3 super advice to help you maintain harder manhood – stronger penis – even after 50

Getting it up at 50 yearsAs you age, you may start feeling that your erections are not as hard as they used to be. Even though that may seem alarming, it is a completely normal thing to expect.

For some men, the process is gradual, while for others it may happen all of a sudden. This depends on the lifestyle you lead, nutrition, physical activity and many other factors.

However, even though it is normal, there are some things you can do to help yourself and your partner get the pleasure you desire.

  • Little changes in everyday habits

Mild exercise can significantly contribute to your overall health. It can increase blood flow, decrease blood pressure and help you maintain harder erections.

Changing junk food for the quality nutrition full of vegetables, fruit, nuts and virgin oils will significantly recover your body, give it all the vitamins and minerals necessary to increase endurance and blood flow to your penis.

Besides, making love in the morning, when you have more energy, will certainly have a positive effect. Avoid stressful situations, because they take away your energy, make your mood worse and influence your overall wellbeing.

  • Fight anxiety

Once the anxiety starts knocking on your door, all the blood from your body will go to limbs as a defense mechanism. This means that your central body will lose the necessary blood for the arousal.

Knowing that, make sure you find your own methods to relax. Anxiety is not your friend. Instead, take a hot shower, look on the bright side of the situation and breathe slowly and deeply. Inhaling enough oxygen will help you clear your mind and simply enjoy with your partner.

  • Erection dissatisfaction

This is a less known term and it refers to the inability to erect just from fantasies. This only means that the sex can become better if you think about it. Young men get aroused faster and finish faster which can be frustrating for women.

On the other hand, with erection dissatisfaction, direct stimulation is necessary and things need to be slower which perfectly matches the needs of women. By taking things slow, there is plenty of time for cuddling, massage, kissing and all kinds of other stimulation.

Best male enhancement brand for 50s plusIn addition, being fit and losing the belly will help you feel lighter and it will allow unblocking the testosterone. If you are smoking, think about quitting.

Cigarettes make blood vessels shriveled. When they become that way, the blood cannot flow freely and guess what? Less blood goes to your penis.

Also, check your health regularly. If there is some condition that needs to be treated, it is better to treat it as soon as possible.

If you are healthy, you will be able to enjoy your sex life to the fullest. If some organ is not working properly then the whole body suffers. Get plenty of sleep and take good care of your health and the activities in the bedroom will start to heat up.   

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