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Ever wanted an all-in-one solution to all your workout problems? Tired of feeling exhausted after each exercise and of running into plateaus? This may surprise you, but I was someone who felt just the same as you, before I tried Blackwolf.

Even though I was a skeptic at first – as, no doubt, many of you are – I was willing to try anything, including the Blackwolf formula.

Just a few months ago, my sister and I decided to start a new, intensive workout regimen to lose those bothersome last 15 lbs after a trying (but unsuccessful) weight loss plan 2 months earlier. In my case, it was more a matter of getting my muscles to be stronger, denser and more visible.

Powerful All-in-One Bodybuilding & Sports Supplements for Men and Women

It’s then that we stumbled upon Blackwolf online. Reading the description made us feel that, like many other weight loss and bodybuilding supplements out there, it wasn’t going to be worth much. Boy, am I glad we took a chance on it!

As for the results: they were completely unexpected! And with the added benefits of a whole new diet plan, we knew that we were on the right track right after the first week.

Blackwolf Workout Supplements – What's the Formula?

To start off, let’s take a closer look at what the Blackwolf formula is and what makes it work. There are two sets of Blackwolf packages: one designed for men (the Hunter pack) and one meant for women (Huntress).

While the Hunter pack is made to increase energy, muscle gains and strength, the Huntress pack is made especially for women, to help increase their athletic results.

Blackwolf is, in fact, the only high quality supplement stack that offers women an even chance to gain the same benefits with their fitness training as men can gain from bodybuilding supplements.

Women who are active and determined to lose weight through fat burning and carve their physique can enjoy improved energy, stamina and endurance when sustaining a diet supplemented by the Huntress stack.

Blackwolf Pack

In contrast, the Hunter pack is designed for men who are committed to combining the ideal weightlifting exercises with strength and endurance training. It will give you that added boost of power and sustained energy you need for the most straining and intensive muscle building workouts.

Each pack is a complete 3-in-1 solution designed to work just as well for women as for men. They include:

  • A set of separate pre-workout supplements for men and women – Hunter Track and Huntress Trail, respectively – designed to be taken prior to your workouts in order to eliminate fatigue and lethargy;
  • The intra-workout Hunt – a scientifically-formulated product made to be used during workouts, to increase performance and get you through those difficult last reps;
  • The post-workout Eliminate – a supplement meant to help your tired muscles repair themselves and become stronger after a difficult workout session.

The first thing you’ll notice when you check all the ingredients is that there is no caffeine, and no stimulants are included among the ingredients.

This was a great plus in my case, since caffeine-based bodybuilding supplements have always led to undesirable side effects. That is also the case for many others who rely on stimulants that can throw their bodies out of balance.

Instead of caffeine, you have a list of safe, carefully chosen ingredients, all of which are scientifically proven to enhance workout performance without making it hard for the body to assimilate them.

B-vitamins, zinc citrate and electrolytes are some of the key ingredients you might recognize. The Hunter and Huntress packs also include L-leucine, MCTs, ubiquinine, isoleucine, creatine monohydrate and whey protein isolate.

These ingredients were proven to increase power, energy, strength, endurance, stamina, muscle growth and recovery without the negative effects usually linked to steroids and other damaging supplements.

Moreover, Blackwolf was already used by countless professionals and amateur bodybuilders alike. Unlike in the case of most products, side effects were rarely ever recorded.

Of course, there are a few recommendations about the products’ use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as people using prescription medication, or suffering from preexisting medical conditions, should refrain from using them at all.

If you are prone to allergies, or suffer from any kind of condition that has interfered with your workouts in the past, it’s always best to check with your doctor before buying Blackwolf.

Three Powerful Workout Stacks

When I first decided to try Blackwolf for myself, I had already done extensive research on all the included products and their ultimate effects.

The idea behind the Hunter pack is that it’s designed to maximize male gym-goers’ results – particularly those associated with building muscle.

As such, the product promises massive gains, improved endurance, superior power and quicker recovery. The Huntress pack, on the other hand, was designed specifically for women, and focuses mainly on increasing energy, improving recovery and facilitating lean muscle growth for a healthy, aesthetic physique.

Performance levels will increase, and your body will gain all the nutrients it needs post-workout, to ensure ideal results over the next few weeks.

Of course, this 3-in-1 supplement pack is not a “miracle pill,” it doesn’t work if you use it without a balanced diet and workout plan, and it won’t distort your body the way certain unsafe steroids do.

However it comes with ingredients that ensure even energy levels throughout your workouts, and help to give you faster fat burning results in gym training.

Both workout stacks are sets of three products, each designed for a particular stage of your workout session: Trail/Track, Hunt and Eliminate.

  1. Pre-Workout

The Hunter Pack Track pre-workout product comes with all the right measures of creatine, BCAAs and protein, mixing them with the potency of an energy drink to help increase your strength and focus, as you start your workouts.

