Male Extra Review – Does it Really Work to Improve Sexual Performance, Staying Power & Stronger, Bigger, Harder, Longer Erections Quality for Men?

Male Extra ReviewDoes Male Extra really give you a longer, harder erection? Learn the truth in this unbiased, detailed review about this top male enhancement pill designed to help guys improve sexual performance always.

Male Extra (ME) is a male enhancement pill or supplement which claims will add inches to your erection’s length and girth. thereby giving bigger and harder weapon you always desire.

ME also says it’s all natural, safe and really works.

These claims are hardly surprising, in fact we’ve heard of them before since all penis pills and male enhancers make similar statements.

But are they true? 

Over 97% Male Extra reviews have given it the thumbs up, but I wanted to go a little deeper and find out what it’s all about. After all, any penis pill can make outlandish claims, so I conducted this thorough review to uncover the truth. 

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What are the Benefits?

With thousands of male enhancers in the market, is there anything in ME that makes it different from the other products? Yes there are.

  • Quicker Results: ME produces results faster than most other male enhancers. In just a few weeks, blood flow will improve significantly.
  • Promotes Hormone Changes: ME enhances your hormones and testosterone, boosting your sex drive.
  • Better Performance: ME also gives you greater control so you don’t ejaculate prematurely.
  • Backed by Science: Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched, with studies proving their benefits for erection and sexual performance.
  • Proven Manufacturer: The supplement is manufactured by Advanced Health, a well respected company based in the US and UK.
  • Natural Results: You don’t need to wear any apparatus. Just take the pills as indicated on the package and you’ll see the results.
  • More Confidence: Your erection gets bigger and harder, your control in the bedroom also improves.
  • 100% Safe: There is no money risk here. If you’re not happy with the results, just return it and a full refund is yours.

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Let's Talk about The 5-Star Ingredients 

The Male Extra pill got my attention because it contains a powerful set of ingredients that lead to bigger, longer, harder and much stronger erections. truth is many of these ingredients are natural Aphrodisiac or love drug men have been using for centuries.

  • Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3)

Niacin expands and relaxes blood vessels that allows more blood to flow.

Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that taking niacin daily help men with ED maintain their erection. The same study gave placebo to the other half, which showed no improvements.

  • Cordyceps 25mg

Cordyceps is a fixture in Chinese medicine as it’s been used as an aphrodisiac. Cordycep acid and deoxyadenosine are the chemicals in Cordyceps which stimulate the part of your brain that controls sexual arousal.

A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine revealed that men experienced an increase of up to 64% in the hardness of their erection.

  • Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg

A study published in the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy in 2013 showed that a low zinc diet for just 20 weeks reduces male testosterone by up to 75%.

The same study reveals that boosting zinc intake doubles zinc levels. A low testosterone level depletes your sex drive and makes erection difficult to sustain.

Male Extra contains zinc to keep your testosterone level up. Even for seniors, the zinc level here is increased so your sex drive is always ready. Zinc citrate is the type used in ME as it is easier to absorb.

  • L-Methionine 100mg

Maleextra Ingredients ServingsL-Methione is an amino acid which keeps histidine from turning into histamine.

The more histamine your body has, the quicker your orgasms and ejaculation occur.

This amino acid keeps histamine levels low so you won’t suffer from premature ejaculation.

  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg

This is the mineral sulfur in organic form, and it stimulates blood circulation to your tissues and cells including your penis.

MSM strengthens your cells so they’re able to reproduce. The MSM in ME leads to production of flexible cells which contain more blood. The more blood in your penis, the firmer and harder your erection gets.

  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg

The ellagic acid in pomegranate is an antioxidant which improves blood flow. A study conducted by Sumner, MD., Elliott-Eller, M., et al reveals that drinking pomegranate improves blood circulation by up to 17% in 90 days.

A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research reveled that drinking pomegranate for 8 weeks noticed improvements in sexual performance and sustainable erections.

Ellagic acid also delays fatigue during sex and other physical activities. Ellagic acid also provides protection against free radicals.

