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The Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter: Guide to Top Sex Pills for Men

Has sex become a chore rather than a pleasure for you?

Then it could be due to a lack of performance.

If you’re not living up to the standards you set yourself up for in the bedroom, it’s time to change that.

You can get premium male enhancement pills that work over the counter without a prescription.

And you can definitely order them online this very minutes.

They work, so you can get harder than ever and stay harder for longer.

Sex pills can be either be natural or synthetic, but choose the right pill and your time in the bedroom will be better than ever.

If you’re ready to get a powerful, pleasurable sexual experience, it’s time to look at some of the over the counter sex pills available now.

Are you ready to jump into bed?

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7 Unique Benefits of Male Enhancement for Men

Think about sex pills and you think about Viagra.

But male enhancement is designed to be so much more than that.

We’re going to take a look at some of the other benefits that male enhancement can bring to your bedroom time.

  • Increased Libido

The first major benefit is increased libido. This is a major problem among men, but male enhancement pills that work will remedy that problem.

The key is to increase blood flow, which these pills are designed to do. They will counter the problem of a loss of libido.

Quality male enhancement extends the blood vessels and increases your libido in no time at all.

  • Better Erections

Erection issues are perhaps the biggest source of anxiety in the bedroom. And you don’t have to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction to fall below your desired performance levels.

Well, premium enhancement supplements also has the effect of providing you with better erections.

Remember that erections are caused by large amounts of blood flowing into the penis.

By opening up the blood vessels around the genital area, you’ll be able to enjoy stronger, harder and longer erections.

  • Higher Semen Quality and Bigger LOADS

Some male enhancement pills are also able to improve semen quality and quantity.

Again, it’s all down to blood flow. Without an appropriate amount of blood, your semen isn’t receiving as many nutrients.

This can be a problem if you’re trying to conceive, but even if you’re only enjoying sex for pleasure you don’t want your woman to taste something bad.

Plus there’s also the amount.

For many people, they’re embarrassed when they orgasm and barely anything comes out.

Some women also see this as an indication that they weren’t good enough, even if this isn’t the case.

Some enhancement pills can even help you with producing more sperm – bigger loads, more intense orgasms and stamina.

Many men take enhancement pills just to counter impotence. Of course, there may be other reasons for impotence, but it can also be a simple matter of a lack of blood flow.

  • More Endurance

More Bedroom EnduranceDon’t we all wish we could have sex that lasts longer and longer and longer throughout the night?

If this is you, then study have shown that top quality graded Viagra alternative such as Male Extra pills and VigRx Plus have been proven to bring home the bacon for 1000s of men, worldwide!.

You’ll be able to enjoy superior endurance because more nutrients are being transported around your body.

Endurance is the exact opposite problem of not being able to get it up.

Getting so excited that you finish too early is just as bad as not being able to finish at all. Either way, your girl is going to leave disappointed.

Naturally, cutting out fast food and smoking will help with this, but if you need a boost then the premium enhancement pills (like the two mentioned above) are for you.

  • No Addiction Included

Real male enhancement pills are so beneficial because they don’t come with the side effect of addiction. This is something many men worry about when they take these supplements.

There are no addictive substances within the formulation of natural sexual enhancement supplements made from pure herbal ingredients.

NOTE: Synthetic pills like Viagra, Cialis failed this vital mark.

  • Better Orgasms than Ever

Wouldn’t we all want more intense orgasms?

It’s the sweet release of having sex.

Due to the fact that more blood is flowing into your penis and your erection is harder than before, you’re going to get a better orgasm with these erection pills… if you choose proven and premium brands, that is!

It’ll be more pleasurable for you, and hopefully for her.

  • An Unbeatable Sexual Experience for Her

Sex isn’t all about you.

There’s nothing worse than failing to perform when you need to. But these dynamite pills are going to give her the experience she desires.

Bigger erections mean more pleasure for her.

And what better way to impress your girl than an intense orgasm on your part?

It’ll make her feel great!

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6 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying Male Enhancement Sex Pills

Before you buy even the most premium sexual performance supplements, you need to know more about them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes on the market.

And some of them are downright dangerous.

You also need to know what type of pill you prefer. There are lots of over the counter sex pills you need to consider first.

