Mass Nutrition Reviews: Muscle Growth Foods

Mass Nutrition Reviews: Muscle Growth Foods, Supplements and Where to Get Quality Brands

It’s no secret that many people—especially men—want to be stronger and bigger.

That means they need to fix their diet and they also have to exercise.

To maximize chances of attaining your goals, you may also have to take supplements.

The concept of working out to develop muscles is a well-founded idea, and for the most part, experts agree that this invariably will require weight and resistance training.

Working out with weights leads to bigger muscles, and the exercises burn body fat.

But mass nutrition is also another crucial aspect to build greater muscle mass.

What you at will affect your ability to become stronger and bigger.

This refers to not just what you eat during meals, but also to the supplements you need to take.

For helpful information on what you need to eat and take, read on!

What is Muscle Mass, and Why is it Important?

Eat and Diet for Mass Gains

Muscle mass refers to the size and weight of your muscles.

Some people have smaller muscles, and in some cases the muscles are virtually nonexistent. Others have bulging muscles.

So why get bigger muscles?

There are plenty of good reasons why muscle development is a fitness that’s almost as popular as weight loss:

  • You look better and appeal more ladies

Although “better” is a relative term, it’s true that for most people having bigger muscles is much better than being overly skinny or being obese.

That’s especially true if you’re a man.

This may be obvious to many of us.

But if you aren’t sure, then you can rest easy knowing that an Australian study has confirmed it. It involved 150 women, and most of them found strength as the most attractive attribute of a man. (1)

Your strength also helps to boost your confidence, as your bigger muscles make you feel better about yourself. This confidence can significantly improve every aspect of your life.

  • Being stronger makes various tasks easier

It’s not just military personnel and professional athletes who need to be strong for their jobs.

Even ordinary people will find everyday life much easier if they’re stronger.

If you have bigger muscles and you’re stronger as a result, you’ll find it easier to move furniture around and carry grocery bags and shopping bags.

Opening jars will be easier.

  • Can reduce the risk of injuries for your more vulnerable parts

These parts include your tendons, ligaments, and even bones.

This is another reason why so many athletes devote so much time to strength training.

As a regular person, you’re also vulnerable to tendon and ligament strains and sprains.

These injuries are painful, and they can really mess up your schedule. With bigger muscles, your life is relatively painless and free of any troubles.

  • Muscles help reduce body fat

Lean Mass, Fatloss and SEXYIt’s true that growing mass can make you simply bigger. For overly skinny guys, this is a good thing.

But even if you’re overweight, gaining even more weight isn’t really the problem.

The problem is gaining the right kind of weight, and that means gaining muscle.

The wrong kind of weight gain is gaining body fat.

Muscles in the body accelerate how your body burns up calories. This boost in your metabolism lets you burn off the calories in your food more quickly, and then your body turns to burning your body fat to compensate.

  • Improve your overall health

It’s not surprising that active people are generally healthier than their sedentary counterparts. That’s because your immune system gets a boost when you exercise regularly. (2)

So you’re not just less likely to get hurt, but you’re also less likely to get sick. That’s the textbook definition of “healthier”.

Sources of Quality Nutrition to Gain Real Mass

Let’s leave aside the topic of working out to gain muscles.

All you need to know right now is that such a workout involves lifting weights. As for the details of such a workout, that’s going to be a long article.

But for your nutritional needs, certain nutrients are crucial if you wish to develop bigger muscles.


of all the nutrients you need to take, nothing is more important than protein when it comes to building muscle. This is why protein shakes and bars are the main supplements for bodybuilders.

The simple reason for the need for protein is that it makes up the raw materials that muscles need in order to rebuild after a workout.

If you don’t have ample amounts of protein on hand, then you don’t get the bigger muscles.

Some types of protein are also better for muscle growth, such as whey protein.

That’s because they contain the essential amino acids that your body also needs for repairing and growing muscles.

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Despite what you may have heard about low-carb diets, the fact of the matter is that you’ll need plenty of carbs to really bulk up and develop larger muscles.

The carbs are necessary because they provide the necessary fuel for your body to work out.

