Marine Muscle Drill Master Review: Gain Rapid Muscle Results, Insane Strength Even for Hardgainers and Slim Guys to Get Bigger Faster

buy marine muscleMarine Muscle Drill Master as good as advertised?  Our review goes over its benefits, pros, cons and where you can buy it to enhance rapid muscle gains and power.

Have you been working out in the gym regularly but not getting the results you want?  Have you been putting in the hours but still not getting those muscles?

It probably means you’re a hard gainer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. One product which claims to be able to do give you those muscles is Marine Muscle Drill Master.

Drill Master is not the first muscle supplement to say it’s for hard gainers. I’ve heard similar claims before and was not really impressed with the results.

However I’ve read a lot of positive reviews and feedback about Drill Master so I decided to take a look.

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What is Drill Master?

Drill Master is a specially prepared formula for hard gainers.

The formula has been updated so it’s more effective than the standard mass gainer.

Each ingredient also works to produce an anabolic state in your body.

The ingredients in this supplement have also been formulated to stimulate fast growth of muscles and strength.

Drill Master is aimed at men who want to get maximum results from each workout.

You won’t just get hard muscles, but you will be able to sustain those gains.

The combination of all the ingredients leads to bigger muscle size.

Marine Muscle Drill Master is made in the USA. It is 100% legal and not need any special permit, prescription or authorization to use.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete or just someone who wants to get fit, the Drill Master can give you the edge. While the formula is potent there are no side effects.

This is not your run of the mill bodybuilding supplement. Years were spent formulating it to ensure quality. The end result is a natural muscle building formula that is just as god as steroids but not as dangerous.

Drill Master is leagues above the average muscle building supplement for several reasons. It is effective, clean and made with the end user in mind. While the benefits are comparable to steroids, it’s as safe as most sports drinks.


Drill More Pumps and StrengthIngredients determine how effective a muscle supplement will be. In this case I’ll give the thumbs up to the Drill Master as it has some potent elements in the mix.

  • 450 mg whey protein
  • 300 mg L Isoleucine
  • 300 mg L Valine
  • 75 mg L Leucine
  • 75 mg Tribulus terretris
  • 33 mg DHEA

L Leucine, L Valine and L Isoleucine are BCAAs and crucial for strength and muscle building.

It doesn’t contain any steroids and is ideal for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness buffs. Other ingredients are rice bran extract, silica and gelatin capsule.

  • DHEA

The 10 mg of DHEA in the Drill Master increases testosterone levels. Age, an unhealthy diet and other factors reduce your body’s testosterone levels. Drill Master ensures they remain high so you can build more muscles.

DHEA is effective because it is a natural substitute for steroids, just as potent but without the side effects. On its own DHEA is already effective, but you’ll get even more benefits when it’s combined with the other Drill Master ingredients.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terretris has a reputation for being a natural aphrodisiac, but it also increases the testosterone level, and that is good for building up your strength and muscles. Of course we cannot discount its benefits for male vitality and virility.

Animal studies have indicated that it’s an effective agent for boosting sexual desire, and it is also used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Whey Protein

No surprise whey protein is included in the ingredients list. Whey protein stimulates muscle tissue growth and sustaining muscle growth.

Whey protein of course, promotes protein synthesis and contains amino acids which your body absorbs and uses to develop your muscles.

Whey protein is also rich in other nutrients which are good for your body.

  • BCAAs

BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are important for building and sustaining muscles. Valine, leucine and isoleucine are the most important BCAAs for this purpose, and that’s why they are included here.

All three amino acids have similar properties and work together to enhance muscle growth and function.

These three BCAAs are especially good for muscle support and delays the onset of fatigue.

Leucine in particular is an effective protein synthesis stimulant. Isoleucine cuts down glucose cell uptake while valine offers both.

If you have taken any muscle gainers before you’ll be familiar with the names of the ingredients. That doesn’t mean Drill Master is the same as the others. In fact it’s the exact opposite as this supplement is more powerful.

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What Makes Drill Master so Potent?

Drill Master is not your typical muscle mass gainer, as it’s been formulated specifically for gaining muscles fast and easy.

By easy I mean you don’t have to wait forever to see the results of your workout. The carefully selected formula also lets you tap in your inner stamina and strength.

Another advantage is it doesn’t need prescription. Unlike steroids you don’t have to go to a doctor or worry about the authorities.

You get the same benefits as steroids but without the unpleasant side effects.

It charges up your body’s muscle building process and enhances your body’s nitrogen retention capabilities.

This formula also provides long lasting effects so it’s ideal for serious strength training.

It also stimulates protein synthesis faster so muscle gains are more massive.

I have already mentioned nitrogen retention elsewhere so no need to repeat the information, but suffice to say it boosts overall performance and increases energy. The ingredients in this product also enhances focus and drive.

Those two elements – focus and drive – are not often mentioned when discussing Drill Master benefits. But anyone who’s done work will tell you that drive and focus are paramount to achieving the desired results.

