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Facts About the Best Protein Powder

When guys are discussing bodybuilding or fitness in general, you will find that one of the things they will talk a lot about is protein supplementation.

This is because every experienced gym goer or fitness enthusiast knows protein consumption is a must for muscle building and optimal health.

Most people get their protein from their diet. Dietary sources of protein include stake, minced meat, bacon, salmon, beef, whole milk, and lentils.

However, considering how expensive most protein dietary sources are, most people usually do not consume enough protein.

They do not consume enough protein for survival let alone muscle synthesis.

This is why protein supplementation is important. By buying a good protein powder you will not only be getting extra protein for optimal health but also for muscle building.

Here I will share with you an essential guide to buying the best protein powder for optimal health and muscle building. (You can always come back to our site: for more stuff).

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The Importance of Protein Supplements

  • Protein supplements are rich in amino acids which are the ingredients needed for muscle building and repair.
  • Protein supplements keep people full for longer and reduce food cravings and are, therefore, useful for those seeking weight loss.
  • Protein supplements improve muscle strength, power, and size helping enhance overall fitness.
  • Protein supplements can be consumed as protein shakes or snacks in between meals for energy.

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How to Pick the Best Protein Powder

Now that you know the importance of protein supplements, you are probably excited about them. You probably want to use them right now. Doing the three things below will help you pick the best protein powder for you.

First, consult a doctor or a gym trainer before taking protein supplements. They will tell you whether it is okay for you to take supplements right now and what type to take.

Second, check out our website for a relevant supplements guide before buying anything. This is because we have some of the most authentic and reliable supplement buying guides available online.

Third, review the ingredients of the supplement you want to buy to check if the muscle building supplement has got any ingredients you may be allergic to.

Doing the above three things will ensure the protein powder you end up taking is suitable for you, effective, and unlikely to cause you any harm.

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Branded versus Non-branded Protein Powder

There are a thousand and one protein supplements available on the market. The many different suppliers offer products that they make from various protein sources including rice, milk casein, and whey. Whey protein is perhaps the most popular type of whey protein powder.

However, in addition to the main ingredient, there are usually several other ingredients. The way protein powders are made also differ. So, in the end, protein powders might be made from the same main ingredient but might still be very different.

So what protein powder should you go for? Well, in my opinion you should go for branded protein powders. By branded I mean the top quality brands.

The reasons why are as follows:

  • Top protein powder brands are generally safer because they pass through all safety requirements before release to the market.
  • Top powder brands are made by companies that worry about their reputation and, therefore, make quality products that enhance rather than negatively affect their reputation.
  • Top protein powder brands are usually pure and very natural products with no steroids or any other impurities.
  • The best protein powders are made from the best raw materials. This is in contrast to other protein powders that are made from any available raw materials.
  • Top protein powder brands always provide brilliant results in contrast to non-branded products.

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Quality versus Cost of Protein Powder

So I have just shown you how much better quality protein products are to inferior quality products. However, some people assume that quality products are always expensive.

And that they do not always provide value for money. Therefore, they go for protein powders that are cheaper to save on costs. This usually does not end well because cheaper products are usually not quality products.

If you are serious about bodybuilding, you should only go for quality products because only such products can offer you the results you need.

Moreover, not all quality products are necessarily expensive. Some such as Crazy Bulk supplements are pretty affordable.

What to Know Before Taking Protein Supplements

Protein powders are beneficial to the body. They help with bodybuilding and provide a raft of health and wellness benefits. However, not all protein supplements are the same.

Some of them are just as powerful as medicine. They should, therefore, be handled with care. Otherwise, they could cause unpleasant side effects.

Below are some of the precautions you should take with protein supplements:

  1. Only take a protein powder or supplement after consulting your doctor or gym trainer. They will give you the appropriate instructions or advice. Alternatively, check out our comprehensive guides and reviews for specific precautions.
  2. Stick to the dose indicated by the manufacturer. Increasing your dose will not give you better results faster. It can, instead, cause dangerous side effects. The side effects could be immediate or delayed.
  3. Consume supplements according to the times and the duration advised. Doing so will ensure you get the best results. Not following professional or manufacturer advise could result in poor results.
  4. Stick to one brand for a while before trying another. Changing brands frequently could interfere with what you are trying to achieve.


The human body requires many macro and micro nutrients to function properly and to grow muscles. Most of the nutrients are not found in sufficient quantities in many diets that we follow.

This is why it is important to take supplements.

Protein powders provide the body with an important macronutrient and that is protein. Taking sufficient quantities of protein enhances muscle development, promotes overall health, and improves general fitness.

There are many different types of protein powders available on the market. To get all the benefits of protein, you must buy a brand that is top quality and renowned e.g. Crazy Bulk.

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