Dymatize Iso 100 Review: Proven Hydrolized Whey Protein Currently Helping Guys Pack Size, Muscle Mass & Strength Many Dream of!

Find out why the Dymatize Iso 100 protein is the world’s best-selling protein isolates, and why it’s best in its class for years.

Dymatize is one of the most famous brands in the supplement industry.

In the most recent Bodybuilding awards for 2017, Dymatize was recognized and nominated in 7 categories.

It won 3 of those awards, and 2 of those awards (“Isolate Product of the Year” and “Isolate Protein of the Year”) were given due to Dymatize Iso 100 100% Whey Protein Isolate.

There’s no doubt that the reputation of Dymatize is largely built upon the excellent Dymatize Iso protein supplement.

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This supplement has been receiving awards as (one of) best isolate and best supplement from various reputable organizations, since 2013.

This is the world’s best-selling isolate protein supplement, and Iso 100 Dymatize has been proven over and over again, to gives you the whey protein you need to really build the massive muscles you want.

The popularity of Dymatize Iso 100 is an important factor to consider, because not all supplements are the same.

Some are better than others despite what their product ads may say. What’s more, they don’t always have the same effects on people.

With the popularity of Dymatize, you know that it works for the vast majority of people who take it.

Just about every Iso 100 protein review they write on major marketplaces like AMAZON gushes about how effective it is.

And with almost 5-star ratings but very happy customers and 1000s reviews as at the time of typing this, then you this bodybuilding supplements is not just a master, but seriously packs a punch most competition dream of.

That’s the kind of product effectiveness confirmation that can’t be faked.

In addition, the 3rd party recognition from Bodybuilding.com also verifies the claims set forth by Dymatize.

This really works.

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Iso Protein – Flavors and Sizes

You’re supposed to drink your Iso 100 protein powder supplement right before or right after you work out. Of course this isn’t a strict rule, since you can drink the stuff at any time you want.

But it’s great for right after your workout, when your muscles are screaming for protein to use so they can rebuild the muscles you’ve torn during your strenuous workout.

The problem is that some hate to drink their protein powder supplement because they don’t mix well with their water or milk. Sometimes they just don’t taste all that good either.

But that’s not the problem with Iso 100 Whey Isolate!

It mixes well, though you need to follow the directions as to how much water or milk you need to mix this with.

You just need a scoop (which is included in the purchase) and then you mix it with 150 to 215 ml of water or milk. The amount of the drink depends on the flavor of the Protein Iso 100 you got.

Several tasty flavors

This brings us to the range of flavors available. Here you’re not limited to just plain Dymatize Iso 100 vanilla or chocolate.

You can choose from up to 12 different flavors so you can get the taste you really want.

For chocolate alone there are many variations. Aside from gourmet chocolate, you can also pick chocolate coconut, fudge brownie, and chocolate peanut butter.

You can also go with peanut butter, cinnamon bun, and birthday cake.

If you’re partial to fruity flavors, there are orange dreamsicle, smooth banana, and strawberry flavors.

3 Sizes

You’re also able to choose from 3 different sizes. You can try it out first with a small 1.6-lb container that’s good for 23 servings.

The 3-pound version offers 43 servings, while the Iso 100 5lb can last for more than a month with 71 servings.

That’s if you stick to drinking just one or two servings a day.

WORKOUT Supplement Dynamize Iso 100

Why Whey Protein?

In many ways, the 100 whey protein isolate is superior to most other type of protein supplement you can get out there. First of all, this is whey protein.

This is a type of protein from milk that your body absorbs more quickly than the casein type.

Other types of protein from eggs and meat are also slower to absorb. That’s why whey protein is so special—you can take advantage of that window of opportunity right after working out.

Your muscles will cry out for more protein, which is the material they need to make the repairs to the micro-tears you’ve caused in your muscle fibers. More protein on hand, the bigger muscles you get.

Whey protein also offers other types of benefits.

A study conducted by the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition and published in the Journal of Nutrition indicated that it can help with weight loss and fat burning.

Part of the reason for that may be because the whey protein keeps you from overeating. The protein makes you feel full much longer, so you don’t get the cravings for snacks.

This type of protein also helps lower BP. It can even reduce your levels of anxiety and depression. That’s because this protein contains certain amino acids that help with the production of serotonin.

Low levels of serotonin are associated with lower levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Why Hydrolyzed Isolate?