ME is the first and only male enhancer that includes 40% ellagic acid, a well known ancient natural Aphrodisiac or love drug. At 500 mg you’re going to get the right amount for better and bigger erections. This also ensures staying power during sex and greater pleasure.

  • L-Arginine HCL 600mg

This amino acid transforms into nitric oxide in your system, boosting erection and sexual performance.

Men with erectile dysfunction will notice improvements within a month, improving their ability to maintain an erection. L arginine doubles your nitric oxide levels which enhances sexual performance.

What really makes ME potent is the amount. With 600 mg of L arginine you’ll get a bigger, harder erection that lasts longer too.

Maybe you have seen some of these ingredients in other penis pills. However, the blend is unique and the dosages have been formulated for faster results.

ME is also for men who want natural ingredients that are proven safe and have been clinically enhanced. For young and old, ME provides the ingredients you’ll need to get the erection your body needs to get that erection. 

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How Does It Work? 

Most male enhancement products all make the same promise of a bigger, harder, longer lasting erection, but they never deliver.

ME is different: it works because the ingredients work together to make your erection harder and longer lasting. Does Male Extra work to improve erections and overall sexual performance for you and her?

Yes, it does this by naturally enhancing blood flow to your penis, as the more blood flows in the harder you get in the sac, the better your libido and staying, aka: bedroom stamina!

All the ingredients in Male Xtra are natural and this leads to an increase the sustainability, hardness and size of your erection.

This is accomplished by improving blood circulation in your penis. Blood fills the tissues of your penis during an erection. The more blood your tissues can store the longer and harder erection becomes.

The ingredients in ME don’t just make your erection longer, harder, and bigger, as it also produces more powerful orgasms.

The enhanced blood flow also means you’ll get more nutrients and oxygen in your cells. All of these are rapidly delivered to your cells, enabling you to last longer in bed and delay fatigue.

These male enhancement pills won’t just satisfy you but your as well. All the ingredients in this supplement are natural and safe.

As I have shown in the ingredients section, each one is is formulated to make your erection not only hard but sustainable. When you take the pill on a regular basis it increases the nitric oxide that flows in your body.

Nitric oxide is one of the most critical components to erection. It is the means by which blood is delivered to your penis. As nitric oxide flows, your blood vessels widen and relax, improving blood circulation. 

As we have shown here, ME works at multiple levels, improving nitric oxide input, increasing the amount of oxygen and blood circulation and stimulating cell growth. It is this combo that gives you the stamina for intense sex.

While it’’s not necessary to know how ME works to benefit from it, it does give you a better appreciation. 

Hard Male Sexual Cock Satisfaction

Is This Male Enhancement Supplement For You?

The best male enhancement pills for longer erection are all formulated to do the same thing, but more often than not fail to do so. ME however, is for you if:

  • You want a bigger, longer penis
  • You want longer lasting erections
  • You want more intense orgasms
  • You want more stamina in bed
  • You want more exciting sex for you and your partner

ME is also for men who want a penis pill that has been scientifically tested. You’ve probably read stories of male enhancers costing hundreds or thousands of dollars which fail to produce results or even have side effects.

Well that’s not going to happen here as the ME has been scientifically tested and proven to work. Whether you’re a young man who wants a bigger erection or a senior citizen who wants a reinvigorated sex life, this will do. 

ME is also for men who want more from male supplements. ME ingredients offer double the dosage compared to other penis pills, and it’s ellagic acid is the most potent nitric oxide booster there is. 

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The Male Extra Results 

The distinct blend of ingredients and nutrients provide excellent results. Provided you take ME as directed you’ll see and feel the changes in your erection.

The increase in erection ranges from 0.8 to 2.6 inches from a period ranging from 3 to 6 months. As your erection gets harder and more sustainable, the more confident you get. 

Keep in mind the results and length of time it takes to work varies, as many maleextra reviews by customers reveal. So there’s no need to be impatient. Majority of users see results in just a few weeks, but what is certain is you’re going to get results.

Remember, you must take ME on a regular basis to maintain your erection. The longer you take ME the harder your erections get. 


For optimum results take 3 pills a day, breakfast or another meal. Do not take more than 3 pills. 

