Lower Back Stretches Exercise

Lower Back Stretches Guide for Fitness and Body Building Enthusiasts

Understanding Lower Back Pain Stretches

Modern life is pretty sedentary/ inactive compared to what our parents, grandparents, and the people before them were accustomed to.

This is one of the reasons that has made lower back pain one of the world's most common medical conditions.

It is said to affect about 80 percent of the people at some point in their lives.

While severe lower back pain usually requires proper medical attention, mild and intermediate lower back pain can frequently be eliminated by doing a handful of stretches for lower back and back pain exercises.

Bodybuilders can especially benefit from doing lower back stretches and back pain exercises.

This is because many usually train almost all body parts except the lower back.

This lack of exercise plus the intense strain on the lower back when doing lifting heavy weights frequently leads to lower back pain.

If you can no longer train properly or you are now leading a pretty inactive life because of back pain, then you are in the right place.

I have got the right information you need to eliminate it and get back to bossing it in the gym.

Stretches for Lower Back

Why is it Important to do Stretches for Lower Back?

There are several reasons why it is important for bodybuilders and ordinary gym-goers to regularly do stretches and exercises for the lower back.

They include:

  1. To increase overall flexibility.
  2. To increase overall stamina.
  3. To improve the capacity to do certain exercises.
  4. To prevent the development of lower back pain.
  5. To eliminate lower back pain.

So if you want better flexibility, stamina, posture, gait, and self-image, you should do lower back stretches.

And importantly, by doing lower back stretches (and back pain exercises), you can eliminate back pain, aches, stiffness, or soreness.

How effective lower back stretches and exercises are for eliminating lower back pain depends on how frequently they are done.

If you do them consistently and the right way, you should be able to eliminate your back pain with days or weeks.

Six Best Stretches for Lower Back/ Lower Back Exercises

Below are the best lower back stretches and exercises.

They are meant to help you eliminate lower back pain or stiffness.

The exercises can be done daily and can be combined with any other gym exercise or activity.

Doing them should help you ease lower back pain and gain all the fitness benefits mentioned in the section above.

Remember, the information provided is just for educational purposes and is not meant to be used as medical advice.

According to the National Health Service 1 of the United Kingdom, you should see a physician if your pain does not improve when you do gentle lower back stretches and exercises.

The Service also recommends seeing a physician if you feel more or severe pain when attempting to do lower back stretches.

Without further ado, here are the best lower back stretches/ exercises to eliminate lower back pain and to provide fitness benefits.

  1. Knee to chest stretches

Knee to chest stretches target and elongate the muscles in the lower back helping to relieve pain and tension.

How to do the knee-to-chest stretches:

  • Lie flat on your back on the floor.
  • Bend your knees while your feet stay flat on the floor.
  • Bring your heels as close to your but as naturally possible.
  • Hold the outside of one knee with both your hands and pull it towards your chest.
  • Count slowly to five in the position while keeping your abs tight and pressing your back into the floor.
  • Release your knee and return the leg to the bent position.
  • Repeat with the opposite knee.

For the best results, perform four reps per set for each knee and do no more than two sets per day.

  1. Supermans

Supermans are some of the best and easiest to do stretches for both men and women.

Everyone needs well-developed back extensors for good posture and gait.

Back extensors run parallel to the spine on both sides. If not properly exercised and strong enough, they cannot provide sufficient spinal support and can cause back pain.

However, incorporating the supermans in your training schedule can help you to exercise them.

How to do the supermans:

  • Lie flat face down on the floor.
  • Stretch your arms and legs as if flying in the air like superman.
  • Ensure your arms and legs are about 6 inches from the floor.
  • Pull in your belly button in the same position to activate your core muscles.
  • Keep your head straight and avoid look anywhere else but the floor to avoid injury.
  • Stretch your arms and legs as far out as possible.
  • Hold the position for three seconds.
  • Return to start position.

For the best results, do ten reps and two sets a day.

Female Back Extension Training

  1. Bottom to heels stretches

Bottom to heels stretches are perfect for both the middle back and the lower back.

Some say they are also great to do at work. But make sure your trouser, skirt, or jeans are stretchy before you attempt them at the office.

How to do bottom to heels stretches:

  • Get on all fours.
  • Be symmetric with your hands positioned directly under your shoulders and your knees similarly under your hips.
  • Face down and try to keep your back fairly straight.
  • Slowly move your butt backwards until it touches your heels.
  • Hold the stretch position for three seconds and then slowly return to the start position.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  1. Knee rolls

Knee rolls are globally accepted as one of the simpler back pain exercises to do at work.

Although somewhat easy to do, they can strengthen the lower back and eliminate stiffness and tension in the area.

How to do knee rolls:

  • Lie flat on the floor on your back.
  • Place a book or a flat cushion under your head.
  • Stretch your arms wide for balance.
  • Bend your knees and keep them close together but not touching.
  • Relax your upper body slightly.
  • Move your knees slowly to one side while holding your middle back against the floor.
  • Hold your knees as far wide as it is possible for you for about three seconds.
  • Return your knees to the neutral position and move them to the other side.

For best results, repeat eight to ten times per set and do at least a set daily.

  1. Back Extensions

Back extensions are stretches for the lower back that can be done at work, at home or in the gym. They are super for eliminating lower back stiffness and tension.

How to do back extensions:

  • Lie flat face down on the floor.
  • Bring yourself to rest on your elbows and your forearms.
  • Make sure your forearms are aligned to your shoulders.
  • Face down and keep your head straight and then arch your back up as if coming to a push-up position. (You will feel your stomach muscles stretch a bit).
  • Hold for about ten seconds and then return to rest on your forearms.
  • Repeat ten times.

Remember to avoid injury by not bending your neck. It is your back that needs stretching, not your neck.

  1. Pelvic tilts

Pelvic tilts are great for easing lower back tension and stiffness. They are perfect for bodybuilders feeling some slight discomfort in their lower back.

How to do pelvic tilts:

  • Lie flat on your back.
  • Place a smallish cushion under your head for comfort.
  • Bend your knees while keeping your feet straight.
  • Move your feet until they are hip-width apart.
  • Gently press into the floor with your lower back for support.
  • Raise your pelvis slightly and tilt it in the direction of your heels. (There will be a gentle arching of your lower back)
  • Return to pelvis down position and repeat about 10 times.


Lower back exercises are crucial for bodybuilders. This is because they can not only eliminate lower back pain but can also provide a variety of fitness benefits.

The benefits include a stronger lower back, improved flexibility, improved stability, and better posture.

Remember not to do all the exercises in a day. You will strain your back.

Pick one or two and them daily for a month. And then pick another to do the next month, and then the remaining two to do the third month.

Alternating the exercises will ensure you fully exercise your lower back to eliminate any pain and to get all the fitness benefits.


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