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Timepiece with a Trim Twist: Why Women Should Wear Fitness Watches

When we think of watches, we envision a man putting one on their wrist for a night out or a day at the office.

Fitness watches are no different, with this unconscious notion that it only suits the male species.

However, women also benefit immensely from using these high tech pieces. Just as fitness is open to both genders, so are fitness watches.

Below are 9 benefits that fit watches offer to women

  • Track activity and Alerts Inactivity

Women are able to keep count of how many steps they’ve made at any moment and most of these watches also signal when movement has been stagnant for some time.

Some will either tell you to move, or give you a reminder of how many steps you achieve the day or week prior.

In addition, there are watches that actually report fitness levels, or VO2max.

Because women may not be as aware of their fitness levels, this is very important in helping them see progress and stick to their goals.

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  • Heart Rate monitor

In addition to looking at HR during exercise, fitness watches can let you know HR during stressful times and sleep.

In theory, the more one exercises, the lower the resting heart rate becomes.

Wearing a fitness watch can help women monitor their heart rate over a period of time and see how their resting heart rate and recovery heart rate improve.

Heart Rate monitor

  • Count calories

Women tend to eat more in times of emotion, so having a source of reference with a watch would be ideal.

Fitness watches most likely have an entity where calories burned with activity and in general are shown, based on weight, height and fitness level.

Knowing this factor can help prevent overeating and awareness of what someone is eating daily.

  • Quality of sleep

Sometimes women have more trouble sleeping than men, so having a device that tracks your sleep and the actual quality of it is very important.

Fitness watches have a feature that does just this, telling you how long you slept, how long you were in a deep sleep, how many times you woke up or moved, and an average across week span.

With this type of watch, a woman can set sleep goals depending on what their current quality is.

  • Stress Alerts:

Most fitness watches notify you when stress levels are high (measuring heart rate, etc) and tell you to breath or meditate.

This can make someone more aware of when they are stressed, and therefore help them better control their stress levels.

  • Health Benefits Overtime

All of these physiological factors being tracked and improved on is correlated with better health outcomes in general.

Lower resting heart rate is associated with a lower blood pressure and better fitness, and higher fitness levels is associated with lower mortality rates due to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

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  • Motivation and Accountability

Studies show simply wearing a fitness watch can increase your need and want to get up and get moving.

Having this external motivation can lead to a habit being built, which will lead to long term lifestyle changes.

Along these lines, fitness watches provide accountability with the constant reminders of steps being taken and how long until goals previously set are met.

  • Access to Apps

Most fit watches allow access to applications found on smart phones.

Wearing these watches will allow notifications just as your phone would so you don’t miss a beat with the world.

FITNESS App Monitor

  • Fashionable

Now a days, fitness watches are not as “masculine,” with various options for the band.

The sizes of the actual watch and band range, and so do the colors. Women can wear them with their workout clothes or everyday attire.

The importance of fitness watches for women are ten fold and should be looked at no different than for men.

Matter of fact, sports watches are now marketed as a unisex entity, so it is our duty as a society to push it that way.

Women can utilize this type of watch to not only workout, but stay health conscious throughout her entire day, whether it is eating, sleeping, or in between.

It may be that women need this accessory in their corner to kickstart their journey to fitness, develop healthy habits, and carry out lifestyle of wellness.

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