Also, carbs prevent your body from using up your muscles for energy, and also promote storage of nutrients including protein.


This mineral eventually becomes part of hemoglobin that brings oxygen from your lungs into your muscles.

This also helps with your metabolism, and it does its part in maintaining your immune system.

Iron, by the way, is one of the main ingredients of spinach. It’s why Popeye becomes so strong after a pops open a can of spinach.


It’s well-known that calcium builds strong bones.

But it also enables muscle contraction and energy metabolism. Your body also releases a hormone that stimulates body fat storage when you’re calcium deficient.

It helps to relax your muscles, prevent cramps, and let you sleep better. And crucial for muscle contraction, and it also plays a part in transporting nutrients to your muscles.

You have to make sure you get all these nutrients in their proper daily amounts with your diet. If your diet can’t take care of these nutritional needs, then you need to get them from your supplements.

These supplements are often called protein supplements, and they can be in powder, premade shake, or protein bar from.

It’s also no incidence that the large amounts of protein they contain also come with the nutrients we’ve listed.

Natural to gain hard weight male

7 Natural Foods Proven to Help Mass Gains

So what bulking foods should you incorporate into your diet so you stand a better chance of gaining more muscle?

Here are some food items you need to shop for:

  • Beef. Any lean meat is great as a source of protein, but beef is especially packed with protein and it’s affordable to boot. You can also cook in many different ways so you don’t find the taste tiresome.
  • Salmon. Lots of seafood items are filled with protein, but salmon is always a great choice—and they’re quite delicious.
  • Eggs. This is why Rocky in the movies added raw eggs into his morning shake, but you can still cook them.
  • Milk. Lots of protein shakes are more effective when they’re mixed with milk. Also, whey protein actually comes from dairy milk. Aside from the protein milk offers, it’s also rich in calcium.
  • Popeye had it right—it will make you strong. It’s great for muscle growth, endurance, and strength.
  • Nuts.  This is one source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, and you can have nuts for snacks to keep yourself from craving junk food.
  • Cottage cheese. This is full of casein protein, which your body slowly digests. It’s best to munch on before you sleep, so that your body still has protein reserves through the night while you fast when you sleep.

Life Changing Mass Nutrition Supplements

It’s annoying how your diet may not be able to provide you with all the nutrients you need to develop mass muscle you really desire.

In some cases, you may have to tolerate huge amounts of fat, carbs, or sugar in your protein-filled items.

This is why there’s a bulking and cutting stage in muscle building.

When you build your muscles, there’s a tendency for your body to add some fat as well. During the cutting stage, you try to get rid of the fat while retaining the lean mass.

With the right supplements, you can make sure you have ample protein in your system for your muscles to use in getting bigger.

Many of these supplements also offer plenty of calories, and that’s because a calorie surplus is necessary for muscle development. Basically, if you want to get bigger, you need to consume more calories than you burn off.

So which supplements should you pick?

That’s always up to you and your personal preferences. But you would do well to start your search for the right mass gain supplement with any of the following supplements:

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Mass Nutrition Stack

5 Cheaper Alternatives

Look below for few popular but much cheaper options.

Please note that the 5 supplements listed below are not as powerful as cutting stack, according to majority of our readers.

Plus, you may have to take the cheaper stuff for much longer period, unlike Cutting Stack that may help transform your life, move faster to your goals even in 8-12 weeks. Read how John Miller got his transformation here.

1.  Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer

The use of the term “serious” in this supplement is apt, as this provides a massive dose of nutrients that your body needs to bulk up and build muscle.


  • You get up to 1,270 calories per serving.
  • This includes 50g of protein, along with 250g of carbs.
  • You also get 25 vitamins and minerals, including glutamine and creatine.
  • This is available in 5 flavors, so you have more options to find the flavor that appeals to you. You can choose from chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, banana, and strawberry.
  • You can also add more fruits, peanut butter, and other foods filled with calories and nutrients to your shake. This means you can also customize the taste.
  • It is best if you mix this with milk and not water, as the milk adds calcium and even more calories.
  • This works as a snack in between meals, as a post-workout drink, and as a drink right before you get to bed.