The Male Extra Before and After (What do customers say?)

Bigger, Harder ErectionsThis natural male enhancement has received a lot of positive feedback. Here are some of the male extra reviews by customers.

  • Dino says he’s really happy with the results. He says he didn’t just a longer, bigger penis but it also boosted his sex drive.
  • Hank says he was skeptical at first but gave it a try anyway out of desperation. After a few weeks he noticed his penis become longer and bigger.
  • Jason had tried different types of penis pills before and one have worked. He expecting much from Male Extra, but after a few weeks he noticed his penis getting longer.
  • Allan says he had always felt insecure about his penis, and it affected his libido. After six months of taking ME, his erection increased by a couple of inches and gave him newfound confidence.

These are just some of the male extra customer reviews about the product that have been posted online, and they’re not the only ones.

The general consensus is that the pills produce bigger, longer and harder erections. Many reviewers even say they’ve gained up to 2.6 inches, and the harder erections have lead to more intense orgasms. 

Are There Any Male Extra Side Effects?

There are no side effects associated with this premium that helps men get bigger, harder, longer manhood. But if you’re a senior citizen and taking medication, consult your doctor before taking this product.

The only time you might feel side effects with Male Extra enhancement pills is if you take more than the recommended dosage.


  • Leads to harder, bigger erections
  • Produces more powerful orgasms
  • Gives you longer staying power
  • Works for senior citizens too


  • Product is only available online
  • Time it takes to produce results vary

Where to Buy Male Extra Pill

The elite male extra product is only available on the official website. You won’t be able to find a legitimate version of this in Amazon, Costco, Walmart, GNC or other online retailers. Purchase only from the official website to ensure it’s genuine.

Buying from the official website ensures you’ll be able to avail of the 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, just return the unused portion of the package within 60 days of getting the product. You will get a refund with no questions asked. 

Orders are shipped and packaged to you within 24 to 48 hours. In the US and the UK it usually takes 3 to 7 days, and in Europe it is 3 to 10 working days.

In Australia, Canada and the rest of the world it’s 5 to 15 working days.  A tracking number is provided and your order is shipped in plain, discreet packaging. Go to the official site order with generous discounts today.

Verdict about Maleextra

Male Extra results have shown that it is an effective penis enlarger. Taken regularly you’ll see increases in both length and girth. it’s got no side effects either so if you want a longer, harder penis – and what guy doesn’t? – I highly recommend this.

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Question and Answers:

QUE: Is Male Xtra a different product?

No, it is not, it is the same product – Male extra pills. Users may write its name differently. However, note that these pills can only be purchased from the official website.

Don’t order anywhere else, because it would be definitely a scam. The maker's want to protect customers and provide only original pills of the highest quality. Its success is widely known. This super male performer supplement is offered on one, official website.

Buying from the approved official site means also that you will get the discount on your order. You can get informed about the different offers that we give to our customers.

There are plenty of useful facts that will help you be familiar with about all the benefits of regular use.

Also, you can ask any question and the customer support will make provide you with the most accurate and precise answer. So whether it's called Male Xtra or the proper name, just ensure to get it directly from OFFICIAL STORE HERE…

QUE: Where to get Male Extra UK, Australia, Canada, USA etc?

If you were looking for Male extra pills in your local store, you might have been disappointed to find out there are none.

Male extra pills are not intended to sell over the counter. It can only be ordered from the official website in order to protect the customer from possible frauds or buying outright fake, expired or sub-standard types.

There is Male Extra UK, but you will need to go visit the approved online store, make your order on the safe page and get it delivered to your doorstep in 100% discreet package.

It cannot get any better than that. You will only need to sign and take the shipment.

Once you make the order, your shipment will be prepared for sending to your home address. If you live in the UK or the US, you can expect the shipment to get within 3-7 day period. It will be there in no time!

It takes a little bit longer if you are located in Europe, shipping period can be up to ten days long. On the other hand, people living in Australia, Canada or anywhere else may need to wait up to two weeks.

Besides, after you finish your order you will get a tracking number, so you can know where your shipment is physically located at that particular moment.