It blends 20 active ingredients into a high-concentration formula geared to assist you in starting out your toughest workouts and never feeling tired or lacking in energy, whether your primary focus is weightlifting or less intense exercises.

In the Huntress Pack, the Trail pre-workout formula focuses on boosting energy prior to exercising. The supplement is designed especially for women, and can help with more efficient fat burning during fitness sessions.

Taken appropriately, Trail will increase your power and endurance throughout your entire session like never before.

Its unique blend of ingredients are chosen primarily to help balance the female body during intense workouts, also containing powerful anti-oxidants that help to eliminate free radicals as you exercise.

  1. Intra-Workout

Hunt is designed to work equally well for men and women. It is an intra-workout supplement that can make a great deal of difference during longer, more demanding workouts.

It will boost your speed, strength and stamina while also fending off fatigue. I speak from experience when I say, you’ll never be out of breath again during demanding weight lifting exercises that used to lead you to complete exhaustion.

The supplement is designed to keep your energy levels high for longer workouts without the use of stimulants.

To ensure ideal results, the formula was created using the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and BCAAs to help men and women stay strong until the end of the workout session.

The BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) included, L-arginine and L-carnitine, are essential building blocks for muscle tissue, helping to pump more blood to your muscles, enhance the body’s fat burning abilities and accelerate recovery.

  1. Post-Workout

Finally, Eliminate is targeted at helping your muscles restore themselves more easily after being almost ripped apart by a trying workout.

The post-workout supplement is designed to ensure you never feel the fatigue gained from your last workout session before starting the next one.

Eliminate features exactly the same formula included both in the Hunter and Huntress pack, and it is meant to guarantee ideal results both in the case of men and women.

It ensures that your muscles will repair faster and grow more easily, while getting you ready for your next fitness session without any side effects. It’s also easy to mix, and requires nothing more than to drink it, and get on with your day.

How the Blackwolf Hunter Pack Helped Me Get Awesome Muscle Gains

Abs, larger back muscles and toned legs – they were all a thing of fantasy before I tried the Blackwolf Hunter Pack. I had a lot of challenges, and tried a few different gyms in the past, but all to no avail.

Nothing seemed to work, and I even threw a lot of money out the window looking for the right “magic pill” to improve my muscle mass and get the results I wanted.

Enter the Hunter Pack… Now, I did have some higher hopes for this product, since I had done my research, and even asked some guys at the gym about it. Their opinions varied, but I could tell most of them had to admit it helped them with their workouts.

One guy called Leon, who was kind of skinny a few months back, told me: “I got a lot stronger! This stuff really works, so I have no complaints. After a couple of weeks I boosted my bench press and was already doing great without breaking a sweat.”

Jamie, a personal trainer who recommended the Hunter Track to help his clients get over those first few weeks of working hard in the gym also agreed:

“In my 12 years of experience I tried a lot of other products with very little results. Few got close to what you’d expect in terms of maximizing your grip, strength, endurance and stamina. The thing is, It’s really hard to get anywhere without resorting to steroids, but somehow the Blackwolf formula makes it possible, and the guys love it.”

I even got one of my old gym-goer buddies to try it, and he actually quit the gym a few weeks ago, since he had almost given up. Since then, he’s just been working out at home and using Blackwolf…

Here’s what he had to say: “I have no idea what they put in that stuff, but let me tell you, it’s gold! I just needed two weeks to get my deadlifts, pullups and squats going as they should’ve. Lost some fat, and gained visible results with strength and muscle mass. Blackwolf is definitely a keeper!”

Blackwolf Workout Review

So, what’s my story? Well as soon as I started out two and a half months ago, I was determined to make the most of it, but I still had my doubts.

Past experience showed that my endomorph body type wasn’t all too willing to give up its annoying fat pockets, and building muscles still seemed a long way off. I tried protein-rich diets, and a few workout regimens designed by professional trainers, but to no avail.

I’ve read that a lot of people just use the pre-workout pack to kickstart their efforts and avoid fatigue. I decided to just aim high, and try the full package – Track, Hunt and Eliminate.

Now, at first, when you start taking the Track for morning workouts, it might feel weird. The product had the effect of making me feel strangely more alert, and helped me fend off my lethargy almost as if by magic.

There were no side effects, and at first I didn’t feel any stronger or faster. But once I started working out, the results were there.

The Hunt package is for intense workouts, and it’s meant to be taken during the actual workout session. Those last reps have always been a challenge to me, but I found them much easier to go through after trying out the supplement – especially after a week or two.

Training to failure was never an option for me in the past, but with Blackwolf, bench presses started becoming easier, and I could actually go beyond the point of initial failure, which always used to leave me exhausted.

Finally, the last one simply replenishes and repairs your muscles. You won’t feel the effects of Eliminate until you repeat your workouts a few times, especially if you start out with a less demanding workout.

