Lean Muscle Supplements for Men and Women (The Stunning Physique Transformation and Lean Mass Body of John Miller)

Lean Muscle Supplement Stack

John Miller 8-Weeks Inspiring Body Transformation: He used the Crazybulk Cutting stack to lose weight and gain muscle in just 2 months. His pot belly disappeared & replaced with tight, abs abdomen. His ‘average' chest is now replaced with bulking, stronger muscled. And that just the beginning for him. Click Here to Read Full Reviews

Secret of Premium Supplements for Lean Muscle

In the quest to enhance body physique, many people do just about anything to improve how they look.

From taking lean muscle supplements, dieting to workouts / exercise, there are indeed many ways to get a total body transformation.

However, one method that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of legal steroids and helping those looking how to gain weight fast, with absolute safest and the best performance enhancements.

These kinds of premium lean muscle supplements have given so many athletes, weightlifters and most short-time users the options of dumping dangerous drugs, and changing their physical form, so much so that users are experiencing amazing body transformation – without side effects.

Many companies make these premium supplements to build muscle, but some brands are more reliable than others…

For example, Crazy Bulk happens to be one of the more trusted companies. So, what can you expect from this brand and the muscle building supplements that they provide?

Well, the best way to get an answer to this question is by reading about experiences other people have had when using these supplements.

With that in mind, here’s a testimonial from one of the many users of Crazy Bulk steroid alternatives.

You’ll also get to see before and after photos along with a detailed account of the user’s progress and results.

John Miller transformation: How a Pot Bellied Man Shredded Dangerous Fat and Built a Lean Looking Physique 

John Miller is one of the many people who have used Crazy Bulk bodybuilding stacks to transform his looks.

Although the results that came from this decision were impressive, getting to that point was an uphill struggle.

Since his late teens, John had a habit of drinking beer. This became a part of his social life over the years.

“Although the days of guzzling keg stands, chugging beers, and playing beer pong are all in the past, the effects of drinking alcohol began to catch up with me,” wrote John in his testimonial.

Indeed, John’s years of beer drinking had morphed his six-pack abs into a pot belly…

..the sight of beer gut hanging over his pants wasn’t pretty and this became the bane of John’s physical appearance. Other people would often comment about his bulging stomach.

Friends and colleagues viewed their remarks as simply jokes, but their words affected John psychologically and brought about his low self-esteem.

And – he didn’t like being labeled as the guy with the huge belly.

But what could he do?

It was 100% true!

In an effort to hide from other people, John began spending more time indoors, gave up taking walks at the park, and avoided socializing in public places where his pot belly would be the center of attraction.

However, isolation only pushed John back to old habits. With fewer friends to talk to and hang out with, he began to drown his loneliness in a more bottles of beer. Furthermore, the sedentary lifestyle John adopted began to take its toll.

As expected, spending most of his free time indoors and not moving around much soon caused John to start gaining weight.

When John realized that his beer gut was only getting worse, he decided it was time to act before the situation became more serious.

His first instinct was to look for a quick way to lose belly fat and he decided to search for a solution online. Like most people who are trying to get rid of a beer gut, John tried a few special diets and weight loss pills.

But all that was in vain. Frustrated by the lack of results, he decided to adopt the tried and tested method of proper nutrition and exercise.

The 8-Week Cutting Stack Cycle John Miller

The 8-Week Cutting Stack Cycle: Here is The EXACT Cutting Stack Chart John Miller Used to Achieve His Awesome Lean Muscled Body. Click to Learn More about This Life Changing Stack

Taking Best Lean Supplements – Beginning of John’s Fat Burning Journey 

Having already tried special diets and weight loss pills without success, John knew that he had to get it right this time with diet and exercise. So, he took the time to plan a diet and training program carefully.

It involved visiting the gym every day for a 1 hour session of cardio coupled with weight lifting.

He also stuck to healthy foods and gave up his daily intake of alcohol for smoothies. Motivation was high when John began his fitness program.

He even looked forward to weekly weigh-ins to see how many pounds he had burned during the week. The first week went well and he was happy to report that he had never missed a workout session.

Total weight loss amounted to 1/2 a pound, and while this wasn’t anything to brag about, John was glad to be making progress…

John decided to increase the intensity of exercise sessions going into week 2.

He exercised harder and for longer in an effort to increase fat burn.

Indeed, this strategy was effective to some extent, as total weight loss by week 2 increased to 3/4 of a pound.

As John pushed himself harder at the gym, his motivation was slowly disappearing.

Much of this trend had to do with the fact that he was constantly tired and didn’t have the energy to lift weights.

