Nutiva High Fiber Hemp Protein Powder Review: Guide to Clean Protein for Weightloss, Endless Energy, Full Body Health & Fitter You

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein AmazonFind out why Nutiva protein powder is so healthy for those who need more protein due to their vegan diet.

To realize the importance of Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein, you need to see the big picture.

We live in a world that’s a lot more aware of the environment, and we are all also conscious about product versatility and waste.

It’s a world where hemp is perhaps one of the most lauded natural products.

One reason for this is the astonishingly wide variety of products you can get from hemp.

Another reason why hemp is so popular is because it’s so friendly to the environment.

It’s naturally resistant to most types of pests, so there’s really no need to use pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to grow it.

It can grow on much less water than most of the other crops. When it grows on natural photosynthesis, it actually absorbs CO2, so that it’s actually carbon-negative.

Hemp is also a great source of protein, and that’s clearly shown in the Nutiva High Fiber Hemp Protein Powder. Nutiva calls it a superfood, and it’s hard to argue with that claim.

Not only does it offer protein for vegetarians and vegans, but it also contains lots of other nutritional goodies that are crucial for your good health.

Add the fact that hemp is great for the environment, and it’s not just a superfood. It’s a super product.

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Features of the Nutiva Hemp Protein

So what exactly do you get when you buy Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder?

Here are some features that many appreciate:

  • Hemp Protein

At the very least, you know that this protein comes from a plant source. This means that it suits a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Vegans and vegetarians typically have trouble trying to consume enough protein without any animal and dairy products. But this time they can make sure that their daily protein needs are met, as this provides 11 g of protein per serving.

That’s plenty for most people, who need at least 0.36 grams of protein per pound of weight.

Since the average weight in North America is 177.9 pounds, that rounds of to a daily protein requirement of 64 g. You can get 22 g from 2 daily servings, and that’s more than a third of your daily requirement.

  • You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re fulfilling the rules of your vegetarian or vegan diet. If you’re vegan, this is okay. It’s also USDA-verified organic, and also confirmed as non-GMO. GMO means “genetically modified”, and they can cause unpleasant side effects while growing GMO crops that can do a lot of damage to the environment.
  • The protein comes with lots of BCAAs, which help you to maintain your health. These amino acids help discourage the formation of visceral belly fat, while they encourage the building of bigger muscles. It inhibits the breakdown of muscle mass, and it even reduces muscle soreness after training hard. When you do train, the BCAAs help provide you with the energy you need, plus you also gain motivation to work hard.
  • The Organic Hemp Protein in this Nutiva protein powder contains a massive 12 g of fiber. That’s 48% of your daily needs. The presence of so much fiber is in marked contrast with how other high protein foods don’t have much fiber at all.

It’s the presence of fiber that helps make the hemp protein easily digestible. The fiber maintains your bowel health and normalizes your bowel movements.

It helps in controlling your blood sugar levels, and it even lowers your cholesterol too. The high fiber content makes you feel full, so you’re not likely to crave food too soon after drinking a serving. This helps if you’re trying to lose weight.

  • Amino acids

Hemp is a great source of protein because it contains all 20 amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids.

The non-essential amino acids are those that your body can obtain from other sources, while the essential ones are those that you need to get from food or supplements.

These essential amino acids are necessary if you want to build muscle, and they include the 3 BCAAs.

  • Fatty acids

Not all fat is bad. The essential fatty acids you need include omega-3s and omega-6s. In hemp protein, the omega-3s and 6s are in perfect balance, and they help maintain your cardiovascular health.

They can help prevent coronary heart disease, and they also lessen the chance of osteoporosis.

  • Edestin

This is a kind of protein that mainly comes from hemp. The hemp protein contains 66% edestin, and no other plant has this much.

Edestin helps with digestion, and it also helps with DNA repair. It also produces antibodies which help maintain the health of your immune system.

The edestin is quite compatible with your digestive system, and this is probably why no one is allergic to hemp foods.

It contains glutamic acid, which is a neurotransmitter that helps you deal better with work-related and psychological stress.

  • Raw and cold-processed

Basically, what this means is that there’s no heat process involved in the making of this protein.

Heat tends to reduce the quality of the protein, just as cooking can destroy much of the nutrients you’re supposed to get from veggies.

The process also doesn’t involve hexane solvent, which is normally used to extract edible oils from vegetables and seeds. The hexane solvent can cause dizziness and nausea.

One of The Best Hemp Protein Powder (Pros and Cons)

The high nutritional content and the quality of the protein are pretty much unmistakable upon closer examination. It really is a complete superfood protein.

You get the vegan protein you need to fit onto your diet, so you remain healthy.

Then it also comes with lots of fiber, BCAAs, a complete amino acid profile, and it includes all 9 essential amino acids.

This doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients at all. Even the container is non-BPA. There’s no way for you to experience any sort of side effect whatsoever. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian who wants a plant-based protein powder, this is an excellent choice.

So what’s the catch? There’s just one: not everyone likes the taste. To be fair, this can be said for all protein powders.

Hemp protein in general can be a little bit nutty in taste, and for the Nutiva there’s that slight nutty flavor too. However, you only need a little bit of patience to overcome this drawback.

How to Drink it

If you’re into mixing it with just water, then perhaps you should take it slow so you can get accustomed to the taste.

Reduce the number of teaspoons of the stuff when you prepare your mix, and perhaps add more water.

Then as you get accustomed to the taste, you can increase the amount of the protein powder to the recommended level.

But there’s a better way, and that’s by mixing the powder in your shakes.

All you really need is a premium quality blender to make sure that the protein powder mixes thoroughly with the ice and your fruity ingredients.

One common recipe requires you use half a cup of unsweetened coconut milk, half a cup of iced green tea, a cup of chunked honeydew melon, half a banana, and 3 teaspoons of the Nutiva.

Mix them all up thoroughly in a blender, and you end up with a Green tea Protein Smoothie.

You can experiment with other types of smoothies and shakes to mix your Nutiva with, and that’s part of the fun. You just need to make the effort, and perhaps you can get creative.

Eventually, you’ll find the recipe that best suits the taste of the Nutiva High Fiber Protein.

Where to Buy?

You can buy this from several different online retail stores, and Nutiva has its own store from where you can get it too. However, perhaps the best place to buy it is, where the price can be just a bit lower.

Also, the website is very reliable and secure, while the delivery is quite prompt. You can also be sure you’re getting the real thing.


It’s not always easy to obtain protein when you’re a vegan, and that’s why protein supplements aren’t just great. Often they’re necessary for people who don’t eat meat.

So why choose Nutiva High Fiber?

Well, why not?

You get ample protein, but you also get lots of fibers and all the amino acids you need.

The quality of the protein is excellent, and it’s very healthy for you. It suits a vegan lifestyle, and it’s even friendly for the environment.

You may like its taste as is. If not, you can just mix it with your smoothies and shakes.

Try out different recipes and ingredients, and soon enough the taste will actually be more to your liking. With a good blender, it mixes well enough so that the texture isn’t too gritty.

Try out the Nutiva High Fiber Protein Powder, and if you’re a vegan or vegetarian you can help make sure you maintain your health. It’s a much better choice than other protein powders for you.

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