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Used Gym Equipment Guide: Expert Reveals Secrets to Get Solid Used Exercise Equipment and Secondhand Fitness Gears Affordably!

Purchasing used gym equipment is great for you heath-wise, fitness-wise, and cash-wise.

It helps you stay healthy.

It helps you stay fit and sexy.

And it will not leave you badly off financially. The main advantage of buying used gym equipment is that it saves you money.

This is because fitness equipment are typically very expensive when bought new.

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However, when buying them used, seller normally have them at a significant discount.

Used weight equipment, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and treadmills are normally sold at only a fraction of their original brand new price.

So if you are in the process of setting up your home gym, (or, even commercial gym) you can even save thousands by getting used fitness equipment.

However, not all fitness equipment are worth buying second-hand.

This post is a used fitness equipment buying guide to help you make wise decisions when buying used gym equipment.

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Used Gym Equipment

Yes, there are cogent reasons why used exercise equipment for sale are gaining popularity worldwide. We believe you already have your own reason, here are few more reasons to consider, below:

  1. The quality can be good

People often do not want to consider used or second hand fitness equipments because they think the quality is bad.

However, not all used machines and accessories are bad.

In fact, if you search carefully, you can find near-brand new gym equipment at throwaway prices.

So the key to finding good quality products is searching carefully.

And I will give you key pointers to consider later in this guide to help you with this.

  1. The price is often very LOW

This is pretty obvious.

Used gym equipment are cheaper than new versions.

If they were not people would not really go for them, would they?

They could simply buy new.

If you do a thorough search offline and online, you can find extremely solid, and affordable gym equipment.

Some secondhand fitness equipment are sold at 80% cheaper than the normal retail price.

This could mean hundreds or even a thousand dollars in savings.

Money that you could use to buy supplements or other gym equipment.

And despite being cheap, quite a number of them are usually still in pretty good shape.

So they may be cheap in price but their quality is anything other than cheap.

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  1. Buying used saves the environment

Saving the environment is a good thing to do, isn’t it?

And you’ve got no better way to do it as a fitness enthusiast than to buy machines/ equipment that have already been made.

When you buy secondhand, in your own little way you will be ensuring that less fossil fuels are burnt and less earth resources are exploited to produce new gym equipment.

You will be promoting sustainability in your own way!

  1. Buying used exercise equipment removes the need to go to a commercial gym

Gyms can make you sick both literally and figuratively.

Figuratively you can get tired of seeing some people or some behaviors at your local gym.

Literally, you can get sick from being in close contact with so many people at the gym.

Gyms also cost a lot of money in gym membership fees and in daily or monthly fees.

You also cannot go to a gym and workout anytime you want.

However, by buying used gym equipment, you can build yourself a nice little home gym and avoid all the above mentioned issues you will have to deal with when training at a commercial gym.

In other words, buying used equipment can help you avoid the need to go to a commercial gym unless you really want to.

  1. Buying used equipment can help you to set up your own gym

You want to set up a gym for your bros? It will probably be too expensive to buy everything new at the first instance.

However, by buying used training equipment, you can get enough stuff to start a decent gym and to build from there.

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  1. You get value for money

Most sellers of secondhand items, would not consider selling the items in the first place if they had lost all their value.

It would be too much hassle as not many people would be interested in buying.

So you can expect to get value for money by buying used gym equipment.

Through carefully evaluating the equipment you buy, you can collect several durable and high-quality equipment in good condition.

They will definitely give you value for money.

Second hand Exercise Equipment

Used Gym Equipment – 9 Points Buying Guide

  1. Always test before you buy

This is the number one tip to finding the best equipment.

Do not trust how any item looks when buying secondhand.

So always inspect the functionality of equipment before you buy.

So if it is a treadmill, an exercise bike, or a cable machine, always sit down on it and try it for a couple of minutes to check if it works and if it is in good condition.

If it works but not in good condition, you can negotiate the price downwards and go and get someone to repair it. If it works and it is in very good condition, good for you.

If it does not work, then testing/ trying it will have saved you hundreds of dollars.

  1. Go for quality brands

Even though you are buying secondhand gym equipment, you should still go for renowned brands.

The brands maybe secondhand but that should not diminish the value and quality you could have associated with them if they were new.

Quality brands are quality brands.

So always be on the lookout for brand names and buy those instead of non-brand equipment.

  1. Avoid items that are excessively worn out

Before purchasing any used fitness equipment, inspect it for excessive wear.

Check it for any major defects, damage, rust, cracks, and wear.

If there is extensive damage or wear, do not buy as the machine or equipment will have no use for you.

However, if the damage is minor, check if it can be fixed and determine if the cost of fixing it plus the cost of buying the equipment is worth it.

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  1. Inspect the safety features

Do not agree to compromise on safety features.

The reason why is that they are a must. You are most likely buying gym equipment to become fit and healthy.

You won’t be fit and healthy for long if you buy unsafe secondhand equipment.

This means you have to check if emergency shutdown buttons work on treadmills, if dumbbells have safety locks, if there are any exposed wires on electronic equipment, if cable workout machines have got the necessary safety features, and so on.

  1. Ask yourself if you are comfortable using the equipment

Your neighbor may be selling a cheap but fancy exercise bike in his latest garage sale or you may have seen a great stepping machine on Craigslist going for peanuts.

The above may seem like great opportunities to save money but you may end up with buyer’s regret.

This is because you may end up not using the equipment because you are just not used to training with such equipment.

So always ask yourself, if you really need that equipment you want to buy before fishing out your wallet to pay for used equipment.

