Qualia Review: Does Neurohacker Collective Supplement Truly Improve Cognitive, Focus & Emotional Balance and Wellbeing?

Qualia Mind

Qualia is an energy-boosting supplement that gives you that essential boost of energy soon after you take it. We all know the pain of being too tired, lacking clarity or just feeling overwhelmed.

We have all been there, and most of us accept it as a sad fact of life. But, it doesn’t have to be. Qualia aims to reduce the brain fog that clouds our potential Discover the science and formulation on neurohacker collective site here.

It aims to boost your clarity and help you to focus so that you can get through your day at optimal performance. Sounds amazing, right? It does. But we are left with one burning question: Does it work?

Is it legal?

In a word—yes. People tend to associate nootropics with smart drugs. Smart drugs are prescribed to people, and are illegal when taken without a doctor’s prescription.

Nootropics aren’t smart drugs, they are dietary supplements that aim to enhance the brain’s functions. Qualia is a nootropic made by the renowned Neurohacker collective that does incredible work with the human body.

In this review, we will be taking an in-depth view of Qualia. We will be answering questions such as what is Qualia made from and what are the side effects?

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What is it?

Qualia is an energy-boosting supplement. Plain and simple. The idea behind the product is to give you a boost of energy as soon as you need it the most.

It has been described as that first 45 minutes after a cup of coffee, except it lasts much longer. Besides that, Qualia also aims to enhance your brain potential. Qualia aims to:

  • End procrastination

Supposedly, the nootropic enhances your productivity and motivates you to do tasks that you usually put off.

This would be a wonder if it works for you, since most of us could use less procrastination in our lives. Imagine all that you would be able to do!

  • Empower your brain

We all face stressful situations in our day-to-day lives. How we deal with these situations usually depends on our response.

When your brain is in “flow” (after taking Qualia) you will feel more empowered to take on these difficult situations and deal with them in a graceful manner.

  • Vivid dreams

When you have your sleep pattern figured out, you will dream more vividly and deeply.

Although dreams aren’t fully understood yet, it has been widely theorised that dreaming is connected to memory consolidation and psychological processing of events.

  • Reduced internal drama

We tend to overthink things and create our own little dramas in our heads. When in flow, your brain feels less overwhelmed and doesn’t think up perceived dramas, leading to a less stressed and negative outlook.

  • Increase epiphany

We all have those wonderful and elusive “Aha!” moments, and in fact, we could all do with a few more of them. Qualia wants that for you, and stimulates your brain for more strokes of your own brand of genius.

Qualia Night

  • Evolved perspective and critical thinking

Fuzzy beliefs are only half thought through. They need to be analysed by the critical part of the brain to become solid beliefs. Qualia is supposed to help with that.

Obviously, it would be wonderful if we could really get these benefits, our lives would be changed forever! But, this is a maybe.

It might not work for you, and you might waste your money. Although Qualia has a lot going for it, it doesn’t have any trial periods or free samples.

This means that when you buy the product, you are in for the long haul. If it doesn’t work for you, then there is no going back.

It would be nice if Neurohacker could consider this and consider giving their client base a test run instead of asking them to make a leap of faith. Then again, if the nootropic works as it is supposed to, then a trial run could lead to increased sales.

What is in Qualia?

Step 1: (Please note that most of the step 1 ingredients have high levels of caffeine)

  • 500mg artichoke leaf extract— Artichoke leaf extract is a well-known nootropic that is most effective at improving various parts of the memory. It especially helps with overall memory recall. It is good for the liver and is most effective when used with Forskolin nootropic. When combined, the two ingredients can help improve your general memory and focus.
  • 10mg Coleus Forskohlii (20% Forskolin)—This ingredient is known for helping you formulate memories, improve your overall memory and help to retain new information. This is especially useful for students who need to retain a lot of new information.
  • 300mg Rhodiola Rosea—A natural nootropic and adaptogen that has been proven to improve mental performance, especially concentration and focus. It also reduces stress and boosts your overall mood.
  • 300mg DL-Phenylalanine—The body is unable to produce this essential amino acid on its own, and must therefore be ingested. It is critical in the creation of protein, and must be supplemented. Although it is essential to the normal functioning of the central nervous system, it has been known to reduce depression, and in some cases even pain.
  • 250mg Centrophenoxine—One of the best-known choline supplements, it improves memory, enhances cognitive functioning, reduces cognitive decline and improves your mood, focus and motivation.
  • 250mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT)—Can enhance focus, boost overall motivation and enhance cognitive functioning, especially when under stress.
  • 209mg Pure Energy (Pterostilbene bound to caffeine)—This compound binds caffeine to a powerful antioxidant called Pterostilbene, which slows down the absorption of caffeine and extends its half-life.
  • 200mg L-Theanine—This is essential to the nootropic stack since it takes away the jitters that caffeine gives you and prevents the crash. It also improves the focus you get from the caffeine.
  • 30mg Noopept—Helps with memory recall and retention. It also helps you to focus and concentrate. It works well with other nootropics and helps to increase the power of your stack.
  • 20mg DHEA—This is a commonly used nootropic and is often stacked with other nootropic.
  • 10mg BioPQQ—A molecule that has a powerful antioxidant and neuroprotective effect on the brain. It helps to form mitochondria and is best known for improving sleep and reducing stress.

