Does Neurohacker Qualia Have Side Effects?

Unlike other brain boosters, the Qualia doesn’t cause serious side effects. But there may some minor issues, which you can handle easily.

QUALIA DefinitionThe honest answer to the issue of Qualia side effects is that, yes, it is possible that you may experience a few side effects along the way.

It is true that it’s designed to be perfectly safe and to not cause any sort of bad effect, but only if it’s taken properly.

However, it is also true that people can have uncommon reactions to many types of normally safe compounds.

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So to help you deal with some potential issues, here are a few helpful tips

#1: TIP:

First of all, some people shouldn’t take Qualia at all.

These are the people who are taking some sort of psychiatric medicine, such as SSRIs or MAO inhibitors.

In fact, it’s best to avoid Qualia altogether (or any sort of brain booster for that matter) if you have cancer or any sort of neurological or psychiatric disorder.

You shouldn’t take it if you have high blood pressure, or if you’re on some sort of immuno-suppressive therapy.

Don’t take it if you’re pregnant or if you’re a nursing mother.

You should keep it away from children as well.

#2: TIP:

You should also follow the directions regarding how to take it, and you must never go over the recommended dosage.

Qualia comes in 2 bottles, with labels “Step One” and “Step Two”.

You have to take 3 of the Step One capsules first thing in the morning, while your stomach is empty.

Then let at least 20 minutes pass before you take 6 of the Step Two capsules along with your breakfast.

You must take the Step Two capsules with food or else you may suffer from stomach sensitivity.

#3: TIP:

What if you’re still experiencing some stomach issues and nausea when you take Qualia with breakfast?

Buy QUALIA NeurohackerThen perhaps your breakfast isn’t enough.

The Step Two capsules contain the B vitamins, and these compounds can be very strong for your GI tract when you take them without food.

In fact, your best bet is to take them with a full meal that comes with healthy fats.

So if you’re having issues when you take the Step Two capsules for breakfast, you may want to either eat a full meal for breakfast or to take the Step Two capsules during lunch.

#4: TIP:

A very small number of people have reported feeling some sort of head pressure or headache when they start taking Qualia.

If it’s too much for you, then stop taking Qualia and then contact the manufacturer for a refund.

But if it seems somewhat tolerable and you want to continue, there are ways to reduce the discomfort.

The headache-inducing ingredients are contained in the Step Two capsules, so you may want to reduce the number of these capsules.

In fact, your best bet is to just take the Step One capsules while you don’t take any of the Step Two capsules.

When you find that you don’t suffer from headaches just from the Step One capsules, you can then add the Step Two capsules gradually until you find the number of capsules that don’t cause headaches.

Some people who persisted on the same dosage also reported that their headaches went away within a week.

That’s usually the time that the body needs to adjust to the dosage.

If you want to avoid any potential issues, you can always gradually start with only 1 Step Two capsule in the beginning, until at the end of the week you’re at the regular 6 capsule-dosage for Step Two.

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#5: TIP:

Instead of headaches, a few people experience some sort of muscle soreness instead.

The same solutions for headaches in step #4 apply in these cases too.

You can stop taking Step Two capsules and then start taking them with very small doses at first until your body adjusts.

You should also exercise more—many who have done so found that their muscle soreness disappeared once they actually used the extra energy that Qualia provides them.

#6: TIP:

A few people instead experience some effects on their sleep during the first week of taking Qualia.

These changes may include more vivid dreams, or you may find that you’re sleeping more or sleeping less.

In general, these changes go back to normal after about a week of regular Qualia usage.

It may help if you make sure that you don’t take Qualia before you sleep.

Take it in the morning, and make sure you take it at least 8 hours before going to bed.

#7: TIP:

Are you sensitive to caffeine?

The 3 capsules of Step One contain about 90 mg of caffeine, and that’s less than the caffeine you get from a regular cup of coffee.

What’s’ more, Qualia uses the Pure Energy caffeine alternative with a much slower rate of absorption, so this minimizes the jitters you may feel.

NOTE: If you desire a caffeine free formula, click here for details.

Still, if you’re extra-sensitive to caffeine you may want to start with just a single capsule of Step One.

You can then gradually add to it so that in a week or two your body has adapted and you’re at the normal 3-capsule dosage for Step One at the end of two weeks.

#8: TIP:

A tiny percentage of people who have taken Qualia have also reported feeling an increased level of anxiety afterwards.

After some careful investigation, it was discovered that typically the people who made such reports are also the ones who are especially sensitive to caffeine.

If the increase in anxiety is too much for you, then just stop taking Qualia and then ask for a refund.

However, if you want to continue or if the effect is just similar to when you drink a cup of coffee, you can just adjust the dosage instead.

Some people who experienced an increase in anxiety did succeed in minimizing the problem through meditation, more exercise, and other similar activities that can help address anxiety issues.

You may also want to stack Qualia with other herbal supplements that offer calming benefits.

#9: TIP:

What about feeling trippy or spacey? This is possible if you take Qualia within 24 hours of taking some sort of psychoactive drugs.

That’s why it isn’t recommended at all that you take Qualia when you’re taking drugs of this sort, unless your doctor approves of it.

You may even feel trippy if you take Qualia with alcohol, and some who have done so have also reported that they’ve become inebriated more quickly.

That’s why you shouldn’t take Qualia within 24 hours of alcohol consumption.

If you plan on drinking alcohol, don’t take Qualia 24 hours before drinking and 24 hours after drinking alcohol.

The two substances just don’t mix—alcohol tends to make people stupider 1 on the whole, while Qualia is designed to make you smarter. You have to decide which effect you want!


What you have to understand is that all these potential problems are actually very uncommon.

The vast majority of Qualia users have never suffered from any sort of side effect problem at all. If you do experience any problem, minimize the dosage and gradually increase it.

You’ll usually find that any of these problems disappear within a week. Then you’ll only experience the brain booster benefits of Qualia, without the annoying side effects.

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