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Fuel Your Body with the Perfect Pre-Workout Meal

Before you hit the gym, you need to get your water bottle, gym bag, and shoes ready. Oh! Are you ready yet? No.

Before you begin your workout, you need to eat right so that you keep the blood sugar stable.

It will mean you need a lot of energy and motivation from crazybulk reviews to ensure your workout session is 100%.

Always remember to blend refined carbs, healthy fats with protein. You can also consume a healthy light meal after the workout. Here are our top meals you need to drink before you begin your workout.

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Protein powder, Blueberries and Oatmeal

The complicated carbs found in the oatmeal are absorbed in the body slowly, which leads to the individual having sustained energy.

Afterward, you can add protein powder. Blueberries or cherries have antioxidants that help prevent damage to cells. They are delicious too.

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Peanut, Almond Butter, Whole grain toast, and Banana

You will find most runners eating bananas after a race. Why? The fruit has pure natural sugar, carbs, and, most importantly, potassium.

The electrolytes will help stop muscle cramps, and it can be excreted through sweat. Peanuts and almond butter have healthy fats. The whole-grain toast helps in regulating blood sugar and carbs.

Rice, Steamed Veggies and Meat

This combination is excellent. Proteins and complex carbs will give you the much-needed energy for your workout.

Also, the fiber in the vegetables helps with digestion. Don’t forget to eat meat. You need protein in your combo. It will keep you from getting hungry while exercising.

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Protein Smoothie

Protein smoothie should be a must in your diet. Mixed berries, avocado, veggies, bananas, and milk are the ingredients. You will get the required protein for the workout.

Veggies, Scrambled Eggs, and Avocado

You can eat two whole eggs. Eggs are packed with excellent protein, and if you eat the yolk, you will consume all the important amino acids.

They will enhance the muscles during recovery. Avocado will give you healthy fats. The veggies are rich in nutrients. It doesn’t matter which one you will pick.

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Pepper Omelette, Baked Broccoli and Cheese

Everyone loves omelets, especially during breakfast. Since you’re going to work out, you will need to eat them with your favorite veggies and cheese.

You can bake broccoli or cook them. Whatever way you make them, you will be eating a dish that is rich in nutrients.

You may find your friend is an expert at making the protein smoothie, you try it, and it tastes terrible. But don’t overreact. It is fine. Just like working out, no one routine is liked by everyone. But when it comes to eating before a workout, you need to eat what is excellent for you.

You will need to be keen on timing. If you want to eat a large meal before a workout, you need to eat two or three hours before your routine.

But if you don’t have time, eat a snack about 45 minutes before you hit the gym. Also, pay attention to how the timing works out for you. If you want to know more about nutrition and what you need to before a workout session check out:

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