Drill Master provides many more benefits such as being all natural. Most supplements make a big deal out of being natural, but Drill Master is one that lives up to the hype.

Since they’re natural you don’t have to be concerned about side effects. Just take the pills as directed and watch as your muscles grow quick and fast

To sum up the benefits:

  • This is a 100% legal steroid alternative, one that doesn’t need permission from your doctor.
  • The nutrients work together to augment protein synthesis, the method your body uses to build muscles.
  • The nutrients ramp up production of nitric oxide so you’ll get more muscles and strength.

Marine Muscle Protein Ingredients

How it Works

Drill Master works by boosting your protein synthesis, the means by which your body builds up muscles. This is achieved by boosting nitrogen retention.

The more nitrogen your muscle tissues have, the more efficient protein synthesis is and the bigger your muscles will be.

This simple formula,  nitrogen into muscle tissues -> protein synthesis leads to more muscles and greater strength. The additional nitrogen in your body allows you to build bigger, harder muscles.

All muscle builders make this claim, but what makes this different from the rest? Drill Master contains more ingredients that boost the process so you’ll achieve maximum growth.

The combination of DHEA, whey protein and the other ingredients give your body the edge and the means to build bigger muscles.

Drill Master is appropriately named since it works out your body thoroughly. You don’t have to wait long either as you’ll notice the gains in just a few weeks. It is not just a physical gain, but also makes you feel more alive and energetic.

For a lot of men, rapid muscle development is the key and the reason why they’re taking this supplement. And if that’s all you need great. But as I have pointed out here, the benefits of Drill Master go beyond that.

Chief among these other health benefits is fighting fatigue. Getting tired and losing your breath will affect your performance and make it harder to build muscles.

With Drill Master you’ll also notice improvements in your performance in the sexual department. While this product is for muscle building, it’s also good for boosting energy.

It’s understandable if you’re skeptical of the claims since Drill Master is not the first, and it won’t be the last to say they are for hard gainers. However the Drill Master is able to distinguish itself by the number of benefits it provides.

Order Drill Master Muscle and strength

Is Marine Muscle Drill Master for You?

This is the right supplement for you if:

  • You have a hard time building muscles and retaining them
  • You have a hard time burning fat
  • You’ve been working out a lot and haven’t gotten good results
  • You want superior strength and muscle
  • You’re looking for a safe, legal and potent steroid alternative
  • You want to hold onto your gains when between cycles.

Drill Master is also for those who have to do a lot of training for strength and size. You can get the same effects when taking dianabol, but it is not a steroid so no need to worry about any ill effects.

I have to emphasize this is a supplement and aims to complement your workout regimen. This is not a magic formula that builds muscles for you. You still have to work out and go on a  healthy diet.

This supplement is also for those who are looking for a dianabol alternative.

Dianabol is the a powerful anabolic steroid for muscle and strength enhancement. Unfortunately it is also illegal and full of side effects. Drill Master possesses many of those qualities but without the side effects.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a formula that will instantly gift you with muscles, this is not it. But if you’re looking for the best complement for your workout and diet, the Drill Master won’t disappoint.


You can take up to 3 capsules 45 minutes after completing each workout.  Each serving has 1,233 mg of nutrients so there’s no need to take extra doses.

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Are There Side Effects?

There are no side effects associated with this product.

One instance when you may feel side effects is if you take more than the recommended dosage. Other than you don’t have to be concerned about side effects.


  • Optimizes muscle strength and growth
  • No serious side effects
  • Works great for hard gainers
  • No prescription needed
  • Improves drive and focus
  • Produces results in 30 days or less


  • Only available online
  • You still need to work out to get results

Where to Buy Dril Master Hgh Supplement?

Drill Master is only available at the official Marine Muscle website. Do not buy from other websites which claim to offer this product.

Buying from the official website ensures you’ll get the genuine product and can avail of the discounts and customer support.

Just click to open the store and order some bottles with sweet discounts.


Q: How long does it take for Drill Master to produce results?

It varies, but usually you’ll feel and see the changes in just a few weeks.

Q: Do I still need to work out and exercise?

Yes you do. Drill Master is a supplement and will only boost the results of your workouts. You will also get better results if you go on a diet.

Q: Can I take Drill Master with other supplements?

Drill Master works great as a standalone product, but you may combine it with other Marine Muscle products. You could also for instance, mix and match it with protein shakes.

Q: Is Drill Master a pre or post workout supplement?

You can take it either way and you’ll get the benefits.

Q: Does Drill Master contain steroids?

No, it is 100% free from steroids.


Marine Muscle Drill Master makes a lot of claims about stimulating muscle growth, boosting nitrogen retention and so on.

However it’s able to back it up thanks to the high quality ingredients.

Marine Muscle manufactures a lot of excellent supplements and Drill Master is certainly one of the best for hard gainers.

Order Drill Master Muscle and strength

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