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QUE: Is there Male Extra Amazon, GNC, eBay etc?

Unfortunately, no, the manufacturer still hasn’t approved the sales in any place other than on the official website. However, it is always better to order directly from the manufacturer. This way, you can be sure that you will get the original product.

With so many frauds on the market, it is a way of protecting customers and selling only on this trusted dedicated store rather than having Male Extra Amazon or GNC store.

Besides, you will see first-hand all the conveniences that manufacturer has to offer. There are often discounts and promotions that you can use to get more bottles at the lower price.

In addition, you will get all the information in one place. If you are curious to know more about the ingredients, you will find all the necessary information.

It will clarify how Male extra pills work and how they should be used. If you are already on a therapy for another condition, you will get more information about safety by combining it with these pills. You can ask a question and get the answer within the next 24 hours.

There are all the shipment details and more information concerning the period of time that you can expect to receive your order. Depending on your location, you will get it within the range of 15 days.

The shipment is completely discrete so you don’t have to worry that anyone will find out what you have ordered.

There is also a 60-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the pills. However, it is important to mention that there no side effect whatsoever.

There are thousands of satisfied customers out there. Choose one of the offers concerning a discount that is the most appealing to you, fill in the details for the shipment and that is all.

QUE: What other big and hard male enhancement brand you recommend?

what male enhancement pills make you biggerMale extra pills are a great choice for any man. They are made of the most quality components directed towards the increased pleasure and endurance in the bedroom.

Its positive effects are numerous, however we can confidently recommend that VigRx-Plus as another high profile big and hard male enhancement capsule worth its weight in gold.

It has shown a positive effect on the erection, increased sex drive, Erectile dysfunction treatment, stamina and more orgasm for her.

Both of these pills give the men what they desire – better libido and enough energy to satisfy their partner completely.

Which one you will choose is completely up to you. Choose male enhancement pills that you feel are right for you.

QUE: Why are men obsessed with bigger, harder, longer penis?

The obsession man have about harder penis for either self confidence or sexual pleasure (or both) is as old as mankind.

However in the modern world this trend is being further fueled with the presence of porn and related lewd visual, and the mentality that puts sex before anything can truly impact guys.

Other reasons for being so obsessed with longer, harder erections are:

  • They are in a relationship with the person who likes gifted men.
  • They need it to overcome the feeling of inferiority.
  • Some guys see it as a solution to all problems with self-confidence.

Guys can be troubled by one or all three reasons. Of course, once you start realizing that the relationship is far more than a bigger harder longer penis size you will be much happier.

It is true that a guy with a long penis can be confident, but working on your personality will also give you the confidence you desire.

Sex is not just about penetration. There are so many ways that are can be fun. If you are with a person who is all about the size, think about finding another partner.

If you started noticing penis envy than you might want to have an honest conversation with yourself.

Think about the reasons that make you feel the way that you do. Eliminate all the factors that make you feel inferior.

Change a job, learn something new, learn to amaze a woman only with your personality. You will suddenly realize that your penis envy is gone.

And if you still feel you need some help on enhance how to make erection bigger always, then do it naturally with safe and proven solution like Male Extra. Click here to read full report.

The stay erect pills review online

QUE3 Important lifestyle habits to improve erections always

It's vitally important for every to understand or learn how to maintain a longer erection without fail. Having regular, bigger erections is a sign of your good health and it means that you are taking good care of yourself.

Not being able to erect once in a while is completely normal. However, if you started having problems frequently, then you can change few simple habits and notice a great improvement in that area.

Take a walk

Guys who are not active are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. Instead of using your car or go by subway as closest to your work as possible, take a five-minute walk to your work.

You won’t get tired and you will not get discouraged since it won’t take much of your time. If you do it daily, it will add up. You will be more active than before and you will soon start feeling better. It is proven that physical activity positively influences the ability to erect.

Avoid stress

Being constantly in a hurry and under stress will take a lot of your energy. When you are drained, the last thing you will have on your mind is sex. There is a great chance that you will not be able to perform well. Cutting down stress will give you your energy back.