  • This mixes well, but you absolutely need to use a blender. Otherwise, just shaking or stirring the powder into your liquid base will result in unpleasant globs of unmixed powder.
  • You also need to get your body used to this, so you should start with a half-serving for the first week. You can then gradually increase the dosage.

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2.  MusclePharm Combat XL
MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer Powder, Vanilla, 12 Pound

This comes in 10 different flavors, so there’s a very good chance that you’d find at least one of them to your liking.

That’s the problem with just having chocolate and vanilla—even when you do like those flavors you can get tired of them fast.

But there are plenty of other reasons why you would want to try this.


  • This provides 1270 calories. These calories should help you gain that calorie surplus you need to bulk up.
  • You also get 50g of protein along with 252g of carbohydrates.
  • The protein is a blend of different types of whey protein, with milk protein and casein.
  • Other nutrients include iron, calcium, and vitamin A.
  • You can use this for post-workout recovery or as a snack in between meals.
  • Recommended dosage is 1 to 3 servings per day.


  • Despite the amount of powder each pack has, you need 4 scoops for each serving, so each pack won’t last as long you may have thought.
  • Having 4 scoops of the powder added to water can be very hard to mix properly without a blender.

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3.  Chocolate Less Naked Mass

The “naked” in the name refers to the brand’s commitment to transparency.

The term “less” is about the simplicity of their formulas, as this only uses 5 ingredients.


  • This only uses organic ingredients, and it is gluten-free.
  • The protein used is a mix of whey and casein.
  • You get a massive dose of 1,360 calories, plus 50g of protein, 11.6g of BCAAs, and 251g of carbs.
  • It’s also free of soy, GMO ingredients, and artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.


  • There are only 3 flavors, and these are chocolate and vanilla. The third is actually unflavored.

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4.  Dymatize Super Mass Gainer
Dymatize Super Mass Gainer, Gourmet Vanilla, 12 lbs

Here at least you have 7 different flavors to choose from.

Aside from rich chocolate and gourmet vanilla, you also have chocolate mint, chocolate cake batter, cookies & cream, sugar cookie, and strawberry.


  • You get 1300 calories, plus 252g of carbs and 52g of protein.
  • When you mix this with milk, the calories go to 1900 and the protein increases to 83g.
  • There’s also a long list of vitamins and minerals mention in the nutrient facts, and it also contains creatine.
  • There’s also 17g of BCAAs.
  • This is gluten-free.


  • Again you need a blender for this, as the instructions call for 2.5 cups of the powder mixed with 24 to 32 ounces of water or 32 ounces of milk. You can only use a shaker cup if you’re taking half a serving.
  • You may want to start slow, as a full serving may be too much for your body to handle right away.

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5.  Performance Inspired Nutrition Mass Gainer
Performance Inspired Nutrition Mass Gainer,
This advertises itself as a lean mass gainer, so it doesn’t contain as many calories as the others.

Yet it still works, especially if you’re new to mass gainers in general.


  • This only has 900 calories, so you better make sure your regular diet is also filled with lots of calories.
  • It does come with 50g of protein, so the protein to calorie ratio is excellent.
  • It also contains creatine and glutamine.
  • It contains lots of vitamins and minerals as well.
  • Its formula also includes a digestive enzyme.


  • 900 calories may be too little for some people.
  • You only can choose between Gourmet Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream flavors.

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Where to Buy Cheaper Supplements?

It’s not all that common to find these mass gainers in your local grocery store. You’re more likely to find them online. Since there are no overhead costs, online prices are usually lower.

Instead of tediously visiting different websites, you can just try to find an online retail store that offers all these options. GNC is a good choice, and so are the Walmart and Costco websites.

But your absolutely best option is most likely, where all of these mass gainers can be found with no difficulty. The prices are very reasonable, and often you’ll find the lowest prices here.

The stability and security of the platform is well-known, and you can be sure the sellers are legit. You won’t have to worry about getting fakes from shady sellers or not getting anything at all.

Where to Get the REAL – PREMIUM – Supplements?

Yes, you can try any of the cheaper versions and after using them for much longer period of time (the cost soon add up), you may gain some mass and strength.

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