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New Whey Liquid Protein Review

Find out why the New Whey Liquid Protein is gaining a lot of fans in the protein supplement field.

Just about everyone who goes to the gym to lift weights and build muscle knows the value of whey protein.

But now instead of having to endure the powder form, we have a liquid option.

This New Whey Liquid Protein review will see if it’s any good.

New Whey isn’t actually new nowadays, as they’ve been in the business of serving protein supplements since 1999.

Now they have the New Whey Liquid Protein that can give you a wallop of a protein dose in just a few gulps—with no prep necessary.


The main ingredient here is the proprietary Complete Protein Matrix at 42g.

This is made up of whey, casein, and collagen protein. As this is a “proprietary” blend, we don’t really know the percentages of each type of protein.

We do know that the blend delivers all the essential amino acids.

This means you don’t need to supplement the drink with another type of protein supplement to get all the essential amino acids.

The collagen peptides in the blend are actually proteins made up of amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine.

Collagen makes up 30% of your body content, and this drink can replenish your collagen stores. (1)

The whey protein offers quick protein supplementation for your muscles, while the casein offers a more sustained release.

The collagen peptides can be in your blood stream 15 minutes after consumption, and then they remain for 24 hours in your body.

Unique Benefits

The protein blend your body absorbs can feed your muscles and also stimulate your body to ramp up its natural collagen production.

This results in a long list of terrific benefits.

  • If you take this drink as part of a proper weightlifting program, you can increase the size of your muscles.
  • You can also lose weight with the help of this drink. However, you need to make sure to remember that this is a supplement to a proper weight loss workout and diet regimen.
  • The drink strengthens your tendons and ligaments, so you’re less likely to get injured when you play sports.
  • It helps with the recovery of joint cartilage.
  • This can help your wounds heal faster.
  • It makes your fingernails healthy and strong.
  • It boosts the elasticity of your skin.
  • It helps to reduce signs of aging in your skin, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It can even reduce your cellulite.

Even the packaging is unique, as the tube is thin enough to go into a pocket.

The bottles (which New Whey calls “tubes”) are also virtually indestructible

Nutritional Facts

Here are the New Whey Liquid Protein nutrition facts you’ll need to know:

  • Each serving contains 3.8 ounces. That means you can finish one off in 3 sips or so.
  • Each serving contains 180 calories.
  • It contains zero fat.
  • Total carb content is only 2g with zero sugars.
  • The protein content is massive at 42g. For an average person, that’s 84% of their daily protein needs.
  • The protein is a mix of fast-acting whey and slow-absorbing casein for your muscles. It also contains collagen that keeps your skin and fingernails healthy.
  • The proteins are hydrolyzed, which makes it easier to absorb and even gentler with your stomach.
  • It contains very little sodium at 100mg.
  • You also get a bit of potassium.
  • This is also free not just of sugar and fat but also of gluten, lactose, and caffeine.

What Type of Person Benefits from This Formula?

While the formula for the protein blend remains a secret, New Whey has made this drink especially beneficial for certain kinds of people.

  • It’s Ideal for Busy People Who Want to Stay Healthy

Many people today are too busy to prepare their own drinks and meals themselves, so they eat out.

The problem is that often these meals and drinks can be decidedly unhealthy, especially when they head on out to popular fast food joints. (2)

Now if you decide to miss breakfast as you’re late to work, you can take this with you and it can serve as your breakfast.

At least this way you have nutrients in your body more than the cup of coffee you can’t live without.

You can also drink this and it can work as your snack between meals, whether you’re at home or at work.

The 42g of protein can make you feel full, while you can enjoy the flavor of the drink.

You can also add it to a meal as well to enjoy the nutrients.

This drink can serve you whenever you’re hungry during the day, and it can keep you healthy.

Just limit your intake to 3 tubes per day.

  • Gym Goers and Athletes Can Benefit from This Liquid Protein

Whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior in the gym, you will certainly gain a lot from this drink.

Who wouldn’t, when you have a whopping 42g dose of protein to work with for your muscles?

The protein helps your muscles to get bigger.

When you work out and stress your muscles, your muscles need to rebuild with protein.

With such a large dose of protein at hand, you can make sure that your muscles don’t run out of building materials.

The New Whey Liquid Protein works as a post-workout drink, as the protein is quickly absorbed by your body and your muscles. (3)

This acts as the building blocks for your growing muscles. These also help with post-workout recovery, as well as for healing.

You can take it to begin the day, and then take it right after your workout.

Again, you should limit your consumption to 3 tubes a day.

  • Post-Surgery Drink for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric patients are those who receive surgical procedures such as a gastric bypass.

The gastric bypass procedure results in a smaller stomach and so you should fell full with smaller amounts of food afterwards.

After such a procedure, you may want to discuss the matter of taking New Whey Liquid Protein as part of your medical nutrition plan.

This drink is less than 4 ounces, yet it can make you feel full. You get a lot of protein without fat and sugar.

With the New Whey Liquid Protein bariatric patients can prevent muscle loss during the aftermath of the procedure.

