Best Personal Training Course Review: Female Bikini Show, Male Muscle Com and Model Guides

A few years ago, all you had to do to be a personal trainer was to look ripped and set up shop.

Things have changed a lot since then, though. Now the competition is fierce – and not just from other trainers, but also from fitness apps and instructors online.

IAPC Official Bodybuilding, Figure Competition, Contest Preparation & Fitness Classes Course

It’s not good enough to say that you are an expert anymore, you have to be able to prove it and that usually means having some kind of personal training diploma.

Never before in our history have we placed so much emphasis on achieving the perfect figure, whether that means going to fitness classes once a week or actually competing in a fitness competition.

Best Personal Training Course Review

It’s not just bodybuilders who are hitting the gym hard anymore – everyone wants to get in on the action.

And they want the best fitness and diet training. Are you the trainer that they have been looking for?

The International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC) says that they can make you into the trainer that everyone wants.

According to them, their Official Contest Preparation Course is the best personal training course on the market today.

They promise to share insider secrets with you so that you are able to achieve the results that you want and train others to do the same, over and over again.

But is this best personal training course really all it’s cracked up to be? In this post, we will do a critical review of the course so that you can make an informed decision about it.

Contest prep, posing course

Who Designed the Course?

According to the IAPC, the course is designed around improving your expertise in the field and giving you the edge.

It is the only course that offers a contest preparation certificate that is as applicable to a bodybuilding show as it is to a fitness competition for both female and male folks.

But the course, no matter how unique it is, is only as good as the results it allows you to achieve. And, for excellent results, you need to be taught by someone who is an expert.

That’s one point in favor of this courseRichard Hargreaves, or Mr. Australia as he was once known, is one of the course creators. That’s a fair amount of insider information right there.

The co-creator, Wayne MacDonald, has an Applied Science Degree in Physical Education. Between the two of them, they have seven decades of experience in bodybuilding and competing.

They know what it is like when you are battling to get the motivation to tie your shoes after a setback and how important it is to keep on going.

Great, But Can They Teach?

Qualifications are great, and it is clear that the course designers are qualified to compete. Being qualified, however, does not always translate into being a good teacher, however.

That does not apply here.

However – both of the co-creators have extensive experience writing for popular bodybuilding magazines.

Richard, furthermore, has personally trained thousands of clients, including some celebrities and also ran his own gym. Click here to read full details and get this life changing course, today.

Who is the Course For?

The course is designed for personal trainers looking to skyrocket their business or those looking to land good personal trainer apprenticeships.

If your clients, or prospective clients, are aiming at remaking their physique, this course is designed for you.

Whether they want to enter a bodybuilding bikini competition or a basic figure show, this course provides you with everything that you will need to cover.

Can’t I Just Do it On My Own?

Online Diploma Certificate These are things that the course creators have learned over the years so, yes, with experience, these are things that you too can learn on your own through trial and error.

The key phrase there is “trial and error.” If you are just starting out or trying to establish a sterling reputation, you don't really want to have to take the time to learn through your own experience.

It's tough to establish a reputation as a home personal trainer that gets results, and if your clients are experiencing mediocre success, it can be harder.

That’s probably one of the most valuable aspects of this course – it does take the guesswork out of things.

This is not a course created by someone who once read a book about bodybuilding, but by someone who is a serious contender  – someone who has achieved the kind of success you or your clients want.

Full Diet, Nutrition and Body building training course

The Personal Training Course Content

IAPC calls this course a game plan. They and many users consider it the best personal training course available anywhere online…

…it contains step-by-step, practical information to help you get the best out of your clients and yourself.

It is designed to help you maximize performance both during training and competitions and minimize errors.

The content is written by experts and has been validated through scientific research. The creators drew on more than two hundred published scientific papers to ensure that the information provided was accurate and as up to date as possible.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, written by “experts” who are just looking to make a quick buck. This course is designed to cut through the rubbish and provide information that is scientifically valid.

You will learn how to help your client’s, and yourself, achieve that winning physique that puts them a few steps ahead of the competition.

You will learn about building muscle, diet training, maintaining the right proportions and getting the ripped physique that serious contenders seem to be able to achieve so effortlessly.

Richard promises to let you in on the secrets that serious competitors all learn through years of experience but that most are not willing to share.

Why would they when it gives their competition a hand up? Click here to read full details and get this life changing course, today.

An Overview of the Content

You will start off by going over what bodybuilding as a sport entails. This introductory section also includes the course designers’ profiles so you can find out more about them.

