Best Workout for Lean Muscle, Body Weight, and Strength

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Now let's delve into this guide:

Just a Preamble…

To gain muscle or build lean muscle mass is a question many get torn in between.

This is a decision that has for many years been in the minds of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and many men who cherish sexy body – all over the world.

We can give you a simple solution to this. All you need to do is decide whether you are in on this, or not. 

Lean Muscle – Taking 21st Century By Storm

Getting a lean, fit and masculine musculature is every man’s desire in the 21st century, but actually getting that body is a whole different story.

We live in a very busy world, where not everyone has time to invest in workouts.

However, if you cut the unnecessary b*#@hit and get straight to the point with your workouts, you will achieve results quickly and you won’t even need to invest that much time.

To start off with such a workout routine that will give you the results you want, first go through a medical test and get to know whether it would be a good time for you to be on an extreme workout schedule:

Check all your physical parameters and consider past and present injuries.

Next, ask your gym instructor for some assistance. Sit down with him and figure out which routine would be best suited for YOU.

Let him have an objective look on you and tell you about what you need to improve. Let him know about your schedule and the time you can invest into working out.

Let him also know about your injuries (if any), so that he can advise you on which exercises to avoid.

Then, with the help of this trainer, choose your routine, out of the ones available- Ten-week routine, six-week routine, etcetera.

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Your Routine Must Fit Your Present Schedule

Whichever routine you choose, make sure that the instructor is clear as to whether the particular routine will give your body time to adjust and find timing that suits you.

If you work at a 9 to 5 job, make it clear that you have a strict, fixed working timetable.

Once that is done, you will get into the perfect flow, balanced between self-development, work place and free time.

When that state is reached and your training advances, not only will you boost your metabolism and achieve greater results, but you will also put your body to the test with something new, which was previously unknown for the body.

This, in turn, will result in nothing but GAINS!

Prepare to Work Hard and Consistent

Achieving the perfect body is something you earn over days, weeks and months. It isn’t given.

Just like in your job, in the gym you get what you work for. The effort put in = The results you get.

It is important to remember that gains won’t happen all of a sudden. They will stack over time, until they become visible.

Following this logic, it is of utmost importance to stay loyal and faithful to your various workouts in the program, day by day, week by week and month by month.

Your discipline and effort with training and nutrition, will determine the results you get.

New routines should be added in the program every now and then, in order to keep the musculature working in new ways and adapting (growing) to them.

Once you get into the flow, workouts will feel like something natural and eventually, it will become a lifestyle that you cannot live without.

That's when genuine love for the process is developed and the results skyrocket exponentially.

Lean Mass – 15 Routine

One routine that can get you the desired results is the Lean Mass-15 routine which takes four weeks at the very least and incorporates quite a number of advanced workout techniques.

Weight lifting usually engages the musculature, primarily and the cardio-vascular system, secondarily.

However, the lean mass-15 routine is designed in a way that will allow you to also activate the cardio-vascular system, significantly more than traditional weight lifting does.

This in turn, will help you burn a couple hundred extra calories and therefore, feel, look and perform better.

The lean mass-15 routine offers some aerobic activity, but its main priority is building SOLID muscle.

Due to its intense nature, it’s not advisable to do this workout program for more than four continuous weeks.

If you wish to go on with it for longer than this, you can slot in other workouts in between. This will give your body time to heal and adjust to it and you will not be running in the redline constantly.

It is recommended that once in a while you switch between workout routines.

As you work out week after week, the body tends to get used to the program. This, we call adaptation and it is the reason why the muscles grow.

However, changing it every now and then leads to a massive de-adaptation effect, leading to more effective workouts and hence, greater results.

Best Workout Lean MusclesChanging the routine doesn’t necessarily mean changing all the exercises.

To expose your body to new, unknown tension, you can also add on weights, do more reps and even decrease rest times between sets, exercises and workouts.

This program is focused on a big number of movements and low rest times in-between them.

As a result, you will be done with the workout sooner, and you will pretty much workout throughout 90% of the time, as the only time for rest is when you switch between exercises.

Saving an hour or two a day can be viable for anyone on a tight schedule. The time adds up to more than 10 hours weekly and that time, can be invested elsewhere – Business, family, personal free time, etc.

And this is what this program does- It saves you a TON of time, as the workouts are quick, yet intense.

