Top 7 Best Low Carb Protein Powders on The Market

Looking for protein powder that doesn’t come with a lot of carbs?

Now your search is over, as we guide you to your best low carb protein powder options.

Plenty of people like protein powders as supplements for their diet and workout regimen. But why do so many insist on low carb protein powder?

Aren’t carbs good, especially for energy?

We aren’t really talking about complex carbs here, which can be found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Complex carbohydrates don’t cause the blood sugar spike that simple carbs do.

They don’t cause hunger pangs either.

With simple carbs, blood sugar spikes and hunger pangs are much more likely. These are the carbs found in processed foods and sugary treats.Creatine Man

The Benefits of Low Carb Protein

Let’s tally some of the more common reasons why so many are going with low carbohydrate protein powders:

  • Let’s first understand that these are protein powders. So they offer protein that can be used to build bigger muscles, and they can also compensate for the lack of proteins that may happen with vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Many prefer low carb protein powder for weight loss. Yes, it’s true that carbs offer energy, but if you’re trying to lose weight then you want your body to burn off your excess fat instead to get the energy your body needs.
  • For those who don’t exercise enough, low carb shakes can at least minimize the fat storage. When your protein powder has plenty of carbs, some of the carbs are burned off for energy. The other carbs are stored as fat.
  • Drinks and snacks with high amounts of carbs aren’t as satisfying as protein drinks with low carb amounts. This means you’re more likely to overeat with high-carb foods and drinks, and that can lead to weight gain.
  • Sugar (which adds to the carb content) generally promote inflammation in the body. This can increase the risk of atherosclerosis and even cancer.

Top 7 Low Carb Protein Powders You Can Order Today

So here are your best options for low-carb protein powders if that’s what you need.

Of course, these offer more benefits than just low-carbs!

1.  Isopure Low Carb Protein Powder (Get it: AMAZON)

Isopure Low Carb Protein PowderThis is an extremely popular protein powder, and it has already garnered thousands of mostly rave reviews.

That didn’t stop the pros at Isopure from transferring their production process into a state-of-the-art facility for even higher quality products.

  • This has a total carb content of just 1g, and that’s due to the dietary fiber. There are no added sugars at all.
  • You have up to 21 different flavors, which include an unflavored option. Interesting picks include Alpine Crunch, Columbian Coffee, Toasted Coconut, and Vanilla Salted Caramel.
  • This also has a fat content of just 0.5g.
  • The protein content is ample, however, at 25 g. That’s comparable to (or even a bit more than) what you’d get from a standard serving of meat. The protein comes from 100% whey protein isolate.
  • You also get a very long list of vitamins and minerals. It’s as if each serving comes with multivitamin supplements. There are at least 25 of these vitamins and minerals, with huge amounts of Biotin, vitamin B12, chromium, and copper.
  • It also provides 5g of BCAAs with 4g of L-glutamine.
  • It doesn’t contain lactose, gluten, and aspartame.  (1)
  • The cholesterol is also minimized here at just 10mg.
  • You only need a single scoop of the protein powder per serving, so it’s not all that difficult to mix. Of course, a blender can help but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can also use the powder to make protein muffins.

With so many flavor options, there’s a good chance that one of them may become well tasting low carb protein powder for your taste buds.

It may take a while to try all the flavors, both then can be a lot of fun.

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2.  Legion Whey+ Chocolate Whey Isolate (Get it: AMAZON)
Legion Whey+ This is another whey protein powder supplement, and it’s made from the milk of cows raised in small Irish dairy farms.

These are among the cleanest and healthiest dairy in the world, as the cows are free of antibiotics and GMOs.

  • As this is 100% whey protein isolate, it’s basically pure protein. This means no lactose, zero total fat, and the total carb content is 3g with 1g of dietary fiber.
  • As it’s a clean and pure form of protein, it’s easier to digest and it causes fewer upset stomachs.
  • This powder also offers 22g of protein per serving.
  • The calorie content is just 100 calories, which will do well if you’re trying to lose weight or on your cutting cycle.
  • It is naturally sweetened, and it doesn’t contain artificial food dyes or fillers.
  • This also contains calcium and iron.
  • You do get 5 flavor options, plus an unflavored option. The flavors are generally the usual favorites, including chocolate and vanilla.

This is made in the US, with a properly certified manufacturing facility with strict quality control. This also comes with a 60-day guarantee.

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3.  TGS All Natural 100% Whey (Get it: AMAZON)
TGS All Natural

This is truly all-natural, and it’s even unflavored and unsweetened.

For many, that’s actually a good thing because it can then be mixed with milk and other food recipes without affecting the taste of the other ingredients.

  • This only contains 2g of total carbs, and it doesn’t contain added sugars at all.
  • The total fat content is also just 2g, with zero trans fat.
  • The protein is plenty with 25g per serving. This is fast-acting whey protein, so it’s great when you need to feed your muscles when they’re rebuilding after your workout.
  • You can also use this for breakfast, as it can make you feel full with its 130 calories. The fast-acting protein can provide you with the protein you need after you’ve basically “fasted” through the night.
  • This provides all the essential amino acids and you also get BCAAs.
  • The protein is sourced from US farms, and the supplement is manufactured in US facilities.

