Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review: Lose Body Weight, Lose belly Fat, Get Intense Energy, Mental Focus and Hard Core Muscled Body

Hydroxycut Hardcore EliteThe name Hydroxycut has become synonymous with weight loss supplements and fat burners, and one of their more popular products is the Hardcore Elite.

Part of the Hardcore series,  it is being trumpeted as a fat burner and is notable for being an energy enhancer as well.

But is the Elite as good as claimed?

We decided to find out the answer by doing a thorough review. We know how easy it is for a product to make all kinds of claims, so we examined all the major features, the pros, cons and what the Elite can and cannot do.

As a buyer you’ll want to know as much about a product as possible, and that’s what we did here.

What are the Benefits?

Hardcore Elite is not like your typical fat burner as it provides a lot of other health benefits that other fat burners cannot handle.

Here is a quick rundown of the top advantages that Hardcore Elite offers.

  • Weight Loss

Hardcore Elite speeds up weight loss and burning up of calories and fats.

You will get optimum results if you combine the Elite with exercise and a healthy diet.

As a weight loss supplement, Hardcore Elite is one of the most potent and fast acting we have seen.

Weight loss is understandably difficult, and the yo-yo effect produced by most diet programs is something you may be familiar with.

But that is not going to be a problem with the Elite since the effect is long term.

  • Increases Energy Levels

A common feature in Hydroxycut products is their energy enhancing element, and the Elite is no exception to the rule.

The specially selected ingredients optimizes your body’s buildup of energy so you don’t tire or feel weak even if you lose a lot of calories.

The energy boosting happens at the same time as you lose weight so you don’t fatigue.

The increase in energy is something you will appreciate if you’ve ever had to deal with fatigue.

If you have to do a lot of work then you’re going to need more energy to last through the day.

  • Improves Endurance and Recovery

Boost Energy and EnduranceOne of the reasons gym buffs like the Elite is it boosts your recovery and endurance.

Greater recovery means you’ll be able to recover faster.

This benefit is most obvious if you work out as you’ll get your second wind back faster.

The endurance boost is another benefit.

You’ll be able to do more sets and reps and do longer, harder workouts without tiring.

Because it promotes recovery and endurance it can be likened to a pre workout supplement.

  • Improves Concentration

This super fitness formula is not just about weight loss as it is also about boosting focus. The mental aspect is crucial for anyone who wants to lose weight.

You work out to lose pounds, but you need to focus and not just go through the motions.  By improving your focus it will be easier to do those workouts.

The improvement is concentration is not only applicable in workouts but other activities that you’ll be doing.

It’s hard to get anything done unless you’re focused, which is why this is one of the most important benefits of Hardcore Elite.

Because it already has this feature there is no need to buy other brain boosters. (Click here to Order directly from Muscle & Strength stores.)

  • Promotes Muscle Growth

The Elite burns calories and fats off your body, and that is crucial for stimulating muscle growth. Fat is a major hindrance to muscle growth and development.

By getting rid of fats, the muscles buried underneath become visible and leads to faster muscle toning.

Though it was designed as muscle building supplement, but as we have shown, fat burning is a crucial part of building muscles.

Plus the fact that it's well proven as powerful energy booster, and the more energy you have the more intense workouts you’ll be able to do.

  • Proven to Work

Hardcore Elite has the added benefit of being scientifically proven.

Unlike other weight loss pills that rely on pseudoscience, and 100%  backed by scientific evidence so you can be confident that it’s not going to cause any significant side effects.

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What are the Ingredients?

Like all Hydroxycut products, this also contains several select natural ingredients that stimulate weight loss and burning of fats.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: this is pure caffeine and used to boost energy levels. Caffeine anhydrous is also a fat burner and encourages your body to burn the fat in your body. The end result is you get extra energy while getting rid of unwanted fat.
  • L- Theanine: this is an amino acid that works very well for fat burning. This is possible because L Theanine works well with caffeine anhydrous to get rid of fat. L-Theanine works great as a standalone product, but it is even better when you combine it with caffeine.
  • Green Coffee Extract: green coffee extract is one of the best fat burners, providing quick results and increasing your energy levels. Green coffee extract doesn’t just add to your energy but also attacks fats and burns it.

Other ingredients are:

  • 100 mg Coleus extract
  • 100 mg cocoa extract
  • 3 mg Yohimbe

What these ingredients do is burn body fat at an accelerated rate.

It is also effective in removing belly fat, something that is very difficult to eliminate via exercise and diet alone. By taking Elite you will lose that belly fat and get in shape.

How Does it Work?

The ingredients in Hardcore Elite tells you a lot about what it is capable of.

The supplement in particular is designed for weight loss, it also increases the level of energy your body has.

