How Protein Helps Muscle Growth

Protein can be found in foods such as steak, ground beef, turkey, salmon, whole milk, rice, and so on. It can also be gotten from protein supplements such as whey protein supplements.

If you are looking for serious muscle growth, then you need two things.

You need to train hard and you need to consume plenty of proteins. Note that, losing weight with essential supplements like Hydroxycut, is different than gaining mass.

Lose fat gain muscle mass

How Consuming Protein Foods or Supplements Regularly Will Help You

So protein is a macronutrient. It is made up of amino acids.

Amino acids are needed for various functions and processes in the body.

When you train hard, you create very small tears in the muscles you are training or working out.

When you do this and consume protein, the protein gets broken down into amino acids and the amino acids are used to repair the tiny tears in your muscles.

The repair process usually involve the amino acids surrounding the tears and making the muscles bigger and stronger.

This is what you will see as muscle hypertrophy or growth when you look at the mirror.

However, for you to witness actual growth you need to train hard frequently and to consume protein frequently. This is what will ensure your muscles tear more and get repaired more and become bigger.

The Amount of Protein You Need

Eating just any amount of protein is not necessarily going to help you build muscle. If you eat too little protein you probably won’t grow much.

The protein will be used for other functions other than building muscle. If you eat too much, you could become fat.

You need to eat about 0.8g of this macronutrient for every kilogram of your bodyweight daily.

So if you weigh 100kg, you need to eat (100 times 0.8g) 80g of protein daily. It is not easy to get this amount of protein from diet alone.

Unless your diet is very protein rich.

This is why people consume protein drinks and supplements daily to supplement their normal protein intake.

From food you will probably only be able to get only half of the protein amount you need to grow muscle. You need to get the remaining amount from somewhere.

This is the reason why people buy whey protein and other types of protein supplement to get the other half or portion of protein they need to build muscle.

So if you want to grow muscle, make sure you train hard to create tears and force your muscles to grow and also make sure you supply your muscles with enough protein to grow.

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