Let’s first tackle the first part of this question: why hydrolyzed?

Hydrolyzed means the protein has already been partially broken down.

It’s like it’s been predigested (although in a non-icky way). What this means is that you absorb the protein even more quickly.

The formula combines hydrolyzed and non-hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, so you continuously absorb protein.

Now let’s go to the next part: the isolate.

As its name implies, this type is a clean form of whey protein. In fact, it’s the purest form of WP available.

Look at it this way—each portion is about 30 grams, and you get 25 grams of pure protein. That’s a percentage of 83% each time. The rest of the formula provides the amino acids you also need.

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Free from the Bad Stuff

What “bad stuff”? Well, since this protein is in isolate form then you don’t get all the other ingredients that you may not want to absorb.

That means you don’t get any sugar and fat that can mess up your diet. In fact, you only get 116 calories from a single serving of this drink.

The Dymatize whey conforms to all types of dietary preferences and restrictions. There’s no gluten, for those insist on a gluten-free diet.

It is also appropriate for vegetarians, as it doesn’t contain any sort of animal product at all. Those on a low-sodium diet shouldn’t worry either, as each serving only has 0.26 grams of salt.

Unlike the casein protein that comes from milk, the whey protein variety also doesn’t have any significant amounts of lactose in it.

It only contains about 1% lactose, which is so insignificant that the lactose-sensitive or even the lactose-intolerant can drink this protein supplement.

Finally, this has also been tested for any sort of substance that’s banned by athletic leagues.

The test was conducted by “Informed Choice” and so you can be very assured that drinking this won’t suddenly lead to a failed drug test.

Contain BCAAs (Essential Amino Acids)

This contains a very long list of amino acids, and that’s a good thing. After all, amino acids are completely essential to all metabolic processes.

Metabolic disturbances have often been found as the cause of most health issues.

If you want to remain healthy, you need to make sure you get your amino acids every day.

That means obtaining them from supplements, since the poor quality of most people’s diets can often lead to amino acid deficiency.

The most important amino acids here are the BCAAs, which refer to valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

These can only be obtained from food or supplements and they’re so important because the 3 make up about 40% of the daily requirement of all 9 essential amino acids.

When you get the BCAAs from supplements, they go directly to the blood stream and they bypass your liver and gut.

With Dymatize Iso 100 hydrolyzed protein, you also get 5.7 grams of BCAAs per serving.

Here are some benefits of BCAAs that should catch your interest:

  • It triggers maximum protein synthesis.
  • The muscles use the BCAAs for energy.
  • Boosting your BCAA intake minimizes muscle loss when you take a break from exercising (such as when you’re injured or your work schedule gives you no time).
  • Preserving your lean muscles during extended times of inactivity boosts your metabolism, so this helps with preventing fat gain.
  • The 5.7 grams of BCAAs are made up of 2.7 grams of leucine. This makes the BCAAs here leucine-enriched. This kind of BCAA formula is great for older adults, who find it more difficult to build muscles as they get older.
  • People who take more BCAAs are more likely to be slim and least likely to be overweight. They generally have more muscle and less fat and their body composition is much better.
  • BCAAs support hormonal balance that leads to greater endurance, power, and strength. They decrease fatigue too.
  • BCAAs also reduce muscle soreness after working out. This leads to training more intensely and more frequently, since you’re not going to spend too much time recuperating.
  • You don’t lose muscle when you exercise for long periods of time. You can go through significant muscle degradation when you engage in 24-hour marathons and cycling events. That’s why BCAA supplementation is necessary for these types of athletic competitions, as the BCAA preserve the muscle tissue.
  • BCAAs also help promote a long and healthy life. It can help with liver disease, reduces the mortality risk of cancer, and supports cardiac health. It offers an anti-aging benefit as well.

So with Dymatize Iso 100, you get the protein and the amino acids you need. That includes the BCAAs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Iso 100 Protein – Who is it for?

The Iso 100 protein powder is for people who want to build lean muscles. It’s for athletes who don’t really want to bulk up to much so they don’t lose any agility. If your fitness goal is to lose fat while you build your lean muscles, then this is for you.

This isn’t just for the young adults looking to workout and gain muscle. In fact, older adults can really benefit from this supplement.

Older guys are more prone to muscle loss, and this can help preserve lean muscle even when you’re no longer as active.