The second section goes into detail about the principles you need to understand when it comes to creating winners.

The first lesson delves into what mindset the winner needs. The second lesson is more practical in that it shows you what methods and tools you will need to monitor results. The third and fourth lessons are about the different body types and training principles respectively.

You then move onto diet and nutrition before looking at performance enhancing supplements.

The third section deals with preparing for the competitions themselves and teaches you how to pose correctly so that you can dominate the stage and how best to display your muscles in all the sections of the competition.

It ends off with tips on how to prepare your routine.

The fourth section is where we get to the really good stuff – how to act and look on the day of the competition so that you can actually win. This section deals with everything from your personal appearance to how to deal with traveling long distances while competing.

The checklist provided makes sure that you don't forget a thing.

The fifth section is about rules and regulations. It will help you select the right division for your class and which organizations to join. It goes through the more general rules and also what the judges will judge you on. It ends off with a section on drug testing.

From then, all that is needed is to pass the examination.

CLICK Here to Start a New Journey of Being Physique Champion

One of a Kind

This is the first course of this type globally.

It will walk you through everything you need to win the championship – from the diet you need to follow to the training that will create the best results. It’s sort of like training with Mr. Australia himself.

The idea is that you are able to help your client achieve the results that they want and look like a rock star in the process.

You’ll be able to teach them how to reduce body fat to the absolute lowest possible levels without negatively affecting muscle mass.

How do You Qualify?

You have to complete the course and then pass the written exam. Once this is done, you are a certified Master Physique Trainer.

Male Body Building Contest

Is the Course Easy?

Is anything worthwhile easy? There is a good deal of material to cover but it's all information that you need.

It's not like those math disciplines that you never used outside of school. If you are serious about being the best figure competitor or bikinis bodybuilding coach, this is all information that you need to have.

So, yes, there is a lot of information to learn and that might take a bit of time. That said, it is set out in a simple to understand format, with each lesson logically flowing to the next. It is easy to read and put in a way that is easy to understand.

Is There a Guarantee?

The guarantee is pretty unique – it’s not a thirty-day or sixty-day guarantee but an open-ended one. This is another thing that sets this course apart – you can send the course materials back at ANY time if you feel that the course has not lived up to its promise and get a refund.

The only caveat? That the materials must be in a reasonable condition. If this is the case, you will be refunded, no questions asked. Go get yours now, with sweet discounts added.

What Are People Saying About the Course?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Many users commented that the advice was practical and easy to follow.

One user said that they had followed every figure competition diet in the book and only achieved limited success until they tried this course.

The course has been well received by newbies and veterans in the industry. One seasoned competitor said that it was quite unusual to receive practical information in such detail as successful competitors tend to be very tightlipped about the methods that they use.

Woman Toned and Body CompetitorOne personal trainer said that the methods described in the course were easy to implement and that she had tripled her business since taking the course. She was confident that she would see even more gains in the coming months.

What’s the Catch?

So, it all sounds great; there has to be some kind of catch, doesn't there? The catch here is that the course doesn't come cheap. You can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for it.

Is It Worth the Money?

That is going to depend on whether or not you apply the information that you learn. As a personal trainer, your primary goal is to give your clients the tools they need to succeed. The better they do, the better your reputation gets.

One way to look at this is as an investment – sure, you could learn this all on your own but it would take quite a while and a fair amount of effort.

Considering the potential for increasing your business, it makes sense to pay the few hundred dollars now rather than wasting years and a whole lot more money in refining your own technique.

What If I Am the Competitor?

Then this is a win-win for you. You get the experience of a personal trainer at a fraction of the expense. What does a session with your personal trainer cost you? Are you getting the results that you are looking for?

This course allows you to do it yourself – you can be your own coach and prepare for that bodybuilding or bikini competition yourself. You still have the benefit of the knowledge that an experienced personal trainer has, without the added expense.

The Final Verdict

This course has been designed well and offers practical, actionable advice. It will help you to achieve your very best and will help your clients to do the same. It’s not cheap, but it should pay for itself within a few months if you apply what you have learned.

Contest prep, posing course

There is a lot of information in this course and you can try it risk-free. All you need to do is to take care of your course materials and, if it really isn’t working for you, return them for a full refund.

It’s not often that a course creator is so confident in their product that they are willing to offer such an open-ended guarantee. In this case, the course gets a big thumbs up from me.

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