Pure Protein Powder Review: Discover tasty flavors, Healthy benefits & Where to order on Amazon cheaply

Pure Protein® 100% Whey Powder Rich Chocolate, 1.75 poundsIt’s no secret that the protein powder industry is teeming with numerous choices, so it’s not always going to be easy to pick the best one for you.

It’s always a good idea, however, to start testing some products that are both popular with and highly rated by customers.

That leads us to Pure Protein Powder, as it is a bestseller and highly regarded.

This highly rated brand provides you with 100% whey protein.

Whey protein is considered by many as superior to other forms of protein as it contains a wide range of essential amino acids.

And… has been studied extensively, and studies show that it boosts muscle protein synthesis, it results in larger muscles, and it helps with workout recovery. (1)

But then again, the advantages of whey protein are well-documented, which explains why a large number of protein powder comes from whey.

The main question now is, why pick Pure Protein Powder?

Let’s find out:

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Some Unique Benefits of Pure Protein Powder

So let’s mention the benefits that are unique to Pure Protein Powder and not just to whey protein in general.

Here we are talking about all the flavors – but especially the Vanilla Cream:

  • It offers the best value for money

This is an attribute that many customers have commented upon.

The protein powder industry is full of expensive products, which may sometimes make you rethink about just buying meat every day to fulfill your protein needs instead.

But Pure Protein Powder comes with a very reasonable price.

In fact, you may even think that it’s somewhat under-priced, as you get a lot of bang for your money.

  • It’s delicious

Each protein powder comes with its own taste, but as a whole the industry is notorious for its unpleasant-tasting products.

Adjectives like “chalky” are used with great frequency, and many of these powder products don’t mix very well at all.

The clumps of protein powder in the drink are downright unappealing.

But wait for it – PPP mixes well!

The taste also appeals to a large percentage of customers, with plenty of them saying that this is the best-tasting flavor of protein powder they’ve tried.

  • It offers 25g of protein

This technically isn’t “unique” as quite a few others offer a similar amount of protein.

But this amount differentiates PPP brand from others who offer less than 20g of protein per serving.

With this amount, it’s not just to help you get their daily allowance of protein which can be difficult to obtain on a vegetarian diet.

This amount supports the development of lean muscles.

You need to drink this once or twice a day to maximize the benefits you receive.

At least one of those times should be right after your workout.

You’ll replace your fluids, provide you with energy, and also give you the protein your muscles need to rebuild.

  • It can work as a snack or as a meal replacement at certain times

That’s because it offers 160 calories, which can help provide energy and also to help make you feel full.

You of course need to make sure that you don’t use this to replace all your meals.

As a snack, it’s terrific.

The 160 calories is a much better option than the calorie-bombs you’ll get from junk food and fast food staples.

In addition, you’ll feel full enough afterwards that you don’t get other cravings in between meals and you may not eat as much with your next full meal.

  • It has low fat

It only contains 2.5g of fat, which is much less than what you’d get from meat.

  • It has 2g of sugars

Plenty of sweet drinks are laden with sugar, but not this one. It just has enough sugar to make taste right.

Ingredients and Nutritional Info

The main ingredient is the protein blend, which combines “ultrafiltered” whey protein concentrate with “microfiltered” whey protein isolate.

This is the ingredient that’s the most important.

However, it does have other ingredients that provide minerals to keep you strong and healthy.

You get:

  • 161mg of calcium
  • 114mg of phosphorus
  • 17mg of magnesium
  • 95mg of sodium
  • 170mg of potassium

You also receive plenty of essential and non-essential amino acids.

The 5 g of BCAAs are especially beneficial for you, and each serving gives you:

  • 56g of isoleucine
  • 65g of leucine
  • 37g of valine

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Other Protein Powders from Pure Protein

Just so we’re clear:

Pure Protein offers a wide variety of protein supplements that you can use to help you attain your fitness goals.

These include many types if protein bars as well as readymade shakes.

They also have other protein powders too:

1.  Pure Protein New Super Food (Order at AMAZON)

Pure Protein New Super Food Plant-Based Protein PowderThe prominent pink color in the container suggests that this can be very helpful for ladies.

It offers 20g of protein, and that’s an amount that is certainly more suitable for women.

What also set’s this apart is that unlike the whey protein from cow’s milk, the protein you get here is plant-based.

This makes it an entirely acceptable supplement even for strict vegetarian or vegan diets that do not allow for dairy products.

The protein comes from pea, hemp seed, and brown rice.

It’s extremely healthy, as it contains just 3g of fat and zero cholesterol.

You also get 7 essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins D, B12, C, and E, plus calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and selenium.

It’s also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

This also gives you 160 calories to make it suitable as an occasional meal replacement, and it fits with a low-carb diet with just 13g of carbs and 5g of sugar.

It’s non-GMO, and it doesn’t contain dairy or soy products.

You also don’t have artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

As for the taste, it’s quintessentially Pure Protein—they tend to taste fine.

