due to the high level of Yohimbe and caffeine.

If you need more energy and weight loss capabilities, the Elite is the one to get. If you’re prone to Yohimbe sweats or caffeine jitters, stick with SX 7.

 Next Gen is almost the same as Hardcore Elite, so it’s a good choice if you’re after that extra caffeine boost.

So if you’re just starting out, the SX 7 is the one to try. The milder products reviewed here are also the ones to try out if you don’t drink a lot of coffee.

Does Hydroxycut Work?

How does Hydroxycut work? Yes it does.

In fact it is just as good  as Dymatize protein powder, and in many cases it’s even better.

While Hydroxycut is not the first of its kind, but the way it’s been prepared makes the formula more effective.

Hydroxycut appetite control reviews shows that all these products work great for reducing appetite. That is what reason why it is effective in helping you lose weight.

However that is not the only reason why it’s effective. The other has to do with the fact that its ingredients are of the highest quality.

So to answer the question, yes these products do work.

However, these do not produce results overnight.

For these products to work, you have to take them regularly and according to the dosage / amount indicated.

Another thing: you need to diet and exercise.

They are not meant as substitutes for not working out and going on a healthy diet.

Exercise and diet are mandatory to losing weight, but sometimes it is not enough to get the results you want.

This is where Hydroxycut comes in as it accelerates the weight loss process. This holds true whether it is Hydroxycut ultra or any of the products reviewed here.

Hydroxycut Ingredients

Is Hydroxycut safe?

As we have pointed out in the side effects section, Hydroxycut products aren’t likely to cause an ill effects. This is possible because of the high quality ingredients in each product.

Of course the Hydroxycut ingredients vary, but they do share some common ingredients. By far the most common are: 

  • canephora robusta: this is the main ingredient that stimulates weight loss. When combined with diet and exercise you will lose a lot of fat and calories.
  • Caffeine anhydrous: this is a special type of caffeine that increases awareness and alertness. More importantly, it does not have the adverse effects found in regular caffeine.
  • Some products like Platinum, Gummies and Max for women have additional vitamins, minerals, iron and folic acid for overall wellness.

While these are the main ingredients, these products contain many others that vary depending on its purpose.

Where to Buy Today?

You can buy Hydroxycut Walmart, Costco and GNC, but Muscle & Strength is the best option.

Muscle & Strength is ideal because of their large inventory, reasonable prices, discount coupons and dependability.

Apart from Hydroxycut coupons you also get a lot of Hydroxycut consumer reviews that can help you decide what to buy.

Once you’ve made up your mind, M & S it easy to place an order. Add the prompt delivery and you have the elements for a dependable retailer.

You may be tempted to buy these products from other sites, but be careful and make sure they are trustworthy. Do not settle for any cheap knock off since they will just cost you more in the end.

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