Two drinks rule

Men who drink regularly and consume large quantities of alcohol are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Limiting yourself to two drinks max will not have any significant influence on your erection, but may put you in the mood for sex.

These are very easy changes that you can make and enjoy full, hard erections. With so little effort, you will get your sex drive back and the change will be noticeable. Your partner will surely appreciate your effort and most likely be very grateful. It is a win-win situation.

QUE: How to make your boners bigger – Do these 3 exercises

You want a bigger boner, but you don’t want to endanger your health? Here are 3 simple exercises that you can do regularly and increase the length naturally and achieve bigger stronger erections.

Control the ejaculation

This technique is also known as ballooning. It is directed towards exercising the tissue under the shaft of the penis. Try to control the ejaculation couple of times before the release. Practice until you are able to control it up to five times.

Get your own male package enhancer todayYou may have a problem with succeeding at first, but the effort will pay off for sure. Repeat the exercise at least two or three times a week.

It will increase the girth of your penis at least half an inch. Doing the exercise will improve your enjoyment and pleasure levels as well.

Jelqing technique

If you wish to promote the growth of your penis, then this is the exercise for you. You need to stretch your penis to the extent you feel comfortable.

Grip the base with a thumb and forefinger and slide the grip towards the head. This needs to be done very gently and carefully. Besides, the side-effect is a great pleasure, you maybe you can ask your partner to join.

Stretch it

Hold on to the tip of your penis and stretch it until the point it stops being comfortable. It will be easier if you put a warm towel to enhance blood flow to your penis or take a cold shower.

It should be performed in its flaccid state. Do it up to five times a week with 10-15 repetitions.

You can’t expect immediate results, but if you do the exercises regularly and properly it should do the trick. You will have a ticker and longer penis. Besides, controlling ejaculation will come handy during intercourse with a partner.

QUE: How to erect longer and harder naturally – 3 tips to help you

Men want their erections hard. Don’t let it become an issue. If you think that your erections could become harder and longer, follow these simple tips.

They can be easily implemented with very little effort. It will make you feel better on so many levels. Taking good care of your overall health is very important. Even little improvements are better than nothing.

Get your answer to how to erect longer and harder naturally below:

  1. Spend some time in the sun

Being outside is fun, no doubt about it. It can boost your mood and help you clear your mind. However, it will also give your body plenty of Vitamin D.

There is a study concerning the effect that Vitamin D has on erectile dysfunction. It revealed that 33% of men with this deficiency developed some type of problem with maintaining or even achieving an erection.

If you live in an area with little sunny days, you may want to think about taking a supplement. The right quantity will also have a positive effect on the muscle and bone health.

  1. Choose the right position

Certain positions during sex can help you maintain an erection. Use gravity to your advantage. Choose the positions where you will be on top. Explore different versions and see what works best for you and your partner.

Besides, you can always heat up the situation by prolonging foreplay, orally satisfy your partner and use your fingers for stimulation. This way, you won’t have a problem with maintaining an erection.

Even if you are concerned about it, the intercourse will be shorter and there is less chance that you will lose your erection. Your partner will already be satisfied, so there will be no pressure.

  1. Get some sleep

No, this is not just for the sake of having a rest. Even though you will feel better with more energy that is not the only reason. Testosterone is responsible for sex drive and quality of erection and it gets produced during deep sleep at night.

If you tend to wake up at night or you have been working a lot, your testosterone level may be lower than necessary.

Your libido may go down the drain. Don’t let that happen, but get a pillow and a blanket and do something nice for yourself and your partner! It is not so hard. If you have a problem with sleeping, try lowering your coffee intake.

These tips are not demanding at all and you won’t lose much time on implementing them. You can spend more time outside with your partner doing something that you both love to do.

It will make your connection stronger and it can be something like foreplay. Connecting on the deeper level with your partner will develop a trust necessary for a quality sexual relationship.

At the same time, the level of your vitamin D will increase and you will sleep better at night (that is, if your girlfriend lets you).

Is there Male Extra Amazon, GNC, Ebay etc

QUE: Does extra hard erection possible for men over 50 years?