You can make sure that you can find a flavor you’d enjoy as you have 3 choices: Mixed Berry Red Super Fruits, Vanilla Bean, and Dark Chocolate.

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2.  100% Whey Powder -Rich Chocolate  (Order at AMAZON)
Pure Protein 100 % Whey Protein, Rich Chocolate, 2 Pounds
While we’ve focused more on the Vanilla Cream at the start of this review, let’s not forget that there’s also a chocolate option for those who really have a hankering for this flavor.

It’s also important to note that the flavor isn’t the only difference with the Vanilla Cream.

Alright, the flavor is an important difference.

This is especially true when you’re making smoothies, and this flavor goes very well with chocolate chips.

Mix in some avocado and spinach along with a pinch of mint extract and you’ll have a fabulous month smoothie for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

This is also quite filling, just 170 calories.

It’s not much of a calorie difference from Vanilla Cream, but then it’s important to keep track of your calorie consumption especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

With the 25g of protein you get with this, it also works as a post-workout drink.

It’’ give your muscles the protein they need as raw materials to rebuild and get bigger.

Once again the value for money with this is outstanding.

It offers a great taste along with plenty of protein and nutrients, yet the price remains eminently reasonable. When you open the container it already smells like cake batter, and you will look forward to the great taste.

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3.  Natural Whey Powder  (Order at AMAZON)
Pure Protein Natural Whey Protein Powder, French Vanilla, 3.2 Pound ,Pure-ui4h

This one is available in both French Vanilla and Rich Chocolate.

It offers a reduced amount of calories at just 130, while the total fat is 2g and total carb content is 6g with 4g of sugars.

And at 23g of protein, its protein content is in the middle of the 100% Whey and the New Super Food.

You still get the 5g of BCAAs, plus the calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

It can also work as a post-workout drink so your muscles can rebuild with plenty of protein on hand.

Many buyers use it as meal replacement every now and then, and even as breakfast on some mornings when you’re on a rush.

The taste is outstanding.

It is famed for its lack of chalkiness.

Instead, it offers a creamy taste that makes your protein drink feel like a milkshake.

Add this to juice and ice and it’s like you’re enjoying a “creamsicle”.

Like virtually all the Pure Protein products the price won’t faze you, as other brands offer more expensive options.

This saves you a lot for you money, as you get the nutrients you need without the artificial chemicals and massive amounts of fat and sugar.

It tastes great too.

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Pure Protein Shake Vs 100% Whey

Don’t let the “vs.” in the section title mislead you into thinking that these are competing brands.

They’re both made by Pure Protein, but the brand wants you to be able to pick a protein powder product that best suits your needs and preferences.

The main difference between the Shake and the 100% Whey is that the Shake is already prepared and ready to drink.

In contrast, the 100% whey is still in powder form.

There are also differences in the amounts of nutrients you get.

This gives you a whopping 35g of protein per serving and just 1g of sugar.

Still, you also get sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium.

The calcium content is especially high, as a single drink gives you 90% of your daily calcium needs.

It also contains 170 calories, which is roughly the same as with the 100% whey powder.

So which one is better for you?


About Ready-Made Drink: Pick the ready-made drink if you want a large dose of protein and you don’t want to bother with preparing the powder with water or milk.

You won’t have to worry about getting the mix right for the proper taste.

This is also a better option if you don’t have a blender. Take this with you, and you don’t need to wash your container afterwards.

About The Powder: Meanwhile, the powder is the better option if you like to customize your shake with a variety of different fruit ingredients.

If you don’t like the taste of the readymade shake, there’s very little you can do to improve it, as adding new ingredients will jut probably make it taste worse.

The taste is already optimized.

The powder also doesn’t take up as much space in your fridge. A month’s supply of bottled shakes can really overwhelm your refrigerator space.

Where to Get Pure Protein Products Online?

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll find Pure Protein Powder in your local grocery. Your best option is to go online.

While it is a good and safe option to buy this from the official website, you may want to just get it from an online retail store.

These stores will have the reviews that you can read to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Also, the delivery service and security of the website are topnotch.

You can try Amazon, GNC, Walmart, and perhaps even Costco.

But the most obvious choice is Amazon, which has the best reputation of them all. It’s eminently safe, the prices are often the best, and the delivery is prompt.

Amazon usually has the most number of customer reviews, and you can pay special attention to the reviews of verified customers to get a more accurate idea about the protein powder.

The platform also easily offers alternative brands in case you’re not convinced about the Pure Powder Protein.

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This is a sensible protein powder to at least start, because the price is so affordable.

Yet even at this price point, you get plenty of protein and other nutrients without too much fat and sugar.

You also can’t deny that a lot of people like the taste.

Whether you go for vanilla or chocolate, the taste isn’t chalky. It’s very creamy, and it works as a snack or as a meal replacement.

Try it, and there’s a very good chance that Pure Protein Powder will be your go-to protein powder for your post-workout and daily protein needs.


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