The Smart Buyer’s Guide: 13 Truths about Smart Pill

Qualia Brain SupplementsIn the 2011 thriller film, “Limitless”, a stressed-out writer is offered an almost magical drug called NZT-48, that unlocks 100% of his brain potential.

He learns to play the piano in three days, finishes a novel in four days, and goes on to take the financial world by storm.

It was a good movie, not a brilliant one, and it certainly didn’t clear out the award season.

But that is not what viewers took away from the movie.

People left the cinema with one burning question: how could they get their hands on NZT-48?

Of course, a drug like this does not exist, but wouldn’t it be great if it did?

Can you imagine the limitless potential that comes from unleashing the full power of your brain? That would be incredible. Our lives are getting increasingly more busy and stressful, and we could all do with a little help.

Are smart pills the answer? Can they unlock the full potential of your brain?

Lately, the answer has been a resounding- YES!

You’re here because you want to try them out for yourself. But before you do, here are thirteen truths you need to know to help you find your ideal ‘Limitless’ smart pill.

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Truth 1: Smart Drugs Defined

Smart drugs are also known as nootropics, and are primarily described as a supplement or drug that enhances cognitive function.

They are designed to improve the brain’s ability to focus, concentrate, motivation levels, memory recall and cognitive function.

It also improves memory, creativity and motivation in healthy individuals.

There are three categories of nootropics, namely: Racetams and Noopepts, Choline supplements and natural nootropic supplements.

Racetams is the most popular category, and is mostly used by students who are suffering from overwhelming exam-time pressure.

Truth 2: Dosages are Very Important

When you have chosen your preferred smart drug, you will need to figure out the right dosage.

Since nootropics react differently to each individual’s genetic make-up, some experimentation will be required in the beginning.

Start with the lowest recommended dosage, and slowly up the dosage in milligram increments.

Most people find that buying the smart drug in powder form is more cost effective than buying capsules, and if you agree with this, you will need to buy yourself a milligram scale.

Not only will this give you more control, but it will allow you to determine your dosage more accurately.

Once you start feeling more focused and receiving more benefits, you know that you have found your ideal dosage.

Once you begin to feel any form of side effects, you know that your dosage is too high.

Truth 3: They Have Been Around for Much Longer than You Realise

Historians and scientists have traced the first use of nootropics to about 300BC and 400BC.

Bowls and other paraphernalia from this time indicates that man has been using plants and natural substances to unlock their minds for thousands of years.

In fact, they are so commonly used, that if you look in your food cabinets, you might find common forms of nootropics such as Omega 3 and 6, fish oil capsules and Gingko Biloba.

If so, then you have been using nootropics for years without even realizing it!

Truth 4: Headaches are Common but Can Be Avoided

Headaches are a common side effect when taking racetams and noopepts, although less in noopepts.

Noopepts aim to influence Glutamate, which doesn’t cause headaches.

Racetams, however, influence the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, therefore using more Choline may be the cause of your headaches.

Using a low dosage of Choline with your racetams should clear your headaches up.

If your diet consists of enough sources of choline, you won’t get headaches.

You should incorporate more fish, shellfish, spinach, beets, eggs, wheat, poultry and eggs into your diet.

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Truth 5: You Need to Consult Your Doctor or Pharmacist

Nootropics are a wonderful way of staying on top of everything that you need to and keeping track of things in a fast-paced world.

They are the boost that you need, and creating your own personalized stack could open a whole new world for you. But they can be dangerous.

You need to consult your doctor about any supplements and nootropics you use, because they might react negatively with the type of medication you use, or worsen a mild condition.

Since we are only beginning to explore this vast world, we need to be careful about our navigation.

We all want to be intrepid explorers, but we all want to stay healthy too.

Granted, nootropics have been around since the early ages, but early man did not have to deal with nearly as much as modern man.

We have more health risks, and our bodies don’t need to be antagonized any further.

Studies are being conducted to see whether nootropics worsen existing conditions and whether people with mild brain conditions should be using them.

So far, the results have been inconclusive, leading many major nations to restrict the use of smart drugs without a prescription.

We may not understand the caution at first, but consulting with someone who knows our condition may be extremely beneficial.

Truth 6: Not All Nootropics are Equal

Not all nootropics are the same, so an intelligence pill that works well for your friend, might not work as well for you.

This is simply because our bodies are all different, and nootropics react differently to individual situations.

That is why it is necessary to implement some slight experimentation.

Ask yourself what you want your smart drugs to achieve, do a little research, and create your own personalized stack.

You can mix it up and change as your needs change, to receive the full benefits of your best smart pill.

But what if, like with NZT-48 in “Limitless”, you build up a bit of a tolerance over time, or become “dumb” if you stop using your stack?