So here are the six big questions you should ask yourself before buying any sex pills.

  • Are You Looking for a Natural or Synthetic Product?

Like I'd told you above, there’s a big difference between natural and synthetic pills. They have completely different formulations and ingredients profile.

Also, they definitely have different effects.

Don’t expect natural male enhancement pills to do exactly the same things as synthetic ones.

Please, do carefully inspect any male enhancement pills reviews for any product you like the look of.

We talk more about the differences between natural and synthetic products below. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that they’re exactly the same.

  • What Exact Sexual Issues Do You Want to Treat or Correct?

The next big question is to consider what you actually want to get out of these pills.

If you’re just looking for some erection pills, search for only the products designed to give you bigger and better erections only.

But there are lots of other pills that may target low libido, premature ejaculation, lack of stamina, and poor quality sperm.

Some of them may even help deliver a combination of these life-changing benefits.

No pill will cover every single thing.

For example, enlarging your penis might not be something that happens with pills.

Another example could involve someone who wants to produce healthier sperm isn’t going to find that the same pill treats erectile dysfunction condition or certain fertility issues.

Do you get it now?

The point is what do you need?

  • The Cost vs. Length of Usage to Get the Desired Results

Some pills may require months of usage before you finally reach your desired results.

This is a problem if the pills cost a lot to buy because you may have to spend hundreds of dollars to start making a difference in your sex life.

You need to decide whether the cost of a product is worth the final result, or whether there’s a better product on the market.

Inspect the ingredients and assess your problems, and what you want to get from your investment.

Longer, Bigger and Fatter Erections for Her

  • Does the Product Have Scientific Backing?

As we mentioned, there are a lot of fakes on the market

…and you need to be aware that some products may not do what they say or may even harm you.

These scam artists don’t care.

So you should always look for studies that have been done on the product before buying.

The majority of major brands have received independent scrutiny before, therefore it’s not difficult to find the products that really work.

FACTS: The only little difference is that you may have to pay a little more to get those high grade products in your hands!

Whenever you investigate a clinical study, make sure that someone reputable (or well known experts group) has carried it out and the test has been done blind.

Remember this salient fact: Anyone can perform a clinical test on their own product and say it’s great.

You want hard facts that you can trust in. So, open your eyes wide open and be fooled by the smart alec posing as as experts.

  • Is the Product a Proven One?

What are male enhancement pills reviews saying about a brand?

Look for testimonials, but look for them away from the site of the brand.

After all, you’re only ever going to get good reviews on the company’s page. Reviews on independent websites are how you find out the truth about a product.

See what other men are saying about a particular type of pill.

Previous and existing users have no vested interest, so you can trust in what reviews they share.

  • What are the Likely or Possible Side Effects?

And this one is really, really important!

Even certain male enhancement pills that work do come with side effects. Some of them are common and others may come in the form of allergic reactions.

Companies don’t have to promote the presence of side effects by law, but they do have to make that information easily available.

Do your research when looking for the side effects of any sexual enhancer, even the premium ones mentioned in this guide.

And remember that, some negative effects are worse than others. You’ll also likely find information about this in user reviews.

It’s also worth checking that you don’t have any allergies or that your existing health issues won’t put you at risk.

For example, men who have previously had heart attacks may find that certain supplements contain ingredients that will elevate their risk of another heart attack.

If you are unsure, please go consult your health advisor or physician before you proceed.

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Male Enhancement Pills that Work: Synthetic vs. All Natural Supplements

What’s the difference between synthetic and natural male enhancement pills?

Synthetic pills may have similar ingredients to natural pills, but the substances have been isolated in a lab.

They’re not an exact replica of their natural alternatives.

Furthermore, the body doesn’t recognize them in the same way as natural vitamins, so the effects are different.

This is why Viagra, which is a synthetic sexual aid, doesn’t always work or provide the same results for every person.

There are so many factors at play.

Cialis and Viagra do offer good results to many users, but due to the reasons mentioned above, they’re not necessarily consistent.

Let me give a typical example:

Typical Synthetic Pill:
One synthetic pill contains L-arginine, which has been artificially separated from many of the foods we eat. It’s an amino acid that can counter erectile dysfunction, but it also has the side effect of causing high blood pressure.
Typical All Natural Pill:
On the other hand, a natural alternative includes the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris, which comes from a Mediterranean plant that produces fruit.
Scientists have proven it works for a wide range of sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction.

