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Impact Whey Protein Guide: Reasons Why This Brand is Unique & Work Well for Athletes & Regular Fitness Enthusiasts

Find out why Impact Whey Protein is one of the top brands in the whey protein powder category.

It’s popular for plenty of reasons.

If you’re building muscle, then in all likelihood you’re hunting down for the best product you can find.

Finding a whey protein based supplement is actually simple, since there are so many of them.

However, getting that top and proven brand is hard for the same reason.

But for many, the Impact Whey Protein seems to be the right answer.

Are they right in this assessment, and is it right for you?

That’s the question that we can answer.

Myprotein Impact Whey Reviews

Unique Benefits of Impact Whey Protein

It’s no secret that whey protein offers numerous benefits for those who want to build bigger muscles.

In fact, it even helps with weight loss as well.

Top brands are very digestible, which means that your muscles can obtain the protein quickly when they need the raw materials for muscle repair.

Plus, they have a large amount of the BCAAs that gym goers like, since it helps with muscle recovery.

But let’s check out the particular attributes of Impact Whey Protein:

  • They taste great

Why mention this first?

That’s because there’s actually very little difference in the quality of top-tier whey supplements.

They tend to offer similar benefits, but differ in their taste and variance can be great.

Two different whey protein supplements can have very similar nutrients and features and yet they can have very different tastes.

Of course, it is true that taste is a very subjective measure, and everyone has a very different idea of which tastes better.

But if we’re playing the percentage, then Impact is a great choice because many users and athletes just like the taste, and so might you.

  • You have 21 different flavors

What that means is that you have a greater chance of finding a flavor that can be your favorite.

In fact, you may have many different favorite flavors and you can try different ones each day to keep it interesting.

  • It offers 21g of protein

Yes, you can find few competition with slightly more protein, but most have less than 20g.

This amount of protein can work with muscle-builders as well as with vegetarians who have trouble getting enough protein.

  • It has very little fat and carbs

This works for a lot of diets, so if you’re on a low fat, low-carb diet you’ve found a protein powder you can work with.

This feature is lacking in many brands on the market.

  • It has few calories

Actually, it only has 100 calories.

So if your fitness goal is to burn off fat, then this can help.

It doesn’t add much to your calorie count, so you can burn off your calorie intake and then start burning off the fat cells for energy.

  • It keeps you feeling fuller

Again, this is another benefit that works very well for those aiming for weight loss.

Feeling full for a longer period of time means you won’t have the urge to snack, especially in unhealthy foods like donuts.

  • It’s quick to absorb

You can take this about 30 to 60 minutes after your work out.

That’s the right time as your muscles will be then looking to get the protein they need to rebuild the muscle fibers.


One of the reasons why Impact is a favorite is because it doesn’t really have too many ingredients.

Here’s the short list:

  • Whey protein concentrate. This is the core of the supplement, and it is 80% pure protein
  • Soy lecithin. This acts as the emulsifier for the supplement. Basically, it stabilizes the whole thing. (1)
  • Flavoring. Some have natural and artificial flavoring, while others have only natural flavoring.

That’s it, though the flavoring agents are a mix of different ingredients.

Still, it’s so basic that you won’t have to worry too much about ingesting junk into your system.

Nutritional Facts

Myprotein Impact Whey Reviews

Here are some of the key nutritional facts you need to know about:

  • 100 calories. That’s very few, considering how many calories you can find in other protein supplements. Even a cup of coffee has fewer calories.
  • 2g total fat. Again, this means it’s great for a low-fat diet. It also has zero trans fat, and trans fat is not something you want.
  • 19g protein. This amount works for those trying to gain lean muscle, or for those who simply want to make sure their vegetarian diets don’t leave them with a protein deficiency. This amount offers about 38% of your daily protein needs.
  • 40mg sodium. That’s very little, and this amount shouldn’t alarm those who really need to watch their sodium intake.
  • 2g total carbs. That’s the kind of carb content that works very well with a low carb diet.
  • 13% of your daily calcium needs. Whey protein does come from milk.

