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Best Mass Gainer: Exposing Top Weight Gainers to Get Bigger, Build Lean Mass Body (Six Packs Abs) on the Market

If you’re underweight, you have health problems like the overweight guys do.

It’s for that reason you need to consider finding the best weight gainer to help you bulk with a bigger body and stronger muscles.

You may have heard that you can’t be too thin, but that’s a patently false statement.

It’s obvious among skinny guys who may end up getting pushed around easily, and who may find it a bit difficult to attract romantic partners.

When you’re too scrawny, you just look weaker and that’s not really appealing for both men and women. It’s not great for sports either.

The 5 Top Weight Gainer Brands on the Market

Now that we’ve convinced you that mass gainers (or weights gainers) work, there’s still the crucial question of which brand and product to buy.

Of course, this is your decision to make but we do have several recommendations.

These are the ones that have garnered extensive rave reviews from large numbers of users.

If they work for most people then they’ll most likely work for you.

Also, these muscle and strength supplements are completely safe.

That’s not always true for some supplements which may cause some unpleasant side effects. Safety is why you mustn’t take steroids—the side effects of those things can end up killing you.

Now on to the safe (and legal) supplements instead:

1. D-BALPremium Weight Growth Supplement

Fast Muscle Gainer

This is from Crazy Bulk, which is renowned in the industry for the effectiveness and safety of their supplements.

They don’t just offer weight gainers. Instead, they offer mass gainers that can really help you build bigger muscles.

D-Bal is one of their most popular products, and it’s easy to see why. You take this if you want to boost your strength and gain larger muscles much more quickly.

When you’re in the cutting phase; trying to shed excess fat you’ve gained during the bulking phase, D-Bal will help your body hold on the bigger muscles you’ve put on while your excess fat and water content is reduced.

Its main specific function is to really boost your nitrogen retention.

This is one of the most crucial aspects of building bigger muscles that last and last.

When your muscles are enabled by D-Bal to hold more amounts of nitrogen, your cells can build with more protein so you have more of the raw material to build the muscles and power you really desire!

This is the protein synthesis process.

Basically speaking, it enables your body to hold on to more protein – naturally! Because of this function, your muscle gains can be more impressive and you’ll gain them faster.

In fact, you can see improvements within 30 days.

You’ll be stronger so you can lift heavier weights, and your stamina increases so your workouts can be longer. Even your focus will improve.

This is stackable too.

This means you can take this along with other supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals.

In fact, it works even better when used in conjunction with other Crazy Bulk supplements for muscle development.

Unlike protein powders and other hard to prepare supplements, this comes in capsules. You won’t need prescriptions or needles either.

The prices are still reasonable, especially when you buy 2 bottles as the 3rd one will be free. The delivery is even free wherever you may live in the world.

This is also absolutely safe, and you need not worry over your organs.

Just take this as instructed, which means taking 3 capsules about 45 minutes after your exercises. Use this for 2 months, and then take about 10 days off before resuming its use.

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2.  D-Drodiol 25 – Premium Mass Builder

D-Anabol25 Capsules

This is made by Anabolic Research, which is another famous brand in the muscle-building supplement industry.

It’s also in capsule form for no-fuss consumption.

Similar to the other best mass gainer supplements, D-Drodiol comes with natural extracts to ensure you don’t get weird side effects.

The formula is utterly safe, and in fact it’s less likely to cause water retention or severe bloating.

This makes it ideal for the bulking phase, as many do take on lots of water content when putting on bigger muscles and more weight.

This also improves nitrogen retention, which boosts muscle growth and repair.

You get the muscle pumps you want, and your overall strength is boosted considerably.

You’ll find yourself better able to handle greater weights in the gym. It’s also designed to act quickly, so you can enjoy having bigger muscles without wasting too much time.

It’s also easy enough to consume, as you just take a capsule with water about every 6 hours, 3 times a day.

Reviews from customers are typically gushing with praise regarding how well this works. What’s more, it also works effectively with other supplements to really maximize your benefits.

It’s best for a 30-day cycle, with a week of rest before you resume its use.

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3.  D-BAL MAXTop Lean Mass Gainer Pills

Dbal Max for Muscle Mass

This is another supplement in capsule form that can really help you gain the bigger muscles you want in a shorter period of time.

Like the other best weight gainer supplement products designed for bigger muscles, this also promotes protein synthesis so you’re able to get the bigger muscles in short order.

D-Bal Max also boosts your stamina in a couple of ways.

The ingredients are completely premium quality, and they also include BCAAs and whey protein. The supplement is manufactured in excellent facilities that have been inspected by the FDA.

There’s a 60-day guarantee, and you can find sellers that offer promos such as 20% discounts and 2 free bottles for every 6 bottles you buy.

Since this is in capsule form, you won’t have to worry about clumps and flavors to get your protein as well as your BCAAs.

Many consider it the best mass gainer protein you can get as it is designed for not just weight gain but bigger muscles and faster results.

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4.  Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer

ON Serious Mass Weight Gaine

If you insist in a more traditional weight gainer, this one certainly qualifies.