But if, like me, you tried similar workout plans in the past, you’ll undoubtedly see the difference just in the first couple of weeks.

Of course, if you like to take it easy to avoid the injuries and health issues that could come from jumping head-first into a demanding workout, the first few weeks you’ll only see a small glimpse of what Blackwolf can really offer.

After a month I could visibly see my biceps, triceps, core and chest muscles increasing in size. Also my leg and back muscles no longer gave in after just a few reps, as they did before. Even my endurance got better, and I can now run a mile in slightly under 6 minutes.

All in all, the Blackwolf supplement stack definitely changed me over time. It increased my focus and my ability to sustain a longer, more effective workout.

It also helped me increase my reps and boost my weightlifting results by almost 30% these past few months. Finally, it got me to the point where I look and feel fitter, and it did it without any annoying side effects!

“I Was Amazed at My Training Improvements with the Huntress Pack”

Gone are the days when women had little or no information or support in managing their fitness plans and diets. The new Huntress pack is designed using 100% safe ingredients especially picked for facilitating the fitness goals of women.

Countless women have already used the formula with remarkable success when it comes to fat burning, muscle building and improved athletic performance.

The pre-intra-post supplement pack features three powerful products that work great on their own, but can offer even more powerful and beneficial effects when combined.

My sister, Jemma, tried out the Huntress Pack almost at the same time I started out with Blackwolf.

This was the first time we found a product that was designed to offer the same gains to women as to men, and we wanted to make the most of it. I’ll let her tell you all about her unique experience with the Blackwolf Huntress Pack.

Blackwolf Workout Review

Hi, I’m Jemma, and I just entered my second month using the Blackwolf Huntress Pack for women.

I have to say, the experience was totally unique. I felt a lot of doubt at first, and since I hadn’t taken other supplements previously, I did not know what to expect.

My fitness plan previously consisted of cardio exercises and jogging. Once I started taking Blackwolf, I also decided to try hitting the gym with a couple of friends. The workouts were much harder, but I only felt that during the first week and a half or so.

As soon as the initial ‘shock’ was gone, I started feeling the effects of the Huntress pack on my body. It actually does what it was advertised for!

I’ve felt my body burning all that stubborn fat more quickly. My love handles were gone pretty fast, even though I used the same number of hip lifts, bicycle crunches and woodchoppers as I had during my previous workout plans.

I also noticed a big difference at the end of the second week. The scale showed about 8 lbs of weight loss, which I think is a terrific result.

All in all, I have felt much more energized and focused, and my newfound weightlifting proficiency gave me an extra boost of morale. Stamina has also increased. I’m no longer as scared of pushing my body’s limits as I once was.

I loved the bonus guides that came with Huntress. They made a real difference in giving me a more positive mindset to keep going with my workouts even when it was starting to get tough.

They included clear instructions for improving my fitness techniques, and even gave me some great tips to get my diet and nutrition under control and supplement my diet with the right minerals and vitamins.

My brother and I have also used the 15-day Diet as part of our fitness and workout regimens. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about losing weight and improving their figure. The results have caught me completely off guard!

Most women have noticed impressive changes after using the Huntress pack just for up to 30 days.

With Trail’s ability to help you get motivated and gain the energy you need to start your fitness session and Hunt’s blend of active ingredients giving your body that extra boost to train harder, eliminate plateaus and keep your muscles working hard throughout your workout session, you can’t go wrong.

Also, women trying to achieve improved muscle density and a leaner, more carved physique can benefit a great deal from the post-workout boost of nutrients offered by Eliminate.

Blackwolf Supplements – Useful Bonuses and Guides

When you order Blackwolf, you will get much more for your money than just these amazing supplements.

All Blackwolf products are available for purchase on Blackwolf’s official website, and each offer comes with 100% free delivery, premium Blackwolf training guides as well as a free 700 ml Blackwolf shaker – all available at no extra cost!

The five essential diet and workout guides in particular are a great bonus if you want to learn more about what workouts to choose for specific muscle types, how to tackle your own specific body type, and which foods will give you the best chance to burn fat and retain lean muscle more efficiently.

CLICK Here to Choose Your Preferred Products or Pack From the Official Store

Several workout plans are added, including a travel workout plan.

They will give you clear instructions on the exercises and muscle groups to focus on, and they’re particularly great for those who are only just starting out with bodybuilding or intense strength building and aerobic exercises.

Moreover, the invaluable tips and recommendations included in these guides will not only give you the chance to maximize your results so you can reach peak performance in just 2-3 weeks, but they’ll also get you in the right state of mind to push yourself during the most intense periods of your workout sessions and maintain your results long after you have completed your first workout plan.

The Blackwolf Hunter and Huntress packs are your best chance for getting the most out of a weight loss industry that feels overwhelming at best.

These products, combined with your own determination to reach your target goals, can completely exceed all your expectations.

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