The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Hide Your Man Boobs

If you have navigated to this page, chances are that you suffer from or know someone who suffers from the dreaded man boobs.

Before we talk about the most effective means of hiding this problem, a little more information is necessary.

“Man boobs” is a colloquial term used to refer to cases of gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia.

This condition may also be referred to as man breasts, moobs, bumpers, man tits, headlamps, door knockers, man cans, moobies, etc.

Both men and women have breasts from birth.

However, as both males and females enter into puberty, development of secondary sexual characteristics including the breasts is determined by the hormones prevalent in the body.

For girls, the prevailing hormone is usually estrogen while males have testosterone.

The breast can be divided broadly into two parts; the glandular tissue and the subcutaneous fatty tissues.

Enlargement of the glandular tissues of the breast in males is what leads to true ”gynecomastia”.

If the enlargement is however caused by increase in fatty (adipose) deposits in the breasts, it leads to “pseudogynecomastia”.

Both of these conditions are a source of concern to individuals who suffer from them.


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The Fastest Ways to Hide Your Man Boobs

There are several methods of treatment now available for people who suffer from gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia.

These methods include surgery, medication, hormone therapy, etc.

However, the fastest way to get rid of your man boobs still is to hide them. Instantly, they are hidden from public glare but remain on you, anyway.

Well not really gone just hidden.

To do this, you can make use of either of the following

  • Compression Vests:

Compression vests are shirts similar to singlets (underwear vests) usually made of elasticated supporting fabric.

As women wear girdles and spanx to smooth out all unsightly bulges, men can wear a compression vest for the same effect.

It is a functional and durable option for men in need of the support.

An additional benefit of the compression vest is that is also helps hold the stomach in and smooth out bulges there as well.

If you plan to buy a compression vest, it is important to get the right size and fit for your body shape.

Compression vests are reusable multiple times and come in different colors and sizes.

Several clothing brands now offer compression vests especially athletic wear brands.

Though compression vests have amazing effects, it is important to bear in mind that the results are only temporary even if they are worn every day.

  • Manssiere:

The manssiere is a term coined from man boobs and brassiere.

The manssieres are very similar to compression vests. They are usually made of fabrics similar to those used for compression vests.

The major difference between the manssiere and compression vests is that while compression vests come in the form of a singlet, manssieres are very similar to sports brassieres.

That is to say, the manssiere covers only half of the torso (only the upper chest region right where the breasts are).


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Dressing for Your Man Boobs

In addition to using compression vests and/or manssieres, your dressing can play an important role in whether or not people around you notice your boobs.

These are a few dressing ideas to make sure your boobs are not spotted.

  • Wear Thick clothing:

Thin clothing makes it easier for people to see the contours of your body.

Avoid wearing see-through clothing and sheer or lacy fabrics.

When buying clothing, your goal should be to buy clothes made with thicker fabrics which have a structure that will draw the eyes away from the upper chest region.

  • Shirts with pockets and collars:

Most people think that wearing shirts with any detailing around the chest will immediately draw attention to their man boobs.

This is not true.

When shopping for clothing, try to buy shirts that have a pocket or two preferably with a closure flap over it. This tends to conceal the area effectively.

Also, wearing shirts with a collar can make the chest region less noticeable as the eyes are drawn upwards.

  • Avoid tight clothing:

To prevent people from noticing your boobs, it is important you avoid tight clothing.

Tight clothes make the contours of the chest region easily visible and will not work in your favor.

Wearing properly fitted clothing will not only hide your man boobs but will also make your compression vest or manssiere less visible and boost your confidence instantly.

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  • Wear Patterns instead of Plain Fabric:

Patterns give the eyes of onlookers something to focus on.

On the other hand, wearing plain fabric will cause the eyes to focus on the body shape underneath.

  • Layer Clothing and Wear Jackets:

If you suffer from the dreaded man boobs, one other way to conceal them is to layer your clothing or wear jackets over your shirts.

Layering and wearing jackets helps smoothen the contours of the body without drawing the eyes to the chest region.

  • Wear dark colors and pinstripes:

Wearing white and very light colors on the upper half of the body can emphasize the chest and draw the eyes.

On the other hand, wearing darker colors will not only make you look leaner but will also de-emphasize the chest region.

In the same vein, pinstripes give you the advantage of looking taller and slimmer.

Benefits of Hiding Man Boobs

Using a temporary method to conceal your man boobs will still provide some benefits to you even if you plan to get permanent treatment.

There are several benefits and advantages to hiding your man boobs including;

  • Instant improvement in self-confidence and sex appeal:

The most negative effect of having man boobs is not visible to the eyes. The loss of self-esteem and perception of sex appeal of many young men can be devastating.

