C4 Sport Review & Buyer’s Guide: Pre Energy Drink, NSF Certified Sports Supplements for Focus, Faster Results

C4 Sport Pre Workout Energy drinkIf you’re an athlete, then the C4 Sport is the preworkout supplement that’s specifically designed for your needs. Find out why in this C4 Sport review.

If there’s one thing that all serious athletes have in common, it’s the need for training.

Part of that training is working out properly so your body is optimized for all the moves you need to do for your sport.

At the same time, you also need a proper preworkout supplement that can help make sure you get the proper energy required to really get in a good workout in the gym.

That’s what you get with the C4 Sport concentrated energy drink.

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c4 Sport is Not Prohibited

For many athletes, one of the most important features of any health and energy supplement is that it shouldn’t be included in any list of prohibited performance- enhancing compounds.

Just about every sports league these days warn against the use of these PEDs, and the consequences can include suspension or even being banned from participating in the sports league.

A college athlete may also lose their scholarship.

Many leagues these days have become quite stringent in their enforcement of these anti-PED rules.

Sometimes an athlete may inadvertently take some sort of medication or supplement that can cause them to fail their drug tests.

This is why the C4 Sport is suitable for all athletes. It only contains legal ingredients, and that’s not an idle boast by Cellucor.

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It’s even been NSF-certified, and NSF certification is recognized by professional leagues like the NBA, NFL, and the MLB. The NCAA also recognizes it too.

It is completely safe for everyone; PEDs are banned because they come with dangerous side effects and that’s not what you get with this supplement.

You won’t find any C4 Sport review saying that the user was suspended from playing their sport because of this.

It’s this completely innocuous formula that also makes the C4 Sport a preferable pre workout supplement for company employees who regularly undergo drug testing.

Unfamiliar or untested supplements can lead to false positives, and failing a drug test won’t do much for your career.

C4 Sport Pre Workout Energy drink

Workout Benefits

Aside from that fact that it’s not prohibited by sports league, the C4 Sports also offer a wide variety of benefits.

They all boil down to a simple statement: taking this preworkout supplement can really boost your workout efforts and enable you to train a hard and as long as you really can.

First of all, this gives you a lot of energy.

All that energy that you gain can then be purposely expended to really attack your training regimen.

Being an athlete means training for endurance so you don’t get tired easily.

But more than that, you need a lot of strength that comes from bigger muscles.

With that kind of strength, you’re also less likely to get injured seriously enough to keep you from training and playing.

This provides you with the pump feeling that accompanies the improved blood low to your muscles.

You get more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, so they can work at their peak for a longer period of time.

The C4 Sport also provides you with improved mental focus so that your head is concentrated on your training requirements.

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Here are The 5-Star Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

The C4 Sport comes with a different formula than the Original version.

Perhaps the most notable change is the huge increase in the dosage of the creatine.

In the original you get 1 g of creatine, which is good for all-around improvement.

With the Sport you get massive 2.5 g dosage. The importance of creatine for athletes can’t be emphasized enough.

There’s a reason why about half of all professional football players and about a quarter of all professional baseball players use creatine.

It’s one of the most highly researched supplement ingredients in history, and the vast majority of studies confirm its utter effectiveness in really making you into a stronger athlete.

The muscles you will develop won’t be just for show.

They’ll make you less likely to get injured, and you become a more effective player. The creatine is part of the C4 Sport Performance Blend, which also includes the other typical C4 ingredients.

C4 Sport Pre Workout Energy drink

These include beta alanine for greater muscle endurance and strength, as well as for improved mass.

You get the arginine responsible for the enhanced blood flow, as it’s a precursor to nitric oxide. Other C4 Sport ingredients in this blend include phosphate, magnesium, and sodium.

Then there’s also the special C4 Energy Blend.

This mainly contains 135 mg of caffeine plus Taurine. This gives you the extra energy you need for your workout, without making you feel too jittery.

There are other vitamins and minerals here too. There’s a bit of vitamin B6 and calcium, and a massive dose of vitamin B12 that’s part of the Sport Energy Blend.

The B12 dose here is 5x what you normally need daily, but there’s a reason for having this much in the C4 Sport.

This preworkout supplement simply makes sure that you don’t become deficient in your B12 levels.

Vigorous workouts tend to deplete vitamin levels, and you need to make sure you always have enough B12.

A vitamin B12 deficiency results in weakness and fatigue that can reduce the effectiveness of your workout regimen.

It can also increase the likelihood of injury. A B12 deficiency is much more likely when you’re a vegan, or if you’re an athlete who’s trying to reduce your calorie intake.

C4 Sport Pre Workout Energy drink

Safety Issues and Directions for Use

It’s very safe, and that’s a fact.

There aren’t any serious C4 Sport side effects to worry about.

You won’t even have to be anxious about any sport league or workplace drug testing.

It simply won’t result in any false positives that can get you in trouble with your league or with your company.

You just need to mix one scoop with about 6 to 8 ounces of water.

You can then drink this about 20 to 30 minutes before you work out.

It’s highly advisable that you hydrate during your workout.

It’s best if you don’t forget to drink this supplement before any workout.

It helps that unlike other mixed powder supplements this one mixes well and actually tastes nice.

Exercises and Nutrition Dring Men and WomenYou just need to make sure that you pick the right flavor.

You have 3 options to choose from, with many favoring the C4 Sport blue raspberry.

Others go for the C4 Sport watermelon.

If these don’t really appeal to you, you still have the Fruit Punch flavor to try.

Of course, you do need to heed the various warnings.

It’s not for pregnant or nursing women, though women in general can use it too.

It’s also not for those with cardiovascular issues or any kind of significant medical condition.

If you’re taking prescription medication, then you need to keep away from this supplement. You can discuss the matter with your doctor if you want to be on the safe side.

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1-2-3 Sport System

You can also use this as part of a Cellucor stack designed for athletes.

The C4 Ripped is actually the first step of the 1-2-3 Sport System of Cellucor supplements.

The second step involves taking Whey Sport so you can take in the protein you need for your muscles to rebuild and get bigger.

The third step requires you to drink BCAA Sport for workout and all day recovery.

This drink contains water plus all the amino acids and electrolytes needed to help you maintain your energy and fight off fatigue while you engage in vigorous exercises.

You can also drink this the whole day instead of water.

It quenches your thirst while it also supports muscle building. It helps with weight loss as well, since it contains 0 sugars and 0 calories.

Where to Buy

It is possible to buy these in your local health supplement store, but you’re more likely to find it easier by just going online.

If you wish to buy C4 Sport online, we recommend you get from Walmart and Amazon.com online retail stores are excellent options.

Of the twho super online retailers, Amazon is more highly rated and more secured for you.

It's easy to navigate, you will get an authentic C4 supplement, and the delivery is usually prompt.

It’s also a convenient site to read hundreds of reviews. The price is even usually lower especially with Amazon sales and package discounts.

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The C4 is an excellent lineup of pre-workout supplements.

If you’re confused about the C4 Sport vs. C4 Ripped options, it’s simply enough to differentiate and choose between the two.

It’s all about who you are and what you need.

Is your main priority to lose weight while you retain your muscles?

If that’s the case, then the Ripped is your best option.

Are you an athlete who would like to develop greater strength and endurance? If so, the Sport version is more suitable for you.

For the typical athlete, there’s often the temptation to blur some lines when it comes to enhancing your performance.

It’s the result of your innate competitive spirit.

With the C4 Sport, you can get the added energy and endurance boost you need, while you protect your health and comply with the drug rules.

It’s definitely a winner’s choice.

C4 Sport Pre Workout Energy drink

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