One Protein Bar Review: Why are these 12 healthy snack flavors so popular?

It’s easy enough to understand the appeal of a protein bar.

It’s easy to eat as you don’t have to prepare it, unlike protein drinks you have to mix that sometimes don’t mix well.

The clumps of powder can be a major turnoff.

It can remind you of the snacks you used to eat as a kid, so there are nice memories to go along with it.

The protein bar is easy to bring along, and you can much on one while you’re at work at your desk, or while you’re in the car.

But why pick ONE Protein Bar?

Why is it so darn popular?

Let’s find out:
One protein bar reviews


What Makes ONE Protein Bar Unique?

On the face of it, ONE Protein Bar seems like all the other protein bars out there. Yes, it does offer 20g of protein per bar.

Yes, it does have lots of different flavors, but so do other brands of protein bars.

But the great thing about ONE is the taste.

It’s consistently terrific.

Sure, we all have our favorites and each one of us will have different rankings of the flavors, but even the supposed “worst” of the bunch aren’t all that bad at all.

What’s really amazing is that the makers of ONE Protein Bar were able to make this treat so tasty while it only contains 1g of sugar.

Sugar is often the ingredient that makes a snack delicious, but it’s also an unhealthy ingredient especially in large amounts.

This time, they’ve somehow managed to create a truly tasty treat while it remains healthy for you.

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Exposing the Major Flavors

Of course, it matters a lot as to which flavor you try.

Your best bet is to just try all of them, as you’re not really risking anything at all.

You will then find some flavors merely “nice”, while others you will regard as utterly “fantastic”.

So here are the flavors that are available right now:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate cake?

The very idea of it harks back to fond childhood memories. And of course, when you were a child you must have at tried eating peanut butter out of a spoon.

Both these flavors are present in this single flavor, and it’s a yummy treat.

The combo works very well, and eating this seems like a guilty pleasure.

It’s hard to imagine how something that tastes so sinfully spectacular can also be so healthy—but it’s real and not imaginary.

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  • Peanut Butter Pie

The very idea of an actual pie made of peanut butter seems awfully decadent, but it actually works with this flavor.

You’ve got peanut butter and peanuts, along with peanut flour to make this Peanut Butter Pie.

The variety of individual tastes (it’s sweet, yet salty, and both roasty and nutty) all combine to one utterly smooth flavor going down.

Now this is a snack. It’s what a snack is supposed to taste when you’re not into healthy eating.

Thankfully, you get the ONE Protein Bar nutrient goodness even with the almost criminally delicious flavor.

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  • Almond Bliss

Almond Bliss
You know how some experts recommend that you just stick to almonds for your snack as you study or work on your desk?

This somewhat follows that idea, but then it leapfrogs the simplicity of just snacking on almonds by the fact that it’s entirely covered with chocolate.

Now how can this be healthy at all?

Well, almonds do offer protein along with other vitamins and minerals.

Chocolate also offers certain health benefits too.

Then there’s the coconut base, which tastes great in combo with the chocolate and almonds, and of course it also offers health benefits.

The whole thing tastes fantastic, never mind the health reasons for eating it—it’s just plain yummy.

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  • Maple Glazed Donut

Maple Glazed Donut
Sometimes you want to just ignore your diet and get a donut for the heck of it.

But who says you have to cut off the taste of donut just so you can stick to your healthy diet? Now with this, you get to have your donut and eat it too.

This donut flavor isn’t all that common among other protein bars, so you’ll have to get the ONE Protein Bar for your donut fix.

The maple glaze also tastes authentic, and the taste is balanced and even instead of being overly sweet.

With its hint of cinnamon, you can now eat “donuts” on a regular basis and somehow not feel guilty about it.

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  • Birthday Cake

Now ONE Protein Bar isn’t the only protein bar that offers this flavor. Or rather, it is the only protein bar that seems to offer this flavor.

That’s because the so-called “Birthday Cake” flavor of other brands don’t really taste like birthday cake at all.

This one somehow does, and it’s likely you can credit the use of confectioner’s glaze for getting the flavor right.

This even has colorful sprinkles that offer a respite from the soft chewiness of the protein bar.

It feels like every day you munch on these is actually your birthday.

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  • Salted Caramel

Caramel in itself can be a bit too sweet, though of course that’s not a universal opinion.

Still, it’s that hint of salt that makes this flavor truly shine, though of course the familiar ONE Protein Bar sweetness is present here as well.

The caramel sweetness isn’t too much, and it’s actually accurate in its portrayal of the caramel taste.

Of course, for lovers of the Caramel flavor the ONE Protein Bar is the winner almost entirely by default. That’s because very few of the other brands offer this particular flavor.

So just for not giving up on this flavor, ONE Protein Bar deserves a lot of praise.

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  • Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry Cobbler
With all the sinful confections posing as healthy flavors, we ought to have a fruit flavor that should appeal to hardcore health nuts.

The Blueberry flavor here is wonderfully complex, as it seems true to what a blue berry tastes like. It’s somewhat sweet, and also somewhat tart.

The cobbler designation is somewhat off, but then again there’s massive confusion as to what cobbler really ought to taste like.

Let’s just say that it has a creamy coating that doesn’t quite taste what a traditional cobbler ought to taste like.

Still this is delicious, and that’s a pretty general consensus among those who have tried it. Just don’t expect the taste of cinnamon or butter.

