Native Whey Protein, a real gold – Benefits of Natural Whey for Muscle Mass. PLUS, Best Supplement Recommendations & Reviews

whey protein
Even if you do know what whey protein is, you may not have heard about native whey. In case you haven’t heard about it, this article gives you every information you need to know about it.

Whey protein is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes as it enhances muscle gain, speeds recovery and gives strength and energy.

It is hard for you to meet any fitness enthusiast who doesn’t know, has used or uses whey protein for better fitness results.

But what is native whey protein? What does it do? What makes it different?

Native whey protein is the cleanest and the least processed whey protein available.

Arguably though.

Due to the process of creating it, its functional and compositional properties are unique compared to the traditional whey.

It has an inherently high concentration of leucine, which may be the most vital amino acid to human physiology and performance.

This amino acid is the anabolic trigger which stimulates the body to release natural insulin. It also promotes protein synthesis.

This leads to increased muscle mass and more body strength. Native whey is also higher in the amino acids tryptophan and cysteine.

Tryptophan works to increases serotonin, which supports endurance during workout. Cysteine is a pre-cursor to glutathione which is the most abundant and naturally occurring anti-oxidant in the body.

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How native whey is made

Native whey originates from a clean and natural source. The process used to make it is different from that of the standard whey protein.

The proteins are directly extracted from skimmed milk using membrane technologies at a low temperature of just 10 degrees Celsius.

It is gotten from actual milk not from cheese.

Depending on the way it is extracted and processed, it can be turned into isolate or concentrate which then can be hydrolyzed.


Due its superior quality, native whey gives more benefits to the body than the other kinds.

This is because due to its unique processing method, the unnecessary ingredients have been removed. These ingredients include casein, fat and lactose.

The benefits are stated below;

  • Promotes weight loss

Consuming more protein may help you lose weight by suppressing hunger, which leads to less calorie intake.

It also boosts metabolism which in return, helps you burn more calories and it helps you maintain your lean muscle while you’re losing fat.

This type of whey protein is more effective in fat burning than other kinds of protein.

  • Muscle growth

Our muscle mass declines as we age. Bodybuilders also need more protein in order to build lean muscle. Protein comes in here.

A combination of strength training and quality protein food will help you gain lean muscle.

Native whey is a quality protein source and it contains the branched chain amino acid, leucine which is the most effective growth promoting amino acid.

  • Recovery

Exercising and working out stresses the muscle, especially when you exert yourself to maximum effort or perform a new workout.

It takes time for your muscles to recover fully, this is why you need adequate recovery nutrition is so important. You need amino acids to recover and this is where native whey protein comes in.

Consuming this after workout will result into less strength loss and faster recovery.

  • Hormones

It increases the release of anabolic hormones which can help stimulate muscle growth, such as Insulin.

  • Boosts Immunity

Having a strong immune system helps you avoid falling sick and having health problems. Age, busy lifestyle and exercises are the factors that compromise our immune system function.

Regular consumption of healthy, nutrient-rich foods can help boost our immune system.

However, researchers suggests that we actually need more than a healthy, balanced diet to optimize our immune function so as to prevent disease and maintain a good health.

Compared to other types of protein, native whey protein is unique because of its ability to strengthen certain key aspects of our immune system.

It tends to optimize our immune function by increasing the production of glutathione (GSH), which is the master antioxidant of our body’s defense system. Glutathione is the key component when it comes to regulating different immune functions in the body.

For instance, muscle glutamine is a very important fuel for our immune system.

This means incorporating this protein in our diet can help boost strong immunity and protect our health.

This is important for people of all ages.

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Why choose native whey

Native whey is considered superior to the standard whey because of the method with which it was processed and other qualities. This type of protein is a very unique one.

Below are reasons why you should be taking it.

  • Contains more nutrients

Native Whey Protein is pasteurized only once. The secondary heat treatment which is unnecessary is avoided. This secondary heat treatments can denature valuable cystine rich peptides irreversibly.

This type of Protein is not a by-product of cheese. In other words, it is not denatured through the introduction of acids and additional processes when cheese is being produced.

This rich and unique kind of protein is made in one continuous process.

A large amount of the standard Whey Protein made today comes from sweet dairy whey which is bought in by whey processors, this means that they must pasteurise and denature the valuable components of whey through the secondary pasteurising.

Native Whey Protein avoids this process completely.

  • Higher in cysteine

Critically, this unique kind of whey protein is up to 240% higher in cysteine than the regular whey.

Cysteine is a very fragile peptide and it is easily damaged by heat (it comprises of two cysteine molecules that is joined by a disulphide bridge).

Cystine plays an important role in the production of the body’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione.

  • Higher content of leucine

This unique whey protein is very much higher in the branched chain amino acid L-Leucine, which has been scientifically proven to be the most effective when it comes to stimulating protein synthesis and repair.

  • Better taste

This golden Protein comes with a cleaner, richer taste because it is not derived from cheese production.

Its amino acids composition is closer to the amino acid composition of human milk when compared to whey protein that is made from cheese. There are no antibiotics, xenoestrogens, or rBGH in this kind of protein.

  • Made from fresh milk

This kind of whey is made from fresh milk, which is different from most whey products that are made from a waste product of cheese making.

The cows which are the source of milk it is made from comes from herds that graze all year round on pesticide and natural grass pastures that are free from chemicals.

These cows do not feed on grain or genetically modified organisms. They are also not exposed to chemicals, growth hormone treatment, injected pathogens and antibiotics.

  • Conclusion

Whey protein offers the body so many benefits for body builders and athletes, as well as people who want to be fit and healthy.

The native whey offers more benefits due to its method of production. Both products are good, but one is better than the other.

So when buying your whey for fitness purpose, you know which one to go for.

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