It’s certainly going to help you pack a few pounds more in your frame, since a single serving gives you a huge load of 1,250 calories without making you feel too satiated.

Many also consider Serious Mass as the best mass gainer protein because it offers a massive amount of protein. You get up to 50 grams of protein here, and that’s certainly a lot.

But that’s not all.

You also get 252 grams of carbs, which also adds to your overall bulk. For your health, you even get 25 vitamins and minerals.

You even get creatine and glutamine which can substantially improve your workout performance and muscle development results. You also get less than 5 grams of fat.

It’s in powder form, but at least you can pick from 5 flavor options.

To add more variety to the taste, you can always add peanut butter and fruits into a blender.

The additions also increase the calorie content.

This works very well as your best weight gainer protein right after a workout.

The drink lets your body absorb the protein more quickly, so your muscles will immediately get the raw materials they need to build your bigger muscles.

This also works as a nice snack in between meals.

While main meals are your primary sources of calories, this works out nicely with your midmorning and afternoon snacks.

You’ll be able to bulk up much more quickly with this.

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5.  BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer

BSN TRUE-MASS Weight Gainer

Many others also consider this as their choice for best mass gainer supplement.

It provides 700 calories per serving, so you can fine-tune the caloric daily intake. If that’s not enough for your needs, you can always drink more glasses of the stuff.

You shouldn’t have any trouble drinking this either, as it comes in 4 flavors.

You can pick Chocolate Milkshake, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Milkshake, and Vanilla Ice Cream. The shakes are nice and creamy, without the chalky taste that’s common in other mass gainers.

The main feature of the True-Mass is the 2 to 1 ratio between the carbs that fuel your workouts and the protein that builds your muscles.

You get 90 grams of carbs along with huge dosage of 50 grams of protein. This even comes with 6 grams of dietary fiber.

You can drink this after a workout and in between meals. It’s also great for right before you go to sleep, so your body can digest the calories overnight and also fuel your recovery.

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The Science of Mass Gainer Supplements

There are several ways for weight gainers to work and enable you to gain the weight you need.

The most basic way is for a weight gainer to load you up on calories.

Some people aren’t able to eat enough because they don’t like the taste of their food or maybe they just feel full too easily.

But weight gaining supplements can load you up to more than a thousand calories at one with a single serving, so you won’t feel easily sated.

They can also taste nice so there’s no problem drinking it.

The other way that a weight gainer can work is if it is designed for you to gain bigger muscles.

Premium brands, are designed to provide you with more protein, because that’s what you need to build bigger muscles.

Since meat and fish can be expensive, the weight gainer protein is a more affordable option. It’s also more convenient to consume and it even gets into your blood stream much faster.

Some of these supplements also provide other crucial nutrients that can help with muscle development and strength.

These can include essential amino acids, BCAAs, glutamine, and creatine.

Countless studies have confirmed that with these supplements, people can get the body and the muscles they want with greater success. (3)

If you want bigger muscles, you will also need the energy and mental focus for your workout.

That’s why many of these supplements contain caffeine and similar energy boosters.

The extra energy enables you to work out for longer periods of time, and you’re able to lift heavier weights.

The more intense weightlifting results in greater tears into your muscles, which will require your body to rebuild the muscles with the protein you consume.

Why People Desire to Gain Muscle Mass

There are plenty of good reasons why people would want to gain weight and bigger muscles.

The Skinny Guys:

Perhaps the most basic reason is for scrawny guys to get bigger, so they buy the best weight gainer for skinny guys.

At the very least they can get to the weight they should be in for their height, which would be then healthier for them overall.

Lean Mass Gainer to Look Good & Sexy:

You also have to admit that people will want to gain weight and bigger muscles because it’s a more attractive look.

It’s not a secret that you’re able to attract greater romantic interest when you have the muscles and the frame to show off.

You’re also more confident about stripping down on the beach or in the gym locker room.

Gain More Strength:

Having bigger muscles means also gaining strength, and being stronger offers obvious benefits.

You’re able to do more things around the house, and for some workers they’re able to do your job more effectively.

You can protect yourself better with greater strength, and in many cases you’ll be better at sports.

With stronger muscles, you can serve tennis balls faster, hit baseballs for home runs, push around other basketball players to get a rebound, and barrel though linemen to sack the quarterback.

Boost Nutrition:

Supplements help a lot because they provide you with the nutrients you need.

These include the calories for weight gain, protein for bigger muscles, various nutrients for more effective workouts, and caffeine for greater energy.

In some cases, the supplements can help stimulate your appetite. You can gain weight more effectively, and at a faster rate when you have these supplements.

Improve Overall Health:

Still, it’s all about being healthier. Being underweight can be just as bad for health as being overweight.

If you’re overweight, you can shed your excess fat and develop bigger muscles so it seems like you’re transforming fat into musculature.

Please remember this universal fact: Just remember that supplements don’t work on their own.

You have to tailor your diet to fit your needs, and for bigger muscles that means lots more protein.

