Hydroxycut Black Review: Super Fat Burning Supplement, Enhance Energy Levels, Improves Focus and Mental Alertness, Look Fitter, Stronger and Build SEXY Leaner Shape

The Hydroxycut weight loss supplements are among the most popular in the country, and Hydroxycut Black is one that’s gotten a lot of good feedback.

While the customer response has been positive, one has to ask if the Black is really an ideal weight loss supplement.

Is it the appropriate fat burner for you?

Is it an effective weight loss supplement you can rely?

We were curious about it and wanted to know if Black was as good as advertised.

Having reviewed other fat burners, we decided to look Black over.

After a thorough review, this is what we uncovered.

Hydroxycut Black: What are the Benefits?

Hydroxycut Black is a powerful fat burner and weight loss supplement.

Unlike most fat loss pills, Black doesn’t cause jitters but will still burn fat and calories. As your energy increases your metabolism gets a boost as well.

Hydroxycut Black is not just for those who want to lose a few pounds but also if you want an energy lift.

Along with burning fat, it also metabolizes proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

For all its other features, Black is still primarily a weight loss supplement.

To ensure you get maximum potential, Black comes in a rapid release capsule so your body absorbs the nutrients faster so you’ll get better results be it for weight loss, energy lift or alertness.

These benefits may seem familiar, but it provides better results because of the way it’s been formulated.

Also, there is no need to wonder or speculate how Black works because it’s straightforward.

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How Does Hydroxy Cut Black Burn Fat?

Black works by supplying your body with the essential nutrients.

When you take  the capsules, the ingredients are released in your body.

Some of the ingredients trigger thermogenesis whereby your body’s temperature rises.

As your body tries to find a way to cool off, calories get burned and you lose fat.

While this takes place, it also builds up your energy supply.

One way this is done is by converting those fatty reserves and turning them into body fuel.

So Black works in two ways:

(a) It turns your existing body fat into energy to keep you pumped up, and,

(b) You lose extra pounds as well.

The ingredients in Black combine to promote weight loss using multiple methods.

The primary agents are Yohimbe and caffeine as they boost the amount of fatty acids that are eliminated from your body.

These fats are placed in your bloodstream and converted into energy.

The caffeine in Black increases your energy by up to 13% and boosts metabolism by 11%.

The end result is your body burns more fat as the energy demand goes up.

While caffeine plays a huge part in this, it’s not the only one as the other ingredients also play a role.

To sum it up, Hydroxycut Black works as a fat burner and weight loss supplement using different ingredients.

As your body burns fat, it is turned into usable energy. Yohimbe and caffeine arrive there using different paths, but the goal is the same.

Does Hydroxycut Black Really Work?

A look at the ingredients will show that it is indeed effective. But in addition to that there are also studies which prove that Black does work.

One study was done over a period of 8 weeks and involved 50 participants.

During this study, one half of the participants went on a low energy diet and supplied with Hydroxycut Black.

The other 25 also went with a low energy diet but no Black.

After 8 weeks, those that took Hydroxycut Black lost 10 lbs, while those that didn’t take any shed only 5 lbs during the same period.

What this means is Hydroxy Cut Black does what it says: supplement your diet so you lose more pounds.

There is another study which shows similar results.

Note that in this study the participants did not engage in any exercise.

If you combine a low calorie diet with a good workout, you’ll lose even more pounds.

This only goes to show that with this premium capsules, you’ll have the ability to lose a lot of weight.

It should be emphasized that Black is a supplement!

You will not lose weight or shed pounds if you don’t work out.

As good as the ingredients are, it won’t make much of a difference if your body isn’t active.

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Let's Dive More Into its Ingredients Formulation?

So how does this supplement lead to weight loss? As described above, the key is in the ingredients.

As you will see, a lot of thought went into its preparation.

  • Caffeine anhydrous

This is caffeine and is notable for having less than 1% water (only 0.5% actually).

This is a good thing as it becomes easier to absorb in your body.

This gives Black additional potency while not generating the kind of side effect common in caffeine.

Caffeine is known as a stimulant, but it’s also effective for weight loss since it metabolizes fat and turns them into fuel.

As your body absorbs the caffeine it enters your digestive system, your blood and organs. The caffeine is then converted to active compounds and enters your neural tissues.

The caffeine starts to work on your central nervous system and the brain, minimizing fatigue.

It also  boosts your energy while boosting your alertness.

Caffeine anhydrous is also a known mood enhancer.

  • Robusta Coffee Extract

This extract is one of the main ingredients that leads to weight loss.

These are coffee beans which haven’t been roasted, and with good reason.

These coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, a compound that promotes weight loss.

This compound is lost when the beans are roasted.

Chlorogenic acid isn’t widely known, but it’s actually effective for weight loss and fat burning.

Being used in combination with caffeine increases the efficiency in getting rid of fat.

Like the other ingredients in Black, chlorogenic acid is more potent when combined with the others here.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Located in the human cell’s mitochondria, it boosts your metabolism and is crucial for burning fat.

This also has anti inflammatory properties and is also an antioxidant.

The inclusion of this ingredient goes to show that Hydroxycut Black is not  just for losing weight but also for improving your general sense of wellness.

Its antioxidant properties and metabolism boost complement the other ingredients.

Alpha lipoic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties and targets free radicals. Alpha lipoic acid is  found vegetables, but since we don’t get enough, Hydroxycut Black can make up for that.

Alpha lipoic acid offers other health benefits besides weight loss and fat burning.

It’s been shown for instance, that it regulates blood sugar levels and reduces diabetes symptoms.

Alpha lipoic acid also promotes weight loss among those who are overweight.

While research is still being done today, it’s efficiency has been established.

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  • Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe is obtained off the tree that bears its name and is utilized for weight loss.

This was originally extracted for erectile dysfunction treatment, but it has been proven effective for burning fat and calories.

Yohimbe does the same thing as caffeine but it works in a different manner.

That does not make the two incompatible.

On the contrary the two complement each other and improves your ability to lose weight.

The ingredients may look familiar, and you may have taken some of them before. The difference is the ingredients are put together in a harmonious blend.

Unlike the ingredients in other weight loss supplements, these have been prepared so there is minimal side effect and maximum benefits.

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Are there Side Effects?

Hydroxycut Black is a well formulated supplement, but there is no way you can make a 100% side effect free product.

Insomnia, mild headaches and lethargy are common side effects.

Lethargy is unusual since Black is an energy booster, but this side effect is rare and usually dissipates after a day or two.

Mild headaches occur since your body is just getting used to it. As for insomnia, you can avoid this by taking Black in the morning and never at late afternoon.


  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Gets rid of belly fat
  • Does not cause jitters
  • Increases energy
  • Enhances sensory experience


  • Does not stimulate as much as other Hydroxycut products
  • May lead to difficulty sleeping if the capsules are taken at night

Where to Buy Black Online?

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Hydroxycut Black faces a lot of competition, but it manages to hold its own.

While a lot of weight loss supplements have come and gone, Black has stayed around because it has proven time and again effective for weight loss.

So if you’re in the market for a reliable weight loss supplement,  Hydroxycut is worth a try.

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