It’s not just for guys either. In case you’ve forgotten, because of the Iso 100 Dymatize won the award for “Women’s Product of the Year” for 2017.

Summary of Pros and Cons

Let’s tally all the good reasons why the Iso 100 is fantastic:

  • It’s a bestseller

When it comes to supplements, it’s important to go with the crowd.

That’s because it means you have hordes of people giving it their approval.

Supplements don’t work for everyone, but when a supplement has been extremely popular for many years then this is an indication that it works for a great many people.

It increases the likelihood that it will work for you properly and safely.

  • The experts agree as well

It’s been awarded as the “Supplement of the year” for several years now, and it has been recognized for its benefits for women.

It’s not just popular—it really is that good.

  • Dymatize has a great reputation too

While it’s true that the manufacturer has made its reputation mostly on the excellence of the Iso 100, it has also been recognized for its other superior supplements.

  • It provides lots of convenient protein

You get 25 grams per serving, and you drink it rather than eat it. It’s just easier this way, isn’t it?

  • The protein is more readily absorbed

This makes it a great supplement for immediately before or after your workouts, when you really need that protein and BCAAs right away.

It’s not like those meat proteins that you slowly absorb in too many hours. They’re important too, but you can just get them from your regular protein-filled diet.

  • You get lots of BCAAs too

It’s important for your health and for your fitness goals to make sure you get lots of Dymatize BCAA, and this offers a substantial amount.

  • It doesn’t break any dietary restrictions

You’re into a low-carb or low fat diet?

This one doesn’t contain all that much carb or fat and that info is prominently displayed on the Dymatize nutrition Iso 100.

It doesn’t have gluten too.

You won’t have to worry about your lactose intolerance either.

Finally, it does contain some sodium, but it’s not much either. You can consult with your doctor if you’re worried.

  • Athletes won’t get punished

Lots of athletic leagues forbid the use of certain performance-enhancing compounds, and this doesn’t contain any of those.

In some cases, people may fail drug tests because their supplements have similar effects, but that won’t happen with the Iso 100 It’s been thoroughly vetted for banned substances, and you won’t fail any sort of drug test.

  • It doesn’t cause any sort of side effect

Just in case you forgot, banned substances are banned because they tend to result in rather horrific side effects.

But you don’t have to worry about any Dymatize Iso 100 side effects at all.

That’s been proven by the many thousands of people who have taken this supplement over the last few years.

  • You have plenty of flavors to choose from

It’s a good thing that this supplement isn’t all that expensive. That’s especially true when you get the Dymatize Iso 100 5lbs.

But your best bet is to get the smaller sizes first so you can try out the various flavors without spending too much money.

To get the best taste, you may want to really mix it properly with your water or milk. Try both to see which one tastes better. It may also be good with ice.

It does have a few issues for you to deal with, though. For one, it can be really bothersome trying out all those flavors to see which one will suit you best.

The BCAA content isn’t exactly consistent either, because some flavors contain 5.6 grams of BCAA instead of 5.7 grams.

But admittedly, we’re reaching—there’s really nothing wrong with this, and it gets just about everything right. Why else would it be so popular all these years?

Why do respected organizations keep giving it awards? It’s simple: it just works as well as Dymatize says it does.

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Do you want to get larger muscles without necessarily bulking up too much?

Do you wish to preserve the muscles you already have. Are you a woman who wants to be stronger without getting heavier?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to workout and then go on a protein-filled diet.

Then you want to drink Dymatize Iso 100 after every time you work out.

Other Products By Dymatize Nutrition

The Iso 100 is so great that the Dymatize brand needs to be commended. But as a consumer, you must be curious about what else this excellent brand has to offer.

Actually, it does have lots of other supplements that may catch your fancy, and they all tend to receive favorable Dymatize reviews:

<> Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein

When you don’t really care if it’s hydrolyzed or not, you can just get the 100% whey protein contained in the Dymatize Elite.

It’s still fast acting, and you can take it pre-workout so that the protein is good and ready by the time you’re done.

That’s 25 grams of protein ready to go. You also get 5.5 grams of BCAAs which includes 2.7 grams of leucine.

The typical Dymatize elite whey review mentions that it mixes quite well, and you won’t have to worry about clumping problems that are really off-putting when you’re trying to drink the stuff.

You also have 11 flavors to choose from. With the 5-pound tub offering 63 servings, it’s actually very affordable.

