C4 Ripped on the Go Review: Super Pre Mixed Preworkout Drink for Endurance, Strength, Recovery, Mental Focus & Results

Cellucor C4 On The Go Energy DrinkThis C4 on the Go review is for those who want to learn the facts and separate the myths.

This is an energy drink and according to the claims this is going to boost your energy and improve focus.

Of course C4 isn’t the first energy drink to make this statement, so we decided to find out if it is true.

What are the Benefits? 

The C4 on the Go explosive energy is a pre workout energy drink. One of the most common problems with workouts is not having enough energy.

With C4 you’ll have the means to do longer workouts, and other benefits include the following, all of which take effect immediately.

  • More Energy

As a workout drink the C4 on the Go boosts your energy level so you’ll be able to do more reps and sets.

Do you lack the energy to keep going? Do you tire quickly and unable to last more than a few minutes?

That is what this energy drink provides. When you consume this pre workout drink, it builds your body’s energy level. By the time you start exercising half an hour later, your body has converted C4 on the Go into usable energy.

  • Improves Fitness and Burns Calories

This energy drink is not a weight loss supplement. However, the energy boost you get leads to more workouts. This burns more calories and you lose more pounds. So while it is not a fat burner, you do lose fat.

  • No Need for Stacks

You’ve probably seen a lot of muscle supplements that require you to stack products. Needless to say that is expensive and cumbersome.

That is not needed with C4 on the Go as it is a standalone energy booster. You don’t need to take a post workout supplement either.

Just drink before working out and you’ll get the energy boost you need.

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  • Improves Cognitive Performance

The focus is often on the energy boost and that’s not surprising. However, the ingredients also give your cognitive functions a lift. As anyone who’s done workouts will tell you, the mental aspects are just as important.

This is where C4 on the Go steps in. Not only does it build up your physical energy levels but it also boosts your cognitive functions.

A look at the product content later on will show that many of its ingredients enhance focus, concentration and memory. The cognitive effects and improvements are essential to keep you going.

  • Keeps You Motivated

The mental and physical benefits should motivate you to keep working out. Aside from providing a lot of energy for exercise, you’ll have enough fuel to do your daily routines.

When you take the drink before working out, you are motivated to keep going.

  • Builds Strength and Resistance

These are essential for building muscle strength. This is not a muscle building supplement, but the energy boost you get leads to longer, more intense exercises. This in turn leads to greater muscle resistance compared to just working out alone.

  • Promotes Endurance and Recovery

C4 provides a lot of the benefits that you get from protein shakes without the hassle of mixing stuff.  For instance, the C4 boosts your recovery and endurance, both essential when you work out.

This energy drink also improves the other functions in your body including blood and oxygen flow. Blood flow is crucial for muscle buildup and development. If you’re into serious workouts and want to get best results, C4 will definitely help.

The bottom line is you’re going to receive physical, mental and emotional benefits. So it goes beyond the usual energy drink. And C4 on the Go is not just for athletes but for anyone who wants to get in shape.

What are the Ingredients?

A quick look at the C4 on the Go nutrition facts reveals why it’s so effective.

  • Carbs 2 g: your body needs energy to work out, and that is what you’ll get here. These are quality carbs and won’t increase body fat.
  • Calories 8: even though the drink packs a lot of power, its calorie total is low.
  • Sugars 0 g: because it uses only natural ingredients, there is no sugar or artificial sweetener in it.
  • Niacin/Vitamin B3 65 mg: the benefits include memory boost, smooth skin, lowers bad cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart attacks.
  • Vitamin B12 45.5 mg: vitamin B12 reduces joint pain, fights dizziness, improves memory and cognitive functions.
  • Folic acid 325 mg: also known as vitamin B9, it plays an important role in physical and emotional health. Insufficient folic acid also leads to anemia so it’s very important.
  • Vitamin B6 650 mg: vitamin B6 is instrumental in maintaining your body’s metabolism eye health, skin health and an energy booster.

These ingredients are complemented by the Explosive Energy Blend 369 mg.

C4 on the Go nutrition facts

What is the Explosive Energy Blend?

The Explosive Energy Blend consists of several ingredients that have been blended together for superior performance. Let’s take a look at these ingredients.

  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: this is an essential energy booster. Combined with the other blends you’ll get maximum results during workouts and boost mental performance as well.
  • Caffeine: caffeine gives you an energy boost and enhances alertness level.
  • Arginine Nitrate: arginine nitrate promotes better blood flow, essential when lifting weights. It also gives you extra strength to do more workouts.
  • CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine: this is an amino acid which your body turns into carnosine. This beta alanine is patented and known to build up muscle resistance and strength.

If you have been taking a lot of supplements or energy drinks, you have probably heard of some of these ingredients. However the difference is the way they are prepared and combined here.

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How Does C4 on the Go Work?

C4 on the Go is not like your typical energy drink. Most are just filled with carbs and other artificial products.

It does does not contain ingredients that could lead to all kinds of health problems. With C4 you’ll get all the benefits necessary so your body gets optimum results be it physical or mental.

And, perfectly works immediately. When you drink this before working out, the ingredients make their way into your body.

Some of the ingredients work directly in your body while the rest is converted into energy. This energy is what your body uses during workouts and throughout the rest of the day.

What makes C4 on the Go unique is the effects last a long time. While it is primarily for pre workout, you will feel the benefits even if you have stopped working out. And you don’t need to wait long to get the benefits as the effect is felt after you drink it.

How Do You Take the Drink?

You take one bottle half an hour before working out. Make sure you consume the entire drink. Do not take more than that as it might produce some side effects. 

 What Flavors are Available? 

You can choose from several flavors including:

  • Orange Burst
  • Berry Blast
  • Watermelon
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Icy Blue Razz
  • Fruit Punch
  • Cherry Limemade

There are other flavors available and they all provide the same benefits. One of the advantages of this drink is the flavors don’t reduce the effects.

Compared to other energy drinks, the C4 doesn’t have any ingredients that could adversely affect the results.

The different flavors mean you’re bound to like some more than others. You just need to the various flavors and see which one suits your taste. No matter what you choose, you’ll at least be assured the benefits are the same.

Are There Any Side Effects?

C4 on the Go side effects are virtually nonexistent, and that is not surprising as the ingredients are natural and carefully selected. It does contain some caffeine so if you’re sensitive to that, reduce your intake.

The drink comes in different flavors so it’s natural that you’ll prefer some over the others. It is also a pre workout drink, so it won’t be as effective if you drink post workout. 

The bottom line is this: there should be no issues or major side effects when you drink this. Side effects usually occur when someone drinks more than one bottle. But if you don’t overdo it, you should be fine.


  • Provides an energy boost
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Great for men and women
  • Provides extra stamina for workouts
  • Produces results quickly


  • Contains some caffeine
  • Some experience mild tingling

Where to Buy C4 Ripped Pack?

This energy drink is only available online. Make sure you buy only from reputable retailers and vendors, like Amazon stores here.

Due to the product’s popularity several imitations have appeared. Don’t buy these as they’re apt to do more harm than good. Click to get some bottles directly from Amazon.


Cellucor C4 reviews have been positive and after a thorough assessment we have to agree. It’s an excellent energy booster, tastes good and gives you the energy to work out and get through the day. As a pre workout drink, the C4 on the Go does exactly that. 

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