Integrated Whey Isolate Protein

Integrated Whey Isolate ProteinIntegrated Whey Isolate Protein: PROS

  • Great quality whey protein isolate.
  • Product includes only natural ingredients.
  • Virtually has no cholesterol or fat.
  • Very low-calorie count per serving (90 calories).
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • Label does not mention sugar content or quantity.
  • Has crystalline fructose which is a problematic ingredient.

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The Short Overview

This is a pretty decent protein powder that is made to impress. It is designed in such a way to provide benefits beyond bodybuilding.

The manufacturer of this protein supplement claims it is the purest protein powder in the world.

The manufacturer also claims that it is a powder that it is a breeze to mix and to use. Both of these claims are backed by facts.

The main ingredient in this supplement is Provon Whey Protein Isolate.

This isolate is naked and pure and, therefore, a very high-quality protein that is very useful for muscle-building. It is also brilliant for recovery and for boosting the immune system.

The one thing that I must mention about this product in this overview is that one scoop provides only 20 grams of protein.

This is relatively low compared to what the average quantity of protein per scoop is (25 grams). However, it is good quality.

Unique Facts You Will Love

  • Quality protein per scoop – Every scoop of this product delivers quality Provon Whey Protein Isolate that provides bodybuilding benefits and other benefits.
  • Natural ingredients – Most of the ingredients that make up this product are natural ingredients that are unlikely to affect your health negatively.
  • Virtually no known problematic substances – The Integrated Whey Isolate has virtually no fat or cholesterol in it. It also has no banned substances.
  • Low-calorie count – This protein powder only supplies 90 calories per serving. This makes it perfect even for those watching their weight.
  • Affordable – Compared to other products that are of the same quality as this one, this product is quite cheap. However, it delivers less protein per serving.

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How about The Taste and Flavors

This product is available in 5 flavors – Wild Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Rich Dutch Chocolate, Natural, and Chocolate Mint.

According to those who have used this product’s different flavors, they taste relatively okay.

The Natural flavor is often preferred because it is kind of mild and can hence be mixed with almost any drink or recipe.

The Rich Dutch Chocolate and the Vanilla Ice Cream Flavors are also relatively popular because they taste great.

Product Ingredients

Integrated Supplements CFM Whey Protein Isolate Diet SupplementThe ingredients in this product per serving include: protein (20 g), fat (0.5 g), cholesterol (5 mg), calcium (90 mg), phosphorus (50 mg), sodium (57 mg), and potassium (80 mg).

The main ingredient is obviously the protein and I will share with you its benefits in the section below.

The other ingredients in this supplement come with their own benefits.

For instance, the cholesterol helps improve cardiovascular health, the calcium helps improve bone health, the phosphorus also helps improve bone health and enhances energy levels, while the sodium is good for cardiovascular health same as the potassium.

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How the Product Works

As I mentioned earlier, the manufacturer of this product calls it the world’s purest protein. Let me tell you why.

This product delivers not just any whey protein isolate but the Provon Whey Protein Isolate.

This is a very unique ingredient that is only found in a handful of protein supplements.

It is unique in the sense that it is very biologically active and that it is regarded to have the highest amount of undenatured protein and amino acids per gram.

Denaturation is the breakdown of protein and amino acids structures because of aggressive processing actions such as mechanical blending, strong filtration, oxidation, and extreme heating.

When proteins and amino acids are denatured, they become less useful for muscle building and other functions.

Therefore, this brand comes with its ultra-high amount of undenatured protein per gram is more useful to the body for bodybuilding than ordinary protein powders.

Moreover, the fact that Provon Whey Protein Isolate is undenatured also means that it can boost your immunity.

Because according to researchers, undenatured whey protein has the ability to increase glutathione levels in the body. And glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that can boost immunity and even prevent cancer.

Hence in contrast to the average protein powder that just offers muscle-building benefits, this one provides muscle-building plus immunity benefits.

Furthermore, Provon Whey Protein Isolate also has high levels of branched-chain amino acids. And these amino acids are known for boosting endurance and preventing muscle breakdown.

In summary, this protein supplement has ingredients that provide more benefits than you could find in an ordinary protein powder.

But while the quality of the protein per serving is very good, the quantity is not. A serving of this protein provides only 20 grams of protein compared to the industry average of 25 grams.

However, when buying, you’ve got to ask yourself what should you go for – quantity or quality? As for me, I will always choose quality over quantity.

And that is what I would advise you to do. Do not be swayed to prioritize quantity over quality.

Is This Product for You?

This Integrated Supplements protein powder is designed to aid muscle development, to help individuals to satisfy their daily protein requirements, and to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

So bodybuilders, athletes, and those leading an active lifestyle will find it very useful.

Dosage Intake for Ultimate Benefits

According to the manufacturer of this product, one serving is two scoops. So to prepare a mix of this product, you need to add two scoops to a bottle of water or your favorite drink or recipe.

Drink the mix after every workout for the best results.

Best Place to Buy This Product Online

The best place to buy this product from is Amazon. It is from this site that you will find the original version of this product.


If you want the purest protein on the planet, buy this Integrated Supplements protein powder.

It may not yet be a household name in the bodybuilding industry but considering its quality, it will probably be in a few months or years.

This supplement provides muscle-building benefits and has BCAAs that boost endurance and speed post-workout recovery. This supplement also boosts immunity.

This is perhaps the best protein supplement right now. Go for it while stocks last.

Integrated Whey Isolate Protein

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