In addition, your workout must also involve weight lifting. You don’t gain muscles by just jogging every day!

The Best Mass Gainer Vs Weight Gainer Supplements: Are There Real Differences?

Weight Gainer Supplements ManIt all depends on how people use the terms mass gainer and weight gainer.

In most cases, the two terms are similar enough that they’re virtually synonyms for each other.

They refer to the same things.

As you can see from the title of this very article, they have the same meaning.

However, in some cases there are differences in the terms.

The term “mass gainer” can be a type of “weight gainer”, but it’s more specific in its benefits.

The term “mass gainer” is more specific, because it can be a shortened term for muscle mass gainer.

In other words, the supplement isn’t just to get your weight up, but to help make sure that most of that weight gain isn’t fat but muscle.

That’s why for most mass gainers, the point is to provide you with lots more protein, because muscles use protein as the raw materials from which they can build bigger muscles.

Mass gainers can also contain ingredients that boost your energy and strength so that you can improve your workout performance.

So in general, they’re the same but with some differences.

The best weight gainer supplements can make sure that you get the muscles you want if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Are Weight Gain Pills Better than Powder?

It really is up to you to determine whether mass gainers are better in pill form or in powder.

Each one has its own set of pros and cons.

Many of the top mass gainers are in powder form because in this form they’re more affordable.

It may only be the difference of a few dollars, but in the long run they add up to a significant amount.

Powdered supplements are also generally faster to absorb, when you take them right before or right after a workout.

Pills, on the other hand, must be digested first so they’re not as fast-acting.

Yet in many ways weight gain pills or capsules are better.

You’re able to consume them with absolutely minimal fuss.

You can just swallow them with a bit of water and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to worry about taste, and they’re easier to bring with you on the road.

Powdered supplements, on the other hand, can be fussy.

Supplements in powdered form can also be quite versatile, as they can be mix with other drinks or in some food recipes.

But you have to worry about the taste, and the wrong flavor can really keep you from drinking the stuff.

You also have to worry about clumps of powder in your drink, which can be quite unpleasant.

You may have to buy a blender (which adds to the expense), and sometimes the powder won’t even mix properly without that blender.

So all in all, weight gainer pills can be a bit more expensive, but they’re easier to consume on a regular basis.

The “no-fuss” aspect is a great benefit, especially when you get tired of clumpy protein drinks that really taste awful. Besides, you also save money with pills since you won’t need a blender either.  

Weight Gain Pills for Females: What Should Women Look Out for before Buying?

For women, the most obvious difference is that they don’t need the muscle-building benefit of the best weight gainer for skinny guys.

This means that the protein may be enough for daily needs, but not overloaded for extreme muscle development.

Instead, most women are more interested in transforming their skinny frames into a more curvaceous body.

So this means more calories for weight gain, but the gain should go into the right places of the body.

For the most part, women prefer to gain the weight in their breasts and bottoms.

Obviously, the vast majority of women would rather not have the weight gain on your belly.

Other factors that must be considered include safety, which in this case means more specifically to a woman’s body.

Many supplements are for men, so the women’s supplement must be tailored for how women’s bodies have more estrogen and less testosterone.

Also, many supplements are not designed to work with prescription medication.

You must make sure that their supplements will work and not interfere with your birth control pills if you are using them.

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Where to Buy Mass Gainer Supplements

You can buy these things online, preferably through official websites or reputable retailer stores such as CrazyBulk, Amazon.

You can try local pharmacies or health stores, but they’re not as easily available.

What’s more important is to find the right products.

The first factor you need to consider is the brand name. It’s not about brand snobbery, but about brand reputation for effectiveness and safety.

More popular brand names usually means more customers have bought their products, so you have a larger and more reliable sample size to check whether their products work and whether they’re safe.

You should also track the records of their results, which you can find out by reading reviews from experts and customers.

Most of the time, you can sense the effectiveness of the products by checking their average customer ratings in popular online retail stores.

Not all weight gainers work for everyone.

But if it works for most people, then it’s more likely to work for you.

You should also take a close look at the ingredients of their products.

At the very least, you can Google the ingredients so you can confirm that they’re legal and safe to use.

You should also check the dosages of the specific ingredients to see that they’re in the amount that’s actually effective.


If your weight isn’t in the ideal range, then it’s time for you to do something about it.

For most people this means losing weight, but if you need to gain weight it still means that you’ll still need the help that supplements can provide.

The right weight gainer should enable you to achieve the fitness goal you’re aiming for.

The key is to use the supplement that best fits your needs. A generic weight gainer can help, but why stop there?

You should find one that provides the specific benefits that’s tailored for your goals.

If you’re a guy, you should get a mass gainer so you’re bigger because you have larger muscles (and not because you have a wider waistline).

If you’re a lady, pick one that helps increase the particular body areas you wish to focus on, like your breasts and your bottom.

Just remember that these are supplements.

This means you need a proper diet and a rigorous workout as well. Pick the right mass gainer that’s both effective and safe, and you boost your chances of getting the body that’s both healthier and more to your liking.

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