Sore muscles didn’t seem to get any better even as time went by.

All of these issues made John dread his daily workout sessions, so much so that he decided to take a week off.

When a friend saw him struggling with training, he recommended the use of legal steroids as a way to speed up results.

At first, John was hesitant to use steroids. He didn’t know anything about performance enhancement supplements, and had no clue where to get them legally.

However, after learning that CrazyBulk stores and seeing the impressive results his gym buddy was achieving, he decided to give it a shot and see what would happen.

Dbol Pills (DBal) vs Anadrol legal stacking

John Miller Transformation Continues: Compare the first picture with this, what do you discover? John physique is even more PRONOUNCED. Bigger chest, defined frame, stunning abdomen and bigger shoulder. The Secret? He stacked DBAL + ANADROLE to add more muscles and definition. CLICK Here to Read more About DBAL | CLICK Here to Read more About ANADROLE

How Lean Muscle Supplements, Exercise and Good Nutrition Killed Off a Stubborn Beer Belly 

Given past unsuccessful attempts to lose weight with exercise and dieting, John thought it would be a good idea to take a different approach this time when using legal steroids to help him lose weight and gain muscle.

He chose to trim down the beer gut before focusing on bulking and weight training. Based on the different supplements that Crazy Bulk offers, the cutting stack seemed apt for the first goal.

To complete one cycle of the cutting stack, it took about 30 days. During this time, John mostly did cardio workouts like walking, running, and cycling. Sessions lasted 1 hour long for 3 to 4 times a week.

John mostly ate clean and made sure to keep his metabolism functioning at its best by eating 5 to 6 small meals per day.

With the help of a bathroom scale and fat clipper, John kept track of body changes during the cycle. Before he began supplementing with the cutting stack, he weighed 153lbs., had 18% body fat, and measured 89cm on the waist.

At the end of the 30-day cycle, some progress had been made. John had managed to reduce weight, belly fat, and had trimmed several inches off from his waistline.

New statistics are reflected as follows:

  • Weight: 145lbs.
  • Body Fat: 14%
  • Waist: 87cm

With these impressive results, John opted to continue with the cutting stack for another 8 weeks. The diet and training regimen remained the same and he took the pills consistently.

By the end of the entire cycle, he had lost 6% body fat, 6cm of fat from the waist, and 12lbs. of total weight.

As you can see from John’s before and after photos, there has been noticeable progress in weight loss around the gut area.

After achieving the fitness results that always eluded him, he decided to continue taking Crazy Bulk’s steroid alternative supplements.

The next goal for John was to add some muscle mass and for that he chose to run a 4-week cycle of D-bal along with Anadrole.

Crazy Bulk Supplements that Contributed to the Stunning Physique of John Miller 

Among the many steroid alternatives that Crazy Bulk offers for muscle bulking and conditioning, D-bal and Anadrole seemed the ideal choices based on what John wanted to achieve.

Before starting this cycle, he took an off cycle of 1.5 weeks as recommended by Crazy Bulk. Despite being supplement-free for this short period, he continued to train and eat healthy as usual.

Prior to starting the new cycle, John also changed his training regimen to make it suitable for the fitness objectives at hand. As such, he made the switch from cardio to resistance training workouts as well as weight lifting.

With the intent to tone his new flat tummy, he focused more on ab workouts such as sit ups, crunches, planks, and Russian twists. Even during the cycle, John could feel the supplements working.

Anadrole’s ability to delay fatigue and support fast recovery helped him to overcome the problem of over training that made it difficult for him to maintain his exercise regimen in the past.

Now, John felt less tired and had no aches after the first week of training.

On the other hand, D-bal's ability to induce glycolysis provided the energy that he needed to keep his strength up while sticking to a low calorie diet.

After completing the 4-week cycle, John’s supplementing, exercising, and dieting efforts paid off.

He gained 4lbs. of lean mass plus muscle definition on the abs and arms became clearly visible. Looking at his before and after photos, one can see the impressive physical transformation John went through.

With no side effects to complain about and fast results, John is one of the many happy Crazy Bulk users who cannot wait to try out other muscle building products from this brand.

Conclusion on Transformation Supplements Results

The fact that Crazy Bulk legal steroids are made of natural ingredients that cause no side effects makes them worth trying, especially if you’re trying to enhance your fitness regimen.

Anyone can achieve the stunning physique of John Miller or even better depending on the desired fitness goals. However, keep in mind that your success with steroids largely depends on workout discipline and a commitment to healthy eating.

Crazybulk Cutting Stack Review

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