Ultimate Bulk Supplements Whey Isolate Guide

BulkSupplements Whey Isolate Powder: The PROS

  • Pure whey isolate protein with no fillers.
  • Quantities sold at relatively affordable prices compared to others.
  • Made in a GMP certified facility.
  • USA based supplement company.
  • Lab-tested to confirm quality.
  • Pure unadulterated protein.


  • Some people might not like the lack of flavor.
  • Some people do not like the packaging.

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Short Overview Clean Isolate Whey

The company behind this product is BulkSupplements.com. It is a Nevada-based company operating from the city of Henderson.

The company produces dozens of different types of supplements including workout supplements, herbal supplements, and sports supplements.

It is best known for making supplements that are stripped back.

In other words, its supplements usually contain only a single ingredient with no fillers.

The company is also popular for selling its supplements in bulk.

This is where it gets its name from. Although it has smaller supplement sizes, the popular quantities of supplements it sells are above 500 grams.

And they are cheap.

Very cheap compared to other supplements sold more expensively in smaller quantities.

So if you are in need of cheap supplements, always consider this company’s products first before checking out other company products.

The Bulk Supplement CLEAN Whey Isolate protein is one of this company’s most popular products. It is pure whey isolate protein and it is mightily popular among bodybuilders.

Let’s examine it in depth below.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

  • High-quality protein – This protein contains high-quality whey isolate protein and BCAAs for muscle building, strength building, and fat burning.
  • High mixability – This protein powder mixes very easily with water and many other drinks and beverages.
  • Recovery protein – Bulk Supplements CLEAN Whey Isolate is brilliant for post-workout recovery as it accelerates muscle damage repair and soreness reduction.
  • Laboratory tested to ascertain quality – Each batch of this product is tested in the lab to check if it meets a raft of set requirements. The batch is only released to the market if it meets the set requirements.
  • Made in the USA. And with highest standards for global consumption!

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Let's Talk about Taste and Flavors

This Bulk Supplements Whey Isolate protein is unflavored.

It has a plain taste.

The taste is plain, not bad.

BulkSupplements CLEAN Whey Protein Powder Isolate 90%It is more like the taste of milk in water than downright plain.

This is not a bad thing because it means that when you mix it with your favorite food or drink, you won’t feel any difference in the taste of the food or drink.

The fact that this supplement is unflavored also points to the fact that no sugar or artificial sweeteners have been used to make it.

So if you are looking for a natural and unadulterated protein powder then you should strongly consider this.

Great Ingredients

The main ingredients used in the making of this protein powder are milk and soy lecithin.

It is from the milk that the whey isolate protein comes from.

While the soy lecithin is for maintaining the product integrity and promoting mixability.

If you are allergic to soy then you better look for something else because this soy lecithin ingredient also contains trace amounts of soy allergens.

A serving of this Bulk Supplements protein powder totals 30 grams and is packed with 27 grams of pure protein.

In addition to the pure protein, one serving also packs 115 calories and 210 grams of sugars and several minerals such as calcium, sodium, and phosphorus.

The protein powder is free of gluten, yeast, corn, and added sugar.

How BulkSupplements Isolate Powder Works

According to bulksupplements.com, consuming this supplement will provide you with several key benefits.

The benefits highlighted by the company include muscle growth, an increase in strength, accelerated post-workout recovery, and reduced body fat.

But can the product really do all these things? Well, considering the fact that it is 90 percent whey protein isolate, it can.

It can provide all the above benefits and more. Of course, you will only get the benefits if you are also working out hard in the gym.

So how can whey protein isolate provide the many benefits above? Well, whey protein isolate is one of the three types of whey protein. The others are whey concentrate and whey hydrolysate.

Among the three types of protein, whey protein isolate has the best concentration of naked/ pure protein.

It also has all the amino acids the body requires for muscle development, prevention of muscle breakdown, and the repair of damaged muscles.

Whey protein isolate promotes muscle growth because it has all the amino acids hence helps in developing new muscles. However, to trigger your body to use the protein for muscle building, you must exercise intensely in the gym.

Exercising intensely and consistently will tear your muscles and force your body to repair and rebuild them. And this is how your muscles will develop and your strength will improve.

Studies show that whey isolate hastens post-workout recovery. Exactly how it helps with recovery especially the reduction or elimination of muscle soreness is not yet very clear.

As stressed earlier, the Bulk Supplements says this protein reduces body fat.

You may not believe this but it is true. It reduces fat since it will make you feel full and reduce your appetite. So you won’t eat much.

It will also increase your metabolism hence help your body incinerate body fat better. So it is true that this supplement can help you cut body fat.

Is This Product Made For You, or Not?

This product is for everyone.

It is for everyone looking for a plain and natural protein powder with only negligible amounts of fat and carbs and no added sugars.

It is for those looking to build muscle, increase strength, improve their metabolism, and reduce their body fat.

However, those who are allergic to soy or do not want it are better off staying away from it because it has soy lecithin.

Getting Ultimate Results

Bulk Supplements CLEAN Whey Isolate is a dietary supplement. It can be recommended by a physician, in which case you will be told how many servings are sufficient for you.

If you intend to consume this for fitness benefits, you should take about one serving (30 grams) daily. For those who want to bulk and follow intense workout plans during the bulking season, two to three servings of this protein are often more appropriate.

The fact that this protein has good mixability makes it easy to mix with a drink or in food.

The manufacturer of this product recommends consuming a serving of this product moments after exercising for optimal results.

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Best Place to Buy Online?

The best place to buy this whey isolate supplement is from Amazon.com.

This is because it is from this company that you will find original and authentic supplements. It is also from this company that you will find most supplements at low prices.

Moreover, it is also from Amazon that this product will most likely be shipped fastest to you.

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This protein powder from Bulk Supplements is a brilliant product.

It is 90% whey isolate with no carbs, added sugars, or gluten. It does have soy lecithin which might put you off but its benefits far outweigh this con.

The benefits include muscle growth, increase in strength, reduced body fat, no added sugar, and low price. And they make this protein irresistible.

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