The higher your energy level is, the more workouts you can do, the more fats you will burn.

The excellent results can be attributed to the superb mix. The special blends and ingredients increases the amount of fat burned in your body.

When this is added to the workouts and diet you are on, you’ll lose a significant amount of fat.

As Hardcore Elite boosts your energy you’ll be able to do more workouts, lift heavier weights and have more stamina.

The increased strength and endurance you feel means greater endurance. The effect lasts several hours so you will be able to take advantage of this throughout the day.

And as you perform more workouts, you’ll be able to burn more fats. As your body fat disappears, muscles become visible.

All the ingredients are thermogenic, which is needed to burn fats.

The thermogenic ingredients are also needed to give your body that energy boost.

In both cases, what the ingredients do is increase the heat level in your body. As your body’s internal body temperature goes up, you burn more calories.

As your body temperature goes up, your body looks for a way to cool off, i.e. working.

As your body works it burn a lot of calories and fat, allowing your body to get rid of unwanted excess pounds.

Your body is also forced to release the fats it has in reserve in its bid to cool down.

All the fat that is being released is used as fuel for your workouts and activities.

Another benefit of thermogenics is its ability to remove the fats in your belly, love handles and stomach.

This is why Hardcore Elite is able to burn all those calories and give you a slim body. Click here to Order directly from Approved stores.

Real Before After Weight Loss

Is Hardcore Elite for You?

Hardcore Elite is for you if you want to lose weight consistently and without suffering any side effects. It is also for those who want to get that extra energy boost.

The extra energy you get is crucial not only for the gym but for other occasions when you need a booster to get through the day.

This product is also for those who want to give their workouts a boost. As I explained above, it is not exactly a pre workout supplement as it is a fat burner.

But there’s no question the benefits are similar to a pre working supplement such as endurance and recovery. So if you want to get a workout boost then the Elite is worth checking out.

Hardcore Elite is not for those looking for an overnight solution to weight loss.

If you are hoping to lose weight immediately after taking this, you will be disappointed. This is also not for those who are looking to avoid exercise and a healthy diet.

NOTE: Any weight loss supplement that claims you’ll lose pounds without diet and exercise is lying. You need to go on a diet and exercise to burn fats and calories.

What Hardcore Elite does is it stimulates your body’s cells so they are used up. A lot of your fatty cells are in your belly, and that is how Hardcore Elite is able to get rid of them.

Hardcore Elite is for you if:

  • You want to lose stubborn fat and your diet has proven ineffective
  • You are not losing enough weight even with extensive workouts
  • You want to get more energy
  • You want to be more alert
  • You want a supplement that uses natural ingredients
  • You prefer a weight loss supplement from a reputable company
  • You don’t want a fat burner with serious side effects

This is for you if you want to get rid of stubborn fat. Anyone who’s worked out knows that it takes more than just crunches and push ups to get rid of the excess fat.

That is where Hardcore Elite produces significant impact since it targets those areas. If you have been hitting the gym and not getting the results you want, then it can help.

Desire to improve your gym performance? Then you use this to your advantage because many users profess it help them get optimum results for each workout and without side effects!

Bottom line: if you are willing to exercise regularly and go on a healthy diet, Hardcore Elite can be the ideal companion.

Are There any Side Effects? 

Hardcore Elite was formulated specifically to burn fat without causing any side effects. For the most part there aren’t any, but no product is perfect.

The most likely cause of side effects is the caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine you should start with a low dosage and increase the amount gradually. 

How is Hardcore Elite Taken?

You can take 2 to 4 capsules a day.

Hydroxycut Hardcore EliteStart with just a couple and check for any side effects.

If it you don’t feel any side effects and want to increase the dosage, it’s all right to do so.

Just make sure to take it only as directed to avoid problems and side effects. A lot of the issues that come up is due to improper dosage, so read the label. 


  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Burns body fat an accelerated rate
  • Safe ingredients
  • Boosts your energy level
  • Works great for weightlifting


  • Contains caffeine and may induce mild jitters
  • Not recommended for those with heart problems

Where to Buy Today?

Hardcore Elite is available in many online vendors, but for convenience we have to go with Muscle & Strength. Most people who go shopping online prefer Muscle and Strength because it offers a wide range of Hydroxycut products including Hardcore Elite.

M & S also provides prompt service, reliable delivery and reasonable prices.

The shipping policy is clear and they frequently offer coupons and discounts. So while you can order Hardcore Elite in a lot of websites,  Muscle and Strength is still the best.

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Hardcore Elite is one weight loss supplement that deserves its name. It is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements but is also one of the safest.

If you’re looking for a fat burner that eliminates fat without weakening you, then the Hardcore Elite is the one product you will want to try.

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