5 Reasons Penis Enlargement Surgeons Recommend SizeGenetics

Complete Size genetics penile stretcherYou are probably here because you want a powerful, lust-inducing member!

Penis extenders are a natural, effective and affordable alternative to achieving this objective!

However, there are so many of them on the market.

This makes it extremely difficult to find separate the best from the rest.

Most guys often look into research to find out what works best.

There is something even better…

The famous SIZE GENETICS Penis Enlargement Device!

It has the input of a successful surgeon and found one (Dr. Siana) who has published several papers on penile enlargement.

In this blog piece we explain the five reasons why surgeons and researchers recommend or would endorse Size Genetics devices.

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  1. SizeGenetics was designed by a successful surgeon

Jorn Siana surgeon size genetics

SizeGenetics was founded by Dr. Jorn Siana, a specialist surgeon who is a founding member of the International Association of Male Sexual Surgery (we checked), and a ranking member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

He is an expert on male sexual surgery and literally knows the penis like nobody’s business.

He made the SizeGenetics device and has been improving it ever since. Dr. Siana’s background alone is sufficient reason to try out the device.

  1. SizeGenetics extender is clinically tested

Before releasing any drug or device into the market, serious pharmaceutical companies and research labs have to conduct clinical trials.

These trials help establish the effectiveness and whether new drug or device is safe for human use.

Clinical trials are also required by the F.D.A (Food and Drug Administration) for drugs and medical devices to be approved into the market.

However, since penis extenders are not classified as medical equipment, most manufacturers don’t conduct clinical trials.

This is why SizeGenetics devices are recommended.

The device is clinically tested by American and European researchers and has proven effectiveness.

They are also safe to use.

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  1. Is F.D.A. registered

As mentioned before not many penis extenders you will find online are made to any specifications.

Nevertheless, you will love SizeGenetics devices and can have the confidence to use them because they are all F.D.A registered and adhere to the Administration’s strict guidelines.

This means that every device the company makes only features the safest, medical-grade materials.

Furthermore, regulations require strict testing for safety, making SizeGenetics devices some of the safest you will find around.

  1. Great alternative to invasive surgeries and drug-based penis enlargement interventions

Nowadays, more and more surgeons prefer using non-invasive procedures to assist patients.

SizeGenetics is a great non-invasive device that can be used to naturally increase the size of the penis. This makes it safer to use.

The fact that you don’t get to take any drugs means there is no risk of the drug reacting adversely to your system.

There are also no side effects to worry about.

penile extender traction device bigger

  1. Provides significant size gains

There are many penis extenders out there. Some effective, most are not.

Some rely on vacuum pumps while others rely on traction. Most penis pump extenders have been proven to provide no significant gains.

And although penis extenders that use traction have been reported to be more likely to provide great results, not all of them are designed right for optimum results.

However, the SizeGenetics device does not fall into this category. It is completely painless, with almost 50% more traction tension than other extenders.

With it one can record visible increases in length and girth within a couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of penis extenders available on the market. This makes it difficult to choose the right one.

However, SizeGenetics have safe, natural, and clinically tested extenders that are sold at a cost-effective price to help you record significant gains within a couple of weeks.

No need for surgery or to inject yourself with drugs that might have some unwanted side effects.

The guy behind SizeGenetics is an experienced male sexual health surgeon, which makes him an expert on the matter.

He also a member of several reputable medical organizations. This makes SizeGenetics a company you can trust.

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