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C4 Ultimate Review Buyer Guide: Insane Workout, Huge Results, Focus and Endless Endurance Levels

Find out why the C4 Ultimate is the perfect preworkout supplement for those who plan on undertaking monstrous workouts.

The original C4 is perhaps one of the most well-known pre-workout supplements in the industry, and it’s certainly among the most popular since it burst into the scene.

It’s filled with lots of ingredients that enable you to work out with more energy, endurance, and even mental focus than ever before.

However, it was designed to suit the needs of both workout vets and gym newbies who haven’t really tried supplements before.

Now there’s the Ultimate version, and the C4 Ultimate ingredients are in truly huge dosages that newbies won’t be able to take.

The Ultimate is well-named, and don’t you forget it. Cellucor even acknowledges it as the most powerful C4 version they’ve ever created.

This isn’t for newbies, or for casual gym visitors. This is for those who seem to live for the training, and who are truly determined to make absolutely sure that their workout will achieve them the fitness goal they truly want.

Every ingredient here is magnified and boosted to an almost insane degree, and these dosages will translate to the greatest gains in terms of muscle strength and mass—if you have the guts and the stomach for the massive doses.

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C4 Ultimate Review: Vital Benefits for You

If you’re absolutely determined to “Hulk out” during your workout, then this is the preworkout supplement you need.

In many ways, it’s like the Original C4.

This will provide you with the extra energy you need to lift greater weights and do more high intensity exercises.

With this you get the endurance that enables you to exert effort for a longer time without tiring.

This even gives you a boost for your cognitive function, so you’re especially focused and motivated to finish what you’ve started.

The difference between the Ultimate and the Original is basically about the magnitude of the benefits.

The Ultimate delivers lot of energy and plenty of endurance.

It may be too much for your system if you’re in anyway frail.

In addition, your cognitive function will really step up to the next level as well, so you can focus more fully on your workouts.

This thing is monstrous, and so are the potential changes in your body when you start it.

Ingredients and Supplements Facts

The ingredients and dosages in the Ultimate are so drastically amplified that you need to compare it to the Original formula to really see its significance.

  • Beta alanine

In the original you got 1.6 g, and in the Ultimate that’s doubled to 3.2 g. This is the ingredient that boosts muscle strength, and it also enhances your aerobic and muscular endurance.

This is the indispensable supplement that 50% of all football players and 25% of all baseball players take to enhance their performance legally.

It’s been comprehensively studied and the results are conclusive. This will truly enable you to develop greater strength to accelerated muscle development.

In the original you get 1 g, which was ample enough. But now that’s been upped to 1.5 g.

  • Arginine and citrulline

Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, which enables a stronger blood flow to your muscles.

This makes sure your muscles get the nutrients and oxygen you need to really give you that muscular strength and endurance required for strenuous workouts.

This arginine is bolstered by a massive 6 g dose of citrulline, which pretty much works the same way.

  • Contains lots of stimulants

And foremost among them is the proven wake-upper caffeine. Now instead of the original 150 mg of caffeine, the dosage is increased to 300 mg.

That’s like 2 cups of really strong coffee in one serving, and that’s not even counting the other ingredients in the Energy Blend.

There’s no doubt you’ll be bursting with energy by the time you start your workout.

  • Lots of Nootropics elements

Unlike most of the other C4 variants, this Ultimate version is loaded with nootropics.

These are compounds designed to really enhance your cognitive functions.

It’s not just helpful for your daily life and work. It’s also a boon for your workouts, because you can concentrate more fully on what you need to do.

Part of the benefit is to keep you mentally clear and motivated so you don’t quit on your training regardless of the challenges and difficulties.

Your mind is focused on what you hope to achieve through your efforts.

  • Various vitamins and minerals

The Ultimate contains the same vitamins as what you can find in the original, though this time calcium is added.

However, you get double dosages for the vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and niacin.

Workouts tend to deplete your vitamin levels, and this Ultimate vitamin blend really makes sure that you don’t suffer any sort of vitamin deficiency that can result in weakness and fatigue.

Directions for Use

The first thing you need to do is to get your doctor’s approval for this stuff.

This is C4 Ultimate, and Cellucor isn’t joking.

This will explode lots of energy in you like you won’t believe, and you better be in perfect shape.

Once you get the go-signal from your doctor, you can then pick the flavor you want.

The good thing here is that you do get a lot of flavors to choose from.

With 9 fruity flavors available, you can at least make sure to find the right flavor that perfectly suits your taste.

Just make sure to try to go slow at first. The directions call for you to use a scoop of powder to mix in 10 to 12 ounces of water.

You may want to use less than a scoop for the first few days so that you can be certain your body can take the dosages of the ingredients.

You should only use this for 8 weeks straight. Then stop for 2 weeks before you resume taking it.

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Any Side Effects?

There are no serious side effects here if you use it properly—and if you’re the right person to take it. It’s not really for everyone, however.

The usual warnings apply when it comes to the C4 Ultimate. It can’t be taken by pregnant or nursing women, and it should only be taken by adults.

It’s definitely not for those with a medical condition.

You must be in good shape and perfect health.

It’s definitely not for you if you’re taking any medication or even another supplement, whether it’s prescription or OTC.

In fact, this is so powerful that it’s a very good idea for you to consult with your doctor first before you start with the C4 Ultimate.

It really is that strong and even Cellucor gives this suggestion of medical consultation. Even a family history for a medical condition can be grounds for concern.

You’re also not supposed to take this for more than 8 weeks straight.

You may want to cycle it for 8 weeks or less, and then rest for 2 weeks or so before you start it up again with the Ultimate.

It must be understood here that you have larger doses for the ingredients, and if you’re unused to them you may feel some sort of side effect.

The beta alanine can make you feel tingly all over, but it’s actually harmless.

What’s more worrisome is the 300 mg dosage for the caffeine. That’s just part of the whole energy and focus blend, and you have other stimulants here too.

That much caffeine alone is the equivalent of drinking 2 cups of strong coffee all at once. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may experience the jitters and perhaps even an accelerated heartbeat.

Conquer Gym Plateur, Workout Big Endurance

Where to Buy Your Today?

The surest way to get the C4 Ultimate is to go online and buy it from online retail stores.

Fans of the C4 Ultimate tend to go to sites like Amazon, Walmart, Muscle and Strength, though Cellucor also maintains a seller site for their C4 lineup.

Taken together, you may enjoy discounts that aren’t available anywhere else.

Muscle and Strength is the most reliable and secure, and at least they check seller credentials so you will get the authentic supplements you want.

It’s also a convenient website to read lots of C4 Ultimate review by articles sent in by verified customers. Click here to order your today with peace of mind.


For some people, really strenuous workouts separate the men from the boys. There’s no room for compromise or half-measures.

You have to ask yourself if you truly want to succeed in your workout goals.

So you need to be sure: are you a hero, or are you a zero?

If you’ve already been taking other preworkout supplements (including other C4 versions), and you’re not progressing as quickly and as well as you think you should, then this is what you need to try out.

This is for those who are truly obsessed in kicking ass and taking no prisoners in their workouts.

The C4 Ultimate is for those who fear nothing, and who want everything to go right in their workouts.

If that’s you then take step up to the plate and take a swing. For the truly determined, the C4 Ultimate is a homerun.

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