Longer erections vs girth: What does women really prefer?

erected girth femaleIf you started wondering what women prefer when it comes to the size and girth of the penis and whether you fit that particular category, there are some factors that definitely impact the answer, but all in all it is completely individual.

You must be aware of the fact that the size of vagina is not unique either, the level of pain and sensitivity varies significantly as well, so while one woman would instantly choose length over girth, there are also the ones that would give the opposite answer.

However, both have some advantages and disadvantages. It is all about personal preferences and the level of enjoyment one seeks.

At the end, it is important not to forget about the technique.

Wide girth

The reason why women prefer girth over length is because wider penis can stimulate clitoris more. The most nerve endings are located here and in order for a woman to have an orgasm it must be stimulated.

The technique and the girth are preferable in comparison to the length.

However, if you practice tantric sex and enjoy longer sessions than you must be aware that friction for that long may actually be uncomfortable for a woman. In those cases using lubricants can significantly help.

On the other hand, if you think that your penis could be wider, there are some ways to increase it.

First of all, increasing blood flow will do the trick.

Living a healthy life style, eating proper food with lots of nutrients and avoiding alcohol, sweets, cigarettes and drugs will we sufficient to start feeling thicker in that area.

Masturbation may damage the sensitive tissue of the penis which can consequently influence the blood flow.

The greatest girth and length are achieved when there is a maximum blood flow. Simply allow your penis to get the necessary blood by following these simple guidelines.

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Long erections

Everyone are talking about the size, comparing the length, being self-consciousness about it.

The average penis size in erection goes from around 4 up to 6.3 inches, while vagina can have 4.25 up to 4.75 inches when aroused.

By doing the simple math it means that the average size of penis will be more than enough for most women.

For more than 85% of women that is not even a question. Guys with longer penises have to pay even more attention to the technique, in order not to hurt their partner.

Meanwhile, guys who think that their penises may be longer may implement natural techniques in order to become a little bit more gifted and increase the pleasure among the sheets.

The way the blood flows to your penis will mean a great difference.

Removing obstacles for a complete erection will enable the blood to supply all the blood vessels in the penis and prolong the length to its maximum extent.

Also, prolonging foreplay will increase the arousal and consequently give you the length you want.


More women prefer girth over length because it simply stimulates the clitoris more. However, the technique plays a major role in the woman’s satisfaction.

Try different positions to increase the stimulation to the greatest extent. Experiment, women are not the same and the interest, desires and preference differs.

Penis is not the only way to stimulate a woman.

Everything starts in the brain, so make sure your behavior leads to a sexual encounter. Use your fingers to arouse a woman, intercourse can just be the icing on the cake.

If you are in a serious relationship, the chances are that your partner won’t even think about that, but if you are self-conscious about it, ask her about the ways to increase her pleasure.

Use all your resources available, forget about shyness. Once you start thinking about improving the technique you use to arouse her, the length and girth will become only a bonus.

Make sure you avoid stress, have plenty of sleep and stay open-minded.

All of this will significantly increase your confidence and the way you make your partner feel. There are so many ways to improve sex life, start working on it and you will soon feel all the benefits.

Is girth more important?

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