Should I Buy Qualia Brain Supplement from Amazon or from Official Site?

If you’re in the US, your best bet is to buy Qualia from the official sites instead of other online retails hops like Amazon. Find out why

Qualia MindQualia is among the more popular and highly regarded brain boosters in the supplement market today, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s safe, affordable, and extremely effective. Go online and you’ll find that you can buy it from the official Neurohacker website as well as on other retail sites such as Amazon.

Of course, your first instinct may be to check out all these seller sites and to buy from the one that offers the lowest price.

But that may not actually be the wisest choice. When you take all the pertinent factors together, you’ll come to the conclusion that perhaps you should just buy from the official site instead.

Here are some reasons why:

  • You’re assured of getting the real thing

This is perhaps the most crucial benefit of getting Qualia from the official Neurohacker website. By ordering from the approved store, you’re guaranteed to get the real product. You don’t risk the chance of getting a fake.

The real Qualia supplement has been assiduously tested so that it’s known to be safe and effective. But if you order from another site, you may get a fake instead.

Scammers may just take real Qualia bottles and put in placebos that don’t do anything for you. That’s not the worst possibility, however.

You may get tainted or contaminated samples instead, so you may end up consuming toxic compounds that can put you in the hospital.

The main problem with other retail stores is that the sellers aren’t approved by the manufacturers. So they could be anyone, and they can be selling other things instead of actual Qualia.

Qualia is guaranteed vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, but the seller bay be substituting other brain boosters without these features.

For this reason alone, you really should ignore other reseller websites and just order from the official Neurohacker site. Any other option puts your health at risk.

  • The official site is secure

When you reach the official site, you’ll notice that on the browser bar there’s a grin lock icon that denotes a secure website.

This means that your information, such as your credit card info and your passwords for your account are all secure. That may not be true for other reseller sites, and you may have given scammers your credit card information.

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  • The price is fair

A single order of Qualia is good for a month, and it costs $149. But if you subscribe to a monthly program (and you should), then only pay $129 per order.

Now consider why other vendors may be selling Qualia on their own. They may want a quick profit, and that means they may offer it at a higher price.

If they do offer a lower price, then how do they profit? The most likely reason is that they’re making money by not sending you the real Qualia supplement in the first place!

  • You may enjoy discounts

Neurohacker tends to offer coupons on a regular basis. As of this writing, there’s a “back to school” coupon offer that shaves off another $10 from your first subscription.

You can then just follow the directions on how to apply the coupon to your purchase. Even if you’re already enjoying a current subscription to Qualia, you can apply a new coupon anytime to your subscription.

Only one coupon at a time can be used, so you can pick and choose the coupon that offers you the greatest savings.

  • There’s a wholesale program too

For the details, you will have to contact Neurohacker so you can get more details regarding the wholesale program. Obviously, wholesale prices will be lower.

  • The delivery is prompt

All qualia packages are shipped USPS, and standard shipping requires only 3 to 5 business days. You can pay extra for priority shipping and this is shortened to just 2 to 4 business days.

The expedited shipping option is the fastest, and it’ll get you your order within 1 or 2 business days.

However, if you’re not in a real hurry then you should just pick the standard shipping option. You may find that this supposedly “slow” option can have your Qualia at your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours!

  • You can track your order

You’ll get an email confirmation with your tracking code once the order ships. If you don’t see this email in your inbox, then you should check your Spam folder.

As a buyer, you also have an account with the Neurohacker site. You can just log on into this account and from there you can see your tracking information.

  • Qualia comes with a firm refund policy

This policy guarantees that if you don’t feel 100% complete satisfied within 100 days, you can get a complete 100% refund of your money.

There’s no hassle whatsoever, and no extra hoops to go through. Just send them a note through email, or call them up over the phone to let them know.

With resellers on Amazon, you still have to go through Amazon to get the refund. You have to submit a “request a refund” ticket through Amazon first, and that can slow down the procedure.

  • Canceling the program isn’t a problem either

The supplement industry is replete with horror stories about autoship programs that automatically ships items to the consumers month after month, whether they want it or not.

Often they’re tricked into these programs, and it can be a really excruciatingly difficult process to get out of the program.

That’s not going to happen with you when you buy from the official site. From the start, you’re given clear options as to whether you want a single order or a monthly subscription.

If you go the monthly route, you specify the number of orders you get per month.

If you do cancel your subscription, all you need to do is to log in to your Neurohacker account. There you will find the “Cancel” button on the right hand side.

Just click the button and you’re out. You can also send an email to Neurohacker if you encounter some issues or if you have some questions.

  • You can also manage your account

Aside from canceling easily, your homepage account view lets you edit and change your subscription preferences.

So if you’re ordering for 5 people in your household and you want to increase and decrease the number, you can just change the number of orders you get per month. You can also change the frequency of the shipping.

You can also click on the tab for billing information. This will update your payment info, should you wish to use another credit card to make your payments.

Perhaps the most common reason to order from another site such as is because the official Neurohacker site doesn’t deliver outside the US.

That may change soon, and you can fill out an international shipping form so you can get notified once Neurohacker starts to deliver to your country.

But if you’re in the US, just do yourself a favor and order from the official Neurohacker Qualia site. It’s simply the smartest choice you can make!

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