Between Length and Girth: Which is More Important and Why

Several studies have shown that most men are worried about the size of their penises? They are not sure whether their length or girth is just the right size for women.

Most men would prefer longer penises because they think that’s what most women want?

But is that the case?

Do women really like men with longer penises?

Such questions will probably get you into lengthy debate with anyone you are comfortable discussing the topic with.

Luckily, studies and surveys seem to be in agreement as to what is more important between length and girth and we will discuss the relevant findings in depth later on in this article.

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What does women prefer between girth and length

Girth and Length: Everything you need to know

Penis girth is a measure of the diameter/ width of the penis. Basically, how thick the penis is! The average girth is between 4 to 5 inches.

The number seems a bit bigger than you would have expected because even though it measures the thickness/ diameter, most surveys and studies measure the male penile girth as a circumference.

Moreover, the measurement is taken when the penis is fully erect!

To measure the girth, simply get a string and wrap it around the center of your shaft when fully erect and mark the point where the string forms a full circle.

Measure the length of the string from the starting point to the marked point with a ruler or a tape measure and you will have your circumference.

The length of the penis is basically how long it is. It is measured from the base of the penis to the tip of the head. The average length is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches long.

Again, the measurement should only be taken when fully erect, otherwise, you won’t like the figure you will get!

What do women really want?

For most women, a bigger girth is more important than the length of the penis. The reasons for this are many.

To understand, you simply need to think of the number one reason we all have sex; to orgasm. For most women, sex is incomplete if they don’t orgasm!

For women to orgasm, they need maximum stimulation of the nerve endings on the clit and on the inner vaginal walls. These areas have numerous nerve endings that trigger orgasms.

A guy with a bigger girth can easily, consistently and rhythmically hit the pressure-sensitive nerve endings on the vagina making it more likely that the woman will orgasm.

This is in contrast to a less girthy guy who might not be able to consistently hit and stimulate the same spots making his woman less likely to orgasm.

Moreover, a girthy member somewhat gets the clit closer to the penis during sex guaranteeing contact and stimulation. The only outcome for this kind of contact is a powerful, body-shaking orgasm!

Why don’t some women like long Ps?

The answer is simple!

An extremely long penis maybe a thing of pride to a man but is often unnecessary when it comes to sex considering the fact that the G-spot and other vaginal sweet spots are located just 4 inches from the mouth of the vagina!

This means that an average penis length of between 5 to 6.5 inches is sufficiently long to hit the G-spot and trigger an explosive orgasm.

Other than that an extremely long penis may cause cervical pain! This is true, especially when doing the deed with a short woman!

What does research into the girth versus length debate reveal?

Yes, scientists are also interested in this debate! In fact, many studies and surveys have been done on the matter. Some have revealed very exciting facts!

For instance, one study that sought the views of 41 women in California found that for one-night stands most women prefer men with a bigger girth. This is perhaps indicative of the priority in these late-night romps; to have a wild orgasmic night!

With regards to long-term partners, the women preferred the average penis size of 6.5 inches, showing that a longer phallus is not really a priority for most females.

Another study with a larger population sample of fifty women revealed that forty five of the fifty women thought that a bigger girth is more sexually satisfying, validating our earlier statement that women prefer bigger “men” and not necessarily longer ones.

Another survey that had an even wider population sample of 556 European women, similarly found that women think that thickness is more important.

Women love long penile

What should you do about it?

As these studies and surveys reveal, a bigger girth is more preferable than a longer phallus.

For pride and for that mental confidence that gives you the guts to go for a great performance in bed, a longer manhood is also key!

If you feel as if you are not big enough and that your size might not be hitting your partner’s sweet spots as much as you would like, do not worry!

There are several ways you can remedy the situation!

One of the best ways is going for sex positions that allow you to go deeper! Try a position with her legs up and see if things get any better!

If she doesn’t moan, tremble or scream any more than she did before, you should go natural sex pills such as Male Extra. Or more permanent solution of penis extension.

Penis extension basically involves the use of a medical penis traction device such as SIZE GENETICS that stretches your penis muscle and tissues triggering growth and more girthy erections.

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