Inzer Belt Review: Unique Benefits, Colors, Sizes and Where to Order Today!

Inzer BeltIf you are like everyone else then you most likely do not like buyer's remorse.

That feeling when you realize what you have bought is not totally worth it.

Unfortunately, most gym equipment are overhyped and are usually not worth their high price tags.

They usually break or become useless after only a couple of uses.

But this is not the case with the Inzer Belt.

This belt is worth its weight in gold.

Buying it is a great investment.

For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a powerlifting belt that is extremely strong and sturdy for great support during heavy lifting.

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Some Unique Benefits of the Inzer Forever Lever Belt

  1. Can be tightened or released instantly

What I like the most about this belt is the fact that it can be tightened and released instantly. This means you can quickly put it on to begin your set and then similarly remove it quickly after you are done.

Those of you who regularly do heavy sets will quickly recognize how nice and convenient it is to quickly release a lever belt after completing a really heavy set.

  1. Can be flicked open

Another benefit is the mental “high” you get when you flick open the lever after a set.

Nothing will make you feel like the beast you are better than the act of flicking this belt open. Get it, try it and thank me later.

Other weightlifting belts with other opening mechanisms do not even come close to providing the same kind of feeling.

  1. Doesn’t slide up the body

Another key benefit to owning this weightlifting belt is that it doesn’t slide up the body; it stays firm and supremely supportive. This removes the need to adjust it every now and then.

The belt does not slide up because you will have to buy it in the right size and it conforms to body shapes after a couple of uses.

  1. It lasts forever

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning this lever belt is the fact that you probably won’t need to ever buy another one.

This because it is made using the toughest and finest leather in such a way that it will not break down easily.

This is the reason why it is called the Inzer Forever Belt. This benefit is the reason why I did end up buying this belt sometime last month.

  1. It is available in many sizes

The last benefit I have space for in this post is the number of sizes that this belt comes in. Regardless of your waist size, you will most likely find an Inzer Forever belt that perfectly fits you.

The reason why is because this belt is available in seven different sizes, from XS to XXXL. So if you want a support belt that properly fits you, you should definitely consider this one.

Inzer Forever Sizing: Different Sizes Available

As mentioned in the section above this one, this belt is available in a variety of sizes from XS to 3XL. In some stores, even 5XL versions are available.

Below are the different sizes available and their corresponding waist sizes.

XXXL size47 to 50
XXL size43 to 47
XL size39 to 42
Large size34 to 38
Medium size30 to 33
Small size26 to 29
Extra Small22 to 25

As noted above, the biggest size is the 5XL size which I have not indicated above.

It is also crucial to note that the numbers in the table above are not pant sizes.

They correspond to your circumference 4” above your waistline.

So if you are using the table above to choose your belt, you should measure yourself in the right way to find the belt that will work best for you.

Unlike buckle belts that can be adjusted to increase their circumferences, this lever belt can only be adjusted to reduce its size.

Having this information in mind will help you to make the right choices.

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How to Use it for Best Performance

Before using this belt and getting the most out of it, you will first need to break it in as it is made of leather.

If you don’t break it in, you will find it uncomfortable to use. Breaking it in takes a couple of uses.

The best way to do it before wearing it is to roll it over and over again.

Inzer Power Lifting BeltRoll it as tightly as possible both inwards and outwards.

And then wear it as often as possible.

Within two to three weeks of frequent use, it will be very comfortable and nice to wear.

When it is broken in and ready to wear, you should simply put it to use.

I own a 10mm thickness one and I have found it to be ideal for both deadlifts and squats.

I love it because I was able to make it tight to maintain the same body position. To make it be the perfect size for you, you will need a coin or a flathead screwdriver.

The belt will only support you optimally and help you reach the goals you want to reach if it fits you perfectly.

When the belt conforms to your body and supports you well, the only thing remaining to do is to load up your barbells and get lifting.

Inzer Lever Belt Vs Inzer Buckle Belt

I put this comparison on this post because I know there are some of you guys out there who are in a dilemma.

You do not know which one to choose between the two.

Well, I may be a bit biased but I prefer the Inzer Lever Belt. I am saying I am biased because I do not own and have never used the buckle belt.

Nevertheless, I have used powerlifting buckle belts from other manufacturers, so I know their pros and cons.

The main difference between the two Inzer belts is their fastening mechanism; one has a buckle and the other has a lever.

Once the Inzer lever belt is set properly, putting it on and taking it off becomes easy peasy. In contrast, I believe the same cannot be said of the Inzer buckle belt.

Moreover, I do not think the buckle belt has the same feeling of power and sweet victory during unbuckling that the lever has when flicked open after a heavy set.

Inzer Belt Colours

The Inzer Forever Belt is one of the most aesthetically pleasing powerlifting belts ever made in my opinion.

This is because it is made of a high-quality leather material finished with superior quality suede.

The suede finish is very nice and makes this belt to feel really superior. The Inzer weight lifting belt is also well-stitched giving it an amazing look.

Moreover, the belt is available in a variety of cool colors.

From black to pink, tan, maroon, pink, gold, orange, sky blue, navy blue, silver grey, charcoal, and dark brown.

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Comparing Inzer Lifting Belt with few top Brands:

  • Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt

This belt is cheaper than the Inzer Forever Lever but it is available in fewer sizes.

It is also a buckle belt, which means it is harder to put on or remove quickly. It is not that bad of a product though.

  • Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

This belt is also cheaper than the Inzer lifting belt. However, just like the Dark Iron Fitness belt above, it is available in fewer sizes.

Additionally, it is not made of leather like Inzer belts and, therefore, its support is suspect.

Lastly, it is fastened using Velcro and, therefore, not useful for those lifting really heavy weights.

  • ProFitness Weight Lifting Belt

Although made of tough leather like the Inzer weightlifting belt, this belt has a buckle fastening that is less convenient to use compared to the Inzer Lever Belt.

However, the fact that it is made of tough leather means it lasts almost as long as the Inzer belt I have reviewed in this post.

  • Valeo VRL4 4″ Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Lifting Belt

This Valeo belt is highly liked and comfortable to use. But again, the fact that it has a buckle fastening system makes it less convenient to use compared to lever belts.

Moreover, although this belt generally lasts longer, some people who have bought it are complaining that its latest units are not as sturdy as the older ones were.

Where Can you Order Inzer Weightlifting Belts With Peace of Mind?

The product is available on many online marketplaces such as GNC, Walmart, and eBay.

However, Amazon is still the number one place to buy it from.

The online retailer has sellers with the best prices.

It is also the place where you are most likely to find an Inzer Forever Belt in that special color you are looking for if it is not black (the most available color).

Lastly, apart from earning points, you can also get the belt and other products at a discount from the retailer, on Amazon!


The Inzer Forever Lever Belt is a remarkable product.

It is well-built to last “forever” and it is also well-priced.

If you want to lift heavy, then it is something you should strongly consider buying.

It will help you a lot in the gym.

It may need a little bit of tweaking at first and breaking in (since it is made of tough leather). However, after a couple of uses, Inzer belt will conform to your body and become comfortable and effective.

This lifting belt is available in many sizes and many colors.

Find the combination you want now to start your journey to achieving the powerlifting goals you have set for this year.

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