It helps the body heal as well.

Such a small amount of liquid also won’t fill your stomach right away.

Liquid Protein vs. Powder Form

  • Flavor. For the most part, the liquid protein flavor is set. In powder form, you may not be sure as to how it will taste once you’ve prepared it.
  • Taste. The liquid protein will most likely taste better. There won’t be any chalky texture to worry about.
  • Preparation. The liquid protein requires no preparation. With the powder form, you need water, milk, or a smoothie and you may need a blender as well.
  • Storage. Powder is more convenient to store, as a single canister can hold multiple servings. In liquid form, protein drinks need a bottle for each serving. However, the New Whey doesn’t really need to be refrigerated.
  • Versatility. Powder is also more versatile, as you can mix it in various food recipes. Liquid protein is mainly meant to be consumed as is.

The Top New Whey Liquid Protein

Here are two versions of the New Whey Liquid Protein you should check out

1.  New Whey 42 Grams Liquid Protein Dietary Supplement (12-Count)

New Whey 42 Grams This is a 12-pack order for the New Whey Liquid Protein.

This comes in several flavors, and you can try the variety pack if you wish to get a sample of multiple flavors.

The Acai Berry is a particular favorite among many, however.

Other flavors include Blue Raspberry, “Clinical Strength”, Fruit Punch, Grape, Orange, and Watermelon.

The Variety Pack includes 3 each of Grape, Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Fruit Punch. There’s another Tropical Variety that offers Acai Berry, Watermelon, Orange, and Fruit Punch.

There’s also a 30-count Variety Pack option that offers 5 each of 6 flavors.

These combine the flavors found in the 12-count Variety Pack and Tropical Variety Pack.

The nutrients and ingredients of the various flavors have already been explained in the earlier sections of this review.

However, the sole exception is the Clinical Strength “flavor” which has a decidedly different formula

What’s Clinical Strength?

This is the option that may be an alternative drink if you wish to be part of a medical nutrition plan.

The main difference is that this contains 35g of the Clinical Protein Matrix, instead of the 42g of the Complete Protein Matrix.

This Clinical Protein Matrix has only 35g of protein. The calories have also been reduced from 180 to 140.

This blend also has key support nutrients for those on a medical nutrition plan, including Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12.

Like the others, however, this also does not contain lactose, fat, gluten, sugar, and caffeine.


  • You have lots of flavor options to choose from. It’s very easy to find a flavor that you’ll like, as so many have already.
  • It’s a healthy drink for athletes, busy workers, and those on a medical nutrition plan.
  • The drink can be brought anywhere, as the bottle has a resealable cap.
  • The bottle is thin and can fit in a pocket.
  • The bottle is also indestructible, so you won’t have to worry about having it drip into your clothes or bag.


  • If you take too much too soon, there’s a chance of GI issues such as diarrhea.

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2.  New Whey 42g Liquid Protein Drinks Fruit Punch (6-Count)


42g Liquid Protein Drinks
This is actually the same as the other New Whey Liquid Protein Drinks with the Complete Protein Matrix.

You get the same benefits and the same nutrients.

However, this particular item is different.

It’s a 6-count and yet the price is only slightly smaller than the 12-count. This largely explains its unpopularity with consumers.

It’s also only available in a single flavor (Fruit Punch). Since not everyone will be a fan of this flavor, it’s a problem.

So if you’re going to buy the New Whey Liquid Protein, you’re better off with the other seller of the 12-count packs.


  • It’s still the New Whey Liquid Protein


  • It’s only available in a single flavor (from this seller).
  • The price is too high for a 6-count pack.

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Any Side Effects?

There have been very few reports of New Whey Liquid Protein side effects, and that’s mainly because this is made up of hydrolyzed protein.

This is very gentle for your stomach, so any GI issues should be avoided.

Still, there is a possibility that with New Whey Liquid Protein, diarrhea and other GI problems may become an issue.

If you know you have a weak stomach, then perhaps you can limit your intake to just 1 tube of the drink per day.

You may even want to drink water after sipping the drink, as it can be somewhat thick instead of watery.

What you should avoid is taking too much of it in a single day. You should gradually take your time to get your body used to the drink, and then you should not go over 3 tubes a day.

If you do get any GI issues, you can stop for a while and then reduce your intake to 1 tube or even less per day.

Keep the bottle refrigerated once you’ve opened it. When you can take the drink without any problem, you can then increase the amount gradually.

Where Can You Get it Online Today?

Plenty of online retail platforms offer the New Whey Liquid Protein.

You can probably find it in the websites of Walmart, GNC, and also Costco. It’s a fairly popular drink, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Of course, you should just head on out to Amazon where you can find it with more reasonable prices.

The Amazon site is also known for its reviews from verified customers, and you’ll find a lot of them for this drink on the Amazon site.

Amazon itself is highly reputable, with a secure platform and trustworthy delivery.

If you’re going online to buy the New Whey Liquid Protein, the globally famous Amazon website remain the best.



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