Do these if you really desire to have longer, harder erect manhood naturally

How to Erect Longer, Harder Naturally | Guide to Super Penile Erection

Being able to please a partner in the bedroom affects the male confidence to a great extent.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the nightmares of every man. It perfectly normal to feel that way and it is understandable, but there are some simple ways to avoid it.

Knowing that stressful situations can significantly decrease the performance in the bedroom, trying to get your life in order and simply avoid the situations that make you tense is a good start.

Feeling good about yourself will have a great effect on the way you behave with your girlfriend.

Porn detox

Men enjoy watching porn, but overdoing it will have a negative impact on the expectations you impose on yourself and it will also change the way you think about sex.

There are studies that show that watching porn has an opposite effect from the one you expect.

Instead of arousal and greater enjoyment with a partner, it affects your ability to have a steady erection.

After you stop watching it, you will notice that you feel relaxed, more open to enjoying sex without unrealistic performance ideals that pornography promotes.

Those are actors, probably using Viagra heavily. It is not nearly the way you should try to follow with your partner. Sex should be intimate and with the trust in the significant other.

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Stop rushing

Having a quicky from time to time can be really arousing, but making it regular is not real.

Rushing towards ejaculation can only spoil the whole enjoyment.

Take a little time and enjoy your partner’s body, have fun, experiment.

If you start thinking about sex only through performance, you may become anxious and all the stress may be the reason you cannot keep the erection long.

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Alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on your overall health, but on your erection as well.

Drinking too much coffee, working long hours with no fun in your life may lead to decreased productivity, lowering your energy level and consequently libido.

Start taking care of yourself with plenty of sleep, fruit, vegetables, and water and your mood, energy and sex drive will be back in no time.

Take care of your nutrition

Make sure you have three main meals and two snacks, just to regain your energy.

Almonds, nuts, honey, bananas, onion, garlic and eggs will give you a boost you need.

Avoid junk food, sweets, and too much salt. Increase the use of olive oil and you will bring your body to its state of balance.

It is all in one’s head. In a healthy body, there is a healthy mind.

Make sure you treat yourself good and your body will be grateful and your partner too.

When you feel good, you start spreading positive energy and vibe that everyone will want to be around.

Think about it as an investment in yourself.

By following these tips, you will soon see a huge change and problems in the bedroom will be a thing of the past.

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