Order QualiaStep 2 (Herbal Ingredients):

First off, we have our basic essential neuro-vitamins. These include vitamins B5, B6, D3 and C. These will work well with the other ingredients and will provide various health benefits as well.

  • 300mg Bacopa Monnieri (45% Bacosides)—This is one of the most common nootropics and is one of the world’s best natural nootropics. It has been known to boost memory, cognitive functioning and enhance the brain’s health. It has also been known to boost concentration and focus as well.
  • 100mg Cognizin (Citicoline)—A necessary addition to any nootropic, as it helps everything in the Step 2 stack to work well with each other. It has important neuroprotective qualities and helps to prevent overall cognitive decline. It also helps to enhance learning, memory and attention span.
  • 50mg Ginkgo biloba leaf extract—Ginkgo is a natural adaptogen that has been used for centuries. It boosts attention, delays the brain’s aging process and is well-known for improving short-term memory.
  • 20mg Hordenine HCL—This element can be found in barley grass, and is not commonly found in nootropic stacks. The compound makes PEA (Phenylethylamine) stronger. PEA is a chemical that is naturally found in the body. It is known to improve your mood and cognitive enhancement. It also works together with other nootropics and increases their power.
  • 50mg Huperzine A—This is one of the best natural nootropics, and has even been used to combat Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be used to help learning deficiencies and memory loss. It can help improve mental clarity, boost concentration and helps you process data more efficiently.
  • Mucuna Pruriens (98% L-Dopa)—This compound is actually natural and helps to enhance your overall mood and even reduce symptoms of depression while improving your mental clarity and focus. It helps with overall motivation and helps the brain to regulate levels of dopamine and serotonin.
  • 500mg Phenylethylamine HCL—This element provides various cognitive benefits and can even be used to control and lose weight. PEA is often supplemented and is used as a concentration aid. It is naturally released in the brain as norepinephrine and dopamine which are involved in attention and alertness.

Qualia Mind

Are there any side effects to Qualia?

Not much is known about the side effects since it seems that most users don’t experience many, which is a very good thing.

But what we can tell from the ingredients is that it is possible to form a caffeine addiction. This is due to the high amounts of caffeine found in the Step 1 ingredients.


  • Improves your individual’s cognitive abilities by using natural and effective ingredients in the process
  • Ensures you have an increased metabolism which aids in weight loss and/or gaining lean muscles
  • Improves your cardiovascular health and keeps your blood pressure at the right levels
  • Promotes your physical abilities and improves your endurance levels, this gives you space to over exert and strain during a workout. This is aimed at helping you acquire an athletic physique
  • No inflammation effects thanks to an ingredient that reduces inflammation
  • Promotes the functioning of the central nervous system by improving the neural networks, immunity systems and making sure that your hormones are regulated individually at all times


Might cause you to develop a caffeine addiction.

Where can you get it?

You can buy Qualia off of the Neurohacker official website. While it might be a little pricey, it would be worth the extra bit of cash since the product looks like it’s worth it.

You get quite a lot for your money, with a cohesive stack that works to enhance your cognitive abilities.

Why is Qualia unique?

Qualia is a split stack This means that you can take care of your body’s needs when it needs to be taken care of, instead of giving one general dose that won’t give individual attention to all it needs to.

The split stack means that you have to take two doses, but this means you receive a more personalised experience that gives you the type of energy you need for all the different parts of the day.

Qualia doses nootropics adequately

You get everything you need exactly when you need it. It has the correct amount of dosages of all the necessary nootropics that you need to take care of your body’s needs.

Some Users Reviews

“Qualia is remarkable. Clarity, focus, and fluidity of thought. Like those 45 mins after a perfect cup of coffee, except it lasts for 6 hours and you never crash. Alertness and empathy increase, which leads to a kind of openness of experience and more balanced and timely judgments.”

Dr. Zachary Stein, PhD Psychometrics Lectica “It’s great to know you formulate the product yourself. The use of contract manufacturers is expected and normal. It’s extremely expensive to create a GMP facility that conforms to the US FDA regulations, and taking advantage of a manufacturer that already has the practices and procedures in place ensures a high-quality product made by well-trained people.”     Qualia User


Qualia has lofty aims to enhance a person’s brain and cognitive abilities. At first glance, it might be dismissed as another wonder product that will soon be off the market.

And then you look at the ingredients list; this is where things change and you quickly figure out that this product is different.

There are some concerns about the caffeine levels and the possibility of caffeine addiction, but the benefits of the product are incredible.

It has been hailed as the future of nootropics, and we can understand that many other stacks will be following the lead of this unique nootropic. It might be a bit pricey, but it is worth it.


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