Using a compression shirt gives you instant results and an instant return of sex appeal and confidence.

  • Motivation to lose weight and build muscle for people with false gynecomastia caused by obesity:

A lot of people avoid using compression vests because they believe it would make them complacent in their journey to lose weight and build muscle.


This is not the case.

Compression vests can motivate you to work harder at losing weight simply because they give you a definite picture of how much better you would look when you lose the weight.

  • Painless:

If you were to undergo surgery to remove glandular or fatty tissues from the chest, there would be a lot of pain involved.

Most people who do this surgery have to be on bed rest for a minimum of two to four weeks.

This deprives you of valuable working days and income.

  • Relatively Cheap

In comparison with the other options available for the treatment of man boobs, spending a few bucks on a compression vest or manssiere is much more pocket-friendly than the alternatives.

The vests are also washable and reusable.

  • Effective:

Using compression vests is effective and gives instant results.

It is important to note that while these vests can make you look slimmer, they do not have long term effects on the presence of man boobs.

  • Risk free:

Unlike other more permanent methods of getting rid of gynecomastia, the use of compression vests is risk free.

When taking medication or undergoing surgery, there is always a risk of surgical complications or medication side effects involved.

  • Stress free:

Using a temporary method to hide man boobs is better because it is stress free.

Apart from the time spent on purchasing the compression vests or manssieres, it is as simple as putting on underwear before clothing. It causes no interruption in normal activities including exercise and is effective still.

Causes of Chest Fats in Men

I am sure that over the years you have asked yourself over and over why you have these man boobs.

The true answer to that question is probably different from what you think.

The causes of your man boobs (gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia) likely fall into one of the categories which are listed below;

  1. Obesity
  2. Hormonal imbalance of sex hormones
  3. Alcohol abuse
  4. Liver disease
  5. Medications
  6. Cancer
  7. Diet and estrogen-mimicking compounds
  8. Marijuana and illegal drug use
  9. Conditions affecting the testes

Psychological Effect of Manboobs

Man boobs can have terrible effects on the psyche of people who suffer from it.

Something as simple as going to the pool for a day of swimming with friends can or taking off your shirt to participate in sexual intercourse can become a big issue.

The main areas of life that are most affected by man boobs are;

  • Confidence and self esteem:

This is perhaps the worst effect of man boobs. The resulting lack of self confidence and loss of self esteem can be terrible for most men and teenagers.

It gets worse if colleagues get wind of their problem as they will most likely be made fun of.

  • Relationships and Sexual activity:

As a result of the lack of self confidence and shame associated with taking off clothing to participate in sexual intercourse, most males with gynecomastia tend to shy away from engaging in relationships with the opposite sex.

Other Interventions

Even if you are interested in more permanent methods of getting rid of gynecomastia and/or pseudogynecomastia, you will need a little more information on its causes and methods of treatment available.

They are genuine methods that can aid the reduction of breast tissue.

The doctor will take into account the cause of the gynecomastia, the period of time since it has occurred, whether or not there is swelling, pain and/or tenderness.

After considering these factors, the doctor may recommend waiting some more to see whether the condition will resolve on its own (as in puberty or at birth) or any of the following;

  • Surgery:

The type of surgery recommended is usually dependent on the cause of the moobs. Where there is an increase in glandular tissue, the recommendation is usually for surgery. T

here are different types of surgery recommended for gynecomastia namely;

  • The Webster Incision: This is one of the most common methods used to treat gynecomastia. An incision is made underneath the areola (nipple itself) in the dark skin and is only in the lower half.
  • The Minimally Invasive Method: In these methods, a very small incision is made at the edge of the nipple. The incision is about 5 mm for the excess glandular tissue to be removed following liposuction. The major benefit of this technique is the smaller incision.
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction Method: Ultrasound may also be used to correct the breast enlargement if the cause of the breast enlargement is not glandular. In this method, the chances for nipple distortion to occur are low however few patients can be adequately treated with liposuction by itself.
  • Medication such as estrogen blockers:

Depending on the cause of gynecomastia, medication may be recommended. The use of estrogen blockers is usually recommended in cases caused by hormonal imbalances.


  • Exercise to lose weight and build muscles in the chest region:

If man boobs are caused by obesity, they can usually be resolved by engaging in exercises not only to lose weight but also to build up the pectoral muscles and firm the chest

  • Diet to remove compounds that mimic hormones:

In some cases, the offending factor might be the diet of the man in question.

Usually, removing all foods capable of releasing hormone mimicking compounds into the body can halt the progress of gynecomastia.

Depending on the extent to which the man boobs have grown, there may or may not be need for surgery and medication.

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