So, as you can see, there’s a big difference in how they work.

You have to be more careful with the synthetic ingredients you take, as they often have bad press as a result of varied health issues.

3 Top Natural Male Enhancement Pills that Work Fast Without Side Effects

Now we’re going to take a look at three of our favorite natural male enhancement pills that work without any side effects.

If you’re asking, “Which sex pills near me should I be looking at?” then this is the guide for you.

  • #1: Male Extra

Premium Male Extra for Men SexMale Extra is an enhancement pill that increases penis size and enhances sexual performance.

It's also proven to produce better orgasms, more intense pleasurable intercourse.

We took a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this product, which has gained a huge amount of attention lately.


  • Covers a wide range of sexual issues.
  • Backed up by clinical studies.
  • Large discounts for buying in bulk.


  • Some people say that it’s a tad too costly for them.

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  • #2: VigRx Plus

VigRx Plus Clinical StudiesYou may have already heard of this pill because many people are saying this is one of the best sex pills for men around.

Like Male Extra, it’s a best-seller, and also a winner. This is a real viagra alternative that focuses on increasing sexual stamina, vigor, and overall libido.


  • Hard erections, which are similar to the results offered by Viagra.
  • More sexual desire.
  • A marginal increase in penis size.


  • No opportunity to take advantage of a free trial.
  • Not cheap.

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  • #3: Genf20 Plus

Top Genf20 PlusHuman growth hormone is something we all produce…

… but if you don’t produce enough of it your erections might be poor and you might not have any real sexual desire in the first place.

Genf20 Plus is the type of product that targets that directly and also acts as a way to build lean muscle, so it’s not exclusively designed as a male sexual pill.


  • Improves your libido.
  • Offers harder erections.
  • Boosts blood flow to the genital area.


  • It comes in the form of a spray, which may be confusing.
  • It’s not cheap to buy.

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Are the Above Top Brands Available in Nearby Stores?

If you want sex pills near you (in nearby physical stores) these are not the products for you.

It’s impossible to find them in local stores, because they only sell online. It might be frustrating, but there’s a very good reason for this.

Since there are no third-party retailers you know you’re getting a genuine product.

You can also hold that same manufacturer accountable for their money-back guarantees if you don’t get the results you want.

As you’re not using a middleman you can also guarantee faster shipping and worldwide delivery.

And, as always, when you buy from the original manufacturer directly, you also have the chance to benefit from various discounts and sales.

So it might be annoying at first glance, but by doing this these manufacturers are giving you a better and safer deal.

Male Enhancement Pills at Walmart & GNC: Why We Don’t Buy Pills Here

You might have seen male enhancement pills at GNC?

Or, different men bedroom performance pills at CVS and Walmart?

But there’s a reason why you may not buy them from here.

First of all, these are generally cheap products.

They’re not guaranteed to work and most of them have never received even a single clinical study.

It’s the same with a lot of supplements there.

Plus there’s no quality control because why would GNC or Walmart care if they actually work as long as people keep buying them?

FACTS: They’re not responsible for the results since they’re only the vendor, not the manufacturer.

It’s true that sometimes few of them may work, which is why they can sell them in the first place, but with cheap male performance products like these, you’re never going to be able to rely on them.

Are these products downright dangerous?

They’re not toxic in the sense that they’re going to kill you if something goes wrong, but they may very well lead to more stress and frustration when you don’t get the results you’re expecting.

In short, years of experience have has shown us it is best to buy directly from reputable manufacturers.

#1 Male Enhancement Pills that Work

So which option should you choose if you’re searching for something that covers a wide array of bases?

Our #1 pick is Male Extra

Male Extra Official Site Discounts

As well as the benefits listed above, we believe that the biggest advantage of all is an increase in your bedroom confidence.

You’ll never feel nervous again because you’ll have top male enhancement pill that work by your side.

There’s often sales available, such as get 20% off when you place your first order. Flash sales like this are common. There’s also a 67-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if they didn’t work for you.

These are our recommended pills. So are you ready to feel confident in the bedroom again?

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