It is possible and completely normal. Having a hard erection is not age-related. It is possible at any stage of life, even in the 90s. However, there are some factors that play an important role and can significantly influence the ability of a man to have a hard erection.

Environmental, health, mental and psychological factors are bedeviling the modern man. It can be extremely hard sometimes to live a quality life. The good news is that with little care and effort, it can be easily controlled.

Plenty of physical activity will increase the blood flow, necessary for a quality and hard erection. Spending some time in the sun increases the level of Vitamin D which is crucial for erectile function and enhance possible extra hard erections.

Testosterone gets produced during deep sleep, so it is absolutely important to sleep enough during the night.

Besides providing you with plenty of energy, it will also improve your sex drive.  Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits will provide you with plenty of nutrients necessary for the good functioning of the body.

Taking care of these factors will undoubtedly result in satisfactory sex life and many hard and long erections.

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QUE: How to make your erection bigger with foods

Active men who eat healthily and do regular physical exercises are less likely to experience problems with erection.

Not all food is good for you. Avoid eating fast food, be careful about alcohol intake, stop smoking and you will already feel many benefits.

Your body will be grateful and in return, it will respond with higher energy level and better blood circulation.

Guess what – better circulation means that your erection will be bigger. Increase consumption of these foods and you won’t regret it. It is an easy way to get fast results.

  • Pomegranate

It is a heavenly solution to erection problems. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, pomegranate is known as a natural Viagra. It can help you reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol, improve the health of your arteries and help you to have bigger erections.

  • Banana

Potassium is your friend. There is a lot of it in bananas. It will help you have a healthy and strong heart, so it can pump blood normally. Eating bananas will help you keep your level of sodium within a normal range. Besides, it is tasty and you can eat it whenever you get the chance.

  • Cherry

Anthocyanin is a substance that will help you maintain your arteries healthy. It will reduce the possibility of creating a clog. This means that your blood can run freely through your veins. Cherries are full of it.

  • Chilly

If you love spicy food, you are on the right track. Chilly will make your capillaries wide because of the pepper effect. It will make your blood racing, just where you want it.

Leafy greens

Beet greens, kale, butter leaf, arugula and Swiss chard are rich in nitrates that transform into nitritines in combination with bacteria on the tongue. The result is better circulation and relaxed arteries.


If you can’t imagine your mornings without a sip of your favorite coffee, you will be happy to hear that is very beneficial for your erections too. It gives your metabolism a boost you need.


Omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial for the health of the whole body. You will be in a better mood, blood circulation will improve and as a result, your erection will be harder. Eat salmon, trout, mackerel, and trout.


This is probably the most famous aphrodisiac. It increases testosterone level and it is rich in many vitamins and minerals. Consuming it will make you feel a lot better and prepared for some action between the sheets.


Drinking one or two glasses of wine every now and then will be beneficial for your heart and your erectile function. Besides, it will improve your mood and decrease sexual inhibition, golden factors for good sex.

A good, balanced nutrition is the key to the good overall health and better blood circulation. If you improve your circulation, your erections will be bigger.

There are lots of beneficial foods you can choose from, so if there is something you don’t like, you can always substitute it with something else. Make sure you are moderate with everything. Staying fit is very important.

Most man will have erection problems because of their weight. It can get in the way of enjoying with your partner and maintaining erections.

Lose couple of pounds and you will notice a great improvement.  So, still care  how to make erections bigger with diet? It's all good and even better and deliver even faster results Male Extra male performance pills.

how to make erection bigger

QUE: Which is better: Male Extra Vs VigRx Plus for men?

If you want to start using male enhancement pills and you narrowed your choice to Male Extra and VigRx Plus, you won’t go wrong with any of them. There are many satisfied customers who are using one or the other for years.

Their effectiveness is already proven. Formulas are made after a long and quality research with all the right ingredients directed towards making your sex life better. The dosage of the ingredients in every pill is very precise with the goal of improving libido, ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

With Male Extra pills you will be able to notice first improvements in length of your penis and the quality of erections in about three months.

Vigrx plus Vs Male Extra Components?