With the lean mass-15 routine, you will basically be getting MORE results for LESS time invested.

All you have to do is get yourself started with the routine and avoid looking back.

Want Bigger Size? Add Variety…

If you intend to get some bit more size to your musculature, a more intense gym routine, that gives you four to six workouts weekly is necessary.

Get in short but intense training sessions more frequently, as that will ultimately allow you to build rock-solid muscle mass.

Generally, every program is most effective for the first 8 to 12 weeks, when it comes to muscle building.

However, don’t forget that the human body is a complex organism that can adapt to anything that doesn’t kill it.

What this means is that you can further increase the time during which you are on this program and furthermore, increase weights, repetitions, sets and number of exercises, to give your body MORE reasons to adapt and grow.

Instead of just repeating the same set/rep scheme, consider adding variety to your workouts, by, for example, including very intense sets for 3-5 repetitions until failure.

The same can be done on the flip side- If you feel the weight is really heavy, reduce the weight and go for 15+ repetitions.

Such changes in weights, sets and rep ranges will account for a greater process of adaptation and growth.

Variety is not only good but MANDATORY for muscle growth, as the human body tends to do every routine action more and more efficiently.

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Add Presses, Squats, Pull-ups, Deadlifts

Incorporate compound movements like overhead presses, squats, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups and dips in your routine.

These compound movements use synergistic muscle groups that work together to endure the given weight.

So, for example, on the bench press, not only does your chest get trained and prioritized but the shoulders and triceps (pushing muscle groups) also get a workout, by assisting the chest throughout the whole movement.

Following this simple knowledge, we can conclude that even if you never ever train your triceps (isolate it) and focus on improving your bench press, you will have BIG arms.


Because you can’t push 100 kg for 5 sets of 10 repetitions and still have a small tricep – It is impossible.

Focus on these compound, free weight movements, as they involve more muscle fibers that also stabilize the movement. This simply means more gains.

We preach to compounds, but that doesn’t mean isolated movements should be completely ignored.

Include machines and isolated movements after you have gone all-out on the compound movements.

The isolated exercises will help you feel the muscles contracting, working and exhausting the very last drops of energy that they have.

On top of that, more volume will be added and your lacking muscle groups will get blasted and grow to the best of their potential.

Remember to Rest & Sleep Well

We already mentioned the importance of having a good, progressively more demanding workout plan, tailored specifically to your needs and activity levels.

Rest Sleep Muscle growthHowever, we do not grow muscles when we are in the gym, but when we are outside of it and recovering.

In the gym, we have to make sure we get a proper workout.

Outside of the gym, we have to make sure we are giving our bodies enough nutrients and rest, to recover from those properly intense workouts.

Overall, you need to get into a “flow state” where you are perfectly aligned with your routine and stress does not exist for you.

It is of prime importance to supply your body with the much-needed proteins, carbohydrates and fats, through natural foods like meat, fish, grains, dairy products, greens and fruits.

Proper nutrition is often the missing link to gains, as if it is not on point, your body will simply be unable to recover from the heavy workouts.

Besides proper nutrition and good sleeping habits (6 hrs at the very least, 8 for when you go crazy intense), legal steroids have been proven to help with strength, performance and recovery of trainees and athletes.

The effects of such legal supplements are times and times better than regular protein and creatine powders as well as food.

However, they are not a replacement of food, so the plan needs to be carefully designed, in order for the workout, nutrition and supplementation plan to flow perfectly and yield the best results possible.

Last but not least, find your environment.

If you’re going to train like a beast, it is not recommended to visit one of those flashy, house music-playing gyms, where all you see is men/women on the treadmills.

Find an old-school gym, full of beasts that dare you to be the hardest worker in the room.

Such an environment will always push you beyond your limits and the motivation to stay consistent, will be present.

Working with people who have the same goal as you, whether it’s in the gym or on your business, gives you the energy to push further and also develops team discipline.

It is even advisable to get a training partner who will motivate you to attend the training sessions consistently and will push you past the point of failure.

Whether you want to gain weight, be lean or lose fat, attitude is ALL when it comes to workouts…

… as a matter of fact, a mediocre routine with the right attitude and discipline can give better results than an intense one with no personal drive and enthusiasm.

Now go ahead and smash your next workout.

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