11 Benefits of Clenbutrol Pills over Clen

What makes Clenbutrol different from the mainstream clen? Find out why this highly effective modern formula is more effective for weight loss and its other benefits.

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When it comes to burning fat, the one product bodybuilders turn to is clenbuterol or just clen.

Clen is not really a steroid but is often classified as such because you can stack it with other steroids.

While it does work, a growing number of health fitness buffs and experts now prefer to use Clenbutrol.

Clenbutrol is the legal and safer version of clen and is made by Crazy Bulk.

The question is, how good is this product compared to clen?

Let’s take a look at its benefits.

  1. 100% Legal

Clenbutrol is a safe and legal product.

It is advertised openly for muscle growth and you can buy it online using standard methods.

No need for doctor’s prescriptions or government clearance as it is legit.

Clen is a different matter as its legal use is limited to horses only. In most countries it is forbidden to own clen, sell it or use other than for horse medicine.

Using clen for weight loss is illegal and could lead to all kinds of legal problems, so it is impractical to say the least.

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  1. Burns Fat Quickly

This is the biggest benefit of Clenbutrol and the main reason why men and women use it.

When you take Clenbutrol your body undergoes changes that lead to a faster metabolism. 1

The faster your metabolism is, the more fats you will be able to burn.

People have different metabolic rates which is why some people don’t get fat even when they eat a lot of food.

If you put on fat quickly, Clenbutrol will help your body burn the excess fat and get in shape.

Basically what it does is stimulate changes in your metabolism so fat is converted into energy used to build muscle.

Clen does pretty much the same thing, but a head to head comparison of the two shows Clenbutrol is more effective and does a better job in terms of boosting your metabolism.

  1. Maintains Lean Muscle Mass

Losing body fat is not enough. You must be able to retain lean muscles as they will serve as the foundation for your muscle buildup.

Without lean muscles your body ends up looking disproportionate and out of shape.

If you ask bodybuilders the secret of their success, it’s being able to retain lean muscle as it’s the bedrock of their physique.

Clenbutrol burns body fat but not at the expense of lean muscle.

On the contrary your lean muscles are carefully preserved so you don’t have to start from scratch while you’re working out.

For the longest time the biggest dilemma bodybuilders faced was balancing the need to burn fat and retain muscle.

Clen can do that but has too many side effects, while Clenbutrol is side effect free.

  1. Does Not Have Side Effects

The list of clen side effects is extensive and includes shaking, tremors, vomiting, dry mouth and difficulty sleeping.

Other side effects are faster heart rate, hypertension and muscle cramps.

Of all these effects perhaps the most widely reported is shaking or feeling wired, and it gets so bad for some they have to stop using clen.

One way to cut down the side effects is to lower the dosage, but that would reduce its fat burning efficiency as well.

With Clenbutrol you don’t have to be concerned about any of this as its formulation is exact: you gain all the benefits that clen offers but without the side effects.

If you find this hard to believe, just check the testimonials for Clenbutrol that prove how good it is, and there is also the fact that Clenbutrol is legal and 100% safe – no side effects!

  1. Stimulates Muscle Growth

A lot of the talk about Clenbutrol centers on weight loss, but the benefits does not end there.

Losing weight and fat are not enough because you will just end up with a thin frame.

Clen is good for reducing body fat but isn’t that efficient when it comes to building muscle, hence the reason it is used for cutting only.

Clenbutrol is different because it’s just as effective when it comes to promoting muscle growth as well as burning fat.

The process of building muscle is a complex one and involves protein synthesis.

Boosting red blood cells, increasing nitrogen retention and supplying oxygen to your muscles are all involved too, and Clenbutrol supercharges all these processes.

  1. Improves Your Physique

Because Clenbutrol promotes muscle growth, your physical appearance improves as well.

If you take clen alone, the most you will get is weight loss and nothing more.

When it comes to Clenbutrol there is more to it than that as your physique gets a boost as well. This again goes to show how different Clenbutrol is compared to clen.

  1. Boosts Stamina

Clenbutrol has a lot in common with anabolic steroids in terms of benefits, and one of those is an increase in your stamina.

The lack of stamina is one of the reasons why using clen alone to gain strength is ill-advised.

As has been stated here, clen is mostly for losing weight, but Clenbutrol is different as it enhances your stamina quite like no other substance.

The boost in stamina also applies to the recovery time you need following a workout.

If before you needed a lot of time just to make a recovery, now it’s going to be much quicker: the less time you need to recover the more workouts you will be able to do.

  1. Effects Take Place in Less Than a Month

Clenbutrol won’t make you wait long to see and feel the benefits.

In less than 30 days you’re going to experience significant changes in your body as the formula kicks in.

The most obvious change is the loss of fat around your belly, but after a few weeks the other benefits will become apparent.

There have been several studies that prove Clenbutrol produces positive effects quickly and it does so without causing any side effects.

Not surprisingly, it is one of the reasons why a lot of people have started using this.

  1. Suppresses Appetite

Losing weight and body fat is not going to do you any good if you’re going to eat the same amount of food as before.

Clenbutrol can help because it has natural appetite suppressants built in.

The importance of this element cannot be stated clearly enough: there is no point losing weight and body fat if you’re going to put those pounds on again, so its appetite suppression is crucial.

Just because Clenbutrol has an appetite suppressant doesn’t mean it’s going to prevent you from gaining muscles.

On the contrary what this means is you’ll have better control of your appetite and not have a difficult time with your diet.

  1. Gains Do Not Go Away

One of the most frequent complaints of men and women who take clen is the weight loss effect doesn’t last a long time and you have to take it continuously to keep those pounds off.

With Clenbutrol it’s not necessary.

Not only do you lose weight, but since it is permanent, plus the aforementioned appetite suppressant makes sure this does not happen.

The benefits of Clenbutrol are not limited to fat and weight loss as the gains in strength and performance are permanent as well.

So aside from providing quick benefits, you will keep these gains.

What actually happens when you take Clenbutrol is a sort of re-composition that ensures fat burning and mass gains are permanent.

When combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, your body will continue to gain muscle mass and lose body fat.

  1. Effective for Cutting

Clenbutrol and clen are both effective for cutting, but there are differences between the two.

Clen is used for cutting due to its fat burning potency, but you need to be exact about the dosage to reduce the possible side effects, and even then there is no escaping them.

It also takes a while to lose weight, and if you’re not careful about the cycle and dosage, all kinds of problems could emerge.

Clenbutrol is also meant for use during your cutting phase, but because it is a legal clen alternative, there are no side effects on your body.

It doesn’t generate any adverse effects on your behavior, and on the contrary has positive effects on your system.

You can use Clenbutrol in the cutting phase on its own or when combined with other supplements from Crazy Bulk.

No need to combine Clenbutrol with banned steroids as it works fine on its own.


Clenbutrol is quickly becoming the preferred choice of bodybuilders and fitness buffs everywhere due to its efficiency.

When compared to clenbuterol, this product from Crazy Bulk is more effective in terms of getting rid of body fat and getting you in shape.

When you consider all the side effects that come with clenbuterol it only makes sense that Clenbutrol is seen as the alternative.

Clenbutrol Pills over Clen

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