The ingredients are as natural as possible. Vitamins and minerals will improve your overall health, enhance circulation and boost your libido.

Consuming VigRx Plus pills during two to three months regularly will help you start noticing first results. The components of this formula are directed towards increasing pleasure, endurance and maintaining an erection.

You won’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. Both these pills are very highly rated on the market. They are present for a decade with numerous positive experiences and proven effect.

You can read testimonials that show just how effective they are and how helpful they have been over the years in improving sex lives of many couples.

There are just different offers, so you can choose the offer that suits you more. There are often discounts that you can use to save some money and get more pills for that price. It is really a matter of preference and it should be a really easy choice.

Strong male pills to get bigger

QUE: Should I take bigger dick pills or smoothie?

There are various pills on the market that can help with achieving and maintaining an erection, improving libido and increasing the length of the penis in its erect state. The ones made from natural ingredients and with no side-effects are safe for use.

If you see that the pills are made of herbal, fruit and vegetable extracts, you won’t go wrong.

Those are usually blends of ingredients that influence a set of factors men usually want to improve – endurance, libido and the quality of erection. Choose the one that will help you with what you need most.

However, you should be aware of the fact that there are also other things that will help you, like physical activity and consuming healthy food.

Smoothies made of various kinds of fruits and vegetables will rejuvenate you. Mix different kinds and experiment with various tastes.

You can mix strawberries, a banana, choline bitartrate powder, selenium, ginseng tincture, ginger root, zinc sulfate and skim milk to get one powerful shake. It will provide you with all the necessary nutrients to skyrocket your libido. It is an aphrodisiac.

Plenty of nutrients will improve your overall health, give you the energy you need and improve blood circulation. Once you get your blood running, your erections will be harder, better and longer.

Besides, the erection cannot always be the same, it depends on your arousal. The more aroused you are, the longer your penis will be. Combination of pills and smoothies will definitely give results.

QUE: Best male enhancement guide for younger men

Becoming sexually active comes with numerous challenges and insecurities. Along with many other, penis size somehow becomes the concern of many men at the young age.

Five inches penis is perfect for most women since that is the average size of vagina. It is not something that one should be concerned too much about.

There are so many other things, such as perfecting the technique. Stimulating clitoris will get your girlfriend to scream and be perfectly content with your sex life.

Even though sex gives a great pleasure, it can also give you a lot of pain if you get a sexually transmitted disease.

In order to be able to enjoy and feel only the good sides of sex, use a condom. Using condoms during sex is absolutely important.

Not only it will protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies, it will also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

No matter if you are in a stable relationship or you are involved in a one night stand, you can never know if the other person has some type of STD. Your partner may not even be aware of it since some diseases don’t cause any symptoms.

Being responsible towards your health is crucial if you want to enjoy a long a healthy life. Not only that.

With plenty of physical activities, lots of healthy food and rest you will have a body that will serve you for years to come. That means that you will be able to satisfy your partner and be completely safe from erectile dysfunction.

Consuming alcohol in moderate quantities will help you have a healthy heart and good circulation. Cigarettes can only have a negative effect, so staying away is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

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QUE: What is the best sex pill to last longer and more pleasurable?

With so many sex pills on the market, one may feel overwhelmed and confused. It is not easy to give a unique answer but is it very important to look for premium products that have proven their value and effectiveness.

There are few important factors to be careful about when choosing sex pills. The ingredients should be as natural as possible and the testimonials should be positive.

If you find both, then it is safe to start using them. Search for information about possible side-effects – if there is any then it is better not to risk it.

Always be aware of the many fake pills that may cause health problems and not do what you want them to do. Also, read the testimonials only from the trusted sources.

Male extra pills are present on the market for nine years and many couples have improved their sex lives by consuming it regularly. The components are as natural as possible and it will give you the energy you need.

L-Arginine will enable you to have a harder erection. Pomegranate extract improves blood circulation and the result is a greater enjoyment during sex. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is a mineral that improves the health of the tissue, including the one in your private parts.

Besides, it will also increase your penis during an erection of 2,6 inches. Zinc will help you maintain the level of testosterone which is crucial for your libido.

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