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  • Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll
If you are hankering for cinnamon, then you need to try this.

Of course, you may just want have had that idea of tasting cinnamon if you’ve been to the mall and you’ve caught a whiff of the cinnamon roll from Cinnabon.

It’s pretty much a very common reaction, but at least ONE Protein Bar offers a healthier alternative.

While the Cinnamon Roll from ONE Protein Bar isn’t exactly the only Cinnamon protein bar in the market today, it’s by far the best version among all the others.

The cinnamon flavor is of course present, but it’s not overwhelmingly so. There’s that unmistakable flavor of buttery dough, along with the balanced sweet taste of the vanilla glaze.

It’s a perfectly even combination of tastes, and that makes it so much better than the others.

If you’re often tempted by Cinnabon goodies, you better have stash of Cinnamon Roll ONE Protein Bars.

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  • Lemon Cake

This is an obvious choice if you like actual lemon cakes.

But if you don’t find lemon cake appealing, you still need to try this one from ONE Protein Bar.

It just plain rocks even for non-fans of lemon cake.

Here you get that nice tart lemony taste contrasting nicely with the subtle creamy vanilla, and it’s a taste that’s very hard to ignore.

It’s something that you’d more than just get used to—sometimes you just want to look for this flavor, again and again.

It still feels like an extravagant treat when a snack tastes this fantastic, yet the cool taste isn’t all that heavy at all. It feels just right.

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  • Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie
This one’s another seasonal flavor that only appears during the fall season, but then that’s the season for pumpkin pie.

Of course, with so many actual pumpkin pies served during the fall maybe ONE Protein Bar can be convinced to make this available in the off-season too, when pumpkins pies aren’t so ubiquitous.

This is considered by many as the best pumpkin pie flavor in the protein bar industry.

You’ve got sweet vanilla creaminess mixing rather well that filling cinnamon taste.

If you’re gonna watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin once more time, this is the snack you need.

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  • Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie
That Lemon Cake flavor we mentioned earlier has no hint of chocolate flavor at all.

This, however, lies at the opposite end of the chocolate spectrum.

It’s the “chocolatiest” of them all.

This doesn’t even have the faintest taste of protein bar.

Let a kid taste this and for the tot it’ll be just like any other milk chocolate bar.

If you want your health snack to taste like indulgent calorie-laden treats, then this is the flavor you really want.

It’s just so utterly chocolate in its taste that you don’t taste anything else inside it.

So if you’re a chocolate fan and you don’t want to be reminded that you’re munching on health food, this is it.

Eat this and consider yourself lucky it only has 1g of sugar.

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  • Chocolate Cookie Dough

Chocolate Cookie Dough
Now if you’d rather not indulge in pure chocolatey goodness, then this is a more balanced offering.

It nicely combines a sweet taste with a salty flavor, with neither overpowering the other.

At the base of this combo is a buttery foundation that’s quite unique and the texture is quite soft.

Now, if you’re jonesing for cookies you can go with the ONE Protein Bar version of chocolate cookie dough instead.

Cookies normally not sugar-free and not laden with protein, and don’t you forget it.

This, however, is something that the Cookie Monster will enjoy, and maybe he’ll get more lean muscle out of it.

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  • Cookies and Crème

Cookies and Crème
Well, at least they got 1 out of 2 just right.

They sure got the crème aspect as the creamy smoothness of the “crème” part really does suggest the taste of heavy crème.

But as for the cookie aspect, there’s vanilla.

There’s also supposed to be cocoa powder as part of the mix, but this taste is somewhat ghostly (if not outright absent).

There are chocolate bits inside the bar, but these bits don’t seem to affect the taste of the bar all that much.

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  • Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate Birthday Cake
We’ve already covered the “plain” Birthday Cake flavor, which is absolutely not plain at all.

This is a more extreme version of it with all of its chocolate aspects.

You have more sprinkles, more confectioners’ glaze, and a truly luscious cocoa taste.

Maybe ONE Protein Bar stopped making this because it uses up too much chocolate, but you wouldn’t have complained.

This is the flavor that many wish ONE Protein Bar will bring back—although to be fair, all these discontinued flavors would be welcomed back.

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Where to Order Them Today and With Discounts?

The best place to order any ONE Protein Bar is online.

But not just any website online, as scammers can just start their own websites and claim to sell protein bars on their site.

You don’t know what you’re getting from them, or if you’re getting anything at all for your money.

Instead, you have to stick to the safe and reliable retail store platforms online.

These include GNC and Walmart, which often have great selections. Even the Costco site may be an option as well.

But probably your best option is to just head on out to the popular site.

This massive site offers just about every available flavor, and you can be sure that you’ll get the official ONE Protein Bar snacks you’ve ordered.

It’s a very secure site, and you have plenty of reviews to guide your purchasing decisions.

What’s more, the prices are more than reasonable.

Often, the sellers can also offer a discount that makes the prices here lower than anywhere else. This is your best purchasing option, so you may as well take it.


For many of us, supplementary protein can really help with achieving our fitness goals.

The supplement can provide the protein that’s missing in a vegetarian diet, or it can help you build bigger muscles.

Or you can just treat it as a tasty snack that’s a lot healthier that your usual junk food.

With the flavors available with ONE Protein Bar, you certainly won’t lack for flavor options.

Try every flavor, and then pick the ones you like—it’s a great snack for your health and just for fun as well.

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