Penile Extenders Vs Enlargement Exercises: Which Works Better & Why?

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Most men who will stumble upon this article are those who are looking for something to improve the size of their package.

If you fall in this category, then worry not, we’ve got the answer to this age-old question and several reasons to back up our answer.

But before we get into the answer, it is best we get to understand what exactly the two terms mean.

Penis enlargement exercises

Penis enlargement exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are natural penis exercises done using the hands. There is no denying that they can produce good results.

Some researchers also argue that penile exercises are the safest method of phallus enlargement.

If you are like most men, then you’ve most probably tried stretching your penis in a bid to increase its size! Stretching is one of the two most common types of ‘hand-powered’ penis enlargement exercises.

The other type is jelqing/ ‘milking’. Jelqing involves stroking your penis slowly towards the head as if you are masturbating. It is believed that the stroking enhances the flow of blood throughout the penis promoting natural growth.

There are different types of jelqing techniques.

Both of these popular types of penis enlargement exercises can help increase the size of your penis if done consistently!

Penis Extenders

enlargement exercises device

As defined severally in this blog, penis extenders are traction devices that stretch your penis mechanically.

Quality extenders provide a traction force of up to 2800g.

This tension is safe and big enough to trigger natural growth!

Most do come with two straps; one goes to the base of your shaft while the other goes to the ridge below the glans. The straps are connected with miniature hydraulic cylinders that supply the necessary tension.

It is advisable to start with a lowest tension setting and then gradually increase the tension.

The extenders are meant to be worn for extended periods of time (the optimum time is often stated in the instructions leaflet).

Multiple studies done on the effectiveness of penis extenders have demonstrated the effectiveness of these devices.

Any similarities?

Yes, there are several similarities in the mechanism of action of both methods of penis enlargement.

Both methods are non-invasive! No need for invasive surgical operations and the associated pain and inability to have sex.

Both methods are exercise based. The reasoning behind the penis exercises is that they will stretch the penis exercises and encourage growth. The case is the same for penis extenders.

You will also love these two methods because they both DO NOT require you to apply oils or lotions that may potentially harm your skin. You also don’t have to take any pills that may have undesirable side effects!

So what is better method?

There are several ways to look at this/ factors to consider!

If price is a priority for you then you should go for penis enlargement exercises. While doing the exercises will cost you nothing, quality penis extenders are a bit expensive and a good one will set you back about $250!

If you want to gain significant inches on the length and girth of your member, go for the penis extenders. You see even though enlargement exercises do work, they do not have proven results.

This is in contrast to penis extenders that have been studied and clinically tested and shown to bring about considerable increases in length and girth.

Furthermore, it is likely that you will not have the commitment to ‘exercise’ daily. However, buying a premium extender traction device is in itself motivation enough to use it.

Moreover, most of these devices come with instructional videos and ‘workout’ schedules to quickly make the exercises a habit.

Besides, with penis extenders you can apply much more effective tension in the right direction for longer periods than with your hands.

Lastly, there is the activity/ involvement bit of both methods.

With penis extenders you simply set them up and you can leave most of them on your penis for up to thirty minutes while gaming, streaming shows on Netflix, or watching a game.

When done, you can then stretch and even go ahead and enjoy some good sex!

Conversely, jelqing/ exercises are much more involving. You have to focus and use your hands for minutes. All that arm action will certainly leave you so tired that you couldn’t do anything else!

Are there any side effects to both methods?

Clinical trials have been to investigate how safe cock extenders are! Most researchers have come to the conclusion that they are effective and safe.

Nevertheless, most researchers also agree that you have to moderate your exercises. Too much stretching and tension for excessively long periods of time can cause harm!

Some suggest that extensive stretching can cause blood clots, nerve damage or visible bruising on the shaft of your penis.

Jelqing is generally safe but there are suggestions that it could also cause irritation or pain.

Our recommendations

Top cock extension deviceConsidering all factors, you should go for a penis extender.

You don’t want to waste your time doing something with no studied or proven success.

You want something you can be sure of. And that thing/ method is the use of a extending device for permanent enlargement.

However, if you also want to enjoy the benefits of penis exercise, there is no harm in incorporating those exercises into your weekly penile enlargement routine.


There are obviously many factors to consider here. Both methods have their pros and cons. The best method is obviously that one which works better and for this case that is the use of a penis extender.

All factors considered, spending a couple of hundreds on penis extender is more likely to get you the results you are thinking about!

Quit wasting time on exercises and start gaining inches with penis extenders such as SizeGenetics.

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