Different Flavors

There are actually 21 different flavors to choose from.

That’s a lot, so you may be worried about trying them all. But it can be a fun process, since plenty of the flavors taste mighty fine.

For those who like something chocolatey, then you truly have a lot of options to pick from.

There are 9 varieties of chocolate here, including Mocha, Rocky Road, and Cookies and Cream. Try the Chocolate Mint, along with the Chocolate Brownie Batter.

There’s also an unflavored version, and this works very well for those who like to make shakes with their own mix of fruits in a blender.

You can add this unflavored powder and it won’t taste any different.

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Impact Whey vs. Impact Whey Isolate vs. Impact Whey Gainer

Impact offers 3 types of whey supplements, and they’re different from one another in several important ways.

  • Protein Amount

<>  Whey (which is a concentrate). 21g

<>  Whey isolate. 23g

<>  Whey gainer. 38g

As you can see, the whey concentrate offers a decent amount of protein, which serves as a versatile supplement for muscle-building, weight loss, or avoiding protein deficiency.

Whey isolate adds more of the protein, but the gainer sure does offer a whopping amount.

So if you’re really into bigger muscles, the Impact Whey Gainer is your choice.

  • Calories

<>  Whey concentrate. 103 calories.

<>  Whey isolate. 93 calories.

<>  Whey gainer. 388 calories.

As you can see, whey concentrate and isolate offer modest amounts of calories.

With the gainer, the calorie content is simply astronomical. It’s for those who truly want to bulk up as much as possible.

  • Carb Content

<>  Whey concentrate. 1g

<>  Whey isolate.6g

<>  Whey gainer. 50g

That’s a huge difference for whey gainer, and that’s because the carbs offer both quick energy and also plenty of calories for bulking up.

The Impact gainer isn’t going to work for those on a low carb diet.

  • Flavors

<>  Whey concentrate. 21 flavors

<>  Whey isolate. 13 flavors

<>  Whey gainer. 3 flavors (Chocolate Smooth, Vanilla, and Strawberry)

So why only 2 flavors for the Impact Gainer?

The concentrate and isolate versions offer a lot more choices. That’s probably because the gainer meant to be added to your porridge, pancakes, or smoothies.

Chocolate Smooth, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors can work well when added to these things.

The Chocolate or Vanilla is good if you’re adding it to milk, and the Strawberry works with fruit smoothies and shakes.

Where Can I Get Them Online?

You can buy the Impact Whey Protein from their official Myprotein website.

However, most buyers prefer to order from well recognized marketplace with real, trusty reviews and customer care based on international best practices.

Where do you often go to?

The usual suspects: GNC, Whole Foods, Walmart, Amazon, Costco etc.

However, you really should try the Amazon website instead.


Because – you get a good price and the delivery is reliable. You get all the available flavors as well as the various sizes.

What’s more, Amazon reviews are also dependable, and the sheer number of reviews offers a more accurate picture of how good a product is.

You also get a fair idea of how popular the Impact whey protein really is.

So if you’re buying from online (and you should since brick and mortar stores don’t store all the Impact Whey Protein varieties), you may as well go to Amazon.

This platform offers you other similar products to which you can make a quick comparison. This page currently displays all varieties and products of this great brand.


If you’re looking for whey protein, then you should give Impact Whey Protein a try.

Many find it great for a wide variety of fitness goals, from building muscle to weight loss. It also offers a good amount of protein for vegetarians.

Not only does it offer great nutritional value, but it tastes great when you find the flavor that suits your taste buds.

With 21 flavors to choose from, you’re looking at a lot of options. Surely you’ll find one (or more) that you will appreciate.

The powder mixes well with all kinds of food items, and with a blender you won’t go wrong. Impact Whey Protein is one of the top brands, and now you know why.

Myprotein Impact Whey Reviews



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