C4 Neuro Review: Build Nootropic Edge, Winning Mindset, Mental Clarity, Explosive Energy Training and Damn Good Results

C4 Neuro Intense Mental Focus EnergyAre you having trouble focusing? Do you lose steam as you work out?  If so you need to take a pre supplement to give you a boost.

One popular pre workout supplement is C4 Neuro, and according to the product marketing, it improves blood flow and stimulates muscle growth.

But is this product as good as claimed?

What are the Benefits? 

C4 Neuro pre workout is an all purpose supplement that builds up muscle mass, promotes better endurance and greater physical strength.

By taking Neuro on a regular basis you also get a focus boost. Improvement in nutritional delivery to your muscles is another plus, and the increased strength is good for intense workouts.

 A pre workout supplement needs to do more than just boost your physical strength as there needs to be mental benefits as well. Its ingredients combine to delay the onset of fatigue, and this gives you the motivation to keep working out.

 You get lean muscle mass, gain faster response times and have better coordination. Neuro also contains nootropics (brain boosters) that help you focus.

These ingredients have been specially selected to give your brain the same kind of boost as your physical body.

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Supplements Facts: What are the Ingredients?

AMAZON - (Cellucor) C4 Neuro (INGREDIENTS)It contains essential ingredients to stimulate muscle growth.

Here is a quick rundown (the g are one scoop / per serving).

  • 6 g of beta alanine
  • 1 g of arginine AKG
  • 150 mg of caffeine
  • 5 calories
  • 250 mg vitamin C
  • 30 mg of niacin
  • 500 mcg of vitamin B6
  • 250 mcg of folic acid
  • The also contains C4 Neuro Blend, a unique concoction that enhances muscle performance. The blend also includes Zembrin, AlphaSize and Acetyl L Carnitine HCL.
  • The blend includes huperzine A and Alpha GPC, both essential for building up energy, muscles and strength.
  • 350 mg of Explosive Blend: includes TeaCor, caffeine anhydrous and N acetyl – L tyrosine.

The rest of the ingredients are similar to the base C4 so you get those benefits as well. However the inclusion of other ingredients means it’s more suited for pre workouts.

Compared to regular C4 supplements there is a bit more of everything here. That is why you get more energy and benefits.

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How Does Neuro Work?

Neuro is like a lot of pre working out powder and pills, only much better and more effective.

We have already mentioned its ingredients, and that alone is a good indicator of its potential.

However, the real key is the way Neuro supplies your body with nutrients, fueling mass and muscle growth.

As you drink Neuro, your body receives nutrients that stimulate muscle growth, improve blood flow and greater endurance.

All of these are immediately felt and as we have shown, the effects are long lasting and long term.

When you take Neuro you’ll get a lot more energy and focus. The result is noticeable even with pumps. With one or two scoops your body gets charged up for several hours.

The way the product has been prepared means you gain strength without feeling jittery. Yes there is some caffeine, but the amount is just right for the benefits without the side effects.

Taste and Mixing

Taste and mixing are often brought up in the C4 Neuro vs C4 Ripped debate, and both do well in these areas.

The Icy Blue Razz flavor tastes good as it gives the Neuro a light, smooth texture especially when mixed with t to 8 ounces of water.

The Neuro mixes easily too. There is no clumping or traces left at the bottom of the glass. It just needs about three shakes and it’s ready to drink.

  • Consumption

You should start off with 1 scoop. Mix thoroughly and take 30 minutes before working out. If you’re not sensitive to caffeine it’s all right to double the scoop. But the time – 30 minutes before workout – should still be the same. 

Doubling the scoop is also a good idea if you want to level up. In particular, taking two scoops increases the beta alanine to 3.2 g which is more suited for some people. 

  • Performance Efficiency

With those ingredients, Neuro is able to give your body the energy required for long workouts. You’ll notice the effects when you work out as you won’t tire as quickly.

You’ll be able to do more reps and sets, but you won’t feel as sore afterwards.

The best thing about the Neuro is it produces a snowball effect. It starts when you get more energy to use as body fuel.

This allows you to do more workouts for longer stretches, and the end result are bigger muscles, leaner mass and a more toned body.

Neuro works on all the vital levels. The most apparent benefit is the energy boost, but in addition you’ll notice your required rest periods get shorter.

Not only do you need less rest, but you’ll be able to lift more weights and perform more reps and sets.

The quality of the ingredients results in a significant increase in mass and muscle growth. It has some stimulants, but it won’t make you feel jittery.

The extra focus and energy are especially good if you’re into cardio. If you have taken other C4 products, you will notice that Neuro has more potency and power.

  • Increased Focus and Alertness

Focus, Alertness TrainingCellucor gamer has earned a solid reputation for increasing focus and alertness. These are essential not just for gamers but those who work out. The increased alertness is very noticeable, even with just one scoop.

The improved focus is felt about 30 minutes after taking the drink. Two scoops provides greater impact, but for beginners, one time is sufficient. It is best to start with one and add another scoop if you feel it is necessary.

Either way you’ll notice that focus effect is smooth and gradually builds up. The improved concentration also extends much longer compared to regular drinks. Even if you’re done working out for a couple of hours, the buzz is still there.

Have you been using headphones to drown out noise just so you can exercise?  With Neuro that is no longer required. If you need more focus, just add another scoop. What’s even better is you’ll feel the effects rapidly.

  • Energy Boost

C4 Neuro gaming drinks are known as energy boosters, and it’s as good as advertised. The caffeine has something to do with this, but so do the other ingredients.

Not only does your mind get a boost but so does your physical body. 

The amount of energy you get is significant. With regular intake you’ll have the endurance to do 60 minute exercises.

The nice thing about this energy boost is the effect lingers on. With other pre workout drinks, you feel the effects for a few minutes and it dissipates.

 With Neuro the effect is more pronounced. Not only are you able to do more workouts, but you have enough energy to last through the day.

This is another example of the snowball effect, as the long lasting effect allows you to be more active during the day.

Compared to other pre workout drinks, the Neuro energy boost is more significant. Again this can be attributed to the fact that its ingredients are of a higher concentration than the usual.

The net effect of all this is you’re able to do more without tiring. This is not limited to exercise but your other daily activities as well.

Health Benefits

The inclusion of vitamin C provides Neuro with antioxidants that remove toxins in your body.

Neuro also speeds up tissue repair, and it also stimulates collagen production for healing injuries. The niacin in Neuro lowers cholesterol and leads to faster protein growth.

The vitamin B12 in Neuro provides an energy boost, and it is especially useful for pre workout. It works especially well with L arginine AKG in enhancing your endurance and strength.


  • Improves mental focus
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases endurance
  • Leads to faster muscle growth


  • Not for people with high blood pressure
  • Limited flavors available

Are There Side Effects?

C4 Neuro side effects are practically non existent. Like other C4 products, the ingredients were carefully selected to ensure efficiency. 

The only possible source of side effects is the caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine you may want to limit intake to just one scoop. But for most people, 2 scoops is fine and won’t be a cause for concern.

Where to Buy

Most buyers look up C4 Neuro at GNC or C4 Neuro from Amazon, and that is not surprising. If you’re going to order Neuro, do so from a reputable vendor so you get a warranty and refund.

More importantly, you’re assured the product is genuine Neuro. 

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If you look up C4 Neuro buy then you’re not the only one as a lot of fitness buffs prefer it. After reviewing we have to agree.

You need to combine the Neuro with exercise and a healthy diet, but the end result will be some impressive muscle gains.

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