MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Review: Burn Fat, Promotes Sensory Awareness, More Energy, Feel Better and Healthier

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next GenMuscleTech is well known in the fitness industry for its weight loss supplements, and one of the most widely recognized is Next Gen.

Part of the Hardcore line, Next Gen claims that you’ll lose a lot of pounds, gain energy and burn those extra calories.

But the question is, does Next Gen deliver on those promises?

We’re aware that the Hydroxycut products have a good reputation,  but we wanted to find out for ourselves how good it really is.

To get to the bottom of it we undertook a thorough review of Next Gen and this is what we learned.

What are the Benefits?

Next Gen is a weight loss supplement and doubles up as an energy booster. With its carefully selected ingredients you’re going to lose a lot of pounds, fats and calories.

What makes Next Gen more efficient than the typical ones is you won’t lose energy. In fact regular intake of this supplement makes you stronger.

  • Burn Fat

Next Gen burns body fat at a faster rate than normal.

The formula also gets rid of the fat around your belly and love handles.

These areas store a lot of fat and are very difficult to remove even with diet and exercise.

That is what Next Gen is for, and its ingredients have been picked specifically for that purpose.

  • Extra Energy

Next Gen also boosts your energy.

If you’re going to go on a diet, you’ll most likely end up feeling weak as you get rid of those excess pounds and fat.

The Next Gen ingredients – which we will take a look at shortly – is going to keep your energy level up.

  • Heightened Sensory Awareness

The caffeine in Next Gen does more than just keep you alert, as it also heightens your other senses as well.

The feeling is similar to what you’d get with coffee but minus the jitters.

This increased awareness overall.

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Is This for You?

Next Gen is the weight loss supplement for you if:

  • You want to lose weight,
  • You want to burn fat,
  • Want to be more alert,
  • Want a fat burner that doesn’t have any serious side effects,
  • Want to get rid of excess calories faster.

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, you’ll find Next Gen the ideal weight loss supplement.

If you’re willing to exercise and switch to a healthy diet, Next Gen will stimulate weight loss and burn those fats.

However, Next Gen is not for you, if you are looking for instant gratification.

If you expect to lose weight right away without dieting and exercise you’ll be disappointed. Bottom line is Next Gen does what it is supposed to, complement your diet and workouts.

How Does it Work?

There really is nothing to using Next Gen. Just take the product as directed and you’ll reap the benefits.

The first thing you’ll notice is the increase in energy, and it is not like when you take coffee and feel like you’re wired.

With Next Gen the feeling is more is like you’re a bundle of energy. Taking a single pill is enough to give you a lift, and taking two packs even more punch.

Next Gen also doesn’t mess around with your nervous system the way other weight loss supplements do.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next GenThe effect can range from mild to being supercharged depending on how many you took. Of course the effect is not only limited to energy boosting but also faster weight loss.

Next Gen also increases the amount of calories you burn.

It works on two basic levels: (1) boosting your energy and, (2) stimulating weight loss. The increase in energy can be felt as heightened senses.

The Blue Scullcap (Scutellaria), Guayusa, coleus and Yohimbe combine to boost your senses. However the effects do not affect you adversely the way caffeine does.

As you can see, this super formula does more than the average weight loss supplement. For its efficiency and capabilities it is hard to match.

Performance wise it is even comparable to more expensive weight loss products and produces better results. (Click here to order today…)

Supplement Facts + High Grade Ingredients

The ingredients are as follows.

  • Ophiopogon Extract 25 mg

This extract produces a soothing effect and is an effective stress reliever.

It acts as a counterbalance to the stimulants so you don’t end up with the jitters.

Widely used in Eastern medicine, Ophiopogon is also used to treat sore mouths.

  • Guayusa 20 mg

This herb is from the Amazon rainforests and known for being a stimulant.

When combined with the other stimulants it gives you extra strength and energy.

Its a complementary ingredient and works well with the others.

  • Yohimbe Extract 40 mg

Yohimbe is widely used in Hydroxycut products, so it comes as no shock it is included here.

Too much Yohimbe induces sweats, but there is just the right amount here to increase testosterone and burn fat without producing the side effects.

  • Blue Skullcap Extract 75 mg

This is a stimulant and weight loss ingredient. Blue Skullcap isn’t that significant on its own, but its effects are magnified when combined with the other ingredients here.

  • Coleus Extract 100 mg

This is another common ingredient in Hydroxy-Cut supplements, and it’s been included in Next Gen because it enhances metabolism.

There are also studies which show that it boosts your testosterone and physical strength.

While Next Gen is very effective in burning fat, it is also good for building up strength and endurance. This only underscores the product’s efficiency.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous 290 mg

Caffeine is widely used in weight and fat loss supplements because it has been proven to work.

The caffeine used in Next Gen is more efficient and doesn’t produce side effects that others do.

Caffeine anhydrous increases energy in your body via thermogenesis. Thermogenesis heats up your body’s interior so your body is forced to cool down.

This is attained by cooling off, so that is what caffeine anhydrous does, and it is done well.

These are thermogenic ingredients and have been subjected to tests to ensure its quality. As the ingredients increase your body’s energy, you also start to lose more pounds since as you start working out.

The weight loss and energy gain occur at the same time, so you don’t lose energy while you’re at it.

How Long Does it Take for Next Gen to Produce Results?

Next Gen does not work overnight, but it doesn’t take as long as other supplements.

The reason it delivers results faster is the higher dosage concentration. The caffeine and green coffee extract are especially good at this.

As we mentioned earlier Next Gen is not going to burn fat overnight, but it does work.

The major weight loss ingredient here is canephora robusta, as it’s been subjected to a lot of studies that prove it works.

The clinical tests were done over an 8 week period, so that tells you how long it may take Next Gen to work.

That does not mean you have to wait that long to see any effect. Even after a day or two you will feel the energy boost.

However to lose those pounds and calories you need to make sure to take Next Gen as indicated and combine it with a good diet and exercise.

Any weight loss supplement that says it can burn fat overnight is lying.

That simply is not possible.

Next Gen does not make any such claims and needs diet and exercise to produce results. (Click here to order today…)

Are There Side Effects?

Mild headaches, gas and bloating are the most commonly reported.

However these usually dissipate after a few days once your body has adjusted.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next GenMost of those who feel these these effects were first-time users of premium weight loss supplements.

Once your body gets used to it you’ll notice those sensations will disappear.

Do not take more than the recommended amount, as that will cause more problems and side effects.

If you started with just one capsule and feel all right, you will get optimum results as far as weight loss and energy boost are concerned.


  • Improves mental focus
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Burns stubborn fat
  • Doesn’t contain harsh ingredients


  • Taking too much may cause gas
  • Might cause mild headache the first few days

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Buying from Muscle & Strength gives you an advantage in terms of customer service. Muscle & Strength is also well known for offering discounts and coupons too, making their products even more affordable.

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Every weight loss supplement claims to be the best, but few live up to their potential. Next Gen is an exception to the rule as it delivers on its promise of burning fat and weight loss.

It does not work overnight and you’ll still need to work out and diet. However if you stick with it you’ll get rid of those unwanted pounds.

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