Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx

Hydroxycut SX-7 Black OnyxHydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx: The PROS

  • A powerful weight loss product from a renowned weight loss supplements manufacturer.
  • Provides a sensory experience like no other.
  • Supplies a good dose of energy to keep you going.
  • Significantly intensifies mental focus making it perfect for the mind.
  • Available in easy-to-take capsules.
  • Tastes electric.


  • Makes people pee a bit more than normal.
  • The sensory experience is not for everyone.
  • May give some people chills.

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This product is one of the best and most hardcore weight loss supplements available on the market.

It comes with a special formula of seven different ingredients that work together synergistically to drive weight loss, provide intense energy, and enhance mental focus.

The ingredients include caffeine anhydrous, Yohimbe bark extract, coleus, and green coffee bean extract.

Consistent use of the SX Black Onyx Hydroxycut weight loss supplement has enabled users to drop plenty of fat weight within a couple of weeks.

It has also helped users to gain energy and improve their mental focus; two effects that have improved the workout performance of many users.

Flavor/ Taste

Many people who have used this Hydroxycut product will readily admit that what stands out the most about it is its taste.

It is a product that tastes electric.

It also provides a very wonderful sensory experience that many will really love. It is the kind of feeling that isn’t very easy to put in words but it is definitely brilliant.

What Makes it Stand Out?

Quite a number of things stand out about the SX 7 Black Onyx supplement. They include:

  • The fact that this product has 7 top-quality ingredients. This product comes with seven top-quality ingredients including the science-backed C canephora robusta for promoting weight loss, boosting energy, and improving mental focus.
  • The fact that this product has Coleus root as an ingredient. Coleus root is a special ingredient that has got forskolin. Forskolin is not only a very powerful fat burner but also a brain-boosting ingredient that is known to considerably improve mental focus. Not many other weight loss supplements have this ingredient.
  • The fact that this formula is much better. Previously, the manufacturer of Hydroxycut products had some issues with the government. The company admitted the issues and completely discarded its old weight loss formula for this new one that is much improved with virtually no severe side effects.
  • The fact that this supplement has a dosage exposure also makes it stand out. While many similar weight loss product hide their ingredients in proprietary blends, this one does not. The company has a complete dosage exposure policy that openly states the exact ingredients per serving and their amounts. This is important especially for those who are looking not to exceed certain amounts of certain ingredients per day.
  • The fact that there are many testimonials available online that show it works. There are many positive testimonials available online that show that this product works. Not many other similar weight loss products have got as many positive testimonials as this one on different platforms.
  • The fact that it provides a great sensory experience. The sensory experience comes from the fact that this product includes a special I-theanine, coleus, and caffeine combo that greatly improves mental energy and sharpness.

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What are The Super Ingredients?

This Hydroxycut product has got a number of powerful herbal ingredients that work together to help users lose weight.

The key ingredient in this product is the green coffee bean extract.

This is the number one ingredient in most Hydroxycut products because it is research-backed to drive weight loss.

So just the mere fact that it is in this product means this product will in all likelihood help a user lose weight.

Hydroxycut SX-7 Black OnyxAnother important ingredient in this product is caffeine anhydrous. This ingredient stimulates the mind and provides a good dose of energy.

As mentioned earlier, this weight loss supplement also has coleus root among its ingredients.

Coleus root is rich in forskolin – a substance that promotes fat loss and boosts mental alertness with time.

Another important ingredient in this supplement is L-Theanine.

This is an amino acid commonly found in green tea.

It is like forskolin in the sense that it promotes mental alertness. It also creates calmness and boosts energy levels.

It is regarded as a super nootropic in medical circles.

In addition to the above ingredients, there is Yohimbe bark extract and Satsuma mandarin. These two ingredients are known to incinerate fat, especially abdominal fat.

Other ingredients in the Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx include titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Both of these ingredients help with the manufacturing of the product. But some people do not really like them even though they are only available in trace quantities.

As you can see from the above ingredients, this is a very decent weight loss and brain-boosting product. You may read few customers reviews. Or just try some yourself!

Who Should Buy SX-7 Black Onyx?

According to the manufacturer of this product, this weight loss product is best for gym bros who want to lose weight or cut.

The branding of this product also shows that gym-going women and runners who want to lose more weight will also find this product useful.

So if you are a gym bro or girl or you like running, you should try out this product for it may be just what you need to attain that cut look you may be wanting to achieve.

How to Take SX-7 Onyx for Optimum Results

Hydroxycut recommends taking one capsule before lunch and before dinner. Approximately 0.5 hours before the meals. So a maximum of two capsules daily.

For optimum results, the manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily for sixty days. And combining the capsules with good training and a low-calorie diet.

If you follow the above optimum results guidelines then you will most likely cut good weight and improve brain function significantly within a couple of weeks.

Where Can I Buy Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx?

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This product is a brilliant weight loss and brain-boosting supplement. Hydroxycut had issues before and this one seems to be a good comeback from those issues.

This product has got good and research-backed ingredients that can help drive weight loss. It is definitely worth considering for those seeking to cut or lose abdominal weight.

Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx

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