<> Dymatize Elite XT Extended Release Protein

Are you worried that you’re getting too much protein? Or perhaps you want muscle nourishment for an extended period of time.

You get bot with the Elite XT, since each serving offers 21 grams of protein.

If that’s not enough, you can always drink 2 servings a day as recommended anyway. In addition, you also receive 4.2 grams of BCAA.

What’s important to realize here is that with this you get different absorption rates for the protein you consume.

Some are fat to absorb, while for others it’s more of a medium rate.

The way it has been encapsulated also guarantees that you get an extended time release with a much slower absorption rate.

So even when your muscles are slowly recuperating why you sleep, you still have the available protein in your system for them to use. This will last for hours. (Get it here on Here)

While this is a rather old formula (as can be seen by the lower protein level), Dymatize still offers it. They’ve even improve the taste with a new taste formula.

<>  Dymatize Elite 100% Micellar Casein

Dymatize Elite 100% Micellar Casein
This Dymatize Elite Casein formula provides you with an ample 25 grams of protein.

You also get 5 grams of BCAAs, which include 2.3 grams of leucine. Since this Dymatize Casein contains lactose, it’s not good for you if you’re lactose-sensitive.

Since it’s a slow-release type of protein, it’s more for overnight muscle repair rather than for taking immediately after a workout.

It’s also been tested for banned substances, and it’s free of gluten too.

<>  Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

This won the 2017 award from Bodybuilding.com as the protein gainer of the year.

This is what you want to take if you’re feeling skinny and you want to bulk up. It offers a massive amount of protein at 52 grams per serving, plus a huge 11 grams of BCAAs.

In the bulking phase, you gain muscle and weight and then you try to cut on the excess body fat in the cutting phase.

This is right up the bulking phase alley, as you get an astonishing 1300 calories per serving. That’s like half a day’s worth of food!

It’s not for a low-carb diet, since you get about 242 to 253 grams of carbs for each serving.

This is not a replacement for food. Instead, it’s a real supplement so you add it to your diet. It’s simply another way to get the calories you need effectively and without spending too much money on food.

This elite mass gainer mixes well too, and tastes nice as well. You get 6 flavors to choose from, including rich chocolate and strawberry. It’s even gluten-free, if you care about those things.

<>  Dymatize 100% Pure Creatine

Creatine offers plenty of benefits, and that’s no joke.

It has got to be one of the most researched supplement compounds of all time, and its benefits have all been confirmed.

You do have to be careful about where you get your creatine, since you may not be getting real creatine from unknown sources.

That’s why you may as well get it from Dymatize, since you get pure 100% creatine with no fillers whatsoever.

Each serving gives you 5 grams of creatine, and it doesn’t contain gluten or any banned substances.

You can drink this as is, but that’s not the best way to consume it. It’s actually unflavored.

So you can add it to any smoothie you prepare and you’ll get the benefits without altering the taste of your favorite concoctions.

<>  Dymatize Elite Protein Bar

Dymatize Elite Protein BarWhen you like to train a lot, you may tend to get the munchies every now and then.

Why not snack on this Dymatize protein bar?

You get terrific flavors, along with 25 grams of protein and 4 grams of BCAAs.

You even get 5 grams of fiber too, so it’s a great source of daily fiber.

This helps lower your cholesterol level, controls your blood sugar levels, and assists in helping you achieve a healthy weight.

As you can see, you can pick the right variety of protein for your particular needs. You can get it in the amount and flavor you want, and with the rate of absorption you need.

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Final Words about Dymatize

This Dymatize Iso 100 review emphasizes the fact that we’re not saying anything new—lots of people have been raving about the Dymatize brand for years.

It’s popular and recognized for good reasons.

What you need to realize is that not all supplement makers are scammers. Some brands actually provide supplements that work properly and safely.

These include the vaunted Dymatize brand, which takes its responsibilities seriously.

They’re really serious about providing the amount of protein you want in a way that you can actually enjoy consuming.

The Iso 100 isn’t the only supplement in the Dymatize lineup that’s worthy of your attention. So if you’re too skinny, take the Mass Gainer.

If you wish to remain slender but get bigger muscles, you should go for the Dymatize Iso 100.

Take the other types if you don’t really work out all that often and you want the protein to be absorbed more gradually during the day.

With Dymatize, it’s all good. There are no side effects or high prices to worry about. There’s just the protein, in the way you want it.

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