With most nootropics, this is extremely unlikely. In fact, some racetams become stronger the more you use them.

You are also unlikely to build up a tolerance or addiction, since these are natural products that you use anyway. If you are still hesitant, you could work out a “cycling off” routine.

This means that you use your stack for a few weeks, then stop for a short period of time, only to resume it again after the designated period is over.

Many people find that this works for them, and it certainly does have some benefits with some types of nootropics.

One important thing to remember is that you should never change your dosage once you have figured out your ideal limit.

Using less will not produce the same benefits, and using more will expose you to side effects.

Truth 7: You Need to Check Your Source

You need to buy your smart drugs from a reputable source.

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on placebos, or something that could negatively impact your health.

Research the company thoroughly, check what type of quality testing they use, and see whether their quality assurance certificate is readily available on their website.

While most companies are reputable, there are some shameless individuals out there who would love to take advantage of you.

Once you have found a few good companies however, you will probably never have to buy your smart drugs anywhere else, ever again.

Truth 8: Ingredients Matter

Since there are a lot of different nootropics out there, it can be difficult to find one that will work for you.

Instead of going through all the different types of nootropics, we are going to look at a few of the best ingredients that are used in the most effective types of nootropics.

Looking for these ingredients will narrow down your search and help you to determine which smart drug you should use.

  • Huperzine-A

This ingredient enhances a person’s learning and memory ability, and is thus used to treat patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Manufacturers will combine this ingredient with others for the best possible effect.

  • Phosphatidyl Serine

A main ingredient in several supplements, this ingredient’s role is to help the brain maintain open communication with cells and to perform many other critical functions.

Studies have shown that it is incredibly effective at treating different diseases such as memory loss, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD.

  • Gingko Biloba

An antioxidant that increases blood flow to the brain, Gingko Biloba is an extract from the leaves of the Gingko Biloba plant.

It also improves cognitive function and memory.

The ingredient is best used with other ingredients and is used to treat Depression, anxiety, ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Vinpocetine

This ingredient is known for its ability to increase blood flow to the brain and oxygen levels.

It is also used to sharpen focus, memory and cognitive functions.

Many studies have also proven its ability to cure Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

  • Omega 3

Found to contain various fish and plant acids, this ingredient is a juggernaut in the world of health drugs.

It is known to lower cholesterol 1, fight wrinkles, clear blemishes, prevent heart disease, decrease high blood pressure, improve memory and treat various conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder.

These are by no means the only nootropic ingredients, but they have been proven to be the best.

Knowing what you want your nootropic to achieve, and which ingredients will help with that, will narrow down your search.

It will also increase the likelihood of finding a focus products that works with minimal experimentation.

Truth 9: They Make You Feel Good

Nootropics boost your “happy” neurotransmitters, this leads to you feeling happier, and less stressed. You’ll go to bed with a smile almost every day!

Truth 10: The Placebo Effect is Common

Unfortunately, unlike Eddie Morra, the protagonist in “Limitless”, a nootropic won’t give you superpowers. It will enhance cognitive function, but not to that degree.

Surprisingly though, some people have managed to achieve incredible things while taking nootropics, thanks to this glorified pop culture misconception.

Truth 11: They Are Common Among the Successful and Ambitious

Smart drugs are becoming increasingly more common in the work place, top schools and the upper echelons of the successful entrepreneurial world.

The Daily Telegraph describes them as being as common as coffee, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Truth 12: Some Are Better and Cheaper Than Coffee

Coffee is a workplace staple. Most people can barely function, if at all, without their daily cup of java.

This is because coffee isn’t just glorious, it also helps you to focus, and wakes you up in the morning, allowing you to get to work on time.

But look at the facts, you probably spend way more than you should on coffee, and the more accustomed you become, the more you must buy to get the desired results.

Not only that, but many people become enslaved to coffee and form some serious caffeine addictions.

Contrast that to the benefits of using some of the best nootropics, and you notice a stark difference.

So, instead of cutting coffee off, which might be impossible for some of you, try starting your day with a cup of coffee and nootropics, and not buying more coffee throughout the day.

We promise you won’t crash. In fact, you will be better off!

Truth 13: They Are Legal

Most nootropics can be bought over the counter in most countries, and the FDA has approved a large majority of commercial nootropics.

You will have to check the restrictions in your country, as some countries, like Canada, prohibit the use of nootropics without a prescription.

Otherwise, if your doctor thinks it is a good idea, you should be able to get nootropics online or at pharmacies.


In “Limitless”, Eddie Morra becomes a millionaire almost overnight thanks to NZT-48.

While this might one day be a reality, for now we have an abundance of nootropics to give us a boost. Which is actually not all that far from the effects of NZT-48.



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