  1. Check reviews

Don’t buy just any equipment, check reviews of the same online.

You should be able to find out honest opinions about the performance of the equipment you want to buy. Moreover, don’t just search for reviews about the equipment, Google the person you want to buy from.

Are they a reliable seller? Are they known for selling fake brand equipment?

A simple Google search could settle these fears or reveal a better seller.

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  1. Only buy at the right price

Don’t just assume that because an equipment is cheap just because it is secondhand.

The seller could be playing tricks on you.

So before you buy that equipment at $200, you may renown marketplace like Amazon (or similar stores) to find out if its actual price and never buy at more than 60% of the retail price if it has been used for more than a year.

Also, when buying secondhand equipment, factor in other costs such as delivery charges, and repair charges if the item needs repair.

These costs could make the machine more expensive than necessary.

In short, only be ready to buy equipment at the right price.

  1. Check if you have enough space

Always find out if you have enough space for what you want to buy.

Otherwise, you could get the treadmill you have been eyeing online and may end up not being able to use it like you want to.

  1. Consider your fitness goals

What is it that you really want to gain? Do you want to become slimmer, to bulk up, or to run faster?

When you identify your fitness goals, consider if the equipment you want to buy can make you achieve your goals and get to your dreams?

So don’t just buy.

Research and buy what is right instead of just buying equipment because it is cheap and it is online.

Otherwise, you may end up losing money because what you buy may not help you achieve your goals.

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How to Make Sure You Are Buying the Right Equipment

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that the used equipment you are buying is good enough.

  • Is this useful?
  • Am I comfortable using this machine?
  • Can I trust this advertisement and the seller behind it?
  • Is the equipment okay for my height and size?
  • Is this the best price for this machine?
  • Will this equipment last for long?

If you answer yes to all these questions, you will have made sure that the used equipment you are buying is good enough.

Where to Buy Used Gym Equipment?

There are many places to look for used equipment for sale. You can find secondhand gym equipment both online and offline.

Online, you can search for used equipment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, eBay, Recycler, and other sites and platforms.

Did you know that you can also buy used or manufactured gym equipment on Amazon and other major online retailers?

Now you know.

Amazon is one of the best places you can buy secondhand gym equipment because the site has protections for buyers.

The site also has several sellers and makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

You are kind of guaranteed of finding what you need there and at the best price. Check this page for few options!

You can check your local fitness store for used gym equipment.

You can also visit the biggest gym in your area and ask if they are selling any used equipment.

Also visit garage sales to try and find used equipment.

Equipment bought at garage sales are usually some of the cheapest.

So always be on the lookout for garage sales.

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Some of the Best Brands to Look Out for When Buying Used Exercises Equipment

Marcy, Precor, Life Fitness, Star Trac, BodySolid, Nautilus, TRX, Iron Company, Legend Fitness, and StairMaster are some of the best used exercise equipment brands that money can buy.

The above workout equipment names are also some of the best you should keep in mind.

  • Marcy

Is a California based fitness equipment manufacturer.

Its secondhand fitness equipment are best known for their quality.

The Marcy Smith Machine SM-4008 deserves a special mention for its quality.

  • Precor

Based in Washington State.

It is a best known for its cardio and indoor cycling equipment.

Its Experience™ Series treadmills are some of the best in the world.

  • Life Fitness

Has been making some of the most innovative and creative commercial gym equipment.

Some of the company’s most popular brands include Hammer Strength, Cybex, and Indoor Cycling.

Its elliptical machines are particularly good.

  • Star Trac

Also a good brand when looking for secondhand fitness equipment. They make very good treadmills and trail hikers.

  • Body-Solid

equipment are the ones you go for when looking for free weights, gym systems, smith machines, and accessories.

The Iron Company is also a good brand to check for these kinds of equipment.

  • StairMaster

They have been making cardio machines since the eighties.

You will love how effective their machines are.

Most of their machines also usually have long warranties. So don’t be afraid to look for them when looking for used home fitness equipment.

  • Legend Fitness

They are known for its quality gear.

In fact, even the US special forces outfits some of its training facilities with Legend Fitness equipment.

So seek them out when shopping for used fitness gear.

Used Fitness Gear Online

Differences Between Commercial Vs Professional Vs Home Fitness Equipment

The main difference between commercial gym equipment and home fitness equipment is usage.

Commercial gym equipment are meant for heavy use, while home gym equipment cannot really handle heavy use.

Now the difference between professional gym equipment and the other two is that professional gym equipment are meant for athletes.

They require higher levels of fitness to use properly and adequately.

How to Take Care ff Used Gym and Exercises Equipment

When you buy used gym equipment, you have to take care of it first before using it.

If you can, pay someone to service the equipment for you.

If you can’t pay someone, do it yourself.

The first step is to thoroughly clean up the equipment.

Wash it with plenty of water, soap, and a disinfectant when you receive it.

This will kill bacteria and germs and eliminate any chances of you getting any infections from it.

After cleaning it up, wax it when dry to get it looking great.

When your equipment is looking nice and clean, follow the step below.

Grease the parts that need to be greased.

This will ensure smooth movement of the moving parts.

Lastly, tighten bolts and screws, and other parts that need to be tightened and make sure all the safety features and locks are in working order.

Ensuring that your used equipment is clean and in working order will prolong its life.


You can always get good equipment after a thorough search.

So always search carefully and use our buying guide to ensure what you are buying is okay.

If you feel some sort of way about a seller, don’t even think twice just move on.

Otherwise, you can save good money, save the environment, and start working out at home by buying used gym equipment, so don’t hesitate.

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