While you can always take this plain with water, that’s not how you can best take advantage of its unflavored status.

Instead, you can make your own shake and smoothies by adding your own extracts or fruits in a blender.

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4.  Quest Nutrition, Vanilla Milkshake (Get it: AMAZON)
Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

It’s true that this is actually available in 10 flavors, but somehow the vanilla milkshake is the favorite among so many.

It tastes great even if you just add it to 8 ounces of water, though it’s fantastic when you add it to milk.

You can also add it when you bake a treat.

  • This contains both casein and whey protein isolates. The whey offers fast-acting protein for muscles, while the casein is more slowly absorbed so that your body takes in protein throughout the day.
  • You get 22g of protein, and this comes with just 3g of total carbs with zero added sugars and zero fat.
  • It also has only 100 calories per serving, which makes it suitable for weight loss programs.
  • It has been sweetened by sucralose and stevia.

You can always experiment and add more fruits to your shake if you have a blender.

Just add more water to get the consistency you like.

It’s best if you use a blender for your low carb protein shake, just to make sure that everything mixes properly.

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5.  Paleo Protein Powder Coconut Cream (Get it: AMAZON)
Powder Coconut Cream

This brand name may seem like it’s great for those on a Paleo diet, and that’s actually true.

But the early cavemen didn’t have flavors like coconut cream, or even protein powders for that matter.

  • This still gives you 21g of protein, which is similar to what you get with a serving of lean meat. The protein comes from egg white protein.
  • But it only has 100 calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight, this makes for a great snack.
  • This has only 3g of total carbohydrates, with zero added sugars.
  • It also has zero total fat.
  • It contains a bit of calcium and potassium as well.
  • This is soy-free and gluten-free, and it’s also non-GMO.

If you wish to try the other flavors, there are 10 others including an unflavored egg white option.

But there are plenty of chocolatey flavors, and there’s a glazed donut flavor as well.

You can just mix this with water, or you can try it with other liquids including coconut milk or almond milk.

It mixes well enough so a blender isn’t really required (though it can certain help).

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6.  BioTrust Low Carb Grass Fed Whey (Get it: AMAZON)

BioTrust Low Carb
BioTrust admits that they’re not the cheapest protein powder around, and that’s marketing-speak for “quite expensive”.

But then you do get your money’s worth, as the people behind the BioTrust brand insist that this is your best option.

  • First of all, the protein comes from humanely raised cows that roamed pastures in a farm. These are all certified hormone-free and grass-fed.
  • In addition, it only contains high-quality natural ingredients. It’s free of gluten and soy, and it has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • This contains 24g of protein, but this is a special time-release blend of 4 proteins. It uses whey protein concentrate and isolate, along with milk protein concentrate and slow-absorbing micellar casein. You’ll be satisfied for hours after each drink.
  • That’s not all, as the formula also contains a special ProHydroplase blend that somehow doubles the protein absorption. This blend also gets rid of the bloating and gas issues that other people usually experience with other protein powders.
  • The drink contains 150 calories, with total carbs at 8g and total fat at 2.5g. The total carbs include 4g of dietary fiber, and sugars only make up 1g. This can work as your low carb protein for muscle gain.
  • This also has potassium, iron, and calcium.
  • There is no soy, no gluten, no hormone, and no antibiotics. This sure is clean protein.

This comes in 8 different flavors, with lots of chocolate varieties along with vanilla.

Strangely enough, it offers 2 different kinds of strawberry banana flavor, and there are 2 peach mango versions as well.

Just in case you still need more reasons, consider this: BioTrust provides a nutritious meal for a hungry child every time you give an order for this protein powder.

So getting this protein low carb protein powder will also do a lot of good in the world!

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7.  Skinny Blend Protein Smoothie for Women (Get it: AMAZON)

Skinny Blend
Most women don’t really need protein powder to build muscle.

However, if you’re a lady then you probably just want to make sure you get enough protein that you may not get with your vegetarian, vegan, or just low-meat diet.

This particular protein powder works very well for women who wish to lose or maintain their weight:

  • It works as a snack, and it’s only 90 calories.
  • The sugar content is low at 2g.
  • You’ll get 20g of protein with this when you mix it in with milk.
  • The special protein blend is designed to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism.
  • It is available in 6 different flavors.

The best way to prepare this is with 6 ounces of skim milk in a blender.

Add a scoop of the powder then put it in some ice, and you have a great shake to enjoy for your snack.

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Where to Buy it Today?

When it comes to low carb protein powder Walmart, GNC, and even Costco can be good choices.

But you’re probably better off with as all of these protein powders are available there.

With Amazon, the prices are reasonable, the site is secure, and you get a lot of authentic reviews to confirm that these protein powders work as advertised.


Who says you have to put up with plenty of carbs to go along with your protein?

If you’re on your cutting cycle and trying to gain lean muscle, then these are the low-carb protein powder brands for you.

Surprisingly, they all taste great as well even when there are very little sugars added.

With lots of different flavors to try out, you surely will find one that helps you with your fitness goals while they also provide a delicious afternoons snack or workout drink.



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